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Let's talk a Finnish icon: The Ismo Alanko primer

2020.09.19 17:52 creatinsanivity Let's talk a Finnish icon: The Ismo Alanko primer

I was challenged into writing a primer on one of Finland's primary songwriters of all time by u/Zhanteimi at the LetsTalkMusic discord. So here's an album-by-album runthrough of his career!
No artist's career begins with the first album, so naturally nor did Alanko's. Long story short, he was born in a highly artistic family (mother a poet, all siblings musicians), picked cello as his instrument of choice, found rock (especially the Hurriganes debut) and picked a guitar, wrote his first song 'Suck and Fuck All Night Long' (no recordings of this exist, but apparently one of his bands named itself after the song), and formed a number of bands with varying levels of success. His most succesful pre-Hassisen Kone band was a prog band called Sight, which got on the second place in the prog section of Finnish Rock Championship competition (in 1977 or 1978). After he finished high school in the spring of 1979, he moved to Stockholm for the summer. This turned out to be the decision that became the catalyst for huge parts of his career, including...
Hassisen Kone - Täältä tullaan Venäjä
While in Stockholm, Alanko caught wind of a new wave of rock beginning in Finland. A breath of fresh air in the previously stale rock scene. He returned to Joensuu and put together a band from his bandmates from Sight (Reijo Heiskanen and Harri Kinnunen), and Harri's then 17-year-old brother Jussi. They eventually named the band Hassisen Kone, after a sewing machine store in town (the deeply religious shopkeeper was not amused).
The band recorded an album-length demo in 1979 and were signed on a label relatively quickly. They were also qualified to enter the 1980 Finnish Rock Championship competition (even though the judges nearly disqualified them, for they thought they might be professional musicians performing under fake names), which they won, gaining reputation preceding the recording of their debut album.
In August of 1980, the band released Täältä tullaan Venäjä. Propelled by arguably the biggest hit single in Alanko's career, Rappiolla [which was hilariously covered by Metallica recently (which was spontaneously responded to by Ismo Alanko himself)], the album became a smash hit. The album provides variety from straight-up new wave punk to talkingheadsian grooves, schlager punk, simplified swing jazz, ska-infused rock, to whatever you'd categorise 'Viimeinen rock ennen aivokuolemaa' as. It's an ambitious yet consistent whole but, in my opinion, the weakest of the three Hassisen Kone albums. The youthful anarchic feel it has can be refreshing every now and then, but this burst of energy from an obviously young (only two of the bandmembers even in their 20s, band only half a year old) band is redirected better on the follow-up.
Hassisen Kone - Rumat sävelet
Following the release of their debut, the band found themselves in a position that many acts today would both fear and envy: they played hundreds of gigs in the second half of 1980 and the first half of 1981. The gruesome touring around the country took a toll on the young band, but that's only barely comparable to the toll that the audience took on them. For example, as time went by, the band grew tired of the audience drunkenly demanding 'Rappiolla', so they stopped playing the song altogether. This time of maturing and growing more and more cynical reflected on their sophomore effort.
Rumat sävelet should not necessarily be described as bleak per se, but it is certainly darker, tighter, and more mature than the band's debut. The band tackles sounds ranging from quasi-prog expression to post-punk, punk, psychobilly, and they take the talkingheadsian qualities into a sharper direction. The lyrics touch upon issues like love, exploitation, and sex (it's curious to think that probably the most explicit Finnish song about sex before this album was about "curly armpit hair", while Alanko dares to sing about penetration itself). I have to admit that I have a bit of a bias when it comes to this one though, as it's undoubtedly my favourite album of all time.
Hassisen Kone - Harsoinen teräs (and High Tension Wire)
In 1981, the band participated on a riverboat tour with a couple of other punk acts. During this tour, the bassist broke (drugs), Alanko met "Safka" Pekkonen, and the band was generally put under huge stress as the diet consisting mainly of alcohol began burning them down and their every move was documented by either film makers Mika and Aki Kaurismäki or the columnist documenting the tour for a zine. Despite all this, some of the better live recordings of the band come from this tour, and both the live album and the Kaurismäki documentary are worth digging up for the music.
After the tour, the band expanded into a septet with the addition of a keyboardist (Pekkonen), a saxophonist (Antti Seppo), and a percussionist (Hannu Porkka). The final form of the band was shaped during the rehearsals by the departure of guitarist Heiskanen, who was replaced by the guitar wizard Jukka Orma.
Released in March of 1982, Harsoinen teräs is the band's most artistically ambitious work. It's an album combining the band's prog leanings seamlessly with the band's new wave leanings, a polished whole that takes cues from I don't even know where. Reggae at least on a couple of tracks, prog and new wave on most, but the general sound is unlike anything I've ever encountered. The album was re-recorded in English as High Tension Wire later on in the year, after a tour had slightly tightened the band's sound. The decision to do so apparently came after the decision to disband the band, which makes it a very baffling addition to Hassisen Kone's discography. You'd think that they'd release an album in English as an attempt to break into international markets, right?
Sielun Veljet - Sielun Veljet
After Hassisen Kone was disbanded (in August 1982), Alanko had a schlager rock project that eventually turned into Sielun Veljet by December. The band was comprised of Alanko, Orma, a drummer veteran Alf Forsman, Alanko's Stockholm contact Jouko Hohko on bass, Vinski Viholainen doing lighting, and a future cult legend Jouni Mömmö doing "weird noises".
Sielun Veljet were signed in early 1983, but they refused to record a studio album because Viholainen's lighting work wouldn't show in a studio recording. Instead, as a compromise, they agreed on recording a live album where "the lighting would affect the ambiance". They set out to do this on a tour they began on March, planning on recording the first show and the last one. However, fate interfered and Orma accidentally cut tendons from his fingers during the tour while cutting bread, which made the recordings from the last show basically unusable due to his difficulties in adjusting to the situation (a very punk move to finish the tour even with torn tendons, by the way).
The live album is punk/post-punk goodness. It's noisy, no-wavey rock that really shows how the band took all the drugs in the process of writing these harsh, repetitive songs. It also shows that Alanko wished to abandon messing around with intricate compositions in favour of a more stripped and primal expression.
Sielun Veljet - Lapset
In summer of 1983, the band brightened up a bit to record this odd EP in a style following directly from the debut. It's angular and distorted, yet the melodies are more melodic and jamming less bleak. It's also the home of the only a capella punk song I've ever heard.
Sielun Veljet - Hei soturit
In 1984, Sielun Veljet took their first coherent step toward a pop/rock idiom with their first studio album. Hei soturit is the awkward outlier between the band's grimy punk era and commercial rock era. It feels like a punk band working with a producer who doesn't understand punk, but even the clumsy production doesn't entirely hide the fact that some of these songs are absolutely iconic. From punk to garage rock, general oddness, and flirting even with metal, this selection of songs does provide good variety for anyone digging deeper in Alanko's body of work.
Sielun Veljet - L'amourha
The Sielun Veljet breakthrough album! The beginning of their rock era of albums, an only mildly angular affair with anthemic choruses and a muscular production. It was recorded after the band had toured all over Europe, honing their sound and Alanko finding a lot to say about international affairs and the human condition.
There are a plenty of anecdotes from the time of release of this album. The song 'On mulla unelma' was written by Alanko in Spain, when he was recovering from a disease (can't remember which one. Dysentery?) and bitter about nationalism, and it caused quite a scandal when the band unexpectedly debuted it on live television. They performed an impromptu Red Riding Hood play on their album release party instead of playing music. One of the members went missing in Russia for days after the band found a corpse. All of their instruments were stolen in Spain. There'd a lot to unpack from 1984-5 alone.
Sielun Veljet - Kuka teki huorin
The follow-up to L'amourha takes the band to a funkier place. It's a minor downgrade from the previous effort, a slightly directionless and overpolished effort that has diverse variety from RHCP-like funk rock to tango-infused rock, tribal chants, and what's essentially watered down imitation of their earlier work. It's an easy album to criticise, yet I don't find ever to be outright bad. A lot of it is extremely forgettable though
L'amourder - Ritual and Shit-Hot
Sielun Veljet recorded a bunch of their songs in English as L'amourder. Most of them follow the originals very closely, but there are a few surprises. The biggest change is on the translation of 'Tuulelta vastauksen saan', which has been turned into a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' in the Wind'.
Sielun Veljet - Suomi - Finland
Suomi - Finland begins the last era of the band, as this album brings more acoustic instruments to the mix and begins to flirt with psychedelia in a way that will culminate on the follow-up. It feels like a breaking point for the band, as it sprawls on multiple directions at once, the musicians seemingly having lost focus. It feels like a band slowly drifring apart, yet it remains consistently captivating as the different influences come together in this chaotic work.
"Various Artists" - Onnenpyörä
Sielun Veljet performed under a number of false identities on their Onnenpyörä-tour, four of which make an appearance on this recording. All of these are cover bands of sorts, and each one of them had a different repertoire of songs they played on these wildly differing sets. The most noteworthy of these personae are the pavillion dance band Kullervo Kivi ja Gehenna-yhtye and the rock band Leputation of the Slaves, the two having the most songs on the record.
Sielun Veljet - Softwood Music Under Slow Pillars
Who would have thought that the noisy punk band in 1983 would eventually release what could be called a psychedelic flamenco album in 1989? Many factors come together here, as the band continues on their effort to sell their music internationally by making the biggest left turn in memory. Orma's fascination with flamenco combines here with influences Alanko picked up in India and what could be called a somewhat logical progression from the budding psychedelia of Suomi - Finland. It's a weird album, that's for sure. A bit inconsistent, but easily among the strangest albums I've ever heard.
Ismo Alanko - Kun Suomi putos puusta
In 1990, Alanko found himself in a situation where Sielun Veljet had almost run its course and he could finally start building a solo career. He recorded this solo debut as a quasi-concept album about rural flight, combining the various interest he wasn't able to pursue with the band into a unique singesongwriter album of sorts. It's a classic album and, in some ways, an ideal entry point into Alanko's work as it feels like it's his personal expression in its purest form.
The music on the album sounds mainly like pop rock of sorts, but it also takes cues from melancholic singesongwriter stuff, joyous showtunes, post-punk akin to Nick Cave's work, and some field recording experiments. It finds a good balance between artistic ambition and catchiness, and it's home to some of the most iconic tracks in Ismo Alanko songbook.
Sielun Veljet - Musta laatikko
Do you know Tom Waits' Orphans? This one is kind of like that. Three discs filled with random stuff recorded over years.
The first disc, "Muistinmenetys", is one third a new studio album (very weird new direction to take, something that feels like a cross between chill hippie jamming and 80s dance pop), one third music from some production, and one third short excerpts from live performances. The second disc, "Taudinkuva", is mainly live performances of late 80s Sielun Veljet songs, Tuomari Nurmio covers, and some other oddities. And finally, the third disc, "Isältä pojalle", is a full pavillion dance set, the band LARPing as a suave and jazzy house band playing waltz, tango, schlager, and anything that's really expected of them.
This album is definitely a skippable one, but there are a few gems that an Ismo Alanko fan might get a lot out of. The flamenco pieces are cool, the Tuomari Nurmio covers are nice (more about those later), and that pavillion dance set is unexpectedly fun, especially if you're not already familiar with the tradition.
Ismo Alanko - Jäätyneitä lauluja
Alanko goes electronic! This album was originally lauded as cutting edge and a sign of significant artistic growth, but it has definitely fallen in popularity over the years. It sounds extremely like a product of its time, so if you like non-industrial synthpop-y rock from 90s, this is exactly your thing. Overall, it's still very surprising how many Alanko live staples come from this album though, and how some of his live bands have improved on all of them.
Ismo Alanko - Taiteilijaelämää
If someone doesn't think that Kun Suomi putos puusta is Alanko's magnum opus, they usually pick this one. Taiteilijaelämää feels like a combination of the first two solo albums (acoustic, electric, and electronic joining hands in harmony), but brought into the mid-90s rock idiom. The result is an interesting album that lacks real highs but remains consistently accessible, and the one Ismo Alanko work I've heard to have resonated with Beck fans for some reason.
Ismo Alanko - I-r-t-i
I made the mistake of learning that this album was written in only two weeks (because Alanko wanted to test himself), and now that's all I can think of while listening to it. This does feel halfbaked. The accessible rock sound it has is underproduced and covers up lazy songwriting more than once. That said, Alanko has later on proven that some of these songs can be absolutely amazing live, and the demo-like quality many of these tracks have can be seen as a feature instead of a bug. Pushing its flaws aside, I feel that it is underappreciated as an album, and feel like its high points deserve more attention.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Pulu
Säätiö was an interesting group. I'm honestly still a bit unclear whether they should be considered Alanko's backing band, a band that just happened to capitalise on his name, or a fullblown collective of musicians. Alanko's statements concerning the group together with the changing lineups on Säätiö albums both point to all three options. What I do know is that the band has two distinct eras, the first one kickstarted by Pulu.
I genuinely believe that the first iterarion of Säätiö is the most important band Alanko worked with. The amount of pure talent in that band is staggering with Jussi Kinnunen (Hassisen Kone) on bass, Teho Majamäki (HC Andersen, Tapani Rinne, Ismo Alanko Teholla) on percussion, Kimmo Pohjonen (you will want to check his solo stuff) on accordion, and Marko Timonen (Värttinä, Tuomari Nurmio) on drums giving Alanko's songwriting a fascinating folk rock spin, reeking of schlager and eastern mysticism. Pulu is an album that seeps nostalgia, is radical enough to upset traditional folk nerds, is accessible enough to have produced multiple Alanko live staples, and is significant enough a twist on Alanko's tropes to sound fresh even in his eclectic body of work. Yet, I feel like it's so self-referential that I feel like recommending it as anyone's first Ismo Alanko album could be a mistake.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Luonnossa
Säätiö playing acoustic renditions from the entire Ismo Alanko songbook, from Täältä tullaan Venäjä to Pulu. An exciting set, and definitely one of the best live albums I've ever heard. The band reworks this wide variety of songs into captivating folk rock, transforming the music into forms that defy expectations. There are some duds though, but not all fan favourites can sound great with just one band.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Sisäinen solarium
This is possibly the weirdest Ismo Alanko album to this date. It continues with nearly the same lineup as on Pulu, but takes the music in a radically new direction, exploring what modernised folk could be rather than wallowing on nostalgia. This means updating the largely acoustic instrumentation with both electric and electronic instruments, and creating an unpredictable tapestry of music with influences that are surprisingly difficult to pinpoint. Some say this kind of experimentation cheapens traditional folk (which is something I can agree with regarding some songs on this album), but I'm not sure if such a clearcut statement can be made of the full album. It's certainly aiming for a sound of its own.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Hallanvaara
This is where Säätiö's status as a band becomes complicated. There's absolutely no reason to call this anything but an Ismo Alanko solo album, so marketing it as an Ismo Alanko Säätiö album is baffling to say the least. I mean, the only constants on this album are Alanko himself, the producemulti-instrumentalist Riku Mattila, and various symphonic elements (I don't want to downplay the work the symphonic orchestra and the string section do on this album, but they have been used quite haphazardly). There are three members from the previous Säätiö albums involved in this project: Marko Timonen on nine tracks, Samuli Laiho on seven tracks, and Kimmo Pohjonen on one track. In addition to this, there's the bassist of the next iteration of Säätiö, Jarno Karjalainen, on six tracks. Thus, there are Säätiö band members playing on the majority of these tracks, but never as a full band.
That all being said, I believe this to be the best Säätiö album. The melancholic pieces are beautifully fragile, the pop tracks are catchy, the massive songs are massive, and the atmospheric pieces are chillingly well-arranged. And even the weaker songs here are excellent live, making this album probably the richest one to mine for a live set of any kind.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Elävää musiikkia
Honestly, this feels like a bit of a throwaway live album. On one hand, these rock renditions of a great setlist of songs are unique but, on the other hand, none of these performances improve on the studio recordings. 'Kansallispäivä' and 'Julkinen eläin' come really close though, both being sharper and meaner than the 80s versions.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Minä ja pojat
The first album with the second iteration of the band. Fuzzy rock in similar vein to Smashing Pumpkins and their kin, but played through the lense of Alanko's style of songwriting. It's never as hard-hitting or catchy as an album by a great rock band would be -- all of the songs soften up during the chorus -- but the youthful and slightly naivistic touch is welcome after a string of artistically ambitious albums. That said, I'm only attached to a single song on the whole album, which is definitely not a good sign.
Ismo Alanko Säätiö - Ruuhkainen taivas
The second (and last) studio album of the second iteration of Säätiö is a different beast than the first one, taking the rock approach to a slightly more complex direction. It's more mature and chromatic than the first album, yet I personally find it to sound slightly less inspired. However, at the same time, it does have more tracks that I would consider keepers and the general sound is harder to define. Thus, it's definitely a divisive album, conflicting.
I'm not sure how to describe the sound of this album. It's unmistakeably early 2000s rock, sounding like an average Finnish rock band from the era, yet the songwriting and the production also remind me of the band Wire out of all things. It's a digestible alternative/indie rock sound, whenever it doesn't abruptly go in a new direction.
Sielun Veljet - Otteita Tuomari Nurmion laulukirjasta
Remember those random Tuomari Nurmio covers on Musta Laatikko? Turns out, Sielun Veljet recorded a full album of those in (I assume) late 80s. They didn't end up using those recordings for anything, so they were packed away and stored somewhere. Years went by and a good portion of those recordings were destroyed due to poor storing conditions, but someone was eventually inspired to put the surviving songs to good use.
You'll be in for a treat, if you like Sielun Veljet and have never heard anything by Tuomari Nurmio. Most of these covers are originally from Nurmio's early 80s albums, his strange new wave turned into the angular rock Sielun Veljet perfected. Some of these songs only barely work, some sound like Sielun Veljet originals, but most are just serviceable covers. It's still a good album though.
Ismo Alanko Teholla - Blanco spirituals
After putting Säätiö on hold (perhaps indefinitely), Alanko joined forces with Teho Majamäki, the first iteration Säätiö percussionist. Together they stripped down a number of Ismo Alanko songbook staples to a form they could perform as a duo, essentially bringing the strengths of Alanko's live performances alone together with the strengths of him performing with a small ensemble. This endeavour proved succesful, so the two recorded two albums of original music as well.
The music of Blanco spirituals is surprisingly full. The two musicians fill space well, with Alanko singing and playing chord instruments (mainly guitar and piano), while Majamäki stretches himself as thin as possible, working a drumset, vibes, an array of percussions, an oscillating delay pedal, and singing backing vocals. It's usually at least two of those at the same time, often three. Him working in a live environment is a sight to behold.
This is honestly one of my favourite Ismo Alanko albums. The stripped down arrangements bring the most out of Alanko's songwriting. The selection of songs highlight very different sides of his style, from theatrical piano ballads to singalong acoustic guitar romps, silly pop songs, and trance-inducing rock. It's by no means a perfect album, but these simple songs all work in one way or another.
Sielun Veljet - Kansan parissa (1-4)
Archival live recordings of sets recorded around 1989-1991. The first one is a typical Sielun Veljet set, the second one filled with Tuomari Nurmio covers, the third one is material from Softwood Music Under Slow Pillars, and the fourth one is a mix of subtle experimentation, new tracks, and deep cuts. Quite a comprehensive collection of live music. However, only few tracks are really worth keeping, including the electrifying high-tempo performance of 'Lammassusi' and the prototypical version of Alanko's 'Don Quiote'.
Ismo Alanko Teholla - Onnellisuus
The simplicity of the previous album is gone, replaced by a polished and highly produced pop sound. The DIY duo sound gives way to a more layered style, where synths, samples, and doubled vocals are added to the band's sound. Acoustic instruments are largely replaced by electric guitars and synths, turning the folksy garage band sound to a sleak and radio-friendly beast. If the fact that I just phrased the same exact thing in three ways didn't clue you in yet, I'm not particularly fond of this change of direction. However, I've seen this ridiculously often called the best Ismo Alanko album since the 90s, so it does appeal to the masses.
If you like 2010s pop and are looking for a decent gateway to Alanko's music, this could be the album to start with. It's accessible.
Hassisen Kone - 20 vuotta myöhemmin
Hassisen Kone had a reunion in 2000. They played a show that was both filmed and recorded. It's an interesting document of musicians playing music they wrote 20 years earlier. However, it ultimately sounds a bit tired compared to both the tight playing on their studio recordings and the energy levels on their 80s live recordings.
Ismo Alanko - Maailmanlopun sushibaari
Remember when I said that most pick between Kun Suomi putos puusta and Taiteilijaelämää as Alanko's magnum opus? Well, this is that one for me. I'm not saying that to imply that it would be his best album, but it's the album where he finally brings his disparate influences together in a coherent but eclectic way. If Kun Suomi putos puusta is where Alanko's artistic voice is at its purest, this is where it is at its maturest and most representative of the multi-faceted artist he has become during his career.
More or less incidentally, this is also Alanko's midlife crisis album. It's not entirely thematic -- who even knows what 'Kuusilmä' is about? -- but it does touch upon themes like growing old, dying, passing the torch, losing one's touch, and liking the colour grey. It's not quite on the nose, but you don't exactly have to dissect the lyrics to find those undercurrents.
So what does the album sound like? It's lighter than you'd imagine based on the central themes. There's rock, funk, subtle latin feel, a capella, pop, traditional folk, and even an ambitious rock opera about what sounds like a zombie apocalypse. It's fairly eclectic, making it a nice first solo album to release in nearly two decades.
Ismo Alanko - 33 1/3: Kolmannesvuosisata taiteilijaelämää
This is the Ismo Alanko live album I recommend people to start with. Are these performances as exciting as their studio versions? No. But I'd argue that they don't have to be. The main strength this recording has is its uniformity. The songs are played in a generic rock band style, but it doesn't change the fact that the setlist is good and diverse. There's no compilation that would dive this deep in such a digestible manner. Essentially, this is the middle-of-the-road pick that gives an excellent cursory look into a prolific artist's entire body of work (up until 2013).
Ismo Alanko - Ismo Kullervo Alanko
Considering how introspective and self-reflective the previous album is, it's surprising that Alanko decided to name this one after himself. It works though. The songs are produced sparser and airier than on any other Ismo Alanko album, making the music feel intimate and almost confessional. It feels like you're sitting in the same room with him, as he opens up to you. Amazingly produced album.
Ismo Alanko - Pannaanko pakasteet pieneen pussiin?
To be frank, I don't think this EP is an essential release. It's noteworthy for the modern hobo blues feel it has, and for having one of the very few covers Alanko has recorded so far, but none of these songs have an iconic feel to them. The best I can say about it is that none of the songs are bad, but neither are they memorable.
Ismo Alanko - Yksin Vanhalla
I wish more band-focused artists performed live alone every now and then. An arrangement stripped down to just vocals and an instrument (in Alanko's case, usually acoustic guitar, piano, or cello) turns every song into something entirely different. However, the lyrics grow in significance as instruments are dropped, so your mileage may vary with this one. I still enjoy it though.
Pohjonen Alanko - Northern Lowland
Alanko collaborates with Kimmo Pohjonen and Tuomas Norvio to bring us an electronic neon-shamanic album. Primal chants and vocalisations blending together with beats ranging from harsh to chill and breakbeat-y. It's a fascinating EP, even if highly gimmicky and lacking a sense of direction. Besides, this stuff will always be better live than on a studio recording.
Ismo Alanko - Minä halusin olla niin kuin Beethoven
And finally, the latest Ismo Alanko album, where he takes yet another left turn. This one was mainly recorded by Alanko alone in a studio, but eventually a drummer and a keyboardist were brought in to round up the sound. And what a sound it is! Youthful indie rock with a production that's stuck somewhere between the 00s and the 80s. If it were not for 58-year-old Alanko's vocals and eccentric riffing, I could very well believe this to be a debut album by ambitious 20-somethings.
Since Alanko's full albums are not readily available on many countries (especially the US), I'll provide a summary that's somewhere between a longish TL;DR, a series of recommendations, and a quick-glance overview of his career.
Album:: Täältä tullaan Venäjä (1980) [new wave punk] Representative track: Rock ehkäisyvälineitä vastaan (a bouncy high-tempo punk track)
Album: Rumat sävelet (1981) [new wave/post-punk] Representative track: Jurot nuorisojulkkikset (a gloomy post-punk-infused rock track)
Album: Harsoinen teräs (1982) [new wave/progressive rock] Representative track: Kupla kimaltaa (a well-flowing new wave track with a progressive song structure)
Album: Sielun Veljet (1983) [punk/post-punk] Representative track: Pieni pää (a noisy punk track with groovy tribal drumming and metallic guitar playing)
Album: Lapset (1983) [punk/post-punk] Representative track: Elintaso (an angular punk track)
Album: Hei soturit (1984) [post-punk/alternative rock] Representative track: Tää on tää (a straightforward punk track with a catchy hook)
Album: L'amourha (1985) [post-punk/hard rock] Representative track: Peltirumpu (a hard-hitting rock song with dissonant guitars)
Album: Kuka teki huorin (1986) [post-punk/funk rock] Representative track: Kristallilapsia (a funk rock track with screechy guitars and an unfunky bassline)
Album: Suomi - Finland (1988) [post-punk/psychedelic rock] Representative track: Totuus vai tequila (a ferocious folk punk track)
Album: Softwood Music Under Slow Pillars (1989) [psychedelic rock/flamenco] Representative track: Life is a Cobra (a psychedelic track combining flamenco rhythms and Indian string sections)
Album: Kun Suomi putos puusta (1990) [singesongwriter] Representative track: Kun Suomi putos puusta (a gentle organ-led track with subtle folk influence and field recordings)
Album: Jäätyneitä lauluja (1993) [electronic rock] Representative track: Pornografiaa (a slightly industrial-tinged electronic rock track)
Album: Taiteilijaelämää (1995) [art rock] Representative track: Nuorena syntynyt (a 90s sounding rock track with a freeform looseness to it)
Album: I-r-t-i (1996) [alternative rock] Representative track: Kriisistä kriisiin (a rock track with a steady dance pulse on the actual rock sections)
Album: Pulu (1998) [folk rock/art rock] Representative track: Rakkaus on ruma sana (a track with pseudo-shamanistic verses and catchy choruses)
Album: Sisäinen solarium (2000) (art pop/folk rock) Representative track: Kirskainen hyvätyinen (a largely electronic and pulsing track that feels one part a strange rock experiment and one part a traditional Finnish folk song)
Album: Hallanvaara (2002) (art pop/symphonic rock) Representative track: Paratiisin puu (a smooth pop track with significant classical influence)
Album: Minä ja pojat (2004) [alternative rock] Representative track: Joensuu (a straightforward and fuzzy rock song)
Album: Ruuhkainen taivas (2006) [alternative rock) Representative track: Paskiainen (a rock track alternating between manic psychobilly and catchy radio rock)
Album: Blanco spirituals (2008) [minimalistic art pop] Representative track: Päästänkö irti (an acoustic rock track with an interesting chord sequence)
Album: Onnellisuus (2010) [art pop] Representative track: Onnellisuus (a danceable and atmospheric pop track)
Album: Maailmanlopun sushibaari (2013) [alternative rock] Representative track: Vanha nuori (an accessible pop track with a funky brass section and theatrical choruses)
Album: Ismo Kullervo Alanko (2015) [art pop/singesongwriter] Representative track: Lintuperspektiivi (a melancholic and sparsely produced track with airy ambience)
Album: Northern Lowland (2018) [glitch hop-y tribal electronic music] Representative track: Northern Lowland (a track with primal chanting and glitchy beats)
Album: Minä halusin olla niin kuin Beethoven (2019) [80s flavour indie rock] Representative track: Transsioletettu tanssi (a funky rock track with a somewhat generic 2000s rock chorus)
What is your opinion on Ismo Alanko? I personally enjoy how prolific and eclectic he has been, and I find it a shame that most of his work has never left Finland. I can especially imagine punk fans easily getting into his 80s work.
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2020.09.15 04:24 OtherJoesBlueBalls [WTS] [USA] Twice Photocards

Pics of all PCs for sale/trade.
$3.50 for first class w/tracking. PWE $0.60 for 1-2 cards.
Prices are paypal F&F. G&S is fine as well just cover the fee.
Jeongyeon-BDZ Repackage ($6), Withdrama Preorder ($6), Twicetagram Preorder ($2), Twiceland Encore Yellow 1,2 Pink 1,2 ($4 Per), Once Halloween 1, 2 ($4 Per), What Is Love Scratch ($3), Merry & Happy ($4), Year Of Yes ($4), Twicecoaster Lane 1 ($5), Twiceland Fantasty Park 1,2 ($4), Fanclub 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd ID ($5), Season Greetings 2019 ($5), Season Greetings 2020 Lenticular ($4), Twaii #02, #11, #20, #38, #47 ($3), Page Two ($4), Page Two Lenticular ($8).
Momo-Twicetagram Preorder ($2)
Sana-BDZ Repackage ($6), Twicetagram Preorder ($2)
Jihyo-BDZ Repackage ($6), Withdrama Preorder ($6), Twicetagram Preorder ($2), Twicetagram ($4)
Mina-Twicelights White ($4), Twaii ($4), Twicetagram ($4), Twicetagram Preorder ($2)
Dahyun-Withdrama Preorder ($6), #Twice2 ID ($15), Twicetagram Preorder ($2)
Chaeyoung-Withdrama Preorder ($6), BDZ Repackage ($6), #TWICE2 ($4), Dreamday ($4), Twaii ($4), Feel Special, Yes or Yes, Twicetagram, Year of Yes, Fancy Preorder ($2 Per)
Tzuyu-Withdrama Preorder ($6), Twicetagram Preorder ($2)
Group-Withdrama Preorder ($4), #Twice ($5), Breakthrough, Happy Happy, &Twice, One More Time, Wake Me Up, Fanfare, BDZ ($4), More & More ($3)
Sets-BDZ ($30), More & More Preorder A, B, C ($5 per)
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2020.09.14 22:03 MsifuniMungu Utabiri wa Nyakati za Mwisho Umetimia: Jinsi ya Kukaribisha Ujio wa Pili wa Bwana

Utabiri wa Nyakati za Mwisho Umetimia: Jinsi ya Kukaribisha Ujio wa Pili wa Bwana
Na Anyuan, Ufilipino

Bwana Atakuja kwa Namna Gani?
Bwana Atafanya Kazi Gani Atakaporejea?
Jinsi ya Kukaribisha Kurejea kwa Bwana

Miaka elfu mbili iliyopita, wafuasi wa Bwana walimuuliza Yesu, “Ishara ya kuwasili Kwako, na ya mwisho wa ulimwengu itakuwa ipi?” (Mathayo 24:3). Bwana Yesu alijibu, “Na ninyi mtasikia kuhusu vita na uvumi juu ya vita: hakikisheni msihangaike: kwani mambo haya yote lazima yafanyike, lakini mwisho bado hujafika. Kwani taifa litainuka dhidi ya taifa, na ufalme dhidi ya ufalme: na kutakuweko na njaa, na ndwele, na ardhi kutetemeka katika sehemu mbalimbali. Yote haya ndiyo asili ya huzuni” (Mathayo 24:6-8).Leo, majanga yanatokea zaidi na zaidi kote duniani. Matetemeko ya ardhi, milipuko, njaa, vita na mafuriko yanafanyika moja baada ya lingine. Mwishoni mwa mwaka wa 2019, aina mpya ya kirusi aina ya coronavirus iliibuka mkoani Wuhan, Uchina. Kiwango cha maambukizi yake ni cha kutisha; kwa muda wa miezi michache tu, visa vilitokea kote nchini, na mara moja China ilitumbukia katika machafuko. Mikoa, manispaa na vijiji vingi vinaendelea kutengwa moja baada ya nyingine huku idadi ya vifo ikiendelea kuongezeka. Virusi hivyo pia vimeenea hadi katika nchi zingine zaidi ya ishirini kote ulimwenguni. Zaidi ya hayo, kati ya Septemba 2019 na Januari 2020, mioto ya nyikani isambaayo haraka huko Australia iliharibu zaidi ya majengo 5,900 na kuua wanyama zaidi ya bilioni moja. Mnamo Januari 2020, bara hilo hilo lilipigwa na mvua nyingi ya mara moja kwa karne, ikisababisha mafuriko ambayo yaliwaua viumbe wengi wa maji safi. Mwezi huo huo, makumi ya maelfu ya watu waliachwa bila makao kwa sababu ya mafuriko nchini Indonesia. Kulikuwa pia na mlipuko wa volkano huko Ufilipino, kutapakaa kubaya zaidi kwa nzige ndani ya miaka 25 barani Afrika, tetemeko la ardhi lenye ukubwa wa 6.4 huko Xinjiang. … Orodha hiyo inaendelea. Unabii wa Biblia wa kuja kwa Bwana umetimia. Ni jambo lililo wazi kwamba Bwana amerudi—hivyo kwa nini bado hatujakaribisha kuwasili Kwake? Je, hatutatumbukia katika dhiki kuu ikiwa hili litaendelea? Na tunapaswa kufanya nini hasa ili kukaribisha kuja kwa Bwana?

Bwana Atakuja kwa Namna Gani?

Watu wengi wamesoma maneno haya katika Biblia: “Tazama, anakuja na mawingu” (Ufunuo 1:7). “Na wao watamwona yule Mwana wa Adamu akifika kwa mawingu ya mbinguni akiwa na nguvu na utukufu mkubwa” (Mathayo 24:30). Wana hakika kuwa Bwana atakuja na mawingu. Hata hivyo, kwa nini bado hatujaona tukio kama hilo? Je, hii ndiyo njia ya pekee ambayo Bwana atakuja? Kwa kweli kuna jambo moja kuu ambalo tumelipuuza kuhusu kuja kwa Bwana. Katika maandiko, kuna pia unabii kuhusu Mungu kuja kwa siri, kama vile: “Tazama, mimi nakuja kama mwizi” (Ufunuo 16:15). “Na kukawa na kelele saa sita ya usiku, Tazama, anakuja bwana arusi; ondokeni nje ili kumkaribisha” (Mathayo 25:6). “Nanyi jiwekeni tayari, kwa kuwa saa msiyodhani ndipo atakapokuja Mwana wa Adamu” (Mathayo 24:44). “Kwani kama umeme, unavyomulika chini ya mbingu kutoka sehemu moja, huangaza hadi sehemu nyingine chini ya mbingu; vivyo ndivyo Mwana wa Adamu atakuwa katika siku yake. Bali kwanza lazima apitie mambo mengi, na akataliwe na kizazi hiki” (Luka 17:24-25).
Marejeleo ya maandiko “kama mwizi” and “kukawa na kelele sasa sita ya usiku” yanaonyesha kuwa Bwana atakaporudi wakati wa siku za mwisho, Atafanya hivyo kimya kimya, kwa siri. Na “Mwana wa Adamu” linarejelea nini? “Mwana wa Adamu” hakika anazaliwa kutoka kwa mtu, ana mama na baba, na ni mwenye mwili na damu. Chukua Bwana Yesu kwa mfano, Alipata mwili katika mfano wa mtu wa kawaida anayeishi kati ya wanadamu. Kwa hivyo tunaweza kuona kuwa “Mwana wa Adamu” linarejelea Mungu mwenye mwili; Roho hawezi kuitwa Mwana wa Adamu. Aidha, Maandiko pia yanasema, “Bali kwanza lazima apitie mambo mengi, na akataliwe na kizazi hiki.” Kifungu hiki cha Maandiko kinasema wazi kuwa Bwana atakaporudi, Atavumilia mateso mengi na kukataliwa na kizazi hiki. Sote tunajua kuwa Mungu angeweza kukataliwa tu Akiwa katika mwili kama Mwana wa Adamu, kwa maana Mungu katika mwili ni wa kawaida sana na watu hawamjui; wanamchukulia kama mtu wa kawaida, na Anapitia shida nyingi sana kwa sababu hiyo. Hata hivyo, Bwana angemwonekania mwanadamu kama Roho, basi wawe wazuri au wabaya, waumini au wasioamini, au hata wale wanaompinga Mungu, wote wangesujudu mbele ya Mungu katika ibada—kwa kuwa ni nani angeweza kumkataa Mungu hivyo? Na kisha Angeteseka vipi? Hii inaonyesha kuwa Bwana wa siku za mwisho anawaonekania binadamu kama Mwana wa Adamu mwenye mwili.

Bwana Atafanya Kazi Gani Atakaporejea?

Kwa wakati huu, ndugu wengine wanaweza kuchanganyikiwa: Bwana akija kufanya kazi kati ya mwanadamu kwa siri katika siku za mwisho, unabii wa kuja Kwake ndani ya wingu unatimizwaje? Kuna hatua na mpango katika kazi ya Mungu. Kwanza, Mungu anakuwa mwili na kuwasili kwa siri kutekeleza kazi Yake ya kumwokoa mwanadamu, kisha Anamwonekania mwanadamu waziwazi katika wingu. Ili kuelewa swali hili, lazima tujifunze zaidi kuhusu ni kazi gani ambayo Bwana anafanya Anaporudi katika siku za mwisho. Bwana Yesu alisema, “Bado ningali nayo mengi ya kuwaambieni, lakini hivi sasa hamwezi kuyavumilia. Hata hivyo, wakati yeye, Roho wa ukweli**, atakapokuja, atawaongoza hadi kwenye ukweli wote: kwa maana hatazungumza juu yake mwenyewe; bali chochote atakachosikia, atakinena: na atawaonyesha mambo yajayo**” (Yohana 16:12-13). “Yeye ambaye ananikataa mimi, na hayakubali maneno yangu, ana yule ambaye anamhukumu: neno hilo ambalo nimelisema, ndilo hilo ambalo litamhukumu katika siku ya mwisho” (Yohana 12: 48). “Kwa kuwa Baba hamhukumu mwanadamu yeyote, ila amekabidhi hukumu yote kwa Mwana” (Yohana 5:22). Biblia pia inasema, “Kwa maana muda umekuja ambao lazima hukumu ianze katika nyumba ya Mungu” (1 Petro 4:17). Vifungu hivi vya maandiko vinatuambia kuwa Mungu wa siku za mwisho Anakuja kimsingi kunena maneno, kutekeleza kazi ya hukumu kuanzia katika nyumba ya Mungu. Kwa sababu hiyo, wale wanaokubali kazi ya Mungu ya hukumu ya siku za mwisho wanakaribisha kuwasili kwa Bwana, na wanainuliwa mbele za Mungu! Leo, Mwenyezi Mungu mwenye mwili Ametamka mamilioni ya maneno yote ambayo yamerekodiwa katika kitabu Neno Laonekana katika Mwili. Katika kitabu hiki, maneno ya Mwenyezi Mungu yanafunua siri nyingi ambazo hapo awali hatungezielewa, kama vile historia ya maendeleo ya wanadamu, jinsi Shetani anavyowaangamiza wanadamu, jinsi Mungu anavyomwokoa mwanadamu, ni watu wa aina gani wanaopendwa na Mungu, ni watu wagani wanaochukiwa na Yeye, matokeo na hatima za watu wa aina mbalimbali, na kadhalika. Si hili tu, bali Mungu pia ameonyesha maneno ya hukumu na kuadibu, Akifunua tabia zetu potovu. Wote wanaokubali maneno ya Mungu ya hukumu na kuadibu watasafishwa na kubadilishwa tabia zao potovu; watafanywa kuwa washindi kabla ya maafa makuu, na mwishowe wataingia katika ufalme wa Mungu ili wafurahie furaha kamili ya milele. Wale wasiofanya jitihada yoyote kuisikia sauti ya Mungu katika kipindi ambacho Mungu yuko katika mwili na Anafanya kazi kwa siri, wasiokubali kazi ya Mungu ya hukumu ya siku za mwisho, wanaomshutumu na kumkufuru Mungu mwenye mwili kulingana na fikira na mawazo yao wenyewe, watafunuliwa na kuondolewa na Mungu. Kwa hivyo, ngano na magugu, kondoo na mbuzi, wanawali wenye busara na wanawali wapumbavu, watumishi wazuri na watumishi wabaya, wale wanaopenda ukweli na wale wanaochukia ukweli—kila mmoja atafunuliwa na kuainishwa kulingana na aina yake. Baada ya hapo, Mungu atakuja na mawingu, Akionekana wazi kwa mataifa yote na watu wote wa dunia, na kuanza kuyazawadi mema na kuadhibu maovu, na hivyo kutimiza unabii wa biblia: “Tazama, anakuja na mawingu; nalo kila jicho litamwona yeye, na pia wale waliomdunga: na makabila yote ya ulimwengu yatalia kwa huzuni kwa sababu ya yeye. Hata hivyo, Amina” (Ufunuo 1:7). “Na kisha itatokea ishara yake Mwana wa Adamu huko mbinguni: na kisha makabila yote ya dunia yataomboleza, na wao watamwona yule Mwana wa Adamu akifika kwa mawingu ya mbinguni akiwa na nguvu na utukufu mkubwa” (Mathayo 24:30). Wakati huo, wote wanaompinga, kumkataa na kumshutumu Mungu watajipiga vifua vyao na kujawa na majuto kwa sababu ya matendo yao maovu. Kutoka kwa kazi ya Mungu tunaona jinsi Mungu alivyo mwenye haki, mwenye nguvu na mwenye busara!

Jinsi ya Kukaribisha Kurejea kwa Bwana

Leo, Mwenyezi Mungu mwenye mwili tayari ameshinda na kuliokoa kundi la watu. Pia washindi hao wamekamilishwa. Kazi ya Mungu kwa siri itakamilika hivi karibuni, na baada ya hapo kila aina ya dhiki kuu itaikumba dunia. Tuna kazi ya dharura mbele yetu: Tunapaswa kukaribishaje kurudi kwa Bwana Yesu na kuikubali kazi ya Mungu ya siku za mwisho? Bwana Yesu alisema, “Kondoo wangu huisikia sauti yangu, na mimi Ninawajua, nao hunifuata” (Yohana 10:27). Unabii huu pia unaonekana katika Biblia: “Yeye ambaye ana sikio, hebu asikize lile ambalo Roho huambia makanisa” (Ufunuo 2:7). “Tazama, nimesimama mlangoni, na kupiga hodi: mtu yeyote akisikia sauti yangu, na aufungue mlango, Mimi nitaingia kwake, na nitakula na yeye, na yeye na Mimi” (Ufunuo 3:20). Na Mwenyezi Mungu anasema: “Kazi ya Mungu ni kama mawimbi yanayotapakaa kwa nguvu. Hakuna anayeweza kumweka kizuizini, na hakuna anayeweza kusimamisha nyayo Zake. Wale tu wanaosikiza maneno Yake kwa makini, na wanaomtafuta na kuwa na kiu naye, wanaweza kufuata nyayo Zake na kupokea ahadi Zake. Wasiofanya hivyo watakabiliwa na maafa makuu na adhabu inayostahili” (“Mungu Anaongoza Majaliwa ya Wanadamu Wote” katika Neno Laonekana katika Mwili). Je, ungependa kufuata nyayo za Mwanakondoo? Je, ungependa kumkaribisha Bwana? Je, ungependa kunyakuliwa kabla ya dhiki kuu? Maneno ya Mungu yanatuambia kwamba ikiwa tunatarajia kumkaribisha Bwana, ni muhimu kwamba tujifunze jinsi ya kuisikia sauti ya Mungu kwa kuangalia iwapo maneno yaliyoonyeshwa na Mwenyezi Mungu ni ukweli, iwapo hayo ni maneno ya Roho Mtakatifu kwa makanisa. Ninaamini kwamba tukiwa na mioyo minyenyekevu ya kutafuta na kutamani sana ukweli, Mungu atatuongoza katika kumkaribisha Bwana hivi karibuni!
Chanzo: Kanisa la Mwenyezi Mungu
Masomo yanayohusiana:
Baada ya miaka elfu mbili ya matumaini na kungoja, Bwana amerudi! Unakaribishwa kuwasiliana nasi ili ujifunze juu ya kuonekana kwa Bwana na kazi Yake katika siku za mwisho, na kuhudhuria karamu ya Mwanakondoo.
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2020.09.13 21:59 giugiacaglia Palantir S1 Numbers

Here are some of PLTR numbers:
In 2019:
- 743M of revenue with 579M net loss- 45% of its revenue came from government contracts
But since 2018, after PLTR won against the ARMY (SEC 2377), its army revenue has exploded
- 2017: 5.9M- 2018: 6.6M- 2019: 53.7M- 2020: 78.8M
A comparison of PLTR numbers vs other companies:
Revenue Growth/ Gross Margin/ last fiscal year revenue:- $SNOW: 174%/ 56% / 265M- $SANA: 85%/ 86% / 154M- $FROG: 65%/ 81% / 105M- $U: 42%/ 78% / 542M- $SUMO: 50%/ 71% / 155M- $PLTR: 25%/ 67% / 743M
Gross margins, sales marketing/revenue and Revenue Growth.
Its contribution margin has increased over time and might reach 55% this year
Here is some more info
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2020.09.12 23:48 giugiacaglia PLTR S1 analysis 🔮

I've analyzed Palantir S1 numbers here:
Here are some of PLTR numbers:
In 2019:
- 743M of revenue with 579M net loss- 45% of its revenue came from government contracts
But since 2018, after PLTR won against the ARMY (SEC 2377), its army revenue has exploded
- 2017: 5.9M- 2018: 6.6M- 2019: 53.7M- 2020: 78.8M
A comparison of PLTR numbers vs other companies:
Revenue Growth/ Gross Margin/ last fiscal year revenue: - $SNOW: 174%/ 56% / 265M - $SANA: 85%/ 86% / 154M - $FROG: 65%/ 81% / 105M - $U: 42%/ 78% / 542M - $SUMO: 50%/ 71% / 155M - $PLTR: 25%/ 67% / 743M
Gross margins, sales marketing/revenue and Revenue Growth.
Its contribution margin has increased over time and might reach 55% this year
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2020.09.12 05:44 not_my_realname The Political Hitmen

Narcotics Control Bureau is fighting tooth and nail against the bail pleas of the Chakarborty family for a few tolas of weed. I did not need to scratch much below the surface to see how the government accomplishes this sort of a thing. What I found out is an example of what people call institutional decay.
The NCB is headed by Rakesh Asthana, an IPS officer of Gujarat Cadre.
You might recall last hearing about Asthana in the infamous CBI fued a few years ago when the Director of CBI, Alok Verma, moved against his appointment as Special Director. Rakesh Asthana was being investigated by CBI in the Sterling Biotech Scam when he was appointed. He was alleged to have received bribes of more than 3.5crores. He was given the clean chit on some really dodgy grounds. Rakesh Asthana's son was working as assistant manager at Sterling Biotech. His daughter's wedding Sangeet was held at Sterling Biotech's owner's farmhouse. The case against Asthana was filed by the NGO Common Cause through senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan. Asthana was given the clean chit in this case by CBI in 2019.
The man has quite a history as the government's hitman.
Asthana was the investigator in the Ahmedabad blast case of 2008, an investigation he completed in 22 days. He was also the one who investigated Bapu Asaram. Asthana was also the hitman when the in the early days of Modi government they target a prominent UP meat exporter Moin Quereshi, arresting him in a money laundering case. Quereshi's aide Satish Sana Babu claimed that he paid bribes of more than 2.5crores to Asthana. A money laundering case was then filed by ED against Sana Babu.
With compromised men like him heading our investigative agencies, there is no doubt as to who pulls the strings in such cases and how. Asthana is currently the chief of Border Security Force as well, and is allegedly in line to be appointed as Chief of CBI when the incumbent ends his term.
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2020.09.07 16:30 KaiTsu12 [BAHASA] [FINAL] Diari Murid SG 20200905 Soyoka

[FINAL] Diari Murid SG 20200905 Soyoka
Judul: Yoshida Soyoka
Gara gara~ Bakyuun! Dengan Soyoka.
Aku memiliki sesuatu yang berharga. Teman-teman yang mendukungku selama masa-masa yang sulit. Staff guru, keluarga dan para fukei-san yang mengawasiku. Aku tidak akan pernah melupakan kata-kata yang kalian tulis dan tangan baik kalian.
Bahkan di sekolah sungguhanku, seluruh sekolah membantuku. Teman baikku mengambil foto dari semua catatan dimana aku pergi dan mengirimkannya kepadaku. Teman masa kecilku yang membawakanku catatan. Guru dan teman-temanku yang memanggilku Ketika kami berpapasan. Junior lucu yang melambai kepadaku. Terima kasih banyak.
Para Fukei-san. Terima kasih banyak untuk semua surat, komen dan dukungannya. Suara kalian adalah motivasiku. Aku tak dapat menjawabnya jadi aku melakukan pertunjukan, acara, dan diari sambil berpikir “Aku harus melakukan yang terbaik”. Sangat disayangkan aku tidak dapat mengucapkan terima kasih secara langsung, tetapi aku akan senang jika perasaan terima kasihku dapat tersampaikan. Terima kasih banyak.
Kepada semua member. Ke-12 member dari Sakura Gakuin telah berkumpul dari daerah yang berbeda. Bahkan jika tujuan akhir kami berbeda, selama kurun waktu yang singkat kami di Sakura Gakuin, kami berbagi semua hal yang membahagiakan, menyenangkan, hal-hal yang sulit dan juga menyedihkan. Kami percaya dan mendukung satu sama lainnya sambil melihat satu pandangan yang sama.
Sana Sana dapat lebih tenang di tahun ini dan lebih dapat memperhatikan keadaan sekitarnya dengan lebih baik Sana orangnya pintar dan dapat menilai sesuatu dengan tenang. Sana memang seperti itu tetapi aku tau dia memiliki semangat yang membara di lubuk hatinya! Kamu pasti akan memiliki tekanan dalam memimpin yang lainnya, tetapi nikmatilah semuanya sebanyak mungkin dan buatlah halaman Sakura Gakuin yang terhebat di tahun terakhirmu bersama dengan Kokona✨
Kokona Pekerja keras Kokona yang selalu menjadi paling akhir selesai dalam latihan setiap harinya. Kamu bekerja lebih keras dibandingkan yang lainnya dan dapat memperhatikan keadaan sekitarmu jadi aku pikir akan lebih bagus jika kamu lebih percaya diri dengan dirimu sendiri dan utarakan pendapatmu. Kamu dalam posisi memimpin sekarang tetapi aku ingin kamu untuk tetap menikmati segalanya seperti cara Nassu!
Miku Miku imut yang tumbuh tinggi lebih tinggi dariku tetapi tetap bertingkah manis kepadaku. Miku sangat bagus dalam menjaga yang lainnya jadi mulai dari sekarang, jadilah Ibu dari semuanya dan tolong member yang lainnya. Ibu Kos Tanaka, yoroshiku!
Miki Miki yang bekerja keras dan sering mengajari juniornya menari. Kami berdua berasal dari Osaka dan kami banyak membicarakan tentang masalah dan hal-hal kecil lainnya san banyak tertawa bersama. Nendo selanjutnya, dukung para murid Kelas 3 SMP bersama dengan Miku sambil selalu memikat yang lainnya dengan senyuman itu!
Neo-chan Neo-chan sungguh sangat berkembang dalam 1 tahun ini! Setelah masa karantina di rumah berakhir, Aku sungguh terkejut bagaimana tarianmu begitu meningkat pada sesi pelajaran! Neo-chan yang rajin dan pekerja keras. Aku mulai menantikan hal apa yang Neo-chan lakukan aku akan menyaksikan untuk Nendo selanjutnya ♪
Miko PenampilanMiko sungguh sangat bagus dan aku banyak belajar darinya. Aku ingin kamu melanjutkan untuk menjadi motivator yang bagus bagi member yang lainnya. Jika ada hal tentang penampilah atau sesuatu yang kamu pikirkan, katakanlah dengan cepat dan bantulah para Murid Kelas 3 SMP!
Yume Yume-chan yang handal. Kamu sering memperhatikan hal-hal dan banyak membantuku. Terima kasih.💗 Setelah masa karantina di rumah berakhir, Aku terkejut dalam kedua hal baik tinggi dan tarianmu begitu meningkat dan kamu menjadi wanita muda yang cantik. Karena kamu meperhatikan banyak hal, adakalanya hal tersebut membuatmu sedih bukan. Yume akan baik-baik saja selama tetap menjadi Yume!
Sakia Sakia yang merupakan sumber kenyamanan bagi semua orang. Pesan dari Sakia memberikanku banyak energi. Terima kasih.💗 Ada kalanya kamu menangis karena kamu merasa frustasi tetapi aku tahu jika kamu tetap tersenyum sebaik mungkin! Aku menantikan untuk melihat Sakia menjadi wanita muda!
Dapat melakukan yang terbaik bagi Sakura Gakuin bersama dengan ke-12 orang dari Nendo 2019 membuatku sungguh merasa beruntung. Aku mencintai semuanya!
Selama situasi yang sulit, terima kasih kepada guru shokuin, staff, dan para fukei-san yang menunggu dalam waktu yang lama, kami dapat melakukan Pertunjukan Kelulusan seperti ini. Aku merasa sangat sangat beruntung dapat menuliskan diari terakhirku.
Tanpa melupakan 5 Tahun yang berharga dari hal-hal yang aku pelajari di Sakura Gakuin, Aku akan bertujuan untuk menjadi superlady! Terima kasih untuk hari-hari yang seperti harta karun ini.
Ganbare!! Sakura Gakuin
Terima kasih banyak untuk semuanya!

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2020.09.07 11:10 KaigaiFukei SG students' diary 20200905 Soyoka

SG students' diary 20200905 Soyoka
Title: Yoshida Soyoka
Gara gara~ Bakyuun! It’s Soyoka.
I have something precious. Friends that support me during difficult times. The staff teachers, family and fukei-sans that watch over me. I will never ever forget the words that you wrote and your kind hands.
Even at my real school, the entire school helped me. Close friends that took photos of all the notes on days where I was away and sent them to me. My childhood friend that brought me print outs. Teachers and friends that call out to me when we pass by each other. Cute juniors that wave to me. Thank you all so much.
Fukei-sans. Thank you for all the letters, comments, and cheering. Your voice is my motivation. I’m unable to reply so I did shows, events, and diaries while thinking “I have to do my best”. It’s unfortunate that I’m unable to give my thanks directly, but I would be happy if my feelings of thankfulness were transmitted. Thank you so, so much.
To all the members. The 12 members of Sakura Gakuin have gathered from completely different places. Even if our final goals are different, during the short time we’re in Sakura Gakuin, we shared all the happy things, fun things, difficult things and sad things. We trusted and supported each other while looking at the same view.
Sana Sana was able to be more composed this year and has become able to properly pay attention to her surroundings. 【One of the words used in this sentence, 余裕, is a bit hard to translate properly into english. Here it basically means that Sana has the extra capacity (after taking care of her own things) to pay attention to others.】 Sana is smart and able to calmly assess the situation. Sana is like that but I know she also has a burning passion in the bottom of her heart! You probably have pressure to lead others, but enjoy everything as much as you can and create a page of the greatest Sakura Gakuin in your last year with Kokona✨
Kokona Really hard working Kokona who is the last one practices at the lesson place until the very end every day. You work harder than anyone else and have the power to pay attention to your surroundings so I think it would be good if you have more confidence in yourself and speak your thoughts. You’re in a position to lead now but I want you to continue to enjoy everything like the current Nassu!
Miku Cute Miku who has grown taller than me but still acts sweet towards me. Miku is really good at taking care of others so from now on, become everyone’s Mom and help the other members. Tanaka dorm mom, yoroshiku!
Miki Miki who’s a hard worker and often teaches her juniors dancing. We’re both from Osaka and we’ve talked a lot about our troubles and trivial things and laughed a lot. Next nendo, support the middle school 3rd graders with Miku while always charming others with that smile!
Neo-chan Neo-chan has really grown in this 1 year! After the stay at home period ended, I was really surprised at how your dancing had leveled up at lessons! Neo-chan who’s diligent and hard working. I’m starting looking forward to seeing what kind of Neo-chan I’ll be able to see next nendo now♪
Miko Miko’s performance is really good and I learned a lot from it. I want you to continue to be a good motivator for the other members. If there’s something about the performance or something that you notice, quickly say it and help the middle school 3rd graders!
Yume Reliable Yume-chan. You often notice things and you helped me out a bunch. Thank you.💗 After the stay at home period ended, I was surprised that both your height and dancing had grown and you had become a beautiful young lady. Because you notice things, there are things that make you feel down too aren’t there. Yume is fine just being Yume!
Sakia Sakia who’s everyone’s source of comfort. The mail from Sakia gave me lots of energy. Thank you.💗 There are times where you cry because you’re frustrated but I know that you really smile your best! I’m looking forward to seeing Sakia become a young lady!
Being able to aim for the greatest Sakura Gakuin with these 12 people from the 2019 nendo made me feel really fortunate. I love everyone!
During a difficult situation, thanks to the shokuin senseis, staff, and the fukei-sans who waited for a long time, we were able to have a graduation show like this. I feel very very fortunate to be able to write my last diary.
Without forgetting the irreplaceable 5 years of precious things that I learned in Sakura Gakuin, I’m going to aim to become a superlady! Thank you for the days that are like treasures.
Ganbare!! Sakura Gakuin
Thank you for everything!
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2020.09.06 15:48 KaiTsu12 [BAHASA] [FINAL] Diari Murid SG 20200904 Tsugumi

Diari Murid SG 20200904 Tsugumi
Judul: Aritomo Tsugumi
Kano Tsugumi Sana Miku Neo Yume Soyoka Momoe Kokona Miki Miko Sakia
Oshin janai yo! Tsugumi da yo!
Pada tanggal 30 Agustus, Aku lulus dari Sakura Gakuin yang telah aku jalani selama 4 tahun sejak aku kelas 6 SD! Tahun ini Upacara Kelulusan diadakan pada Musim Panas dikarenakan virus corona. Terima kasih telah melaksanakan Upacara Kelulusan untuk kami ber-12 ditengah situasi ini!! Aku benr-benar sangat gugup sebelum pertunjukan tetapi aku menanganinya dengan memikirkan “Semua yang tersisa hanyalah tinggal melakukannya!”. Aku merasakan kekuatan dari semua orang yang belum pernah aku rasakan sebelumnya selama pertunjukan dan hal itu sangat menyenangkan!!! Ini adalah pertunjukan terakhirku jadi aku ingin melakukannya tanpa tangisan tetapi Ketika aku berpikir tentang pertunjukan terakhirku di Sakura Gakuin yang telah kujalankan selama 4 tahun, banyak perasaan yang menggenang dan aku menangis. Ini adalah diari terakhirku tetapi ini ada cerita dibalik layar! Kami melakukan high-fives selama “Tabidachi no Hi ni” kali ini karena pencegahan infeksi. Aku pikir “Aku ingin menonjol entah bagaimana caranya! Aku akan melakukan suit!” jadi aku melakukan gunting pada Miku sambil menangis dan Miku segera melakukan gunting juga sehingga hasilnya seri. Lol.
Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2019 berusaha yang terbaik sepanjang waktu dan hal itu sungguh sangat menyenangkan setiap kali kami berlatih untuk sebuah pertunjukan. Setelah Pertujukan Kelulusan kami tertunda, kami tidak dapat melakukan Latihan atau bertemu satu sama lainnya. Ini adalah situasi yang sulit tetapi aku merasa kami dapat melakukan poin ini karena semuanya tersenyum sebaik mungkin dan karena ikatan kami ber-12! Semuanya menghormati satu sama lain, tumbuh, dan membuat setiap orang bahagia [?]. Aku sungguh mencintai Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2019 yang dapat tetap tersenyum meskipun selama waktu yang sulit!! Member yang aku cintai! Ke-8 orang ini pasti dapat menciptakan Sakura Gakuin yang luar biasa! Tetap menonjol dengan kotak kalian sendiri!! Aku bangga dengan ke-11 orang ini dan mereka adalah teman yang terbaik!!!
Kepada staff guru, Mori-sensei, Kepala Sekolah Kuramoto, Kazune-sensei, MIKIKO-sensei, dan semua orang yang terlibat dengan Sakura Gakuin, terima kasih banyak telah membawaku, yang tak dapat melakukan apapun, ke titik poin ini! Dan kepada para fukei-san yang selalu menjagaku dengan baik! Pesan kalian telah banyak membantuku! Aku akan melanjutkan untuk tetap tersenyum sebaik mungkin untuk mencapai impianku, jadi tolong tetap awasi kami dan juga Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2020! Terima kasih banyak! Semua waktu saat-saat yang menyenangkan dan bahkan masa-masa sulit selama kehidupanku di Sakura Gakuin adalah harta berharga bagiku! Sakura Gakuin adalah tempat yang sangat bagus!!! Aku sangat mencintai Sakura Gakuin sedemikian tupa hingga aku tidak bisa lebih menyukainya! Aku bersyukur dapat menjadi bagian dari murid Sakura Gakuin!!! Terima kasih banyak untuk 4 tahunnya!!
Murid Kelas 3 SMP Stand Out! Chairperson Aritomo Tsugumi

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2020.09.06 11:45 KaigaiFukei SG students' diary 20200904 Tsugumi

SG students' diary 20200904 Tsugumi
Title: Aritomo Tsugumi
Kano Tsugumi Sana Miku Neo Yume Soyoka Momoe Kokona Miki Miko Sakia
Oshin janai yo! Tsugumi da yo!
On August 30th, I graduated from Sakura Gakuin that I had been for 4 years since I was in elementary school 6th grade! This year’s graduation ceremony was held in the summer due to the coronavirus. Thank you so much for holding this graduation ceremony for the 12 of us during this situation!! I was really nervous before the show but I tackled it with the thought of “All that’s left is to just do it!”. I felt power from everyone that I had never felt before during the show and it was really fun!!! It was my last show so I wanted to do it without crying but when I thought about it being my last show in Sakura Gakuin that I had been part of for 4 years, lots of feelings welled up and I cried. This is my last diary but here’s a behind-the-scenes story! We did air high-fives during “Tabidachi no Hi ni” this time because of infection precautions. I thought “I want to stand out somehow! I’ll do rock paper scissors!” so I put out scissors to Miku while crying and Miku immediately put out scissors as well so it was a tie. Lol.
The 2019 nendo Sakura Gakuin tried their hardest at all times and it was really fun anytime we were practicing for a show. After the graduation ceremony was delayed, we weren’t able to have lessons or meet each other. It was difficult but I feel like we were able to get to this point because everyone smiled their best and because of the bonds between the 12 of us! Everyone respected each other, grew, and made each other happy[?]. I really love the 2019 nendo Sakura Gakuin that can smile even during difficult times!! My beloved members! The current 8 people are definitely able to create an amazing Sakura Gakuin! Steadily stand out of your own box!! I’m proud of these 11 people and they’re the greatest friends!!!
The staff teachers, Mori-sensei, principal Kuramoto, Kazune-sensei, MIKIKO-sensei, and everyone that has to do with Sakura Gakuin, thank you so much for bringing me, who wasn’t able to do anything, up to this point! And to the fukei-sans who always watched over me kindly! Your messages to me have helped me! I’m going to continue to smile my best towards my dreams, so please watch over us and the 2020 nendo Sakura Gakuin! Thank you so much! All the fun times and even the difficult times during my Sakura Gakuin life are my precious treasures! Sakura Gakuin really is a great place!!! I love Sakura Gakuin so much that I can’t love it more! I’m proud to have been a Sakura Gakuin student!!! Thank you so much for these 4 years!!
Middle School 3rd Grade Stand Out! Chairperson Aritomo Tsugumi
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2020.09.02 22:55 Sukuh1029 ː͡➘₊̣̇ TOP 50 BANDAS DEL K-POP FAMOSAS✧ ུ۪۪⸙↷ ❞┊

ː͡➘₊̣̇ TOP 50 BANDAS DEL K-POP FAMOSAS✧ ུ۪۪⸙↷ ❞┊
Hay veces que te as preguntado ¿Cuáles son las bandas del K-pop más Famosas? Si lo has hecho y estas buscando Videos, Post, Publicaciones Etc para saber cuales son, ¡Estas en el Post correcto! [email protected] a BANDAS K-POP FAMOSAS. 1 - BLACK PINK - Blackpink es un grupo femenino formado por YG Entertainment. Está integrado por cuatro miembros: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé y Lisa. El grupo debutó el 8 de agosto de 2016, con su álbum sencillo titulado Square One, el cual está compuesto por «Whistle», su primera canción número uno en Corea del Sur. ¡Escucha a Black Pink en Spotify! Link Spotify :
2 - EXO - Exo es una boy band surcoreana de K-pop. Formado por S.M. Entertainment en 2011, el grupo debutó en 2012 con doce integrantes separados en dos sub-grupos, EXO-K y EXO-M, interpretando música en coreano y mandarín. ¡Escucha a Exo en Spotify! Link Spotify :
3 - SUPER JUNIOR - Super Junior, también conocido como SJ o SuJu, es una boy band de Corea del Sur, formada en 2005 por SM Entertainment. Constaba originalmente de 12 miembros especializados en el ámbito del entretenimiento musical y actoral. ¡Escucha a Super Junior en Spotify! Link Spotify :
4 - TWICE - Twice es un grupo femenino surcoreano formado por JYP Entertainment a través del programa Sixteen. El grupo consta de nueve integrantes: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung y Tzuyu. Twice debutó oficialmente el 20 de octubre de 2015 con el lanzamiento del miniálbum The Story Begins. ¡Escucha a Twice en Spotify! Link Spotify :
5 - GIRLS' GENERATION - Girls' Generation; también conocido como SNSD es un girl group formado por el sello discográfico SM Entertainment en 2007. El grupo está compuesto por ocho miembros: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona y Seohyun. Originalmente siendo un grupo de nueve integrantes. ¡Escucha a Girls' Generation en Spotify! Link Spotify :
6 - BIG BANG - Big Bang, comúnmente estilizado como BIGBANG, es una banda musical surcoreana formada por G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang y Daesung, bajo el sello discográfico YG Entertainment en 2006.​ ¡Escucha a Big Bang en Spotify! Link Spotify :
7 - RED VELVET - Red Velvet es un grupo femenino surcoreano formado por S.M. Entertainment. El grupo debutó el 1 de agosto de 2014 con su sencillo digital «Happiness» y cuatro miembros: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy y Joy. .​ El 11 de marzo de 2015, Yeri fue añadida como la quinta y última integrante. ¡Escucha a Red Velvet en Spotify! Link Spotify :
8 - GOT7 - Got7 es una boy band surcoreana compuesta por siete miembros, tres de ellos extranjeros, formada por la discografía. JYP Entertainment. Su debut fue el 16 de enero de 2014 con el lanzamiento de la canción «Girls Girls Girls».​ ¡Escucha a Got7 en Spotify! Link Spotify :
9 - WANNA ONE - Wanna One fue una boy band formada por CJ E&M en 2017 mediante el programa de supervivencia Produce 101 de Mnet.​ ¡Escucha a Wanna One en Spotify! Link Spotify :
10 - SHINEE - SHINee; es una boy band formada por SM Entertainment en 2008.​​ Originalmente, el grupo estaba formado por cinco miembros: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho y Taemin. Sin embargo, en diciembre de 2017, Jonghyun falleció. ¡Escucha a Shinee en Spotify! Link Spotify :
11 - MONSTA X - Monsta X, es una boy band surcoreana formada por la agencia Starship Entertainment en 2015 a través del programa "No.Mercy". El grupo estaba compuesto originalmente por siete integrantes: Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney y I.M. ¡Escucha a Monsta X en Spotify! Link Spotify :
12 - SM TOWN - SM Town es el nombre en conjunto de los artistas de SM Entertainment. Ellos realizan giras anuales en varias partes del mundo desde SMTown Live '08. Hasta 2014, los conciertos de SM Town atrajeron más de un millón de personas.​ ¡Escucha a Sm Town en Spotify! Link Spotify :
13 - SEVENTEEN - Seventeen, estilizado como SEVENTEEN o SVT, es un grupo musical surcoreano formado por Pledis Entertainment en el año 2015. El grupo consiste de 13 miembros divididos en tres sub-unidades, cada una con un área distinta de especialización: "Hip Hop Unit", "Vocal Unit" y "Performance Unit". ¡Escucha a Seventeen en Spotify! Link Spotify :
14 - STRAY KIDS - Stray Kids es una boyband surcoreana formada por JYP Entertainment a través del reality show del mismo nombre en 2017. Estaba compuesto originalmente por nueve miembros: Woojin, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin y I.N. ¡Escucha a Stray Kids en Spotify! Link Spotify :
15 - MAMAMOO - Mamamoo ​ es un grupo musical femenino surcoreano bajo la discográfica Rainbow Bridge World. Está compuesto por cuatro integrantes Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein y Hwasa. El grupo debutó oficialmente el 18 de junio de 2014 con la canción "Mr. Ambiguous".​ En su debut, fue considerado como el mejor grupo de K-pop en 2014.​​ ¡Escucha a Mamamoo en Spotify! Link Spotify :
16 - 2PM - 2PM es una banda surcoreana conformada por seis integrantes, formada por JYP Entertainment en el 2008. Los miembros actuales son Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung. El líder del grupo, Jay Park, abandonó la banda oficialmente a inicios del 2010. ¡Escucha a 2Pm en Spotify! Link Spotify :
17 - WONDER GIRLS - Wonder Girls fue un grupo femenino surcoreano formado por el productor Park Jin Young bajo JYP Entertainment en 2006, pero debutaron en 2007.​​ Las últimas miembros del grupo fueron: Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi y Hyerim. Sunye y Sohee abandonaron el grupo en 2015, pero Hyuna se fue en 2008. ¡Escucha a Wonder Girls en Spotify! Link Spotify :
18 - 2NE1 - 2NE1, fue un grupo femenino surcoreano del género K-pop, formado por YG Entertainment en 2009. El grupo estuvo conformado por CL, Dara, Bom y Minzy; la última habría abandonado el grupo en abril de 2016. ¡Escucha a 2Ne1 en Spotify! Link Spotify :
19 - GFRIEND - GFriend es un grupo musical femenino de Corea del Sur formado por 6 integrantes y creado por Source Music en 2015.​ Hicieron su debut con el EP Season of Glass el 15 de enero de 2015. GFriend ganó varios premios en 2015 y ha logrado un reconocimiento desde su debut, a pesar de venir de una compañía no tan reconocida.​ ¡Escucha a GFriend en Spotify! Link Spotify :
20 - LOONA - Loona, conocido también como «las chicas del mes», estilizado como LOOΠΔ, es un grupo de chicas surcoreano creado por Blockberry Creative, que debutó el 19 de agosto de 2018. Desde octubre de 2016 hasta marzo de 2018, una nueva miembro fue revelada cada mes, a través del lanzamiento de un single o extended play. ¡Escucha a Loona en Spotify! Link Spotify :
21 - IKON - iKON, estilizado como iKON, es una boy band de Corea del Sur formado en 2015 por YG Entertainment. El grupo fue introducido por primera vez en el programa de supervivencia de realidad WIN: Who is Next como "Team B." ¡Escucha a Ikon en Spotify! Link Spotify :
22 - NCT - NCT es una boy band multinacional formada por S.M. Entertainment en 2016. Tiene 21 miembros confirmados, ​​ Su nombre proviene de Neo Culture Technology, un término acuñado por el fundador de S.M., Lee. ¡Escucha a Nct en Spotify! Link Spotify :
23 - SS501 - SS501 es una popular Boyband surcoreana de K-Pop, que estuvo anteriormente bajo la dirección de DSP Entretainment desde su debut en 2005 hasta el último álbum de la banda lanzado en 2010. El nombre de la banda es una combinación del alfabeto y números que tienen un significado especial en ellos. ¡Escucha a Ss501 en Spotify! Link Spotify :
24 - KARD - KARD, es un grupo mixto surcoreano formado por la empresa DSP Media en 2016. Su nombre es un acrónimo de las palabras King, Ace, JokeR, HiDden que son cartas en una baraja, refiriéndose a que juntos forman un "Grupo Ferfecto". ¡Escucha a Kard en Spotify! Link Spotify :
25 - EXID - EXID ​ es un girl group surcoreano creado por AB Entertainment en 2012. Hicieron su debut, con seis miembros, en febrero de 2012, con el sencillo «Whoz That Girl».​ Su primer EP, Hippity Hop, fue publicado en agosto de 2012, con poco éxito. ¡Escucha a Exid en Spotify! Link Spotify :
26 - BLOCK B -
Block B es un grupo sur-coreano formado por Cho PD bajo su agencia Brand New Stardom. Tras una controversia con dicha agencia, se movieron a una nueva compañía llamada Seven Seasons. El 15 de abril de 2011, el grupo hizo su debut en Music Bank con su sencillo promocional "Freeze!". ¡Escucha a Block B en Spotify! Link Spotify :
27 - BTOB - BTOB es una boyband surcoreana formada en 2012 por la discográfica Cube Entertainment. Sus integrantes son Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Jung Il Hoon y Yook Sungjae. El grupo debutó el 22 de marzo de 2012 en M! Countdown con Insane e Imagine.​ ¡Escucha a Btob en Spotify! Link Spotify :
28 - NCT 127 - NCT 127 en hangul, 엔시티 127; estilizado como, es la segunda subunidad de la boy band surcoreana NCT, formado por el sello SM Entertainment en 2016.​ La subunidad basada en Seúl, debutó en julio de 2016 con el lanzamiento de su primer EP, NCT #127. ¡Escucha a Nct 127 en Spotify! Link Spotify :
29 - AOA - Inicialmente, AOA debutó como un girl group de siete integrantes compuesto por: Choa, Yuna, Youkyung, Hyejeong, Mina, Jimin, Seolhyun y Chanmi. Actualmente, AOA está promocionando como un Grupo de cuatro miembros después de las salidas de Youkyung (AOA Black), Choa, Mina y Jimin. ¡Escucha a Aoa en Spotify! Link Spotify :
30 - THE BOYZ - The Boyz es una boy band surcoreana formada por Cre.ker Entertainment en 2017. El grupo consiste de once integrantes: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo, y Eric. Anteriormente formado también por Hwall, que dejó el grupo el día 23 de octubre de 2019 por problemas de salud. ¡Escucha a The Boyz en Spotify! Link Spotify :
31 - CNBLUE - CNBLUE ​ es una banda de pop rock surcoreana formada en 2009.​ La banda esta compuesta por Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Min-hyuk, y Lee Jung-shin. El primer bajista, Kwon Kwang-jin, dejó la banda después de publicar el extended play debut japonés Now or Never en 2009, y fue reemplazado por Lee Jung-shin ¡Escucha a Cnblue en Spotify! Link Spotify :
32 - TVXQ - TVXQ es un acrónimo de Tong Vfang Xien Qi​, y estilizado como TVXQ., ​ es un grupo de K Pop, procedente de Corea del Sur formado en 2003 bajo SM Entertainment. En Corea del Sur se les conoce como Dong Bang Shin Ki​​, abreviado a menudo por los fanes internacionales como DBSK, y en Japón como Tohoshinki. ¡Escucha a Tvxq en Spotify! Link Spotify :
33 - WINNER - Winner es un grupo de chicos surcoreano formado en 2014 por YG Entertainment. Actualmente se compone de cuatro miembros, Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino y Seungyoon. El quinto miembro, Taehyun, dejó el grupo el 25 de noviembre de 2016 debido a problemas de salud. El grupo ha lanzado dos álbumes del estudio y un EP. ¡Escucha a Winner en Spotify! Link Spotify :
34 - (G) I-DLE - (G)I-dle, es un grupo de chicas formado por Cube Entertainment en 2018. El grupo consta de seis integrantes: Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi y Shuhua. El grupo debutó el 2 de mayo de 2018 con el miniálbum I Am. ¡Escucha a (G) I-Dle en Spotify! Link Spotify :
35 - OH MY GIRL - Oh My Girl es un grupo femenino surcoreano formado por la empresa WM Entertainment en 2015.​ ¡Escucha a Oh My Girl en Spotify! Link Spotify :
36 - A PINK - A Pink es un girl group surcoreano formado por Plan A Entertainment en 2011. El grupo está compuesto por seis integrantes: Park Cho Rong, Yoon Bo Mi, Jung Eun Ji, Son Na Eun, Kim Nam Joo y Oh Ha Young. En abril de 2013, Hoo Yoo Kyung, abandonó el grupo para enfocarse en sus estudios. ¡Escucha a A Pink en Spotify! Link Spotify :
37 - IZ*ONE - Iz One, es un grupo femenino surcoreano-japonés​ formado a través del programa de Mnet, Produce 48. El grupo está compuesto por doce miembros: Jang Won-young, Sakura Miyawaki, Jo Yu-ri, Choi Ye-na, Ahn Yu-jin, Nako Yabuki, Kwon Eun-bi, Kang Hye-won, Hitomi Honda, Kim Chae-won, Kim Min-ju y Lee Chae-yeon.​ ¡Escucha a Iz*One en Spotify! Link Spotify :
38 - DAY6 - Day6, es una banda surcoreana formada por JYP Entertainment en 2015. La banda estaba formada originalmente por seis integrantes: Jae, SungJin, Young K, Wonpil, Dowoon y Junhyeok, hasta la salida de este último en 2016 quedando como una banda de cinco miembros. ¡Escucha a Day6 en Spotify! Link Spotify :
39 - VIXX - V.I.X.X es un grupo surcoreano de cinco integrantes, bajo la agencia Jellyfish Entertainment. Todos los miembros fueron seleccionados en el programa de competencia de la cadena televisiva Mnet, MyDOL. Los integrantes fueron elegidos a través de un sistema de eliminación en donde la audiencia podía votar. ¡Escucha a Vixx en Spotify! Link Spotify :
40 - ITZY - Itzy, es un girl group surcoreano formado por JYP Entertainment en 2019. El grupo debutó el 12 de febrero de 2019 con el lanzamiento del sencillo en CD, It'z Different. ¡Escucha a Itzy en Spotify! Link Spotify :
41 - SEO TAIJI AND BOYS - Seo Taiji and Boys fue un grupo de música surcoreano activo de 1992 a 1996. Sus tres miembros Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun-suk y Lee Juno experimentaron con muchos géneros diferentes de música popular occidental.​ Seo Taiji and Boys eran altamente acertados y se acreditan con cambiar la industria de música surcoreana.​ ¡Escucha a Seo Taiji And Boys en Spotify! Link Spotify :
42 - TOMORROW X TOGETHR - TXT, acrónimo de Tomorrow X Together, ​​es una boy band surcoreana de K-pop formada por Big Hit Entertainment en 2019. El grupo está compuesto por cinco integrantes: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun y Hueningkai.​ TXT debutó el 4 de marzo de 2019 con el EP, The Dream Chapter: Star.​ ¡Escucha a Tomorrow X Togethr en Spotify! Link Spotify :
43 - DOUBLE S 301 - Traducción del inglés-SS301 es un subgrupo de la banda de chicos de Corea del Sur SS501. Está compuesto por tres miembros de SS501: Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong y Kim Hyung-jun. ¡Escucha a Double S 301 en Spotify! Link Spotify :
44 - PENTAGON - Pentagon es una banda de chicos de Corea del Sur formada por Cube Entertainment en 2016. El grupo está formado por nueve miembros: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yanan, Yuto, Kino y Wooseok. ¡Escucha a Pentagon en Spotify! Link Spotify :
45 - SISTAR - Sistar fue un cuarteto femenino surcoreano formado por Starship Entertainment en 2010. Las integrantes del grupo fueron: Bora, Hyolyn, Soyou y Dasom.​​​ Su primer álbum de estudio debut titulado So Cool fue publicado el 9 de agosto de 2011. El segundo álbum Give It to Me, fue lanzado el 11 de junio de 2013. ¡Escucha a Sistar en Spotify! Link Spotify :
46 - ONEUS - Oneus es una boy band surcoreana formada por el sello RBW en 2018. El grupo realizó su debut el 9 de enero de 2019 con el lanzamiento del EP, Light Us. La agrupación está compuesta por seis integrantes: Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong y Xion. ¡Escucha a Oneus en Spotify! Link Spotify :
47 - NU'EST - NU'EST, es una boy band surcoreana formada por Pledis Entertainment en 2012. El grupo está conformado por JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren, Minhyun. Su fan club oficial es L.O.Λ.E, nombre que deriva del hangul de su nombre.​ ¡Escucha a Nu'Est en Spotify! Link Spotify :'Est
48 - KARA - Kara fue un grupo femenino surcoreano de K-Pop, creado por DSP Media en 2007. ¡Escucha a Kara en Spotify! Link Spotify :
49 - B.A.P - B.A.P fue un grupo hip-hop de 6 miembros surcoreanos formados en 2011 bajo la gestión de TS Entertainment. El 26 de enero del 2012, B.A.P hizo su debut discográfico con el sencillo "Warrior", seguido por el lanzamiento de su primer EP, Warrior en febrero del 2012. ¡Escucha a B.a.p en Spotify! Link Spotify :
50 - F (X) - F(x) es un grupo femenino surcoreano, formado por S.M. Entertainment con miembros de varios países. El grupo está conformado por cuatro miembros: Victoria, Amber, Luna y Krystal. Anteriormente eran un quinteto que incluía a Sulli, la cual anunció su salida en octubre de 2015. ¡Escucha a F (x) en Spotify! Link Spotify :
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2020.09.02 19:28 Sukuh1029 _🌹_ TWICE PREGUNTAS _🌹_

TWICE : Twice es un grupo femenino surcoreano formado por JYP Entertainment a través del programa Sixteen. El grupo consta de nueve integrantes : Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung y Tzuyu. Twice debutó oficialmente el 20 de octubre de 2015 con el lanzamiento del Miniálbum The Story Begins.
¿Por qué se llaman Twice? : Origen del nombre, eslogan y club de Fans El Fanclub de Twice se llama "Once". El nombre fue anunciado en Instagram el 4 de noviembre de 2015. Significa que si los fanáticos aman al grupo, incluso una vez, Las chicas les pagarán con "Dos veces" su amor.
¿Quién e la líder de Twice? : La líder de TWICE, Jihyo, Fue un aprendiz en JYP Entertainment durante 10 años antes de que ella tuviera la oportunidad de debutar con TWICE. Como resultado, ella es cercana a muchas estrellas de JYP en otros grupos, incluyendo a Suzy de Miss A, Sunmi de Wonder Girls, Jo Kwon, y otros.
¿Qué idioma habla Twice? : Posición: Vocalista y Bailarina. Saludo : ¡Hola! Soy el Cisne Negro de Twice, Mina. Idiomas : Japonés (Lengua materna), Coreano (Fluído) e Inglés (Básico).
¿Cuántas son en Twice? : Twice es un grupo proveniente de Corea del Sur debutado el 20 de Octubre de 2015 con un total de 9 integrantes (5 coreanas, 3 japonesas y 1 taiwanesa), por una de las más grandes empresas de Corea, la agencia JYP Entertaiment.
¿Por qué Mina no está en Twice? : Sin embargo, la agencia de la banda, JYP Entertainment, confirmó que Mina no se unirá a Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyoung y Tzuyu para las fechas restantes después de sufrir “ansiedad e inseguridad extremas” Junto con esta decisión, Mina no asistirá al Twice World Tour 2019 TWICELIGHTS”.
¿Cuándo vuelve Mina de Twice? : Los fans están muy emocionados, ya que recientemente se ha dado a conocer que Mina regresará a sus actividades oficiales con Twice a mediados de febrero, oficialmente la idol volverá a aparecer con su grupo y la alineación de la banda estará como originalmente se conoce, OT9.
¿Quién es la mejor Bailarina de Twice? : La coreógrafa Lia Kim elige a Momo de Twice como la Bailarina ídolo con más talento. Lia Kim apareció en “Idol Radio” de MBC el 28 de octubre para hablar sobre una amplia variedad de temas, incluyendo su trabajo como coreógrafa del K-pop y qué ídolo del K-pop cree que es la Mejor Bailarina.
¿Quién hace las Coreografias de Twice? : Lia Kim es conocida por trabajar con artistas como Lee Hyori, Twice, Sunmi, I.O.I y más. Al presentarse ella misma, Lia Kim también mencionó que empezó luego de crear una Coreografía para un comercial de Anyclub de Lee Hyori y posteriormente, para temas del segundo álbum de la cantante.
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2020.09.01 23:38 mahali-r Ishara Zimeonekana za Kurudi kwa Bwana: Tunapaswa Kumkaribishaje?

Na Xinjie
Miaka elfu mbili iliyopita, Bwana Yesu alituahidi: “Tazama, Naja upesi” (Ufunuo 22:12). Sasa, kila aina ya ishara za kurudi Kwake zimeonekana, na ndugu wengi wamekuwa na maono kwamba siku ya Bwana iko karibu. Je, Bwana tayari Amerudi? Je, tunaweza kufanya nini ili kumkaribisha Bwana? Hebu tujadili hili sasa kwa kuchunguza unabii ulio katika Biblia.

Ishara ya Kwanza ya Kurudi kwa Bwana: Matetemeko ya Ardhi, Njaa, Mapigo na Vita

Mathayo 24:6-8 kinasema: “Na ninyi mtasikia kuhusu vita na uvumi juu ya vita: hakikisheni msihangaike: kwani mambo haya yote lazima yafanyike, lakini mwisho bado hujafika Kwani taifa litainuka dhidi ya taifa, na ufalme dhidi ya ufalme: na kutakuweko na njaa, na ndwele, na ardhi kutetemeka katika sehemu mbalimbali. Yote haya ndiyo asili ya huzuni.” Vita vimeibuka mara kwa mara katika miaka ya hivi karibuni, matukio kama vile kupinduliwa kwa serikali ya Kitalibani nchini Afghanistani, mzozo kati ya India na Pakistani, uvamizi wa Iraki na Marekani, na vita vinavyoendelea kati ya Israeli na Palestina. Mapigo, mioto, mafuriko, na matetemeko ya ardhi pia yanaonekana kila mahali. Tukio la kutajika zaidi ni “virusi vipya vya korona”, vilivyolipuka huko Wuhan, Uchina mnamo 2019 na kufikia sasa vimeenea ulimwenguni kote. Kulikuwa pia na mioto mikali ya nyikani huko Australia mnamo Septemba 2019, wakati mlipuko mkubwa wa nzige ulitokea Afrika Mashariki huko upande mwingine wa sayari, nchi nyingi sasa zikikabiliwa na baa la njaa. Mnamo Januari 2020, Indonesia ilikumbwa na mafuriko, na Newfoundland huko Kanada ilipigwa na dhoruba ya theluji ambayo haijaoneka kwa karne moja. Matetemeko ya ardhi yametokea huko Elazigi, Uturuki, Kusini mwa Kuba katika Karibiani, na kwingineko. Kutoka kwa ishara hizi, inaweza kuonekana kuwa unabii huu umetimia.

Ishara ya Pili ya Kurudi kwa Bwana: Kuonekana kwa Mambo ya Mbingu Yasiyo Kawaida

Ufunuo 6:12 kinasema, “Na nikaona wakati ambapo alikuwa ameufungua muhuri wa sita, na, tazama, kulikuwa na tetemeko kubwa la ardhi; na jua likageuka kuwa jeusi kama gunia la nywele, na mwezi ukageuka kuwa kama damu.” Yoeli 2:30–31 kinasema, “Na nitaonyesha maajabu mbinguni na duniani, damu, na moto, na miimo ya moshi. Jua litageuzwa kuwa giza, na mwezi kuwa damu, kabla ya kuja kwa siku kuu na ya kutisha ya Yehova.” Katika miaka ya hivi karibuni, kumekuwa na visa vingi vya mwezi kubadilika kuwa mwekundu kama damu. Kwa mfano, katika kipindi cha miaka miwili ya 2014 na 2015, mfululizo wa “miezi ya damu” ilitokea, na mnamo Januari 31, 2018, kulikuwa na “mwezi mkubwa wa damu wa bluu,” ambao huonekana mara moja tu kila baada ya miaka 150. Kisha, “mwezi mkuu wa damu wa mbwa mwitu” ulionekana mnamo Januari 2019. Tukio lililotabiriwa la jua kugeuka kuwa nyeusi pia limeonekana, na hakika, kumekuwa na kupatwa kamilifu kwa jua, kama vile kupatwa kwa huko Singapore mnamo Desemba 26, 2019 na huko Chile mnamo Julai 2 ya mwaka huo huo. Kutimia kwa unabii huu kunaonekana wazi katika matukio haya.

Ishara ya Tatu ya Kurudi kwa Bwana: Makanisa Yana Ukiwa na Upendo wa Waumini ni Baridi

Mathayo 24:12 kinasema, “Na kwa kuwa uovu utaongezeka, mapenzi ya wengi yatakuwa baridi.” Katika ulimwengu mzima wa kidini, ukiwa unaenea. Mahubiri ya wachungaji na wazee wa kanisa yamechoka na ya istiari iliyochakaa, na yanashindwa kuwaruzuku waumini. Katika kupambania kwao hadhi, wachungaji wengine wanaunda vikundi na kutengeneza vikundi vidogo katika makanisa, na wengine wameingia katika biashara kwa kuanzisha viwanda vya kuwaelekeza waumini kwenye njia ya kidunia; wakati huo huo, kati ya waumini, kuna udhaifu wa jumla wa kujiamini na kusita kuachana na ulimwengu, na wanaishi katika matatizo yake ya kuchosha. Makanisa mengine yanaonekana kuwa yamejaa na ya kupendeza kutoka nje, lakini watu wengi huja kanisani ili kupanua mahusiano yao na kuuza bidhaa, wakitumia kanisa kama mahali pa biashara. Kuna tofauti gani kati ya kanisa leo na hekalu wakati wa mwisho wa Enzi ya Sheria? Katika mambo haya, kutimia kikamilifu kwa unabii huu wa kurudi kwa Bwana kunaonekana wazi.

Ishara ya Nne ya Kurudi kwa Bwana: Kuonekana kwa Makristo wa Uongo

Mathayo 24:4–5 kinasema “Na Yesu akajibu na kuwaambia, Kuweni waangalifu ili mtu asiwalaghai. Kwa kuwa wengi watafika kwa jina Langu, wakinena, Mimi ni Kristo; na watawalaghai wengi.” Kutoka katika unabii wa Bwana, tunaweza kuona kwamba Bwana atakaporudi, Makristo wa uwongo watatokea na kuwadanganya watu. Katika miaka ya hivi karibuni, Makristo wa uwongo wameonekana na kuwadanganya watu katika nchi kama Uchina, Korea Kusini na Japani. Makristo hawa wa uwongo hawana kiini cha Kristo, wala hawawezi kutangaza ukweli, lakini wanajidai kuwa wao ni Kristo. Hapa, kutimia kwa unabii huu ni dhahiri kabisa.

Ishara ya Tano ya Kurudi kwa Bwana: Urejesho wa Israeli

Mathayo 24:32-33 kinasema, “Sasa jifunzeni mfano wa mtini; Wakati tawi lake ni changa bado, na kuchipua majani, mnajua kwamba majira ya joto yanakaribia: Vivyo hivyo ninyi, mtakapoyaona haya mambo yote, jueni kwamba Amekaribia, yu mlangoni.” Wengi wanaomwamini Bwana wanajua ya kwamba matawi na majani mororo ya mtini hurejelea urejesho wa Israeli. Israeli inaporejeshwa, siku ya Bwana itakuwa karibu, na Israeli ilirejeshwa mnamo Mei 14, 1948. Bila shaka, unabii huu wa kurudi kwa Bwana umetimia kikamilifu.

Ishara ya Sita ya Kurudi kwa Bwana: Kuenea kwa Injili Hadi Miisho ya Dunia

Mathayo 24:14 kinasema: “Na injili hii ya ufalme itahubiriwa duniani kote kama ushuhuda kwa mataifa yote; na kisha mwisho utakuja.” Katika Marko 16:15, Bwana Yesu aliwaambia wafuasi Wake baada ya kufufuka Kwake, “Nendeni katika dunia nzima, na muihubiri injili kwa kila kiumbe.” Baada ya Yesu kufufuka na kupaa mbinguni, Roho Mtakatifu alianza kuwaongoza wale wanaomfuata Bwana Yesu kumshuhudia Bwana Yesu. Leo, Wakristo wameenea kote ulimwenguni na nchi nyingi za kidemokrasia zimeuchukua Ukristo kama dini yake ya kitaifa. Hata nchini China, ambapo chama kilicho madarakani ni kikana Mungu, makumi ya mamilioni ya watu wameikubali injili ya Bwana Yesu, na hivyo inaweza kuonekana kuwa injili ya ukombozi wa wanadamu kupitia kwa Bwana Yesu imeenea kote ulimwenguni. Katika hili, ni dhahiri kwamba unabii wa kurudi kwa Bwana umetimia.

Tunapaswa Kukaribishaje Kurudi kwa Bwana?

Kutoka katika ukweli ulioorodheshwa hapo juu, tunaweza kuona kwamba ishara sita za kurudi kwa Bwana tayari zimeonekana. Sasa ni wakati muhimu katika kukaribisha kuja kwa Bwana. Je, tunapaswa kufanya nini kabla tuweze kukaribisha kurudi kwa Bwana? Bwana Yesu alitupa jibu la swali hili muda mrefu uliopita.
Katika Yohana 16:12–13, Bwana Yesu alisema, “Bado ningali nayo mengi ya kuwaambieni, lakini hivi sasa hamwezi kuyavumilia. Hata hivyo, wakati Yeye, Roho wa ukweli, atakapokuja, Atawaongoza hadi kwenye ukweli wote: kwa maana Hatazungumza juu Yake Mwenyewe; bali chochote Atakachosikia, Atakinena: na Atawaonyesha mambo yajayo.” Ufunuo 3:20 kinasema, “Tazama, nimesimama mlangoni, na kupiga hodi: mtu yeyote akisikia sauti Yangu, na aufungue mlango, Mimi nitaingia kwake, na nitakula na yeye, na yeye na Mimi.” Pia kuna unabii mwingi katika sura ya 2 na 3 ya Ufunuo: “Yeye ambaye ana sikio, na asikie yale ambayo makanisa yaliambiwa na Roho.” Kama unavyoona kutoka kwa aya hizi, Bwana atakaporudi, Atatoa matamko na kuongea na makanisa, Akituambia ukweli wote ambao hatukuuelewa hapo awali. Wale ambao, baada ya kusikia hotuba ya Mungu na kuitambua sauti Yake, wanamkubali na kujisalimisha Kwake wataweza kumkaribisha Bwana na kuhudhuria karamu ya Mwanakondoo; kwa upande mwingine, wale wasioitambua sauti ya Mungu bila shaka hawatakuwa kondoo wa Mungu, na watafunuliwa na kuondolewa na Mungu. Katika hili, ni dhahiri kwamba tunapongojea kuja kwa Bwana, ni muhimu kwamba tupate maneno ya Roho Mtakatifu kwa makanisa na tujifunze kuisikiliza sauti ya Mungu. Kama Mwenyezi Mungu asemavyo: “Kwa kuwa tunatafuta nyayo za Mungu, ni sharti tufuate mapenzi ya Mungu, maneno ya Mungu, matamshi ya Mungu—kwani palipo na maneno mapya ya Mungu, kuna sauti ya Mungu, na palipo na nyayo za Mungu, pana matendo ya Mungu. Palipo na maonyesho ya Mungu pana kuonekana kwa Mungu, na palipo na kuonekana kwa Mungu, pana ukweli, njia na uzima” (“Kuonekana kwa Mungu Kumeleta Enzi Mpya” katika Neno Laonekana katika Mwili).
Wanaposikia hili, watu wengine wanaweza kuuliza: “Kwa hivyo, tutaenda wapi ili kupata sauti ya Mungu?” Katika Mathayo 25:6, Bwana Yesu alisema, “Na kukawa na kelele saa sita ya usiku, Tazama, anakuja bwana arusi; ondokeni nje ili kumkaribisha.” Kwa kuwa Bwana huwaita kondoo Wake kwa matamshi na usemi Wake, hakika kutakuwa na watu ambao wataisikia sauti ya Bwana kwanza na kufuata nyayo za Mwanakondoo, kisha watapiga ukelele kila mahali, “Bwana arusi yuaja,” ambalo ni kueneza habari ya kurudi kwa Bwana na maneno ya kuja kwa pili kwa Bwana, ili wote waweze kupata nafasi ya kuisikia sauti ya Mungu. Kwa hivyo inasemekana kwamba ikiwa tunaweza kwenda sambamba na nyayo za Mwanakondoo kunategemea na ikiwa tuna mioyo ambayo inatamani kumtafuta Yeye na ikiwa tunaweza kuitambua sauti ya Mungu. Kama tu wakati ambapo Bwana Yesu alionekana mara ya kwanza na kuanza kufanya kazi, Petro, Mariamu, na wengine walimtambua Bwana Yesu kama Masihi kutokana na kazi na usemi Wake, nao wakamfuata na kuanza kushuhudia injili Yake. Wale wanaosikia kazi na maneno ya Bwana Yesu na wanaweza kuitambua sauti ya Mungu ndio mabikira wenye busara, ilhali wale makuhani, waandishi, na Mafarisayo ambao hawakupenda ukweli walisikia mamlaka na nguvu ya maneno ya Bwana Yesu na bado hakuyachunguza. Badala yake, walifuata kwa ukaidi maoni yao na mawazo yao, wakidhani kwamba “mtu ambaye haitwi Masihi si Mungu” na kungojea Masihi awaonekanie. Hata waliishutumu na kuikufuru kazi ya Bwana Yesu, na, mwishowe, walipoteza wokovu wa Mungu. Kuna pia waumini wa Kiyahudi waliowafuata Mafarisayo na hawakuitambua sauti ya Mungu katika kazi na maneno ya Bwana Yesu, waliowasikiliza makuhani, waandishi, na Mafarisayo bila kufikiri, na wakaukataa wokovu wa Bwana. Watu kama hao huwa mabikira wapumbavu wanaoachwa na Bwana. Watu wengine wanaweza kuuliza: “Kwa hivyo sauti ya Mungu inaweza kutambuliwaje?” Wakati kwa kweli, hili si jambo gumu. Tamko na usemi wa Mungu lazima visiweze kusemwa na mwanadamu. Lazima viwe na mamlaka na nguvu hasa. Vitaweza kufunua siri za ufalme wa mbinguni na kufichua upotovu wa mwanadamu, na kadhalika. Maneno haya yote ni ukweli, na yote yanaweza kuwa uzima wa mwanadamu. Yeyote aliye na moyo na roho atahisi anapolisikia neno la Mungu, na kutakuwa na uthibitisho moyoni mwake kwamba Muumba anaongea na kutoa tamko Lake kwetu sisi wanadamu. Kondoo wa Mungu husikiliza sauti ya Mungu. Tukiwa na hakika kuwa maneno haya ni sauti ya Mungu, basi tunapaswa kuyakubali na kuyatii, bila kujali yanapatana na mawazo yetu kwa kiasi kidogo jinsi gani. Ni kwa njia hii tu ndiyo tunaweza kukaribisha kurudi kwa Bwana.
Ulimwenguni leo, Kanisa la Mwenyezi Mungu pekee ndilo linashuhudia kwamba Bwana—Mwenyezi Mungu mwenye mwili—tayari Amerudi. Mwenyezi Mungu ameonyesha mamilioni ya maneno, na maneno haya yamechapishwa Mtandaoni ili watu kutoka katika nchi zote na matabaka yote waweze kuyachunguza. Mmoja mmoja, watu wengi wa kila taifa wanaotamani sana ukweli huja kwa matumaini ya kusikia sauti ya Mungu na kumkaribisha Bwana. Kama isemavyo katika Biblia, “Tazama, anakuja bwana arusi; ondokeni nje ili kumkaribisha.” Tukisoma tu maneno zaidi yaliyoonyeshwa na Mwenyezi Mungu, tukisikiliza kutambua ikiwa ni sauti ya Mungu, basi tutaweza kubaini kama Bwana amerudi au la. Kama Bwana Yesu alivyosema katika Yohana 10:27: “Kondoo wangu huisikia sauti yangu, nami nawajua wao, nao hunifuata.” Ninaamini kwamba mradi tuna moyo wa kutafuta kwa unyenyekevu, tunaweza kuitambua sauti ya Mungu na kukaribisha kurudi kwa Bwana.
Chanzo: Kanisa la Mwenyezi Mungu
Je, unatamani Mwokozi aje na kuleta wokovu kamili kwa wanadamu? Mungu aliwasili kati yetu kimya kimya muda mrefu uliopita. Jihisi huru kuwasiliana nasi ili ujifunze kuhusu kuonekana kwa Mungu na kazi Yake katika siku za mwisho.
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2020.09.01 12:08 KaiTsu12 [BAHASA] Diari Murid SG 20200830 Tsugumi [3]

Diari Murid SG 20200830 Tsugumi
Judul: Tolong Dinantikan Salease look forward to it while listening to Monochrome♪ Part 3
Oshin janaize! Tsugumi daze!
Memperkenalkan foto kenangan dari Nendo 2019 part 3! Mungkin ada beberapa orang yang bosan dengan hal ini tetapi masih banyak foto yang bagus! Jadi tolong untuk dilihat sambil memainkan ♪Monochrome♪ sebagai latar belakang pun kali ini! Ini dia ~!
[Menuruni sisi kanan] Onaji tobira hiraita haru ga chigau tobira hirakeru haru ni naru♪ 【:Lirik dari Monochrome】
Miko pada hari Musim Panas. DIa imut meskipun dia cantik keren 💗 [photo]
[photo] Bukankan Sana sungguh cantik!? (Dia selalu cantik) Warna dari matanya sungguh sangat indah ✨
Momoe dengan senyuman tenangnya Ketika dia memperlihatkan foto hengao ke Soyo… lol [photo]
[photo] Ini adalah Sakia yang terlihat dewasa! Imut
Naka (chuu) san!! 【Ada sedikit permainan kata disini. Kanji yang dia gunakan adalah kanji untuk “Naka-san” tetapi ada bagian yang berbeda yang terbaca “chuu” tertulis diatanya. Yang berarti dia ingin membacanya sebagai “chuu san” yang berarti “murid kelas 3 SMP”】 (Hari Sekolah Luar Ruangan) (Kami berada di bus jadi sangat buram)
[photo] Tampan yang luar biasa dari Soyo selama OVERTURE. Ini adalah sesi foto dengan Soyo yang sungguh sangat menyenangkan ~💗 Aku ingin melakukannya lagi!
The land of dreams bersama dengan Miki💗 Sebenarnya ada lebih dari 1000 foto jadi memilih 1 sangat sulit …! [photo]
[photo] Tim yang menonjol! Sambil menuju ke tempat tes akhir tahun setelah dikerjain. Kami yang mengambil foto saat ini tenang ~!
Gaya dari Miku dan Yume yang memiliki perbadaan tinggi badan Ketika aku mengambil foto mereka. Kedua duanya imut ~💗 [photo]
Sakia Soyo [photo] Aku menemukan ke-2 orang imut ini dari foto kenang-kenangan yang diambil oleh sraf selama proses shooting dari MV #AoharuHakusho 💗
Sebenarnya semua orang ketiduran di bus dalam perjalanan pulang (Miko diatas Sakia, Miku diatas Kokona) [photo]
Bagaimana menurut kalian ~? Yang berikutnya akan menjadi yang terakhir jadi silahkan dinantikan ~! Sekian dari Tsugumi~

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2020.08.31 18:02 unacceptableinsider Translation of Announcement of Closing (from

Note: My Japanese is still rather limited. Thank you for your support and any edits.

Thank you for always supporting Sakura Gakuin. With the Road to Graduation 2019 Final ~Sakura Gakuin 2019 Graduation~ on August 30th, the four middle school third graders Fujihira Kano, Yoshida Soyoka, Aritomo Tsugumi and Mori Momoe graduated. Thanks to everyone's warm applause and cheering, they were able to successfully graduate from Sakura Gakuin. We would like to thank everyone for visiting us and supporting us so far. From here, the four graduates will fly towards their new dream.
We look forward to your continued support and would like to communicate important information for the 2020 nendo.

In April of this year, we were able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our school opening in April 2010. We would like to express our sincere gratitude again to all of the fukeis and everyone involved During the course of the last 10 years, Sakura Gakuin has conducted activities based on the individuality of the students every year, and has produced a total of 28 graduates thus far. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary, all of the staff are looking back on the history of Sakura Gakuin so far. Based on the changes in the environment of Sakura Gakuin, the future environment, and the changes surrounding the students at this sensitive time and the recent situation, I've been thinking about training methods.

As a result, for the purposes of forming students realizing their dreams and becoming super ladies who can play an active part in various fields that we have been advocating since the establishment of Sakura Gakuin, we have developed individualized training. We think that it is necessary to change the situation by strengthening activities and focusing on activities that are specialized for each individual, and the limited-growth unit Sakura Gakuin will end its current activities on August 31, 2021.

The 2020 nendo will be active from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, and will consist of Shiratori Sana, Nonaka Kokona, Tanaka Miku, Yagi Miki, Sato Neo, Todaka Miko, Nozaki Yume, and Kimura Sakia. It will act as the 10th anniversary, and as the culmination of Sakura Gakuin, we will run through this last year valuing the tradition and style built by the 28 graduates.

Finally, to the fukeis and all the people involved, I have received a lot of support and warmth since the establishment, (the rest of this sentence is awkward and lost to me, but something about the decision being made with the cooperation of everyone).

Thank you for your cooperation.

September 01, 2020, Sakura Gakuin Staff Office
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2020.08.30 10:26 KaigaiFukei SG students' diary 20200830 Tsugumi (3)

SG students' diary 20200830 Tsugumi
Title: Please look forward to it while listening to Monochrome♪ Last part
Oshin janaiyon♪ Tsugumi dayon♪ Introducing 2019 nendo photos of memories part 4! This is the last one! Please look at them while playing ♪Monochrome♪ in the background again! Here they are~
These look good in a cheki style~
Sanassu → [photo] Momoe → [photo]
[photo] Illumination with TsuguSanaNeo✨
[photo] Behind the scenes shot of the photobook! Kano and I were the only ones there at this time so we stood the phone up against the wall to take this picture!
Soyo-chan look far away [photo]
[photo] During the 36bou! 【The tower records interview stream】 We social distanced properly~!
From here on is a view of our recent lessons!
A Sakia-chan sized air filtration machine, Kuu-chan, arrived. We had lessons with proper air ventilation! [photo] (Naka-san…!)
[photo] Cute Sakia came close…!
Yume getting ready to jump on the window ledge!❤️ She looks cute even from the back! [photo]
[photo] TsuguMikuMiki who are good friends! 3 years of bonds
A view that I’ve seen a lot for 4 years. I’m a bit sad~ TT [photo]
[photo] Sakura Gakuin lessons are… Super fun!!
Iroaseru koto no nai story♪ 【A story that doesn’t fade. Lyrics from Monochrome】
That’s all~!!! I wrote this diary while listening to ♪Monochrome♪! While I was choosing, cutting, and gluing the photos, I reminisced about those tomes and it was really fun!
[Mori-sensei] It was long but thank you for reading until the end!
Thank you!
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2020.08.26 10:14 KaiTsu12 [BAHASA] Diari Murid SG 20200823 Kano [4]

Diari Murid SG 20200823 Kano
Judul: #TellMeFujihira Part 4
Kanonon⭐ Kanonon⭐ Genki na Ko~⭐ It’s Kano!
#TellMeFujihira Part 4!! Ayo~!
  1. Apakah pelajaran Bahasa Inggrismu ada peningkatan? Bahasa Inggris itu sulit bukan ~(lol) Aku akan berusaha keras agar dapat berbicara dengan lancar💗
  2. Apakah kamu masuk ke dalam group Pantai dalam Musim Panas? Group Gunung? Atau kamu berada di group tinggal di rumah? Group Kolam Renang! (lol)
  3. Apakah kamu makan kacang hijau dengan nasi goreng? Aku tidak memakannya! Aku memakannya! Kacang hijau memiliki banyak kandungan vitamin B1 dan serat makanan! Makanlah bersama denganku ~! (lol)
  4. Apakah kamu mengharapkan perubahan yang luar biasa dari KYG ke u/onefive Ketika kamu masih menjadi bagian dari Sakura Gakuin? Aku tidak mengharapkannya sama sekali. (lol)
  5. Lagu yang mana yang kamu paling senang untuk ditarikan? Aku menyukai semua tarian dan nyanyian dari Sakura songs💗 AKu tak dapat memilih 1!
91: Cerita dari saat kamu melakukan “oo ho oo ho” di kebun binatang dan seekor monyet marah! Ketika aku berkata “oo ho oo ho” ke Monyet Santa (nama) dia melemparkan kotoran kepadaku. Aku menghindat tapi itu hamper saja (lol)
  1. Jika ujian akhir tahun Sakura Gakuin dimulai sekarang, peringkat berapakah yang akan kamu peroleh?
Menurut kalian peringkat berapa yang akan aku peroleh? Aku pikir aku akan memperoleh peringkat 1✨
  1. Apakah kamu memberikan surat terima kasih kepada Mori-sensei?
Aku belum memberikannya satupun tetapi aku telah merencanakannya ♪
  1. Apakah Kano-chan pernah memerahi juniornya? Aku belum pernah memarahi mereka tetapi aku memberikan perhatian kepada kehidupan mereka dan penampilan mereka setiap hari!
  2. Kapan kamu berhentu untuk tidak menyukai Mori-sensei? Aku bukannya tidak menyukainya, kami hanya memiliki hubungan yang buruk ~ (lol)
  3. Tolong katakan kepadaku 1 hal yang kamu pelajari dan tak dapat kamu lupakan dari pelajaran Sakura Gakuin. Setelah aku bergabung dengan Sakura Gakuin, Aku belajar tentang kesenangan bekerja keras♪
  4. Apakah ada suatu hal yang mengejutkanmu Kketika kamu mulai belajar menggunakan makeup? Bulu matamu akan menjadi lebih Panjang Ketika menggunakan mascara! (lol)
  5. Tentang para naka-san, adakah sesuatu yang dapat kamu bicarakan sekarang yang sebelumnya tak dapat kamu bicarakan? Hal-hal yang dapat aku bicarakan sekaran … mungkin tak ada! (lol)
  6. Tolong katakan kepadaku yang makanan yang dapat membuatmu merasa lebih baik setelah memakannya💗 Tentu saja buah! Juga Daging💗
  7. Member Hello (Hello! Project) yang kamu reomendasikan? Morning Musume。-san Satou Masaki
  8. Kisah dibalik layer bersama dengan Soyo-chan. Tentang Soyo, tetapi Soyo dapat tertidur dengan sangat cepat (lol)
  9. Ketika ke-4 member u/onefive bersama, apakah kalian membicarakan tentang Sakura? Tentu saja do!!💗
  10. Bagian dari Mori-sensei yang kamu sukai!
Dia memperhatikan ke-12 member secara pribadi! Aku bersyukur ~!
  1. Rinon-chan berkata “Ketika aku tertidur di bus, [Kano] melepaskan earphoneku dan berbicara kepadaku jadi aku tak dapat tidur” sebelumnya. Siapa member dari Nendo 2019 yang paling berisik? Atau Kano-chan yang paling ribut? Orang-orang yang paling keras Ketika tertawa adalah Sana dan Miki. (lol) Tetapi aku yang paling berisik …(lol)
  2. Cerita lucu yang terjadi belakangan ini! Ketika kami ber-12 melakukan pertemuan jarak jauh, ibu dan saudara yang masuk begitu lucu! (Kokona!)
  3. Tolong katakan kepadaku bagaimana cara menjadi dekat denan junior ku! Bicaralah secara aktif dengan mereka dan tentukan poin untuk berkomentar!
  4. Apakah ada sesuatu yang ingin kamu katakan kepada Mori-sensei untuk diperbaiki yang dapat kamu katakan sekarang dan tak dapat sebelumnya. Tenggorokannya kering dengan cepat. (lol)
  5. Cerita seperti apa yang meninggalkan kesan kepadamu dari pembicaraanmu dengan Mori-sensei?
Aku ingat secara terus menerus Latihan peniruanku sebagai Furuhata Ninzaburou-san bersama dengannya! (lol) 【Furuhata Ninzaburour adalah orang yang menjadi dasar dari karakter Fujihata Kanozaburou】
  1. Klub seperti apa yang ingin kamu ikuti di sekolah sungguhanmu? Klub Menari!✨
  2. Ketika kamu Latihan menari di rumah, apakah kamu menarikan lagu lain diluar Sakura Gakuin? Tentu saja aku melakukannya!
  3. Lagu aoa yang ingin kamu tarikan untuk lagu terakhir pada Upacara Kelulusan? Yume ni Mukatte!!
  4. Bagaimana latihamu berjalan? Berjalan dengan sangat baik! (lol)
  5. I love you… Thank you! me too!
114.Bagaimana kamu melihat u/onefive dalam 10 tahun? Aku akan senang jika group ini apat dikenal oleh orang-orang dari banyak negara.
  1. Aku tak dapat membuat rapi dan bersih Ketika aku membersihkan tempat. Aku harap Fujihira-san yang pandai membuat hal-hal indah dapat memberikanku masukan. Aku memisahkan barang-barang ke dalam kantong! Aku pikir menggunakan kantong kecil dan kantong besar membuatmu dapat membuatnya terlihat cantik dan rapi dan bersih!
  2. Tolong katakan kepadaku cara Latihan yang efektif. Tubuhku sebenarnya dapat membentuk otot dengan mudah jadi aku memiliki masalah sebaliknya. (lol)
  3. Lagu apa yang memberikan perasaan terbaik untuk ditarikan? Lagu yang bersemangat seperti #AoharuHakusho dan Let’s Dance!
  4. Sesuatu yang ingin kamu lakukan selama Liburan Musim Panas! Belajar memasak!
  5. Sudahkah kamu membuat koreografi sendiri? Jika belum, apakah kamu ingin mencobanya? Aku belum pernah melakukannya sebelumnya! Tetapi aku ingin mencobanya✨
Terima kasih banyak untuk semua pertanyaannya✨ Aku akan melanjutkan untuk menjawab pertanyaan sebanyak yang aku mampu! Silahkan dinantikan💗

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2020.08.26 06:38 KaiTsu12 [BAHASA] Diari Murid SG 20200823 Kano [3]

Diari Murid SG 20200823 Kano
Judul: #TellMeFujihira Part 3
Kanonon💙 Kanonon💙 Genki na Ko~💙 Dengan Kano!
Pertanyaan #TellMeFujihira part 3!! Kali ini aku akan banyak menjawab pertanyaan lagi♪
  1. Apakah kamu mengingat semua tarian dari lagu Sakura Gakuin dan menarikannya? Aku dapat menarikan semua lagu yang sudah kuselesaikan sebelumnya! Aku Cuma bisa sedikit menarikan lagu yang belum ku mainkan sebelumnya
  2. Adakah suatu hal yang kamu lakukan setiap harinya? Peregangan! Makan buah✨
  3. Aku suka alis dari Kano-chin dan jidat Miko-chan. Jika Kano-chin menggambar di jidat Miko-chan dengan spidol, apa yang akan kamu gambar? Aku akan membuat alis Miko lebih tebal dengan spidol. (lol)
  4. Bagaimana perasaanmu saat menyanyikan bagian “botan ni karamitsuku~” pada My Graduation Toss? Ketika aku mengetahui akan menyanyikan bagian yang di nyanyikan oleh Su-chan yang aku kagumi, Aku sangat bahagia!
  5. Apa masalahmu sekarang? Faktanya aku tidak tumbuh tinggi …(nangis)
  6. Bagaimana perkembangan pelajaran Bahasa Inggrismu? Aku melakukan yang terbaik sedikit demi sedikit (lol) Jika kamu mengetahui cara belajar yang bagus! Tolong beritahukan kepadaku ~!
  7. Karena situasi saat ini, apakah kamu ingin bertemu dengan semuanya?[?] Aku ingin bermain dengan ke-12 member secepatnya ~! Aku ingin menciptakan memori terindah bersama dengan ke-12 member lagi💗
  8. Apakah ada sesuatu yang kamu lakukan dikarenakan masa karantina? Jumlah waktu yang saya habiskan bersama dengan keluargaku meningkat dan aku dapat berbicara banyak dengan mereka jadi itu adalah waktu yang bagus ♪
  9. Dari segala hal yang kamu lakukan di Sakura Gakuin sejauh ini, apa kesenangan yang kamu alami? Memainkan tag dengan Asou Maaya dan Shiratori Sana di ruanga ganti untuk acara kelas terbuka selama Nendo 2018!! (lol)
  10. I love you.
Tentu saja I love you too.💗
  1. Sesuatu yang kamu perhatikan tentang kecantikan. Aku selalu ingat untuk menggunakan masker wajah hamper setiap hari!
  2. Sesuatu yang tidak kamu sukai waktu kecil tetapi kamu sukai sekarang. Keju! Aku bersyukur dapat mengerti kelezatan dari keju ~ (lol)
  3. Shooting PV mana yang terbaik yang kamu ingat?💗 PV pertamaku, “Mathematica!!”
  4. Apakah kamu selingkuh [dari Yume] dengan Miki-chan? Tidak (lol) Tetapi aku mencintai Miki juga
  5. Apakah ada gaya busana atau gaya rambut baru yang ingin kamu coba? Aku ingin mencoba mode yang lebih dewasa✨
  6. Antara gunung dan laut, mana yang kamu lebih sukai? Jika aku harus memilih, itu adalah “laut”!
  7. Ketika kamu kecil, apa yang kamu lakukan selama liburan Musim Panas? Aku banyak ke kolam renang! Aku suka makan Es krim setelah pergi dari kolam renang. (lol)
  8. Dari berbagai macam hal yang Senior mu ajarkan, apa yang paling kamu ingat dengan kuat? Meskipun ini bukan pagi, kamu akan tetap mengatakan “Selamat Pagi”!
  9. Bagiku My Graduation Toss di CD Nendo 2019, Bagian “oo ho” yang aku dengatkan pada baian yang paling akhir adalah kerjaan Fujihira benar? Sangat tepat~!! (lol)
  10. Mimpi apa yang kamu dapat Ketika tertidur apakah kamu mengingatnya dengan jelas? Sebuah mimpi dimana Tsugu dan aku dikejar oleh Robot Mainan raksasa! Hal itu sungguh menakutkan ~ (nangis)
  11. Apakah ada suatu hal yang sungguh-sungguh kamu lakukan belakangan ini? Para gadis tumguh dengan cepat ~.
Aku memastikan untuk merawat kulitku✨
  1. Apakah ada nasehat dari Ketua OSIS sebelumnya yang kamu ingat? Aku ingat ketika Shintani Yuzumi berkata “Dengan cara seperti Kano!” kepadaku
  2. Tolong katakan apa yang kamu pikirkan dengan perkembangan juniormu belakangan ini! Aku merasa tarian dari Neo banyak mengalami peningkatan! Sangat jelas✨
  3. Apakah kamu menemukan penerus untuk KYG? Bukankah itu Kokona dan Miko~~ (lol)
  4. Berapa banyak lagu yang kamu ingat tariannya? Akupun ingin tahu berapa banyak lagu yang aku tahu! (lol)
  5. Lagu dari Sakura dengan tarian tersulit? Lagu baru dari Nendo “#AoharuHakusho”!!
  6. Bagaimana kabar dari Aritomo-san belakangan ini?
Aritomo-san sudah biasa seperti Aritomo-san belakangan ini~ (lol)
  1. Apakah caramu menari beubah sejak kamu tumbuh lebih tinggi setelah pindah masuk? Karena aku kecil, aku harus menari dengan Langkah yang lebih besar dari pada orang lain. Tetapi setelah tumbuh tinggi, Aku harus menari dengan cara yang lebih dewasa dan ini adalah pertarungan yang sulit!
  2. Lakukan perkenalan dalam Bahasa Inggris! Hello! My name is KANO! Recently, I’m having trouble growing tall💦 Is there a way to increase my height?
  3. Apakah ada suatu hal yang ingin kamu lakukan tak peduli sekarang Musim Panas? Aku ingin tumbuh tinggi apapun yang terjadi! (lol)
  4. Apa kenangan terbaik dari waktumu selama di Sakura Gakuin? Tidak peduli dengan Nendo yang mana, tetapi aku memiliki waktuk yang sungguh membahagiakan ketika kami ber-12 menciptakan suatu pertunjukan ✨
  5. Untuk lencana hati Sakura Gakuin, siapa yang menggambar hati yang mana? Miki menuliskan di diari tentang hal itu jadi tolong diperiksa💗
Sedikit lagi hingga 100! (Aku terkejut!) Aku akan mejawab lebih banyak pertanyaan lagi ~✨

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2020.08.26 03:57 KaigaiFukei SG students' diary 20200823 Kano (1)

SG students' diary 20200823 Kano
Title: #TellMeFujihira Part 3
Kanonon💙 Kanonon💙 Genki na Ko~💙 It’s Kano!
#TellMeFujihira questions part 3!! I’ll be answering lots of questions again this time♪
54. Are you able to remember the dances for all Sakura Gakuin songs and dance them? I’m able to dance all the songs that I’ve done before! I’m able to dance just a little bit of the songs that I haven’t done before
55. Is there something that you do every single day? Stretching! Eating fruits✨
56. I like Kano-chin’s eyebrows and Miko-chan’s forehead. If Kano-chin were to draw on Miko-chan’s forehead with a marker, what would she draw? I would make Miko’s eyebrows thicker with a marker. (lol)
57. How do you feel when you sing the “botan ni karamitsuku~” part of My Graduation Toss? When I found out I would be singing the part that Su-chan who I admire sang, I was unbelievably happy!
58. What troubles you right now? The fact that I’m not growing taller…(cry)
59. How is your english studying going? I’m doing my best bit by bit (lol) If you know of a good studying method! Please tell me~!
60. Because of the current situation, do you want to meet everyone?[?] I want to play with all 12 members soon~! I want to create the best memories with all 12 members again💗
61. Is there anything that you were able to do because of the quarantine? The amount of time I spent with my family increased and I was able to talk to them a lot so it was a good time♪
62. Out of all the stuff you’ve done in Sakura Gakuin so far, what’s the fun that you’ve had? Playing tag with Asou Maaya and Shiratori Sana in the dressing room for an open class during the 2018 nendo!! (lol)
63. I love you. 【The way this sentence was written makes it look like it was asked by a foreigner】 Of course I love you too.💗
64. Something you pay attention to regarding beauty. I keep in mind to use facial masks almost every single day!
65. Something that you didn’t like when you were small but that you like now. Cheese! I’m glad I was able understand the deliciousness of cheese~ (lol)
66. Which PV shooting do you remember the best?💗 My first PV, “Mathematica!!”
67. Are you cheating [on Yume] with Miki-chan? I’m not (lol) But I love Miki as well
68. Is there a new fashion style or hairstyle that you want to try? I want to try more grown up fashion✨
69. Between mountain and sea, which one do you like playing at more? If I have to choose, it would be “sea”!
70. When you were a kid, what did you do during summer break? I went to the pool a lot! I liked eating ice cream after going to the pool. (lol)
71. Out of the things that your senpais have taught you, what do you remember the most strongly? Even if it’s not morning, you still say “Good morning”!
72. For the My Graduation Toss in the 2019 nendo cd, the “oo ho” that I hear at the very end is Fujihira’s work right? Absolutely right~!! (lol)
73. What dream that you’ve had while sleeping do you remember the most clearly? A dream where Tsugu and I were chased by a giant toy robot! It was scary~ (cry)
74. Is there anything that you make sure to do recently? Girls grow so fast~. I make sure to take care of my skin✨
75. Is there an exchange with previous student council presidents that you remember? I remember when Shintani Yuzumi said “In a Kano-like way!” to me
76. Please tell me what you think about your juniors’ growth recently! I felt that Neo’s dancing has improved a lot! It’s sharp✨
77. Have you found successors for KYG? Wouldn’t it be Kokona and Miko~~ (lol)
78. How many songs do you remember the dances for? I want to know how many songs I know too! (lol)
79. What Sakura song has the hardest dance? This nendo’s new song “#AoharuHakusho”!!
80. How is Aritomo-san lately? Aritomo-san has been the usual Aritomo-san lately~ (lol)
81. Has your way of dancing changed since you’ve grown taller after transferring in? Because I was small, I had to dance with bigger movements than everyone else. But after growing taller, I have to dance in a more mature way so it’s a difficult battle!
82. Do a greeting in english! Hello! My name is KANO! Recently, I’m having trouble growing tall💦 Is there a way to increase my height?
83. Is there something that you want to do no matter what this summer? I want to grow taller no matter what! (lol)
84. What’s your best memory from your time in Sakura Gakuin? It doesn’t matter which nendo, but I have a really happy time when we create a show with all 12 members✨
85. For the Sakura Gakuin heart badge, who drew which heart? Miki wrote a diary about it so please check it out💗
A bit more until 100! (I’m surprised!) I’m still going to answer more~✨
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2020.08.24 08:35 grawawa İlk reddit hesabım

10 aydır bir reddit kullanıcısıyım reddit en sevdiğim platform bu hesabımdan önce ismi random olan başka bir hesabim ve onun yanında açmış olduğum u/nafaka-madafaka vardı ismi random olanı kaybettim ama u/nafaka-madafaka hâlâ bende hep keşke redditi çok daha önceden keşfetseymişim diyorum aslında evet önceden keşfettim ama bazı mallıklarım oldu bu postu açma amacım da bu zaten gelin en başından anlatayım
Yıl 2019 nisan ayındayız istanbula annemin arkadaşını görmeye ve birkaç işimiz daha var onları halletmeye gittik annemin arkadaşıyla bir kafede buluştuk ismi nevmekan dı orda annemin arkadaşının abim yaşındaki oğlunun yanında oturuyorum telefonundan memelere bakıyordu ben de dedim ki:abi... bu instagram mi...
O da dedi ki :hayır bu reddit
Sonra düşünmeye başladım hem memeler var hem ingilizce böylelikle ingilizcemi geliştirmem mümkün
Sonra eve gidince telefona redditi indirdim ismimi u/Hoozie gibi bir şey yapmıştım tam hatırlamıyorum sonra uygulama beni keşfetme ekranına attı o zamanlar ingilizcem sınıfıma göre iyi olmasına rağmen hâlâ kötü (şimdi iyi ama birsürü gramer hatası yapıyorum danilo şefin türkçe konuşması gibi düşünün) daha sonra ise keşfet kısmını geçmek için skip tuşunun olduğunu görmeden üst taraftan meme kısmına gelmeye çalışıyorum en son meme kısmına geldim fakat bir şey anladığım yoktu sadece bazılarını biraz anlayıp idare ediyordum en sonunda ise redditi birkaç gün kullandıktan sonra sildim daha sonra ise reddite porçayın video çekmesi ile geldim o gün bugündür reddit kullanıyorum burda birsürü anım ve arkadaşım oldu eğer bunu okuyorsan ömer faruk abi sana selamlar ama muhtemelen yabancı subredditlerde dolaşıyorsun ve bunu görmeyeceksin
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2020.08.23 20:53 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #53 - Fanatic Idols and Where to Find Them - 200823 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we spent some time in the swamp with BLACK6IX. This week let's check out a girl group that's easy to be a fan of, let's get to know Fanatics!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the eighth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: Fanatics are an 8 member girl group under FENT. Their group name represents their desire for people to become very passionate fanatics about their music. They're somewhat unique in that they've had three title releases thus far but each has had a different member lineup.
Company: FENT, short for Fascino Entertainment, is primarily an acting agency, with Fanatics being their only music group. The agency was founded by Yoon Tae-joon, a former member of the 1st-gen boy group Eagle 5 (High School's company RichWorld was also founded by a former Eagle 5 member).
Group Interviews
Debut (Flavor sub-unit): November 26th, 2018 with Milkshake (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link) Chinese Version (MV)
Debut (full group): August 6th, 2019 with Sunday (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: May 4th, 2020 with Vavi Girl (MV) Live Stage (Link) Choreography Video (Link)
YouTube Channel: Fanatics Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: SangA of Pink Fantasy was a pre-debut member of the group but transferred to MyDoll Entertainment before debut. Their company doesn't place restriction on them for mobile phone use and while they set goals for them for weight before comebacks they let the members manage their own diets to hit their goals. All of the members are fond of jokbal (braised pig's feet) and gamjatang (pork spine soup). The concept of the group is that the members taking part in each comeback will change and vary based on the concept of the album. The group doesn't all live in a dorm together but does live close to one another. Doi has her own apartment, Via, Rayeon, and Doah live in an apartment below in the same building, Sika and Chiayi live together in another building, and Chaelin and Yoonhye live together. The group's composition is similar to G-IDLE with Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese members.

Soloist of the Week
Jung Dae Hyun/Daehyun/Baby Hyun
Who is he?: A male soloist under STX Lion Heart Entertainment. He was the former main vocalist of the boy band B.A.P, leaving TS Entertainment after his contract expired.
Company: STX Lion Heart Entertainment is a relatively new company, founded in 2017. They represent a variety of actors, actresses, and solo musicians including Jung Joon Ho, Rang Yeon, JJANGYOU, and more.
Real Name: Jung Dae Hyun
Age: 27 (IA)
Solo Debut: December 1st, 2018 with Baby (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: October 10th, 2019 with Aight (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Other Releases and MVs
Trivia: Daehyun was born in Gwangju but grew up in Busan. He has mostly assimilated into the Seoul dialect but still slips in to the Busan dialect on occasion. He has played the role of Lucian in the Korean adaptation of the musical Napoleon and has also acted in the Korean adaptation of Grease. His favorite food is cheesecake, and he dislikes bubble tea. He has composed a number of songs for B.A.P and written two of his solo songs as well. He says he is happiest when he is on stage singing, and is known to become very emotional while on stage.
Who were they?: A five member boy group under AXB Entertainment and RB Entertainment. Their name came from combining 'Axis' meaning 'the center around which things revolve' and 'B' for Boys, representing their desire to be a group at the center of Kpop.
Active Between: September 28th, 2016 - Sometime in later 2017
Reasons for Disbanding: While there's precious little information available out there about them, it appears as it the group failed due to lack of money. Neither of the companies associated with the group seem to exist any longer, and the group was never able to promote on any of the music shows.
Random Stuff
Trivia: Leader Jung Hoon was previously a member of late-2nd gen co-ed group F1rst (along with fellow member DoA) (who had a great bop with I Love You, You Love Me (MV)) as well as short-lived boy group FameUS (along with fellow members DoA and Dae Young). He has appeared in the Mr. Trot competition this year.

That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.08.23 09:54 loadedsoul1 Here is a list of 13 Bollywood movies to release digitally

Class of ’83
Bobby Deol makes his digital debut in this drama based on Hussain Zaidi’s book. The story follows an upright cop who trains a crop of crime-fighting cadets. Helmed by Atul Sabharwal, this is Netflix’s third collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment after Bard of Blood and Betaal.
Platform: Netflix
Bhuj: The Pride of India
Abhishek Dudhiya’s film unfolds during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. Ajay Devgn plays Vijay Karnik, a squadron leader in the Indian Air Force who rebuilt the Bhuj airbase with the help of 300 local women. The ensemble cast features Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Rana Daggubati, Nora Fatehi, Ammy Virk and others. Ajay’s last release, Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, was also a war film set in the past.
Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
In the vein of Life in a… Metro, Anurag Basu directs an ensemble piece featuring Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkummar Rao, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Aditya Roy Kapur, Pankaj Tripathi and others. The black comedy pits four players “in a high stakes game where nothing is a coincidence and everything is planned.” Basu had last directed Jagga Jasoos (2017), starring Ranbir Kapoor.
Platform: Netflix
Sadak 2
Mahesh Bhatt makes his directorial comeback with the sequel to Sadak (1991). The new instalment stars Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur alongside Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt. The film catches up with Dutt’s Ravi, a former taxi driver who’s battling depression and joins hands with a young girl to expose a godman. Makarand Deshpande has joined the cast as the new villain.
Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
The Big Bull
Abhishek Bachchan plays a scamster based on stockbroker Harshad Mehta. Kookie Gulati’s film is backdropped on the 1992 securities scam and follows Mehta’s rags-to-riches journey in Mumbai. Ileana D’Cruz and Nikita Dutta play the female leads.
Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
The action thriller features Sanjay Dutt as an army officer. Directed by Girish Malik, it tells the story of child suicide bombers in Afghanistan. It is the first Hindi film to be shot in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan.
Platform: Netflix
Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare
Bhumi Pednekar and Konkona Sen Sharma lead Alankrita Shrivastava’s follow-up to Lipstick Under My Burkha (2017). Set in the suburbs of Delhi, the film follows two cousins bonding over a shared secret.
Platform: Netflix
Ginny Weds Sunny
A romantic comedy revolving around arranged marriages. Debutant Puneet Khanna’s film pairs Yami Gautam opposite Vikrant Massey. The film was shot in Noida, Ghaziabad and Manali. The story is by Navjot Gulati, who helmed Jai Mummy Di earlier this year.
Platform: Netflix
Bombay Rose
Animation filmmaker Geetanjali Rao’s feature debut premiered at the Venice Critics Week in 2019. It tells the intersecting stories of two flower sellers and an old lady in Mumbai. The film has voice parts by Cyli Khare, Amit Deondi and Anurag Kashyap.
Platform: Netflix
Tribhanga-Tedhi Medhi Crazy
Kajol, Tanvi Azmi and Mithila Palkar star in a multi-generation story set in Mumbai. Produced by Ajay Devgn, the film marks the directorial debut of actor Renuka Sahane. It derives its title from the traditional Odissi dance form.
Platform: Netflix
Kaali Khuhi
A 10-year-old girl protects her village from the ghosts of its past. Set in Punjab, the horror thriller is fronted by Shabana Azmi, Satyadeep Mishra, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Riva Arora.
Platform: Netflix
Serious Men
Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the lead in Sudhir Mishra’s adaptation of Manu Joseph’s book. The satirical drama is about a wily slum-dweller who frames his 10-year-old son as a genius. Nawazuddin had previously starred in Sacred Games and the recent murder mystery Raat Akeli Hai.
Platform: Netflix
AK vs AK
A crazed filmmaker, played by Anurag Kashyap, kidnaps the daughter of a big Bollywood star, played by Anil Kapoor. As the actor searches for his missing kid, the director films him for his next feature. Vikramaditya Motwane’s meta-thriller features cameos by Sonam Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor.
Platform: Netflix
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SANA 2019, gli Usa primi al mondo nell’export del bio ... Sana barznji - bistuma 2019 - YouTube SANA 2019, Commissario Hogan: Organic farming directly ... Sana Barzanje - RAZ - YouTube I Belong to the Zoo - Sana (Official Music Video) - YouTube Sana I Belong to the Zoo Lyrics HD - YouTube I Belong to the Zoo performs 'Sana' LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus SANA 2019, Assobio: sinergia tra aziende e autorità ... Sana Barzanje - CHARA - YouTube


  1. SANA 2019, gli Usa primi al mondo nell’export del bio ...
  2. Sana barznji - bistuma 2019 - YouTube
  3. SANA 2019, Commissario Hogan: Organic farming directly ...
  4. Sana Barzanje - RAZ - YouTube
  5. I Belong to the Zoo - Sana (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  6. Sana I Belong to the Zoo Lyrics HD - YouTube
  7. I Belong to the Zoo performs 'Sana' LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus
  8. SANA 2019, Assobio: sinergia tra aziende e autorità ...
  9. Sana Barzanje - CHARA - YouTube
  10. By SANA - YouTube

By SANA est une chaine pour partager plusieurs passions et l'adoration que j'ai pour la décoration, l'organisation, la mode, la beauté, ... de l'univers fémi... Fast-rising indie singer-songwriter I Belong to the Zoo performs his original, 'Sana' live on the Wish 107.5 Bus! With its equally heart-wrenching lines and ... سەنا بەرزنجی - ڕاز Sana Barzanje - RAZ مافی ئەم بەرهەمە پارێزراوە بۆ کەناڵی کوردماکس Lyrics: Yadola Shakeri Melody: Jiar Barzanje Arrangement ... Directed by: Neil Lee Special thanks to: Steffi Hain, Carl Diego, Ferlyn Landoy, Nicholo Basa, Paolo Tabuena, 49-B Heirloom Kitchen, Paeng's, Satchmi, B Hote... La rivoluzione bio è iniziata negli anni ’80 quando le aziende del settore erano 3mila, mentre oggi sono oltre 70mila. Ciò che serve ora è un’azione in siner... 'Organic farming and food production generate high quality food with reduced impact on our biodiversity and on natural resources, and for this reason it is h... سەنا بەرزنجی- چارە Sana Barzanje - CHARA مافی ئەم بەرهەمە پارێزراوە بۆ کەناڵی کوردماکس CHARA - @SanaBarzanje Lyrics : Ranj Sangawi Melody ... #sana #sanabarznji #sana_barznji #gorani #gorani2019 #bistuma #bestuma #xoshtrin #xoshtren Sana barznji 2019 #sad #kurdish #kurdishsong Sana barznji 2020 San... Il punto sul mercato americano del biologico al Sana di Bologna (6 settembre) con l’Organic Trade Association. L’occasione è l’iniziativa “Dalla Rivoluzione ... LIKE COMMENT SHARE ...