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The Official Website of Beyoncé Lyrics. Beyoncé All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies Now put your hands up Up in the club--we just broke up I'm doing my own little thing You decided to dip and now you wanna trip 'Cause another brother noticed me I'm up on him, he up on me Don't pay him any attention ... Beyoncé (born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, September 4, 1981) is an American pop/RnB singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and model. She is the older sister of RnB singer Solange.Beyoncé was named Billboard's Top Female Artist of the 2000s in February 2009 as well as their Artist of the Millennium in May 2011. 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)' is a song by American R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles, composed by Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash, Kuk Harrell and Knowles for her third solo album, I Am… Sasha Fierce. Beyoncé’s unofficial theme song for Sex & The City, produced by North Carolinian crooner The-Dream. Beyoncé and Jay Z got married in 2008—but didn’t tell anybody. “Single Ladies All the single ladies, all the single ladies All the single ladies, all the single ladies All the single ladies, all the single ladies All the single ladies, now put your hands up. Up in the club, we just broke up I'm doing my own little thing He decided to dip and now you wanna trip 'Cause another brother noticed me. I'm up on him, he up on me


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2020.09.19 06:02 popcorno1 Death Grips ( Remastered )

Music Reference : Death Grips ( 2010 Experimental Rap Group )
Localised Name : Homicidal Grabs
Stand User : ShiNo Gurippu was always seen on his phone. at class, at home, at parties, and every where else in Los Angeles However the only time he wasn't on his phone was when he's with his grandpa. He viewed him very high in his world. Being the person who created the smartphone. They would talk about how phones were made, the secret feature on the latest phone, with the time they had. However ShiNo got older and had other responsibilities to work on, leading to less time to talk to his grandpa. Then all of a sudden his Grandpa died. ShiNo remembered all those times he spent with his grandpa, and that's when he grapes what happened, he can't talk to him no more. Grasping this idea, he lost his handle on reality. He never forgot about that moment, even when he got a job and wife, he needed a way to contact him. That's when Death Grips appeared allowing him to send messages to others.
Stand Appearance : Death Grips will by transforming your hands into skeletal versions as a Phone resembling an IPhone 4 will appear in your left hand. The phone will behave like a regular phone except it will have moving static as its color theme.
Stand Type : Bound Stand
Stand Ability :
Message Burning
The Phone will allow you to burn a message onto Any objects that you placed your hands in a 100 meter range. It will take place by sending a message on your phone and will take time. Once it over the image will appear on the object, if it happens on a living being, it will suffer severe burns.
Damage Reflection
Death Grips will reflect damage based on how charged it is back to the sender, Examples are, if the phone is at 100, it will reflect 100 percent of that damage back. If it's 0, none is sent back.
Attacking Stands
Death Grips will allow its user in theory to attack stands, since the user hands are apart of Death Grip.
Weakness :
In order for Death Grips to charge it needs to absorb nutrients from a living being. And if it's 0 than the user dies as well.
When Death Grips appears the user can't feel anything in their hand and might drop Death Grips, deactivating the ability.
Stand Stats :
Durability : Depends on how charged the phone is.
Range : A
Speed : NA
Power : NA
Precision : A
Developmental Potential : B
Trivia :
The user of Death Grips will appear to have no Hands when see by non stand users.
Death Grips behaves like a normal phone, with the ability to search up Google, call places, play games, download applications, and even take pictures.
Death Grips phone number is 800 - 2010 - 444.
Death Grips ring tone is Single Ladies by Beyonce.
Death Grips battle cry is bbzzzzzzzzzz.
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2020.09.17 20:10 applesanddragons Protect the #IStandByDaenerys Narrative!

"Some have only one great lie they tell so often that they almost come to believe it . . . though some small part of them will always know that it is still a lie, and that will show upon their faces." -The Kindly Man (AFFC Arya II)

Before Season 8


During Season 8


After Season 8

-Nickolaj Coster-Waldau: "Everyone wanted something specific and different from what they got." [variety]
-Sophie Turner: "So Daenerys becoming something of the Mad Queen — it shouldn’t be such a negative thing for fans. It’s a shock for sure, but I think it’s just because it hasn’t gone their way." [nytimes]
-Emilia Clarke: Caller: "and you're not going to please everybody." Clarke: "No. Exactly." [BBCradio]
-Kit Harington: "I think it's going to divide. But if you track her story all the way back, she does some terrible things. She crucifies people. She burns people alive. This has been building. So, we have to say to the audience: You're in denial about this woman as well. You knew something was wrong. You're culpable, you cheered her on." [EW]

People who saw through the fans' insane bullshit

Kelsey L. Hayes [1]
Sargon of Akkad [1]

People who are perpetuating the wack IStandByDaenerys narratives

Lucifer means Lightbringer [1]
Quinn's Ideas [1]
GrayArea [1]
Order Of The Green Hand [1]
The Dragon Demands [1]
Lindsay Ellis [1]

Why did almost everyone think Game of Thrones is a female power fantasy?

Feminism - The insistence that society is a corrupt oppressive patriarchy. AKA All men are evil and all women are good.
Marxism - The insistence that life is about power struggle. Results in the insistence that all hierarchies are corrupt. Results in the worship of victimhood.
Postmodernism - Skepticism of meta-narratives (overarching explanations). Results in the insistence that all interpretations of the world are equally valid or invalid, as suits the Marxist's needs to justify a transfer of power, as suits the FeminiMarxist's needs to justify a transfer of power from men to women. Results in the belief that art should be excavated to find which power group the artist is supporting or neglecting. Paradoxical when combined with marxism because "life is a power struggle" is itself a meta-narrative. Paradoxical when combined with feminism because "society is a corrupt oppressive patriarchy" is itself a meta-narrative.
= Postmodern Marxist Feminism (PMF)

ASOIAF fans injected PMF into the story

[+PMF] Gender and ASOIAF: modern, historical or Westerosi sensibilities? [asoiaf] Nominated for award by moderator mightyisobel.
[+PMF] A Song of Ice and Fire has a rape problem [tumblr]
[+PMF] Ladies Die in Childbed. No One Sings Songs About Them [tumblr]

GoT fans injected PMF into the story

[+PMF] How the Patriarchy Screwed the Starks [prospect] "The idea that patriarchal systems are universally damaging is, rhetorically, one of the most important for spreading many forms of feminism. Far too many men believe that feminism is an attempt to prop up women at men's expense (the entire men's rights movement hinges on that belief). "
[+MF] Here's What Sansa Has Learned From Cersei [thewrap]
[+MF] Fight Like a Lady: The Promotion of Feminism in Game of Thrones [winteriscoming]
[+MF] Game of Thrones has betrayed the women who made it great [guardian]
[+MF] Representative AOC & Senator Elizabeth Warren: "We were getting so close to having this ending with just women running the world." [1]

GoT Producers injected PMF into the story

[+PMF] Season 3 Episode 3
Missandei: Valar morghulis.
Daenerys: Yes, all men must die. But we are not men.
Book 3 A Storm of Swords
“Valar morghulis,” said Missandei, in High Valyrian.
“All men must die,” Dany agreed, “but not for a long while, we may pray.”
[+MF] Cogman: "Daenerys is arguably the most easily identifiable and iconic. She is T-shirts and coffee mugs and posters and bobbleheads and memes and the name of hundreds of kids around the world with GoT fan parents; a fearless figure of female empowerment." [EW]
[+PMF] Season 8 Episode 2
Sansa: Without Littlefinger and Ramsay and the rest, I would have stayed a Little Bird all my life.
Translation: Worship of victimhood. Victimhood is character progression and a qualification for power.

GoT cast injected PMF into the story

[+PMF] Gwendoline Christie: "She has no sexual experience and she decides to allow herself that opportunity. And I don’t think she’s a fool." [people]
Translation: Women shouldn't abstain from sex until marriage because virginity in a woman is an invalid trait for a man to desire.
[+MF] “But having said all of the things I’ve just said…” Clarke says. “I stand by Daenerys. I stand by her! I can’t not.” [EW]
Translation: Having been prodded to condemn Dany's ending for the duration of an entire interview and every interview since the ending, Emilia Clarke feels like a traitor to women and kneels before the feminist mob.

The schools injected PMF into the population

[+PM] The Evergreen Equity Council [youtube]
[+PFM] Headline: We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology
"a school in Oxford has become the first to introduce “Good Lad” workshops, in which boys are singled out for sessions that teach them about “the scale of sexual harassment and violence aimed at female students” and how they must stand up for women's rights...." [telegraph]
Translation: Society is a corrupt patriarchy and your boy is a corrupt patriarch.
[+PFM] "The Feminist Majority Foundation is dedicated to achieving civil rights for all people through affirmative action programs for people of color and women" [Feministorg]

Why you should destroy their bad ideas with little regard for their feelings

100,000,000 corpses [Jordan Peterson]

Why you should use minimal necessary force, forgive them and then leave them alone

The schools injected PMF into the population


Emilia Clarke: "It’s not like she’s suddenly going to go, ‘Okay, I’m gonna put a kettle on and put cookies in the oven and we’ll just sit down and have a lovely time and pop a few kids out.’ That was never going to happen. She’s a Targaryen. “I thought she was going to die,” she continues. “I feel very taken care of as a character in that sense. It’s a very beautiful and touching ending.” [EW]
The mob will go after GRRM next: Headline: Game of Thrones' George RR Martin accused of making racially and sexually insensitive comments at awards show [digitalspy] Every apology to the mob is used as a trophy to induce fear into dissenters and gain power over the fearful.
How Feminists spend their time in DaenerysWinsTheThrone: "[Emilia Clarke] was showing off her dewy complexion by going without make-up for the outing while also showing off a hint of her chocolate hued locks." [dailymail]
Why that isn't healthy or helpful: Emilia Clarke: "They were like: ‘What are you asking us this for? What do you mean do I think Daenerys is a good person? Why are you asking us that question? Why do you care what people think of Daenerys? Are you okay?’”" [EW]
One Year Later: Headline: "I'm still not over it.". [1]
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2020.09.08 02:22 uhkwarius Spotify Crunch: Female artists across Spotify milestones

Hello everyone! I love crunching numbers and looking at chart/music data. So I looked up all the 100 million multiples in milestones on Spotify for female artists, and this is how they rank up in each milestone!
DISCLAIMER: this list was compiled on September 5, 2020 - so slight real-time inaccuracy is possible due to some songs being near new milestones at the time of this being compiled. Also, due to me living in the Middle East, sometimes some songs are blocked in my region for some reason; so I won't be able to track them. Also, this only includes female soloists, not girl groups.
Here's a full rundown along with some comments too! Hope you enjoy this.
EDIT: I'm not an expert with formatting in Reddit, so all lists are supposed to be top 10s. E.g. if two artists have the most number of songs at number 1, I wrote it out as
"1. Artist X 1. Artist Y"
And it would be continued by number 3. I just don't know why Reddit forces it into a continuous numbered list.
  1. Ariana Grande: 51 songs
  2. Nicki Minaj: 48 songs
  3. Rihanna: 48 songs
  4. Taylor Swift: 33 songs
  5. Billie Eilish: 30 songs
  6. Beyonce: 28 songs
  7. Halsey: 24 songs
  8. Camila Cabello: 23 songs
  9. Lady Gaga: 22 songs
  10. Cardi B: 21 songs
  11. Selena Gomez: 21 songs
  12. Sia: 21 songs
Notes on this milestone:
  1. Ariana Grande: 28 songs
  2. Rihanna: 28 songs
  3. Billie Eilish: 25 songs
  4. Nicki Minaj: 21 songs
  5. Selena Gomez: 18 songs
  6. Taylor Swift: 16 songs
  7. Sia: 15 songs
  8. Halsey: 14 songs
  9. Camila Cabello: 13 songs
  10. Dua Lipa: 13 songs
Notes on this milestone:
  1. Rihanna: 20 songs
  2. Ariana Grande: 17 songs
  3. Billie Eilish: 13 songs
  4. Selena Gomez: 13 songs
  5. Beyonce: 12 songs
  6. Dua Lipa: 12 songs
  7. Nicki Minaj: 12 songs
  8. Camila Cabello: 11 songs
  9. Taylor Swift: 11 songs
  10. Cardi B: 9 songs
  11. Lady Gaga: 9 songs
  1. Ariana Grande: 14 songs
  2. Rihanna: 14 songs
  3. Selena Gomez: 11 songs
  4. Billie Eilish: 10 songs
  5. Dua Lipa: 8 songs.
  6. Adele: 7 songs
  7. Camila Cabello: 7 songs
  8. Cardi B: 7 songs
  9. Nicki Minaj: 7 songs
  10. Sia: 7 songs
  11. Taylor Swift: 7 songs
  1. Rihanna: 14 songs
  2. Ariana Grande: 12 songs
  3. Selena Gomez: 8 songs
  4. Billie Eilish: 7 songs
  5. Adele: 6 songs
  6. Dua Lipa: 5 songs
  7. Halsey: 5 songs
  8. Nicki Minaj: 5 songs
  9. Sia: 5 songs
  10. Camila Cabello: 4 songs
  11. Cardi B: 4 songs
  12. Demi Lovato: 4 songs
  1. Rihanna: 10 songs
  2. Ariana Grande: 8 songs
  3. Billie Eilish: 6 songs
  4. Adele: 5 songs
  5. Dua Lipa: 5 songs
  6. Selena Gomez: 5 songs
  7. Cardi B: 4 songs
  8. Demi Lovato: 3 songs
  9. Halsey: 3 songs
  10. Nicki Minaj: 3 songs
  11. Sia: 3 songs
  1. Ariana Grande: 7 songs
  2. Dua Lipa: 5 songs
  3. Rihanna: 5 songs
  4. Selena Gomez: 4 songs
  5. Adele: 3 songs
  6. Billie Eilish: 3 songs
  7. Cardi B: 3 songs
  8. Halsey: 3 songs
  9. Nicki Minaj: 3 songs
  10. Sia: 3 songs
  1. Ariana Grande: 6 songs
  2. Dua Lipa: 5 songs
  3. Rihanna: 4 songs
  4. Selena Gomez: 4 songs
  5. Billie Eilish: 3 songs
  6. Cardi B: 3 songs
  7. Halsey: 3 songs
  8. Nicki Minaj: 3 songs
  9. Sia: 3 songs
  10. Adele: 2 songs
  11. Camila Cabello: 2 songs
  1. Ariana Grande: 4 songs
  2. Dua Lipa: 4 songs
  3. Billie Eilish: 3 songs
  4. Cardi B: 3 songs
  5. Halsey: 3 songs
  6. Selena Gomez: 3 songs
  7. Camila Cabello: 2 songs
  8. Rihanna: 2 songs
  9. Sia: 2 songs
  10. Adele: 1 song
  11. Ava Max: 1 song
  12. Ellie Goulding: 1 song
  13. Lady Gaga: 1 song
  14. Taylor Swift: 1 song
  15. Tones & I: 1 song
  1. Dua Lipa: 4 songs
  2. Cardi B: 3 songs
  3. Halsey: 3 songs
  4. Ariana Grande: 2 songs
  5. Billie Eilish: 2 songs
  6. Camila Cabello: 2 songs
  7. Selena Gomez: 2 songs
  8. Sia: 2 songs
  9. Adele: 1 song
  10. Lady Gaga: 1 song
  11. Rihanna: 1 song
  12. Taylor Swift: 1 song
  13. Tones & I: 1 song
— — — — — —
Hope you enjoyed reading this!
What are your thoughts? Any artists you thought would be higher? Artists you thought would be lower? Artists you were shocked to even see here? Haha
If you like this I could do more of it for different things! Albums, cool milestones, etc.
CORRECTION: Added Ava Max & Tones and I, I hadn't tracked them previously.
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2020.09.04 23:48 kindof_apocalyptic Which look for the Beyonce challenge? The second is my attempt at her single ladies outfit.

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2020.09.03 04:39 Gian-kills-sometimes I'm doing a stand up show on youtube three times a week for the rest of my life, here's today's. I would love suggestions on how to make it better.

I work at a group home with children who have emotional and behavioral issues. Oh, I’m not talking about the kids who live there. I’m talking about the people who work there. At my first training, the trainer trained us on Trauma Informed Care, building Social Skills, how to meet someone’s needs so they don’t bite our face off. I raised my hand, “how do we meet someone’s needs so they don’t bite our face off, again?” The answer, “we meet their needs. Ooh the pizza and wings are here! Where’s the Mountain Dew? What do you mean there is no Mountain Dew. Well go get some Dew then!” I know how to meet someone’s needs so they don’t bite our face off. If the Mountain Dew approach doesn’t work, just do what we see normal parents do out in public when they get really angry with their really annoying kid. “No, Charlie! Stop! I’m going to count to five or else I’m going to meet your needs. 5-4-3-2-I’m going to meet your needs so hard that your head is going to spin-1. Get in the car we are going to find you a dad but a good one!” Trauma Informed speech is basically instead of saying, “What’s wrong with you?,” we say “What the fuck happened to you? How can I fucking help you?” My mom’s trauma informed care speech was, “cut it out you cocksucker!” She was close.
I got married in my back yard. I was so nervous. I wasn’t nervous about marrying my fiancé Anna, she’s great. My mom really obsessives over my appearance. I was terrified for during the ceremony when our officiant Dan said “if there are any objections, please, speak now or forever hold your peace, bitch.” I was just terrified that my mom was going to leap up and say, “I’m glad you asked, Dan! He can’t get married with that pimple on his forehead. I’m not having my son look like cyclopes wearing a tuxedo facemask. Bridesmaids, do you have any cream? There’s no brides maids. It’s alright, I have some cream.” “Mom, stop embarrassing me. On my wedding day of all days. I’m an adult now. I have my own cream. I do.” That is how my wedding went. I married my mom.
I have mommy issues. I’m seeing a therapist for it. I’m seeing a therapist, who tells me, “everything your mom has done to help you has really hurt you.” Which I find confusing because my mom is the one who is paying for me to see this therapist. I feel guilty that I was such an annoying kid that my mom had to call me a cocksucker, but my therapist says, “little boys should never be called a cocksucker.” However, therapists and psychiatrists have called me a manic compulsive depressive. Honestly, I’d rather be called a cocksucker. People who are Bipolar don’t get invited to parties, because they, “kill people.” People who are cocksuckers get invited to parties all the time, because they, “spice shit up,” and it also helps that they suck your cock.
To be accountable, one day, I’m will pay my mom back for all of the therapy she’s paying for. It’s $150 for an hour session once a week, every week. Yeah! I’m applying to Medicaid so I could have another therapist who can help with anxiety paying my mom back for a therapist who costs $150 for an hour session once a week, every week. Yeah! People are concerned about our youth’s mental health? There’s this kid who is s student at the school my mom teaches at that was calling the coronavirus the “boomer-remover.” He got suspended for a week before having like an entire school year off, so that was win for him. That kid is going places. He was probably feeling like the man playing fortnite at the start of shutdown, “Everyone can suck my di….” One day, he is definitely going to be able to afford a good therapist.
I can’t believe $150 is the starting rate for a good live therapy session. $150? $150 is the same price for a pretty good seat at a live Beyoncé concert. I think about that every time I Venmo my therapist money, that my mom gave me. I want to ask my therapist, “what have you ever said that was as good as hearing Beyonce sing single ladies live from the floor level?” (Scratches head, “hmm,” and silent gesture that speaks, “I got it”). (In the tune of Beyonce’s, “Single Ladies”). “Your shouldn’t have called you cock sucker. Called you cocksucker! X2 All my cock-suckers. Now put your hands up!”
Just incase you are curious
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2020.08.30 17:01 subredditsummarybot Your /r/PopHeads [FRESH] recap for the week of August 23 - August 29

Sunday, August 23 - Saturday, August 29

Fresh Albums

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1,030 374 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Katy Perry - Smile [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YTM]
110 6 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YTM]
93 28 comments [FRESH ALBUM] JoJo - good to know (Deluxe) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YTM]
66 12 comments [FRESH ALBUM] PVRIS - Use Me [AM] [Dzr] [GPM]
64 17 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Disclosure - ENERGY [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YTM]
58 15 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Sevdaliza - Shabrang [Sp] [AM]
57 23 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Halsey - BADLANDS (Live from Webster Hall) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YTM]
54 43 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Taylor Swift - folklore: the sleepless nights chapter - EP [AM] [SC]
49 20 comments [FRESH EP] Keke Palmer - Virgo Tendencies, Pt. I [Sp] [Dzr] [GPM] [YT] [YTM]
39 10 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Aluna – Renaissance
36 72 comments [FRESH ALBUM] Taylor Swift - folklore: the saltbox house chapter - EP [AM] [SC]
34 5 comments [FRESH EP] Zella Day - Where Does The Devil Hide [Sp] [AM] [GPM]
33 4 comments [FRESH ALBUM] t.A.T.u’s final studio album, “Waste Management,” is finally available for streaming.

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571 65 comments [FRESH VIDEO] Katy Perry - Tucked (The Smile Video Series) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [GPM] [SC] [YT]
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2020.08.29 09:26 certified_rat Weird facts (or crazy coincidences)?

Stefani's actual name is Gaga, then she had the nickname Joanne cuz cuz she had an album called Joanne dedicated to her soccer aunt
6ix9ine has a bachelors in p*dophilia
Beyonce and Ann Marie Lastrassi have not one but two songs in common. They both covered Single Ladies (both great covers imo lol) and both of them are Italian (like Ariana) thats why she did Telephone with Lady Gaga, a song about Italian independence (inspired by separatist icon The Blessed Dual Lipa (formerly known as Noir Lipa))
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2020.08.28 04:27 thecouncilofparrot 「SINGLE LADIES」

Namesake: Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - Beyonce
User: Alexandra Lindholm, a 16-year old girl that used to be a pansy and geeky like her childhood friend, but eventually glowed up to be an adolescent who's constantly aching for adventure, big or small. She meets Jorgen Joestjarna, a boy her age who wants to meet his father, so he seeks the Osiris' Eye. They get into a feud and battle with their stands, and after Jorgen is victorious, he agrees to let her come with him.
Appearance: Single Ladies is a white and grey humanoid, feminine figure with various golden hoops all over its body, down its arm, around its waist like a hula hoop, and even golden hair that have ring-like hoops. Its fingers each have golden rings as well, and it has golden eyes that have an iris shaped around like a ring. Its legs have a bunch of hoops and rings, and it has golden cowgirl boots. It has a very large, chakram-like golden ring on its back, and it has multiple carvings on its body. On its back is engraved "Woah, oh oh!" in bold golden letters.
Abilities: Single Ladies is a formidable punch ghost, but its versatility resides within its ability which is named Warp Ring, which is an ability that allows it to take off any of the rings on its body and enlarge it to fit Alexandra or anyone she needs to throw into the ring. The rings will then act as warps, hence the name, allowing Alexandra or any one she traps to teleport short distances, roughly 91.44 meters (think a size of a football field) away from the area. This makes her a deadly opponent as, at any given time she could throw a ring under you and easily maim you by making you fall from a large height. But the thing is, she needs time to take off the rings before opening them into a portal, allowing an opponent within that span of time to act or make out a plan. Still, Single Ladies can get Team Joestjarna away from dangerous situations with this stand.

Power: C
Speed: D
Range: A
Persistence/Staying: C
Precision: B
Development Potential: C
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2020.08.11 01:58 ImADudeDuh The Popheads Chart, August 10, 2020: Ok, now I REALLY think i've see this chart before

Hot 50 Spotify Playlist // #1s Spotify Playlist // Every Song to Ever Chart (Credit to FLLH for this amazing playlist!)

Popheads Weekly Hot 50: Week of August 10, 2020

For this chart issue, we tracked everyone's top 10s from Thursday, July 30, 12:00 PM GMT to the next Thursday, August 6, 11:59 AM GMT.
# Artist - Song Prev. Position Peak Weeks Points # of Listeners and #1
1 Taylor Swift - cardigan #1 (=) #1 2 wks 3224.5 48 of 331 listeners had the song as their #1.
2 Taylor Swift - august #3 (+1) #2 2 wks 2745.0 26 of 289 listeners had the song as their #1.
3 Taylor Swift - exile (feat. Bon Iver) #2 (-1) #2 2 wks 2486.5 11 of 272 listeners had the song as their #1.
4 Taylor Swift - the 1 #4 (=) #4 2 wks 2348.5 18 of 272 listeners had the song as their #1.
5 Taylor Swift - the last great american dynasty #5 (=) #5 2 wks 2196.0 9 of 259 listeners had the song as their #1.
6 Taylor Swift - mirrorball #7 (+1) #6 2 wks 2056.5 14 of 237 listeners had the song as their #1.
7 Taylor Swift - seven #8 (+1) #7 2 wks 1967.5 15 of 234 listeners had the song as their #1.
8 Taylor Swift - my tears ricochet #6 (-2) #6 2 wks 1956.5 8 of 238 listeners had the song as their #1.
9 Billie Eilish - my future NEW #9 1 wk 1893.5 38 of 210 listeners had the song as their #1.
10 Taylor Swift - this is me trying #9 (-1) #9 2 wks 1787.0 7 of 222 listeners had the song as their #1.

This week’s Popheads Chart Video:

If you want to see the points and number of listeners for each song in the top 50 chart, click here
  • Highest Debut: #9. Billie Eilish - my future
  • Highest Re-Entry: #28. Ava Max - Kings & Queens
  • Biggest Gain: #32. Rina Sawayama - Comme des Garçons (Like The Boys) (+15)
  • Biggest Decrease: #41. Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (-15)

Popheads Monthly Top 25 Albums: Month of July 2020

For this chart issue, we tracked everyone's top 10 albums from July 1 12:00 AM GMT to July 31 11:59 PM GMT.
# Artist - Album Prev. Position Peak Months Points # of Listeners and #1
1 Taylor Swift - folklore NEW #1 1 month 10952.0 425 of 815 listeners had the album as their #1.
2 Lady Gaga - Chromatica #1 (-1) #1 3 months 4555.0 71 of 393 listeners had the album as their #1.
3 Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? #9 (+6) #3 2 months 3194.0 43 of 276 listeners had the album as their #1.
4 Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia #3 (-1) #1 5 months 2923.5 16 of 284 listeners had the album as their #1.
5 HAIM - Women In Music Pt. III #6 (+1) #5 2 months 2865.0 32 of 245 listeners had the album as their #1.
6 100 gecs - 1000 gecs and The tree Of clues NEW #6 1 month 2685.5 51 of 226 listeners had the album as their #1.
7 Rina Sawayama - Sawayama #7 (=) #2 4 months 2357.0 25 of 218 listeners had the album as their #1.
8 Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now #4 (-4) #2 3 months 2294.0 15 of 218 listeners had the album as their #1.
9 Taylor Swift - Lover #10 (+1) #1 12 months 2294.0 8 of 218 listeners had the album as their #1.
10 Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B #2 (-8) #2 3 months 1804.5 9 of 176 listeners had the album as their #1.
If you want to see the points and number of listeners for each album, click here.
  • Highest Debut: #1. Taylor Swift - Folklore
  • Highest Re-Entry: #16. 100 gecs - 1000 gecs
  • Biggest Gain: #3. Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (+6)
  • Biggest Decrease: #23. The Weeknd - After Hours (-10)

Popheads Top 5 Bubbling Under Chart August 10, 2020

We’ve had a lot of charts where the entire top 50 is just full of albums by the main pop girls for popheads and blocks a lot of singles from lesser known artists. So, this section puts a spotlight on songs that are just under the top 50. However, this is not gonna be “chart” focused and instead is gonna try to encourage other people to listen to other songs and list some information so people can find some songs they like. The bubbling under is calculated by taking the highest songs underneath the top 50 that haven’t charted on the top 50 before.
Artist Song Genre
The Knocks & MUNA Bodies EKM (Electronic Kygo Music)
Troye Sivan rager teenager! It be gay
645AR Sum Bout You (feat. FKA twigs) Animal crossing vocals???? This is one of the worst songs of the year
Beyoncé ALREADY Beyonce? Oh god, oh fuck, don’t tell the flairless users. Please keep this comment section pure.
Here's the current list of people signed up for the charts! If you'd like to sign up, you can sign up here!
The tracking dates for the next weekly chart is August 6, 11:00 PM GMT - August 13, 10:59 AM GMT and results come out the next Monday, August 17. As for the monthly album chart, the next tracking dates are August 1 12:00 AM GMT – August 31 11:59 PM GMT, and results come out on September 7.

How The Chart Works:

These charts are created based on how frequently each song appears in the top 10 songs/albums for all of the users signed up for the chart. If the song or album occupies that user's #1 spot in their individual chart, it receives 15 points, then 14 points for #2, so on and so forth until 6 points for #10. If there is a tie, which is a common occurrence, then the number of points is averaged across those positions, e.g. if two songs are tied for #1, both will receive 14.5 points. Oftentimes there will be multiple songs tied for the last place, in which case the number of points each song receives decreases until it bottoms out at 1 point each.


Chart Wiki
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2020.08.05 01:59 maltemi01 How All Stars 6 might go...

How All Stars 6 might go...
I had a little too much time today and thought what better way to spend it than to feel my prdoucer Alexis Michelle fantasy!
I tried to think of what challenges they might have to do, which looks they would have to serve, which lip syncs they might have to slay, how THE JUDGES might place them (especially for the Variety Show), etc. ...
So please enjoy, remember that this is all just for fun and please know that I believe that even the early outs are some amazing queens! :)

All Stars 6

The Cast

Ep.1 All Star Variety Show
  1. Asia O‘Hara
  2. Jan
  3. Nina Flowers
  4. Dida Ritz
  5. Yara Sofia
  6. Scarlet Envy
  7. Trinity K Bonet
  8. Nina Bonina Brown
  9. Peppermint
  10. Laganja Estranja

Variety Show
(For the Variety Show I looked for live performances queens have done in the past and how they might come across in a Variety Show setting)

  1. Trinity K Bonet (Lip Sync to an original track: A performance similar to Alexis Mateo's on AS5, meaning that she does an original, upbeat number with dancers)
  2. Scarlet Envy (Campy Singing or Burlesque: I believe that Scarlet would do a number similar to Alaska on AS2 or a burlesque number a la Bendela on AS3)
  3. Nina Flowers (DJ Set: Though it is something new and fresh we haven't seen done before, you can only go so far, even with Nina's creativity)
  4. Asia O‘Hara (Lip Sync, Light Twirling, Quick Changes: A performance similar to her Werq the World performance, which would be showstopping even on a smaller stage. I can only recommend looking it up because it is AMAZING!)
  5. Yara Sofia (Heritage Dance: A dance number inspired by the white Puerto Rican dance dress she wore for the Patriotic Drag Runway on Season 3, proudly presenting her puerto rican heritage)
  6. Dida Ritz (Lip Sync to an original track: I mean nobody can slay a lip sync like Miss Dida Ritz, so this is what she would most likely present on the stage)
  7. Peppermint (Political Spoken Word & Singing: Peppermint is one of the most politically vocal drag race girls out there, so I wouldn't be surprised if she made her performance about a political topic and then go over into some vocals cuz the girl can also sing)
  8. Jan (Singing: I mean... If somebody's singing during the Variety Show then it's definitely Jan)
  9. Nina Bonina Brown (Stand Up: I could see her storyline in the episode leading up to the Variety Show being that she wants to do Stand Up and it being something that nobody really excelled in (in the Variety Show), but then she does surprisingly good)
  10. Laganja Estranja (Stunts & Shablams: Think Aja, mixed with Kennedy, mixed with Shangela, resulting in a performance that would leave our jaws on the floor...probably)

Top 2: Laganja Estranja & Asia O‘Hara (The types of performances these two would bring have usually done well in past All Stars seasons, so I could see them being the first Top 2 of the season)
High: Peppermint (I hope Peppermint would get the recognition she deserves for her performance, after Mariah was just safe on AS5)
Safe: Nina Bonina Brown, Dida Ritz, Trinity K Bonet, Jan (All of them would have good performances, but would be declared safe in the end)
Low: Yara Sofia (She would be praised for bringing a part of her culture to the main stage, but might be crititqued for her coming across like she is holding back after not competing for 10 years, which might be her storyline throughout the season)
Bottom: Nina Flowers & Scarlet Envy (It pains me to say, that I could see these two as the bottom queens for the variety show. Nina for the reasons already mentioned above and Scarlet because of her performance, be it Singing or Burlesque, not standing out enough)

Guest Judge: Kelly Rowland (Singer and former Destiny's Child member)
Lip Sync: “Commander” by Kelly Rowland
Winner: Asia O‘Hara (A tight, high-energy lipsync, but I assume Asia would beat Laganja by a hair)
Elim.: Nina Flowers (This one already hurts. I can see her being very congeinal about it and saying, that she sees how much Scarlet wants to stay, so she sort of volunteers to go home, but does not directly give up.)

Ep.2 Lady Gaga: The Unauthorized Rusical
Rusical (I tried to match an era to each girl as well as possible, but of course some suit better than others)
The Fame: Trinity K Bonet
The Fame Monster: Nina Bonina Brown
Born This Way: Laganja Estranja
ARTPOP: Scarlet Envy
Cheek to Cheek: Peppermint
American Horror Story: Yara Sofia
Joanne: Dida Ritz
A Star is Born: Jan
Chromatica: Asia O‘Hara
Guest Judge: Idina Menzel (Broadway Star, "Wicked")
Runway: Rudemption (Trintiy K Bonet (RuPaul), Nina Bonina Brown (Club Kid), Laganja (Black & White), Scarlet Envy (Gold), Peppermint (Faux Fur), Yara Sofia (Favorite Body Part), Dida Ritz (Girly Girl), Jan (Capes), Asia (Butterfly Dress)

Top 2: Jan & Peppermint (I mean these two are kind of an obvious top two in a rusical challenge as they excelled in their original season's rusicals and their assigned roles play to their strenghts)
High: Laganja Estranja (The "Born This Way" era really suits her and I can see her doing some impressive choreography)
Safe: Asia O’Hara, Scarlet Envy, Dida Ritz (All of them have potential in a rusical and could do well in a rusical. However, the top 3 for the rusical are pretty clear to me in this cast)
Low: Yara Sofia (Her storyline of holding back continues, as well as her language barrier hindering her from giving her all in the challenge. However, she is praised for her look on the runway)
Bottom: Nina Bonina Brown & Trinity K Bonet (They are both given similar critiques. They faded into the background during thechallenge and seemed pretty out of it. Nina again complained over another girl getting the part she wanted (this time Laganja getting "Born This Way") recreating her Blac Chyna rant from season 9)

Lip Sync: “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
Winner: Peppermint (Another good lipsync, but Pep is almost unbeatable in a lip sync, so the win this week goes to her)
Elim. : Trinity K Bonet (Gag! One might think that Peppermint is over Nina's antics and decides to send her home, but she explains, that she sees the potential in her to really shine on All Stars, so she sends home Trinity)

Ep.3 Snatch Game
Snatch Game Characters
Scarlet Envy: Lana Del Rey
Jan: Kris Jenner
Laganja Estranja: Miley Cyrus
Dida Ritz: Diana Ross
Asia O‘Hara: Oprah Winfrey
Yara Sofia: Sofia Vergara
Peppermint: Wanda Sykes
Nina Bonina Brown: Poor Michelle (The third and often forgotten member of Destiny's Child, the memes are hilarious, I recommend looking them up)
Guest Judges: Betty White (Actress, "Golden Girls") & Nikki Blonsky (Actress, "Hairspray")
Runway Theme: Rucoco/French Ruvolution

Top 2: Scarlet Envy & Nina Bonina Brown (Both of the characters have so many jokes to make references to and even though Scarlet did not get to do Snatch Game on her season, I believe she could have slayed it. Also, Nina's Jasmine Masters was great too.)
High: Asia O'Hara (Another character with many things to reference and joke about... I think she would miss out on a top 2 spot, because she didn't do as great on her original Snatch Game, but she could surprise us, who knows?)
Safe: Jan, Peppermint (Both of them give solid performances, however Jan is told that she might have played it too safe, as Kris Jenner is someone she has done so many times outside of the show. Peppermint is just not the greatest at Snatch Game, but things would probably go better this time around)
Low: Yara Sofia (Yara is told that she redeemed Sofia from Season 9's Snatch Game, where Cynthia Lee Fontaine bombed as her, but is given a warning by Ru that she needs to do better than just fine to compete with the greatest. She is again praised for her amazing runway, omg just imagine what kind of wig she would wear....)
Bottom: Laganja Estranja & Dida Ritz (Both of them are not great at Snatch Game, Dida placed safe on season 4 and with Diana Ross, she would probably find herself in the bottom and Laganja well.... Rachel. Zoe.)

Lip Sync: “Upside Down” by Diana Ross
Winner: Nina Bonina Brown (Scarlet is not the best lipsyncer but she might put up a good fight. Nina is probably better at serving the songs attitude though, so she fully redeems herself from last week.)
Elim. : Dida Ritz (Nina explains that she loves Dida, but she can't deny, that Laganja has done so amazing in the competition up to this point and that she would love to be a shady b*tch, butshe can't bring herself to send her home)

Ep.4 The Galaxy Ball
Categories are: Judy Jetson HookeSpace Cadet Realness, Alien Eleganza, Space Couture (something they have to make themselves)
Guest Judges: Chrissy Teigen (Model) & Ezra Miller (Actor)

Top 2: Yara Sofia & Scarlet Envy (Yara finally prooves herself in the competition and serves three outstanding looks. Scarlet earns her rightful win, after not even placing high om season 11's halloween ball)
High: Asia O‘Hara (Asia also redeems herself from season 10's last ball on earth, where she was so busy helping others, that she didn't have time to fully execute her own look)
Safe: Jan (Just Jan is just safe... again! Her looks on the Ball ball were good, but not great. During deliberations she might again have a meltdown like after the Madonna Rusical, because she doesn't feel like she has been giving it her all since she keeps placing safe.)
Low: Nina Bonina Brown (Nina is creative af and it shows in her looks, but she is not the best seamstress... and it also shows. In the end she is declared safe.)
Bottom: Peppermint & Laganja Estranja (Peppermint is pretty hit or miss with her looks and even though her princess look was great on season 9, one can't be sure she will do as well again. Laganja on the other hand also doesn't really know her way with needle and thread so she most likely would also not excell in a design challenge)

Lip Sync: “So What” by P!nk
Winner: Yara Sofia (Yara would very likely win this type of song, since the rock attitude resonates very well with her type of drag and the fire lit under her butt from doing well for the first time this season would give her extra motivation)
Elim. : Laganja Estranja (Yara again decides to be fair and eliminate the one with the weaker track record and further explains, that she believes that Laganja has overall been the weakest in the ball challenge)

Ep.5 Movie Duo Parodies
Duos: Asia & Scarlet (Romy & Michele, Romy & Michele's Highschool Reunion), Jan & Peppermint (Thelma & Louise, Thelma & Louise), Yara & Nina (Nina & Lilly, Black Swan) (Randomly assigned)
Guest Judges: Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs (" Two Broke Girls" Stars)
Runway Theme: Monochromatic

Top 2: Jan & Peppermint (These two find themselves in the top 2 together again. They both are great actresses and can deliver comedic btis quite well)
Safe: Scarlet Envy & Asia O‘Hara (They also were close to being the top 2, but Jan and Pep just had a little better chemistry, since Scarlet did a little too much and Asia a little too.... little, but in the end they turned it too)
Bottom: Yara Sofia & Nina Bonina Brown (Sadly, these two are the obvious bottoms for the week. Both are not the greatest actors, but they still wouldn't be a dumpsterfire of a scene I would say...)

Lip Sync: “Enough is enough“ by Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer
Winner: Peppermint (Again Peppermint would beat Jan, but it would again be a good fight. The song really suits Peppermint's style of performance where she can put a lot of emotion into the lipsync)
Elim.: Yara Sofia (Peppermint goes onto explain, that througout the season she and Nina have grown quite close and that she couldn't bring herself to do it, so she tearfully reveals Yara's lipstick)

Ep.6 The Shadeful Five (Roast Challenge)
Guest Judges: Mo‘Nique (Actress, "Precious") & Eric Stonestreet (Actor "Modern Family")
Runway Theme: Dots & Circles

Top 2: Peppermint & Asia O‘Hara (I can only guess Asia would do the best out of the remaining four queens, since she is quite witty with other queens on tour etc. With Peppermint I'm very certain that she would again slay the roast.)
Bottom: Scarlet Envy, Nina Bonina Brown & Jan (The rest of the girls would be in the bottom at this point of the competition, not necessarily because they all bombed, but just because they did worse than the top 2)

Lip Sync: “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston
Winner: Asia O‘Hara & Peppermint (An iconic lipsync! I would love to actually see it happen. Let's just manifest it and hope it comes true)
Elim. : Nina Bonina Brown (Asia goes first and reveals that she has chosen Nina's lipstick since she wants to beat the best to her way to the crown and believes that it is Nina's time to go. Peppermint goes next and Jan and Scarlet are unsure if Peppermint decided to save Nina yet again, but she did not, also choosing her friend to leave the competition to keep it fair)

Ep. 7 Makeover
Guest Judges: Amandla Stenberg (Actress, "The Hate u give") & Lucy Hale (Actress, "Pretty Little Liars")

Top 2: Asia O‘Hara & Jan (I can again only guess that Jan would perform better than Scarlet, bit judging by Scarlets makeup either being stunning or sometimes questionable (see her entrance look) I decided to give it to Jan. Asia was an obvious choice for top 2 in this case)
Bottom: Peppermint & Scarlet Envy (I love Peppermint, but on Season 9 her makeover was kind of elevated by Sarge's amazing personality and Scarlet I already explained why she is sadly in the bottom)

Lip Sync: “About you now“ by the Sugababes
Winner: Jan (For the first time this season Jan wins a lipsync! This song is almost made for Jan, I's bubbly, it's fun, it's high energy. She would also want to proove that she wants to win so bad so she gives it her all.)
Elim. : Scarlet Envy (The final lipstick chosen this season, would sadly be the one of Miss Scarlet Envy. After praising her and her growth in a heartfelt speech, Jan says that she would find it unfair to send Peppermint home, since she has been a powerhouse throughout the season)

Ep. 8 Finale
Top 3 Asia O'Hara, Peppermint & Jan
The Top 3 perform to Ru's single "Condragulations" and get the eliminated All Stars 6 queens as their backup dancers.
All of the queens walk the runway a final time in their all stars eleganza extravaganza just like in All Stars 5. Then Ru announces that the Top 2 of the season are....
Top 2: Asia O‘Hara & Peppermint
3rd Place: Jan
Lip Sync: “Love on Top” by Beyonce (Another iconic lipsync between the two final queens, but in the end one queen comes out on top...)
The winner of All Stars 6 is...




...Asia O'Hara!!! Condragulations! Now prance my queen!
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2020.07.28 16:09 venicebxxch Worldwide Records Sold Comparisons, A few Thoughts about these numbers, and who you thought would be lower or higher

Here are a few numbers from a few artists worldwide records sold, I am just shocked thought a few would be higher then this, thought a few would be lower then this, It is not a dig at any artists artistry or popularity just an observation, all Estimates are from Wikipedia
Taylor swift 50 Million albums and 150 Million singles
Lady Gaga 124 Million albums and singles
Rihanna 250 Million albums and singles
Nicki Minaj 100 Million Albums and singles sold
Beyonce 100 Million Albums and singles sold
Demi Lovato 2 Million Albums and 20 Million singles
Selena gomez 7 Million Albums and 22 Million Singles
Little Mix 50 Million Albums and Singles sold
Iggy Azalea 48 Million Albums and Singles with 22 Million singles in the USA alone
Lana Del Rey 19.1 Million Albums and 13 Million singles
Adele 120 Million Albums and Singles
Justin Bieber 150 Albums and Singles
Drake 170 Million Albums and Singles
Katy Perry 18 Million Albums and 125 Million Singles
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2020.07.24 18:58 bernieorbust2k4ever Zillennials and Glee: The Nostalgic Soundtrack & Lack of Smartphones

I was watching Glee to remember Naya Rivera and all the songs on there being back so much nostalgia. I remember when Beyonce's Single Ladies was everywhere. I came late to a student org meeting and they forced me to dance to it as punishment haha (a few years after that song came out it was still popular!)
And that one song by Rihanna, Take A Bow?? I remember listening to it on my iPod...I'm only a few episodes in but that TV show is making me feel so old haha. It's weird Glee has no iPods or any other kind of tech...
I wonder why no one uses a smartphone in Glee when it came out around the same time the BlackBerry was becoming popular. I remember all the kids in my school had a smartphone unless they were uncool/poor like me lol
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2020.07.19 23:40 metasciences1234 My Reviews 4
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2020.07.18 20:58 yeezypres2024 Top 5 favorite eras?

Mine, in no specific order:
Katy Teenage Dream: Hit after hit after hit after hit. And they were all hits that I personally enjoyed. Juggernaut of a run. All the music videos were fire. Great tour visuals as well.
Ciara Goodies: Brought authenticity back in mainstream music. Debut single went #1. The music was super successful all while be authentic to her culture. Something we probably won’t ever see again nowadays. The videos were great. A freaking debut.
Rihanna Unapologetic: Oh y’all thought sis was a singles artist? Oh y’all thought sis couldn’t find her own sound? Oh y’all thought sis sold out to the white community with Loud? Chopped her hair, gave us Loveeeeeee Song and that iconic red dress on that spinning platform. The rest is history.
Lady Gaga The Fame: The reason I even love the pop genre. That’s it.
Beyonce self titled: Changed the industry. Great visuals. Great music.
Honorable mention: Nelly Furtado Loose
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2020.07.18 01:45 Hogwartshumanrights Where is the line? Do I count as mixed race?

Hi all, just another person with an identity crisis here.
I’ve been struggling with racial identity for a long time. I’m 75% white (Irish, Russian, Italian) and 25% Lousiana creole. Heres the thing, even though my grandma was born to two black parents, and her birth certificate says black, she was sometimes considered “white-passing” (and her death certificate even says “white”). To give an example, she looks kinda like Beyonce’s mom. Her kids all ended up looking very mixed race, except my mom, who looks like a white lady with some black features (her hair for example). I came out much darker than both my parents — clearly mediterranean/creole took favor with my olive skin. Since my siblings all came out lighter, I def felt like the black sheep of the family growing up.
As long as I can remember I’ve gotten the “What are you” “You’re not white” “Are you latina/armenian/creole/middle eastern/indian” etc questions, sometimes getting singled out even WHILE being with my family members. I feel like I’m in a weird situation where other people feel that they can call me brown, but I can’t call myself brown, because my family is white. People use the medium skin tone emoji for me (I sorta have the same skin tone as Rashida Jones), yet I feel like if I use it I’m appropriating… especially to the people who assume I’m 100% white. Generally, on forms I just say I’m white or mixed. I’ve met some white Anglo-Saxon people people who make me feel like white is the LAST thing I am. At the same time, I will not deny my white/white passing privilege. I don’t identify with being African American, but I do identify with being creole. Which makes the “check all that apply” hard when I get to African American. Do I..? Should I...? Ugh.
To make things even more complicated, I grew up with a TON of Mexican culture because my mom grew up in a mixed race house with white, black, and (mostly) Mexican family members. Because I grew up with Mexican, Creole and Italian culture, it feel like just checking that “caucasian” box ignores so much of my background…. Especially the creole.
Sooo my question is, do I count as mixed?
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2020.07.15 17:00 deathtothemods you're coming off brainwashed

key words of the brainwashed:
- movement
- slavery
- history
- oppression
- humanity

- all we are ever taught in schools in this country as far as racism and slavery goes, is about black slavery. every race has been screwed over in this country, though, even white folks, but they don't teach that, because then we would finally feel equal. as we are. which'd make us feel actually free and strong, if we knew it-- not to mention, able to identify the current slavery of us all taking place right now.
- although black people are represented in the media, they are only ever, ever represented as being "token," "oppressed,"or "under represented."
- all the news ever shows us about black people is that they are still trying to make their way into the culture, or something.
- the words "black," "slavery," and "oppression," are all synonymous in our culture. because of a. the media, and b. the culture who repeats this, believes this, thus sees this, creates this, perpetuates this via sheer perception.

- all cultures, ages, genders, etc, are slaves TODAY.
a. women are raped and sold as sex dolls on the internet;
b. old people are targeted for abuse and theft;
c. mexicans have legit been deported and attacked;
d. children are funneled into trafficking;
e. white people are met with zero empathy from fellow man in this culture- ZERO;
f. etc, unto infinity;
----> all by the FBI/ CIA or whatever fucking acronym and other government organizations put in place to "protect" us. it's not about your race, it's actually about how poor you are.
- we have MTV, then we have BET: that is racist. there's no AsianTV, etc. in our mainstream, is there? MexiTV?
we have Human Rights Movement, then we have Black Lives Matter: that is racist.
we have Charlize Theron winning an award, then we have The First Black Female Oscar Winner (Halle Berry): that is racist.
we have George W. Bush, then we have The First Black President: that is racist.
just like we have talk show hosts, then we have The First Black (oprah), just like we have The First Lesbian (ellen), etc: that is just prejudism. the media labelled them this, not us.
but we "followed suit," because we thought we were showing our "non prejudice," by applauding at them for achieving basic ass shit [we should expect them to achieve anyway] only because the media let them [which is true for all individuals entering the media], which is really degrading and condescending to those groups- and all fucking human beings everywhere- in general. it is humiliating of us.
our media is racist AGAINST blacks; to keep discussing them as divided hurts them; and it keeps conditioning us to see them as separate; and it forces all humans to continue to perceive differences; even if what we are consciously doing is "representing each other better."

- when women fight "to be equal," they show the culture and themselves that "they are not."
- when teenagers fight "to be equal," they show the culture and themselves "they are not."
- when muslims fight "to be equal," they show the culture and themselves "they are not."
- when LGBTQ fight "to be equal," they show the culture and themselves "they are not."
- when groups keep fighting "to be equal," they show the culture and themselves they are not; they show their leaders how divided they are, rather than unified and strong; and they show their ignorance in the fact that all human rights are equally breached; and they continue operating on a self-important, singular cause, without seeing they are part of a microcosm of human beings, everywhere, and without allowing us to literally say, we want to come together, to be stronger.
now, they've turned the word, "all," into . . . one of racism and/or ignorance.
please think about that.

- yes, white cops are extra sadistic towards black people, especially in those lawless states-- which is the system's fault.
- but, male cops are hyper sexual towards women in desperate situations, especially in those lawless states-- which is the system's fault.
- but, black and white cops are extra sadistic towards mexicans- more openly, now, thanks to "trump-" especially in those lawless states-- which is the system's fault.
- but, all "american" cops are extra sadistic to middle easterners supported by and also leftover thanks to "bushes" lies of terrorism- especially in those lawless states-- which is the system's fault.
- all humans are being attacked, at all times, all the damn time, especially in those lawless states-- which is the system's fault; but only the black slaves keep coming up in our media, books, films, 100% because
a. we are used to it, numb to seeing their suffering, pissed but not outraged/shocked;
b. it is our own definition of "slavery," therefore we compare it to today, thinking, "man, we are SO free, thank God."
c. it is a great way to keep us divided via perpetuating a racial distinction.

and hey NOW-- what of all the black celebrities literally ruling the media, being called queens, kings, and other royalty? not on BET but on ALL TV.
do your own black leaders believe BLM? do they project a proper voice for you all?
look: anybody at the top of a social hierarchy, by default, worships the hierarchy and its entire setup, and inherently believes we who are beneath them belong in that place.
- jay Z, beyonce, rihanna represent a literal royal dynasty in our pop culture: what whites have that power there? lady gaga? katy perry? miley cyrus? mexicans? selena gomez...? asians...??? NO. because they are just solo artists who don't represent a literal "hustling team," so much as just white trash ho shit, whether or not even white (because not just blacks, but all races and groups are disfigured via media stereotyping).
- the entire genre of rap and hip hop is a poetic spectrum, we know this: yet the only rappers and black artists of the media are only ever talking about crimes, violence, divas, hustlers, getting shot up, and just straight thuggery-- whose fucking fault is that? WTF kind of a depiction is that??
look how black lives are represented by your own leaders and influencers. what about that get out phenomenon--you know it goes both ways- it goes ALL ways-- where all the white artists are airheads like One Direction, until they become part of the "black culture juvies," like justin bieber...? ... who's literally just a black guy, now vehicling a white kid's body?
they exploit the existing racist perception of black culture in order to make white folks look "cool" or "badass," which is fucking racist against all groups involved.
in our media:
- all random races/ ethnicities just become white (for example, shakira);
- all whites just become black (kardashians)
- all blacks just become caricature gangsters (lil wayne, but also even rihanna for christ's sakes)
LOOK at the way THEY show us our own culture; LOOK at the weird ass ways they deliver NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT; when the media wants you to say "black lives matter,"
a. you automatically know it is wrong, because it's advice from the media; but,
b. you are just repeating the phrase, "we are different, different struggles, one at a time is the way: we are different: i am not you, you are not me, but we will 'tolerate,' and that is our growth. hooray."
- some of us don't WANT to say Black Lives Matter, 100% because we can see WTF IS HAPPENING to us all, each time we reinforce this damn mantra! you are speaking the words into your reality that you are SLAVES still, so you will remain slaves, still, the words are a spell you are under. most literally!
some of us just respect you too much to patronize you and/or help the media brand you as slaves, still.
some of us just don't see your color, and we feel annoyed and confused when you force us to see you for your color.
blacks and whites and all utterers of the phrase, everywhere, whatsoever, who ever attacked another for saying, "ALL of us matter, bitch! we ALL are fucked!" is a brainwashed moron, i'm so, so sad and sorry to say.
but it must be said.

STOP absorbing the news from your media and the "education" from textbooks!
STOP looking at a tortured man and seeing his skin color!
that man who died was a MAN!
just like countless others each day, despite SKIN!
"the cop did it because of his skin:"
a. i shouldn't have to tell you, a man who can do that to a man at all, can and has done that to many men and women of many races, already;
b. sure he did it because of the man's skin color in that one example of his violence- that was his reason; is that OUR reason to care more?
where he saw color, we should NOT- understand??

if you have a problem with the way blacks are treated, which you obviously should-- and we ALL DOO-- take it up with your goddamn music media (who is 100% your mother fucking "gov't"), who is the reason "racist white cops," or racist damn anythings- even exist in this day and age.
i wonder how many people who said "BLM," are also gigantic beyonce fans? these words are used only by the opposite of credible individuals of the culture. literally, morons: if beyonce promoted the phrase, then you know it's seedyy ass shit. because she ain't black. she is a clone of a once black girl modified to be an actual supremacist's employed hustler against her own culture.
she basically told us so, herself.
go burn down the houses of famous black and white music artists, talk show hosts, newscasters, celebrities and politicians at large, indiscriminately, because these are the mother fuckers who keep reinforcing ALL prejudiced stereotypes into our minds on the hourly.
in that white cop's face, you should've seen the face of your evil ass MEDIA, not some individual racist human, because we can all agree that cop was no longer operating on any human level: it's just not fucking natural for a human to do that to another human, ESPECIALLY if it was all due to race/ some archaic prejudice-- we ALL deepheart for real fucking KNOW this, by now, we KNOW it.
that man was programmed then he was posted all over our public programming used as a tool to reinforce his own and our own programming.
and what exactly was his sentence? his punishment?
if it were up to you, he would be dead. if it were up to me, he'd be dead; but, it's up to your officials and courts, who decided the hate crime was mild enough, who decided that cop would pay some kind of a fine and generally move on with his life. this is not necessarily because your officials are racist, per se: it's more specifically that, the man who was killed was poor. he lacked status. so you know, who's going to rise up and sue us for this injustice? and whatall.
if that cop was met with denzel washington or michael jordon, he'd have asked for an autograph and licked someone's balls clean. this isn't about race, you idiots: that cop did what he did AND got away with it more or less, because that man was reduced to just another "poor" person with "zero status or pull on any system."

Black Lives Matter:
- OF COURSE we know what the fuck this statement means!
OF COURSE we know how blacks have been and are treated for being black!
OF COURSE we would never take away from this truth and this movement!
YESS, we understand you mean to emphasize the depths of your struggle, and
ABSOLUTELY everybody as far as the mind can reach just knows this,
this is because you are FAMOUS for your struggles
more than anything else in this culture--
are you okay with that???
is that all you want to be known for, goddamn it?!
because if it's so, that cop was literally just doing what a "typical racist white man in power" WILL DO according to what you have made yourselves FAMOUS for by yelling out shit like BLACK vs. WORLD mentality mantras.
you're playing on the shoddy programming of the racist other cultures right noooow!
create a new fucking cultural identity, right now!!
"black lives matter" sounds exactly like, "help us!!"
why not push forth something like, "racism is murder," or like, "kill the MSM," or like, "WHO THE FUCK ARE COPS?"
...... ?!!?!??!
where's all the strength, the beauty, the power, the wisdom, the purpose, the dignity...?
"black lives matter" ..? c'mon, already. there's not a single race on the planet who could get away with saying this- and it's for a reason. it sounds fucking wrong. YES, i understand the cause, but this tagline is bogus.
we already know it's a fucking black movement;
but imagine if you aimed at your target, instead of naming your same general hardships, again.
imagine if you... actually made a movement out of this: you're not even trying to move forward; you're literally standing in the same place, and begging all people to move over there, and in the process, none of those people are allowed to nuance your struggle with ideas of unity, oneness, or "all."
and just nobody cares to research where all the BLM funds go. i'll save you the energy, but i'll warn you, it's just another let down: all of that money goes into campaigns for politicians, and a number of other outlets having zero effect on the issue of racist cops. this isn't a secret, you can plainly research this if you don't believe me.

- if you were attacked for retorting, "All Lives Matter," your attacker was acting out of his own preprogrammed racism, that he doesn't realize is the new, evolved brand of fucking racism.

All Lives mother fucking Matter: what kind of a fascist refutes this?
NO! stop trying to "teach me the context," i get it, we all know what it is, and we are neither racist nor ignorant for holding this opinion.
- this phrase doesn't diminish your cause. this isn't taking attention away. this is trying to pump you with the equality you and i and all of us want, for you and for all of us! we're fucking in this together, you get me?? or are you just here for yourself? are we all just here for you...?
- this is our way of breaking down programming! this is our way of saying, you're not just black, you are human, just like all of us, because you and i are the same, whether black or white or mexican or mixed or WHATever, anymore, no one cares about race here anymore- except for the news and the media, clearly- BUT we are obviously above all of this shit, and you and i can be stronger together, for you and for me, and for all of our children, is the damn mission!
at the rate you are going, your children and grandchildren will also be saying, "blm, so help us now, and hear our cries," when perhaps they could be saying shit like, "review and reform the police," or like, "you are me--" either those kids will be fighting the causes you and your parents resolved to continue fighting, or they will be warriors of an evolved society.
- this isn't a way of saying, "me too;" this is a way of saying, "fuck yeah, i hear you; no i'm not black, but i am human, and i know exactly how blacks have been treated, and i need to end it, and we can all end it, we're here for you in this moment, please be there for each and every other human when it's their moment-- and that moment happens to be RIGHT FUCKING NOW, since FUCKING FOREVER AGO, every passing minute, NOW!
stop thinking small scale, it's part of your programming! we need open minds, now, bigger picture thinkers and movers, here. take every inch of the black cause, and come fucking weave it into some unified revolutionary quilt, will you fucking please?? because we need you, and we are stronger together. we need every last group in existence or this shit won't work-- don't you fucking agree...?
you people are nothing all on your own, just like all females are, all males, all whites, just like each group is fucking NOTHING alone!! come over here, or let us all in, bitch, we're fighting literally the same goddamn cause."

THINK about the WORDS exchanged on a basic level, and tell me this is okay?
because these are the words that form our own actual reality:
"black lives matter"
"yes, i agree!! ALL lives matter,"
"no, how dare you?"
"i agree with you, but all of us are slaves in 2020, we gotta get together and acknowledge all of our hardships,"
"no, you misunderstand the movement, this is for black's only, because they have had it the worst,"
"but i agree with you, they especially earned peace, but let's come together and show equality through each of our unified causes- no? as long as a person is sick and/or poor, we can agree we're all fucked- no?? like, we are all slaves, right now, get it?"
"no- you misunderstand the movement: we have been treated worse! admit it, or leave, this is Black lives right here, everyone else has had it easie has irrelevant problems."
"okay, sorry: Black Lives Matter..."
"good! i have systematically conditioned you about slavery taken place centuries ago- efficiently told you about what your textbooks and media have taught you about from birth, all over again, and got you to, like you did as a schoolgirl, sit and politely listen, as if it's new information: i am accomplished, we are one step closer to being equal to everyone else, so long as everyone knows we are different."

and this is the way you program the reality of the people:
- you teach them to distinguish and dissociate from each other;
- you teach them isolating mantras to say and feel, so their reality remains echoing only that;
- if the programming is successful, basic words like, "we're all the same," are quite literally shamed by the public, triggering the brainwashed.
*** black lives are the same as all human lives- are they not!?
*** and are you including the wealthy ass sociopathic blacks in this category, or what? did that man suffer because he was BLACK or because he was fucking POOR...? does any race, gender, age group, sexuality, or religion ever suffer when they are RICH...?
"Poor People Everywhere Matter" is way more apt, if we're really going to be dealing in specifics.
*** do you see yourself as less? because we don't! do you want us to...? because we fucking won't!! i love you, you're me, we're one! let me just fucking say it!!! what's wrong??!!
*** we all deserve better, yeahh? all human beings, right?
*** we're trying to undo the programming of the fabric of reality, get it?? we're trying to put out a new mantra that dictates reality to say,
"blacks are humans; we are all humans; you + me = samesies, you dig?
unless you only want to be seen for your differences... in which case...
you will remain slaves. you don't evolve by raising one up--
it's not even possible to raise one up in a system where we are all down...
where we all are meant to equal a pyramid's base thinking we're reaching the top.
AND YES!!!! we ALL are down on the fucking GROUND. SEE THIS!!
you would fucking SEE THIS if you weren't thinking so narrowly."

in america, alone:
- native americans were slaughtered and raped and enslaved, plagued and endangered today;
- mexicans were murdered and/or terrorized out of the country;
- blacks were enslaved and raped and tortured;
- asians and irishmen were enslaved and used mostly for child labor;
- blue eyed, blondie white children and black children in particular were [are] used systematically for satanic sacrifices;
- women never mattered;
- animals never mattered;
- no one ever mattered, unless wealthy; and even then, they became prey.
- every single human being in america who is not filthy rich, is 100% an oppressed slave today in this country, enduring multiple forms of abuse (mostly psychological) in and out of each hour of chaotic existence.

this shit is not a competition. don't fucking pull out your pamphlet and lead with, "for 400 plus years, the african slaves..."; everybody has suffered unspeakably; how do you sleep at night placing your struggles so high above everyone else's...? get it together, here.

you look fucking stupid when you focus on blacks,
you look like a scared, ignorant walking complex.
you need to know this.
let go of all of the history you were taught,
that you never witnessed yourself,
because it is fiction, as far as we know;
and, if to you it is not, then you better read up on
all of the atrocities from start to end of time
done to each group, here in this country, here on this planet.
act only from intuition, now,
and inside of yourself
you will see everyone else
and you all will rise up together
and there will be no such thing as
cosmetic differences,
because there never truly were between us
in the first place,
yet they made it all up
via remixing and spotlighting certain events
pixelated through the man made and manipulated unraveling of time,
to keep us from coming together:
we need to show them how and where they have failed,
by disacknowledging the shit that makes us all "different,"
first and foremost, by shedding the words that promote isolation,
because they are spells, they keep us in the trance,
that illusion wonderland where
"we are fundamentally not all, we are not one."

all of us matter. that obviously includes you.
if you disagree, there's something wrong with you.
reevaluate yourself, immediately,
if you're a person who attacked another for saying simply,
"all lives matter."
if you properly reflect on yourself after saying the words,
"No- black lives matter,"
i think you'll tap into much humiliation,
if you're able to break down that pesky
programming enough to see clearly.
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2020.07.12 21:50 SubaruToyotaFan1986 [Discussion] Your current music playlist - whatever platform it's on!

For me it's:
Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce - Savage remix (first time I'd heard "bougie" mentioned in a while, for some reason this seems to be used as background music in shops here in England, heard this blasting out over the speakers today!)
Donna Summer - I Feel Love
O'Jays - Love Train
Space Oddity - David Bowie
My Name Is - Eminem
Say So - Doja Cat
Believe - Cher
Wide Awake - Katy Perry
Break My Heart - Dua Lipa
My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
Close Cover - Minimalistix
Will I Ever - Ian Van Dahl (stage name of Annemie Coenen, Belgian pop star)
Ladies and Gentlemen - the Best of George Michael
Some Beatles albums
Dua Lipa's less well-known singles
Love on Top - Beyonce
Words of Love - Mamas and the Papas
Round Round - Sugababes
All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow
How You Remind Me / Rockstar - Nickelback
Sorry - Justin Bieber
SuperLove - Charli XCX
That's some of the songs on my current playlist, what songs have you got and why.
For me, I've got varied tastes so a fairly wide playlist and have recently got into some of the older music from the 1960s and '70s, and also heard a bit about Megan Thee Stallion on celebrity websites.
Interested to hear your playlist, or link to it if it's on YouTube.
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2020.07.07 16:32 MyRemixPool Hype Jams Megapack (June 2020)

100 Bpm – Saweetie – Tap In [Dexterous Hype Transition 80 100 Dirty] 5A 160 02:49 6.49MB 100 Bpm – Saweetie – Tap In [Dexterous Hype Transition 80-100 Clean] 5A 160 02:49 6.49MB 112 X Michael Fortera – Peaches & Cream (Hype Boyz Edit) 9A 105 02:28 5.69MB 2Pac – Changes (Hype Moombah Redrum)[Clean] 9B 110 04:39 10.66MB 5 Seconds Of Summer – Old Me (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) 8A 128 04:00 9.16MB 6Ix9Ine & Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Regulator Hype Acapella Intro) (Clean) 12A 90 02:16 5.41MB 6Ix9Ine & Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Regulator Hype Acapella Intro) (Dirty) 12A 90 02:16 5.41MB 6Ix9Ine Ft Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Nelson S Hype Intro)[Dirty] 12A 90 03:30 8.04MB 6Ix9Ine Ft. Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Regulator Hype Acapella Intro) (Clean) 12A 90 02:16 5.22MB 6Ix9Ine Ft. Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Regulator Hype Acapella Intro) (Dirty) 12A 90 02:16 5.22MB 6Ix9Ine Ft. Nicki Minaj – Trollz – Dj Serg Sniper Hype Intro (Clean) 12A 90 04:13 9.82MB 6Ix9Ine Ft. Nicki Minaj – Trollz – Dj Serg Sniper Hype Intro (Dirty) 12A 90 04:13 9.82MB 6Ix9Ine’ Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Regulator Acap In Hype – Straight To Nicki) Club) 12A 90 02:16 5.32MB 6Ix9Ine’ Nicki Minaj – Trollz (Regulator Acap In Hype – Straight To Nicki) Radio) 12A 90 02:16 5.31MB Aba’ Simonsen – Soul Bossa Nova (Jhapz Sadicon! Throwback Hype Edit Vs. Chuckie & Mastiksoul Remix)[Dirty] 6B 128 02:15 5.16MB Acdc – Shook Me All Night Long (Neon Rad Redrum) Hype In – Clean 9B 128 9B 128 03:58 9.13MB Afro B Feat. T-Pain Vs. Pitbull – Condo (Hype Acapella Intro) 9A 107 02:28 5.67MB Afrojack – Bass Is Kicking – Hype Edit 4A 128 02:48 6.44MB Aitch – Club Hack Hype Intro (Clean) 1A 141 03:24 7.96MB Aitch – Club Hack Hype Intro (Dirty) 1A 141 03:24 7.96MB Alec Benjamin – Oh My God (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 15300Bpm) 5B 153 04:10 9.66MB Alexis & Fido – Violenta (Dj Ronald Hype Acap In) (Dirty) 3A 100 03:09 7.27MB Alvaro’ Mercer’ Lil Jon’ Spaveech – Welcome To The Jungle (Crg Hype Edit) Dirty 8A 70 7A 140 02:44 6.30MB Alvaro’ Mercer’ Lil Jon’ Spaveech – Welcome To The Jungle (Crg Hype Edit) Dirty Ck Cut 8A 70 7A 140 02:10 4.99MB Amy Grant – Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Xmas Redrum Hype) 146 Bpm Clean 2B 146 02:28 5.67MB Angelo Ferreri – Dance With Me (Dj Jeff Hype Edit)[Clean] 12A 123 05:35 12.82MB Ankhal’ Farruko’ Guaynaa Y Kevvo – Perreo Intenso (Bpmlatino Hype Intro) (Dirty Extended) 6A 96 04:37 10.62MB Ankhal’ Farruko’ Guaynaa Y Kevvo – Perreo Intenso (Bpmlatino Hype Intro) (Dirty Short Edit) 6A 96 02:55 6.70MB Anne-Marie – Birthday – Club Hack Hype Intro (Clean) 1B/1A 152 03:49 8.90MB Anne-Marie – Birthday – Club Hack Hype Intro (Dirty) 1B/1A 152 03:49 8.90MB Anual Aa Ft Mariah – Bandido (Dj Ronald Hype Intro) (Dirty) 4B 96 03:02 7.12MB Anuel Aa & J Balvin – Medusa – J Medina Hype Intro (Clean) 9A 98 05:33 12.74MB Anuel Aa & J Balvin – Medusa – J Medina Hype Intro (Dirty) 9A 98 05:33 12.74MB Anuel Aa – Reggaetonera (Dj Ronald Hype Intro) (Dirty) 1A 95 03:19 7.66MB Anuel Aa Ft Bad Bunny – Hasta Que Dios Diga (Dj Ronald Hype Intro) (Dirty) 4A/3A 90 03:54 8.98MB Anuel Aa Ft Tego Calderon – Jangueo (Dj Ronald Hype Intro) (Dirty) 7A 93 03:57 9.22MB Arc6Ngel’ Sech & Dhmelo Flow – Sigues Con El – Bross Hype Intro 1B 88 03:56 9.06MB Arcangel’ Chencho Corleone’ Myke Towers’ Wisin Y Yandel – Pirueta (Hype Latino Extended) 11A 81 04:50 11.09MB Ariana Grande’ Social House – Boyfriend (Hype Edit) (Hh Clean Short) 3A 97 02:43 6.29MB Ariana Grande’ Social House – Boyfriend (Hype Edit) (Hh Dirty Short) 3A 97 02:43 6.29MB Asian Doll – Stank Walk (Steve D Hypein Redrum)[Dirty] 9A 97 02:48 6.45MB Aya Nakamura Ft. Maluma – Djadja – Maluma Remix – Alex Selas Hype Intro (Dirty) 7A 98 02:58 6.95MB Bad Bunny & Don Omar – Pa’ Romperla (Beatbreaker Hype Intro) (Dirty) 6A 94 03:34 8.42MB Bad Bunny & Don Omar – Pa’ Romperla (Beatbreaker Hype Intro) (Dirty) 6A 94 6A 94 03:34 8.23MB Bad Bunny – Yo Perreo Sola (Luzquinos Hype Intro) (Dirty) 9A 97 02:58 6.84MB Bad Bunny Con Nicky Jam – Bad Con Nicky Djbuba Intro Hype 93 105 Bpm Lr 6A/5A 124 03:45 8.61MB Bad Bunny Don Omar – Pa Romperla Djbuba Intro Hype 94Bpm Lr 6A 94 03:20 7.66MB Bad Bunny Ft Don Omar – Pa Romperla (Dj Ronald Hype Party Starter) (Dirty) 6A 94 04:15 9.82MB Bad Bunny Ft Jowell & Randy & Nengo Flow – Safaera (Dj Brayanflow – Luzquinos Hype Intro) (Dirty) 0 01:53 4.37MB Bad Bunny Ft. Drake – Mia (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 97Bpm) 11A 97 04:17 10.04MB Bad Bunny Y Don Omar – Pa Romperla (Bpmlatino Hype Intro) (Dirty Extended) 6A 95 03:54 9.00MB Bad Bunny Y Don Omar – Pa Romperla (Bpmlatino Hype Intro) (Dirty Short Edit) 6A 95 02:44 6.29MB Balam Kiel Ft. Fito Blanko – Tu Y Yo – Shelco Garcia & Teen Wolf Remix Hype Intro (Intro) 10A 143 04:32 10.57MB Beyonce – Run The World (Dj Oio Hype Edit) (Dirty Acap In) 5A 127 04:13 9.72MB Beyonce – Run The World (Dj Oio Hype Edit) (Dirty) 5A 127 04:10 9.61MB Beyonce X Lizzo X Fatman Scoop – The Single Ladies Anthem (Danny Diggz Hype Party Break – Drop In – Clean) – 9A – 97 9A 97 02:36 5.99MB Beyonce’ Jay-Z’ Fatman Scoop – Crazy In Love (Deville Hype Slam Edit) Clean 6A 99 6A 99 04:12 9.67MB Beyonce’ Jay-Z’ Fatman Scoop – Crazy In Love (Deville Hype Slam Edit) Clean Ck Cut 6A 99 6A 99 03:24 7.82MB Beyonce’ Jay-Z’ Fatman Scoop – Crazy In Love (Deville Hype Slam Edit) Clean Super Cut 6A 99 6A 99 01:33 3.57MB Big Sean Ft A$Ap Ferg & Hit Boy – Bezerk (Dj Rocco & Dj Ever B Twerk Rmx) – Dj Arman Aveiru Hype Intro (Dirty) 95 6A 95 04:25 10.15MB Bill Withers – Lovely Day (80S Xtend Hype)[Dirty] 9A 99 05:19 12.22MB Bingo Players’ Common Oddity – Devotion (Crg Birthday Hype Edit) Dirty 4A 144 4A 144 01:43 3.96MB Bingo Players’ Common Oddity – Devotion (Crg Birthday Hype Edit) Dirty Ck Cut 4A 144 4A 144 01:30 3.45MB Blac Youngsta Feat. City Girls – Whisper – Dj Arman Aveiru Hype Intro (Clean) 102 5A 102 03:46 8.63MB Blac Youngsta Feat. City Girls – Whisper – Dj Arman Aveiru Hype Intro (Dirty) 102 5A 102 03:46 8.63MB Blackstreet Ft. Queen Pen X Lil Kim – No Diggity X Crush On You (Raymond Hype Intro Mashup) (Clean) 11A 89 05:02 11.53MB Blackstreet Ft. Queen Pen X Lil Kim – No Diggity X Crush On You (Raymond Hype Intro Mashup) (Dirty) 11A 89 05:02 11.53MB Blue 2019 (Edm Hype Edit) Eiffel 65 X Reverse Prime [128 Bpm] Clean 6A 128 02:42 6.22MB Bmw Kenny – Wipe It Down – Dibs & Mgm Hype Intro (Clean) 4A 140 03:12 7.48MB Bmw Kenny – Wipe It Down – Dibs & Mgm Hype Intro (Dirty) 4A 140 03:12 7.48MB Bmw Kenny – Wipe It Down Dibs & Mgm Hype Intro Clean 3A 140 4A 140 03:12 7.35MB Bmw Kenny – Wipe It Down Dibs & Mgm Hype Intro Dirty 3A 140 4A 140 03:12 7.36MB Brett Kissel – She Drives Me Crazy (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) 3B 116 03:51 8.85MB Britney Spears – Baby One More Time (Hype Moombah Redrum)[Clean] 5A 104 03:25 7.84MB Bryce Vine – Baby Girl (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) 6A 107 03:21 7.71MB Buju Banton – Blassed – Luis R Hype Edit (Clean) 10A 124 04:19 10.06MB Buju Banton – Blassed – Luis R Hype Edit (Dirty) 10A 124 04:19 10.06MB Candle Joseph – Call On Me (Serg Sniper Hype Intro) (Clean) 4B 100 03:26 8.03MB Candle Joseph – Call On Me (Serg Sniper Hype Intro) (Dirty) 4B 100 03:26 8.03MB Cardi B – Press (Mixshow Hype Scratch Re-Drum)[Clean] 12A 134 02:44 6.32MB Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman (Redrum Hype)[Clean] 7A 120 02:47 6.42MB Carolina Marquez X Gabry Ponte – Sing La La La 2020 (Dancehall Hype) [128 Bpm] Clean 12A 128 03:49 8.77MB Casual Connection – What Is Love [Throwback Hype Rework] 100 Bpm Dirty 5A 100 04:38 10.63MB Ceky Viciny – Ellos (Hype Intro) 5A 122 02:47 6.42MB Charli Xcx & Troye Sivan – 1999 [What Time Is It] [Redrum Hype] 124 Bpm Clean 10A 124 04:01 9.24MB Chencho Corleone Ft. Wisin & Yandel’ Myke Towers X Arcangel – Pirueta (Intensa Hype Intro 81Bpm) 11A 81 04:55 11.30MB Chimbala – Ataca – Dozarm Hype Intro 3B 100 02:55 6.84MB Chingy – Right Thurr (Hype Moombah Redrum)[Clean] 7A 106 03:46 8.64MB Chris Brown & Tyga X J Nevins – Ayo [Moombahton Redrum Hype] 106 Bpm Clean 2B 106 04:04 9.34MB Chris Brown & Young Thug – Go Crazy (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 9400Bpm) 5A 94 03:54 8.96MB Chris Brown & Young Thug – Go Crazy (Vdj Jd Short Edit)(Hype) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 9400Bpm) 5A 94 03:03 7.02MB Chris Brown & Young Thug – Go Crazy (Vdj Jd Single Again Mash Up)(Hype) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 9400Bpm) 5A 94 03:54 8.96MB Chris Brown & Young Thug – Go Crazy (Vdj Jd Single Again Mash Up)(Short Hype) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 9400Bpm) 5A 94 02:02 4.68MB Chubby Checker – The Twist (60’s Pop Rock Redrum Hype Intro) 158 Bpm Clean 12B 158 02:49 6.49MB City Girls & Yo Gotti – Broke Niggas (Hype In) (Qh) (Shandadon Edit) 7A 100 02:14 5.21MB City Girls & Yo Gotti – Broke Niggas (Hype In) (Se) (Shandadon Edit) 7A 100 03:12 7.42MB City Girls & Yo Gotti – Broke Niggas (Hype In) (Shandadon Edit) 7A 100 04:09 9.62MB City Girls – Act Up (Hype Intro)[Dirty] 5A 97 02:28 5.70MB City Girls – Come Outside (Dirty) (Hype In) (Se) (Shandadon Edit) 0 01:44 4.07MB City Girls – Come Outside (Dirty) (Hype In) (Shandadon Edit) 5A 101 02:41 6.25MB City Girls – Jobs (Dj Andone Hype Acap In) (Clean) 4A 80 02:27 5.64MB City Girls – Jobs (Dj Andone Hype Acap In) (Dirty) 4A 80 02:27 5.64MB City Girls – Jobs (Dj Jeff Hype Edit)[Clean] 4A 80 02:47 6.40MB City Girls – Jobs (Muka Hype ‘show Me’ Bootleg)[Clean] 9A 98 02:19 5.34MB City Girls – Jobs (Muka Hype ‘show Me’ Bootleg)[Dirty] 9A 98 02:19 5.34MB City Girls – Jobs (Nelson S Scratch Hype Intro Refix)[Clean] 4A 85 03:00 6.90MB City Girls – Jobs (Nelson S Scratch Hype Intro Refix)[Dirty] 4A 85 03:00 6.90MB City Girls – That’s My B#tch – Dj Serg Sniper Hype Intro (Clean) 4A 104 02:41 6.32MB City Girls – That’s My B#tch – Dj Serg Sniper Hype Intro (Dirty) 3A 104 02:41 6.32MB City Girls – That’s My Bitch (Dirty) (Hype In) (Se) (Shandadon Edit) 0 01:44 4.07MB City Girls – That’s My Bitch (Dirty) (Hype In) (Shandadon Edit) 0 02:41 6.25MB Cole Swindell – Single Saturday Night (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 83Bpm) 9B 83 04:20 10.02MB Cookies – Bogo (Hype Rework) 100 Bpm Dirty 9A 100 02:33 5.90MB Cookies – Bogo (Hype Reworks) 100 Bpm Clean 9A 100 02:33 5.90MB Cyn – Drinks (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 14200Bpm) 7B 142 03:36 8.34MB Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Dj Hope Hype Transition 125-102 Bpm) (Clean) 7A 125 03:48 8.90MB Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Dj Hope Hype Transition 125-102 Bpm) (Dirty) 7A 125 03:48 8.90MB Dababy – Rockstar (Dj James Kelly Hype Acapella Intro) (Dirty) 1B 90 03:55 8.99MB Dababy – Rockstar (Dj James Kelly Hype Intro) (Dirty) 1B 90 03:44 8.58MB Dababy – Shut Up – Markcutz Hype Intro (Clean) 5A 130 03:56 9.17MB Dababy – Shut Up – Markcutz Hype Intro (Dirty) 5A 130 03:56 9.17MB Dababy Ft Roddy Ricch – Rockstar (Dj Diddles Hype Intro) (Dj Diddles) (Clean – 90Bpm) 1B 90 03:33 9.26MB Dababy Ft Roddy Ricch – Rockstar (Dj Diddles Hype Intro) (Dj Diddles) (Dirty – 90Bpm) 1B 90 03:33 9.26MB Dababy Ft Roddy Ricch – Rockstar (Joe Reece 125-90 ‘sound Of Da Police’ Hype Transition) (Dirty) 1B 125 03:34 8.18MB Dababy Ft. Roddy Rich – Rockstar (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) 1A 90 03:33 8.15MB Daddy Yankee – Gasolina (Hype Boyz Remix) Clean 4A 105 03:13 7.39MB Daddy Yankee – Gasolina (Hype Boyz Remix) Clean Ck Cut 4A/9A 105 01:50 4.21MB Daddy Yankee – Que Tire Pa Lante (Dj Hope Hype Redrum) (Clean) 8B 95 04:13 9.67MB Daddy Yankee – Rompe (Hype Boyz Break) Dirty 9A 102 03:04 7.06MB Daddy Yankee – Rompe (Hype Boyz Break) Dirty Ck Cut 9A/8A 102 02:08 4.92MB Daddy Yankee Ft. Snow – Con Calma (Vdj Jd Hype Edit) (Vdj Jd) (Clean – 94Bpm) 1A 94 04:20 10.15MB Dalex – +Linda (Hype Latino Extended Mix) 11B 88 02:58 6.80MB Darshan Raval X Prakriti Kakar – Aa Jaana (Hype Redrum) [97 Bpm] Clean 11B 97 04:35 10.53MB

Download Now!
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2020.06.25 15:57 Lylyluvda916 Showmance Recap Glee Tour Part 2

Apple Podcast Showmance Link
PodcastOne Link
Spotify Podcast Link
That's a wrap.
Next week is going to be the recap for S2E1. There will be a link for the watch party at 3:00 pm PST. There will be a recap and discussion for that episode. Think you'll miss the watch party(ies)? That's okay. Feel free to chime in on the episode discussion(s).
Have questions for KJ, submit them to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or leave a message on the SHOWMANCE HOTLINE at 424.248.8065
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2020.06.22 17:03 HHHFreshBotRedux The Weekly [Fresh]ness - week of Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday, June 14, 2020
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[FRESH] AKTHESAVIOR - Master Roshi link +242 zacmac77
Monday, June 15, 2020
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[FRESH VIDEO] Polo G - 21 link +385 Sjangtepeltang
[FRESH] T.F x Uce Lee - Westside Stupid (feat. ScHoolboy Q) link +83 mykneehurtsss
[FRESH] Skyzoo - A Song For Fathers (Prod. By illmind) link +33 MadGibby
Tuesday, June 16, 2020
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[FRESH] RMR - RASCAL (feat. Young Thug) [Official Audio] link +324 7thBirthday
[FRESH VIDEO] A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Bleed link +116 JoJoReignsSupreme
[FRESH] Joey Fatts feat Vince Staples - Havin My Way link +110 HairWeaveKillers
[FRESH] NoCap - Count a Million (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) link +56 SoTheFliesDontCome
[FRESH VIDEO] Teejayx6 - Cigarette link +50 JoJoReignsSupreme
[FRESH EP] Marlon Craft- Work From Home link +41 aceintheplace805
[FRESH] Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire - AVA (Letter To My Unborn Child) link +34 ItsBigVanilla
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
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[FRESH] J. Cole - Snow On Tha Bluff (Official Audio) link +7803 EthiopianNutella
[FRESH PIG MUSIC] New York Cop suspended after transphobic comments in rap video link +1364 23lf
[FRESH] Drake - Stay Down (feat. Busta Rhymes) [prod. J Dilla] link +247 freshsqueezedmurder
[FRESH ALBUM] Lady Leshurr - Quaranqueen link +96 Madbrad200
[FRESH] Ameer Vann - The Lake link +84 IG_Royal
[FRESH VIDEO] ZelooperZ - Tomb (Prod. WoD) link +69 TheJakInDaBox
[FRESH] THEY. - Count Me In link +56 benders1111
[FRESH VIDEO] Smokepurpp ft Rick Ross - Big Dawg (lyric video) link +40 jeremicci
[FRESH VIDEO] Saweetie - Tap In [Official Music Video] #TapIn link +27 ItsaHipHopEra
Thursday, June 18, 2020
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[FRESH] Noname - Song 33 (Prod. by Madlib) link +6089 dubmaxx
[FRESH] Lil Barnacle x Uncle Ron - Fuck The Police (Literally. Sex.) link +431 itsdickspicks
[FRESH] Trippie Redd - Dreamer link +278 JoJoReignsSupreme
[FRESH] Youngboy Never Broke Again - One Shot (feat. Lil Baby) link +231 jwallheat23
[FRESH] Swae Lee - Reality Check link +135 JoJoReignsSupreme
[Fresh] A Boogie wit da Hoodie - This Time link +84 Blakedude21
[FRESH ALBUM] GRM Daily - GRM 10 link +60 Alpha_Jazz
[FRESH] M Huncho & Dutchavelli - Burning link +60 Alpha_Jazz
[FRESH ALBUM] NSG - Roots link +35 ArffXO
[FRESH] M Huncho x Dutchavelli - Burning [Music Video] link +34 ItsaHipHopEra
[FRESH ALBUM] Teyana Taylor - The Album link +31 Jovoraider
Friday, June 19, 2020
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[FRESH] Anderson .Paak - Lockdown link +3517 vagnres
[FRESH ALBUM] Pi'erre Bourne - The Life of Pi'erre 4 (Deluxe) link +1178 souljahamed
[FRESH ALBUM] Teyana Taylor - The Album link +782 vagnres
[FRESH VIDEO] REASON - Field Nigga link +764 JoJoReignsSupreme
[FRESH ALBUM] Smokepurpp - Florida Jit link +623 HoundOfJustice
[FRESH] Benny The Butcher NPR Tiny Desk Concert (From Home) link +600 Usernamesin2016LUL
[FRESH ALBUM] Tee Grizzley - The Smartest link +412 HoundOfJustice
[FRESH] clipping. - Chapter 319 link +386 colanky
[FRESH ALBUM] A Boogie wit da Hoodie - Artist 2.0 (Deluxe) link +284 TheOddScreen
[FRESH ALBUM] Meyhem Lauren & Harry Fraud - Glass 2.0 link +274 dmiley2
[FRESH EP] Wale - The Imperfect Storm link +271 JoJoReignsSupreme
[FRESH] Smokepurpp - I'm Him feat. Denzel Curry link +179 FunnyMemeHere
[FRESH] Shy Glizzy ft Lil Uzi Vert- Right or Wrong link +178 bigslatter
[FRESH ALBUM] Curren$y & Fuse - Spring Clean link +169 liltrebor_1
[FRESH VIDEO] Anderson. Paak- Lockdown link +136 Ralucaioana98
[FRESH ALBUM] Ethereal-E2 link +108 AstronautJock
[FRESH] KOTA the friend- Kalief link +102 Blood_Blood
[FRESH] 42 Dugg - Young & Turnt, Vol. 2 (Deluxe) link +85 JoJoReignsSupreme
[FRESH] Public Enemy prod by DJ Premier - State of the Union [STFU] link +80 abucalves
[FRESH] Riff Raff x Yelawolf - WATER WHiPPiN WiZARD (prod. Ronny J) link +73 PullSumo__EatButt
[FRESH ALBUM] Khary - This Is Weird link +48 ZJ_0003
[FRESH ALBUM] Ras G - Raw Fruit Vol. 5 & 6 link +45 flyingballs17
[FRESH] Skyzoo - Milestones link +41 colbster411
[FRESH] Gucci Mane - Still Remember (feat. Pooh Shiesty) link +37 hunterb398
[FRESH VIDEO] KYLE - Bouncin link +36 skyyohhs
[FRESH] KYLE - Bouncin link +35 vagnres
[FRESH VIDEO] A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Reply (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) link +33 MichaelRahmani
[FRESH] Fivio Foreign - Move Like a Boss (feat. Young M.A) link +31 vagnres
[FRESH] Casey Veggies and Rockie Fresh featuring Curren$y - Demeanor link +29 abucalves
[FRESH ALBUM] Black Eyed Peas - Translation link +29 zachquiri
[FRESH] H.E.R. - I Can’t Breathe link +26 OhhWowzers
Saturday, June 20, 2020
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[FRESH] Beyonce - BLACK PARADE link +1234 ad287
[FRESH] LIL UGLY MANE x WIKI - "WILD WEST" link +460 freshsqueezedmurder
[FRESH VIDEO] MIKE - what's home? link +294 TheJakInDaBox
[FRESH ALBUM] City Girls - City On Lock link +155 Bradbro10
[Fresh] VonViddy - 500 Bars link +141 ResetEarthPlz
[FRESH VIDEO] A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Might Not Give Up (feat. Young Thug) link +65 SayWoot
[FRESH EP] UMI - Introspection link +57 vagnres
(FRESH) Tee Grizzley - Lions & Eagles (feat. Meek Mill) [Official Audio] link +57 EmenikeOG
[FRESH] NOEL - Motor Yola link +56 tevinkeo
[FRESH] Smokepurpp - 1st and 3rd link +45 fluffycornball
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2020.06.18 00:24 Piccprincess /r/Popheads 150k Subscriber Census Results!

Hello! Here is the general sum of the 150k census survey! We had a total of 2697 participants - a 3% decrease from the 75k subscriber census.
View the full results here!

Age Demographics of /Popheads

Age Participants Percent
2 1 0.04%
12 1 0.04%
13 6 0.25%
14 18 0.74%
15 28 1.15%
16 65 2.67%
17 119 4.90%
18 160 6.58%
19 184 7.57%
20 222 9.14%
21 250 10.29%
22 240 9.88%
23 219 9.01%
24 179 7.37%
25 138 5.68%
26 138 5.68%
27 107 4.40%
28 80 3.29%
29 64 2.63%
30 55 2.26%
31 30 1.23%
32 23 0.95%
33 22 0.91%
34 13 0.53%
35 26 1.07%
36 9 0.37%
37 3 0.12%
38 4 0.16%
39 3 0.12%
41 1 0.04%
43 4 0.16%
44 1 0.04%
45 1 0.04%
46 1 0.04%
50 1 0.04%
51 1 0.04%

Gender Demographics

(Please note that the creator of this census, me (picc), is a cis female who intended on the next two questions being gender vs sex identity and realized that the original wording of the questions were a bit confusing. I'm sorry for this and we will make sure that it's more clear in the future.)
Gender vs Sex Identity Participants Percent
Agender 21 0.79%
Cis-Gender 2455 92.36%
Genderfluid 1 0.04%
Non-Binary 6 0.23%
Pan-Gender 1 0.04%
Trans-Gender 89 3.35%
Questioning 67 2.52%
Other 18 0.68%
Sex identity Participants Percent
Binary 1 0.04%
Female 983 36.58%
Gender-non-conforming 1 0.04%
Genderfluid 1 0.04%
Genderqueer 11 0.41%
Male 1579 58.76%
Non-binary 72 2.68%
Non-binary man 1 0.04%
Other 2 0.07%
Pangender 1 0.04%
Questioning 32 1.19%
Transmasculine 2 0.07%
Transfeminine 1 0.04%

Sexual Orientation Demographics

Sexual Orientation Participants Percent
Asexual 54 2.01%
Bi and Ace 1 0.04%
Bicurious 2 0.07%
Bisexual 604 22.54%
Demisexual 2 0.07%
Don’t Identify 1 0.04%
Gay 849 31.68%
I don't know 6 0.22%
Lesbian 106 3.96%
Other 9 0.34%
Pan, lesbian-leaning 1 0.04%
Panromantic Ace 1 0.04%
Pansexual 72 2.69%
Queer 89 3.32%
Questioning 5 0.19%
Straight 878 32.76%

Current Relationship Status

Relationship Status Participants Percent
Cohabitating 152 5.65%
In a relationship 474 17.63%
Married/Domestic Partnership 166 6.18%
Single 1896 70.54%

Ethnicity Demographics

Ethnicity Participants Percent
Asian (includes East Asian, Southeast Asian, and origins in the Indian subcontinent) 392 14.59%
Askenazi Jewish 1 0.04%
Australian 1 0.04%
Black 107 3.98%
Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 5 0.19%
Hispanic/Latino/Latina (non-white) 140 5.21%
Hispanic/Latino/Latina (white) 187 6.96%
Indeginous Australian / Aboriginal Australian 5 0.19%
Indigenous American / Native American 14 0.52%
Indigenous Canadian 1 0.04%
Indo European 1 0.04%
Jewish 4 0.15%
Kurdish 1 0.04%
Middle Eastern 50 1.86%
Mixed / Biracial 142 5.28%
NZ Maori/Pakeha 1 0.04%
Other 4 0.15%
Romani 1 0.04%
White (Non-Hispanic/Latino/Latina) 1630 60.66%

Location Demographics

Location Participants Percent
Australia/New Zealand 165 6.14%
Canada 245 9.11%
Caribbean 4 0.15%
Central America 5 0.19%
Central Asia 1 0.04%
Central Europe 1 0.04%
East Asia 8 0.30%
Eastern Africa 1 0.04%
Eastern Europe 48 1.79%
Middle East 26 0.97%
North America 29 1.08%
Northern Africa 5 0.19%
Northern Europe 55 2.05%
Oceania 1 0.04%
Russia 5 0.19%
South America 90 3.35%
South Asia 20 0.74%
Southeastern Africa 2 0.07%
Southeastern Asia 85 3.16%
Southern Africa 4 0.15%
Southern Europe 33 1.23%
United Kingdom 260 9.67%
United States 1474 54.82%
Western Asia 1 0.04%
Western Europe 121 4.50%

Native English Speakers

  • Yes (2,112, 78.54%)
  • No (577, 21.46%)
The highest non-english native languages were: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Filipino, Polish, Arabic, Italian, and Swedish!

Education Demographics

Highest Level of Education Participants Percent
Attained High School degree or equivalent 213 7.93%
Completed Masters/Doctorate or equivalent 198 7.37%
Completed undergraduate or equivalent 879 32.74%
Still in High School or lower 305 11.36%
Still in college/got some college credit 1090 40.60%

Employment Demographics

Please note this census occurred as the COVID-19 shutdowns began, so this may not be completely reflective of the current status of Popheads.
Employment Status Participants Percent
Employed - Full Time 844 31.38%
Employed - Part Time 386 14.35%
Not Employed 333 12.38%
Self Employed 64 2.38%
Student (Not Employed) 1063 39.52%

Mental and Physical Health Statistics

  • Have struggled in the past year (1,818, 68%)
  • Have not struggled in the past year (857, 32%)
  • Have a physical disability (103, 3.8%)
  • Do not have a physical disability (2,579, 96.2%)

Food Preferences

There were so many! Here are the top 5:
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • American
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
Note - this is the same as the last census!

How Long Have You Been a Part of the Community?

Popheads Status Participants Percent
1-2 years 869 32.32%
2+ years 1074 39.94%
3 to 6 months 170 6.32%
6 to 9 months 166 6.17%
9 months to 1 year 273 10.15%
Less than 3 months 137 5.09%

We're Overrun By Lurkers!

Lurkability Participants Percent
Lurk 1290 47.97%
Only comment 595 22.13%
Rarely comment and post 406 15.10%
Comment and post sometimes 331 12.31%
Comment and post often 67 2.49%

Other Subreddits We Use

Blackpink is in WHICH area?
HipHopHeads, Indieheads, Music, Kpop, ListenToThis, LetsTalkMusic, EDM, WeAreTheMusicMakers, ElectronicMusic, and R&BHeads say hello

Popheads is the Best Music Sub, and we have the talent to prove it

85.2% of us (2277 respondents) primarily use Popheads, while 14.8% (395 respondents) do not
88.6%% of us use Popheads as our primary source of entertainment! We also primarily use Pitchfork, NPR, and Rolling Stone.
We love making our own music! Just kidding. 82.6% (2,208) of our respondents don't make their own music.

Listening Hours and Methods

Hours spend listening to music per week

Hours of Listening Participants Percent
<5 hours 144 5.37%
6-10 424 15.81%
11-15 442 16.48%
16-20 430 16.03%
21-30 497 18.53%
31-40 318 11.86%
41-50 168 6.26%
>50 hours 259 9.66%

Percentage of that time listening to new music

New Music? Participants Percent
<20% 1719 64.09%
21-40% 755 28.15%
41-60% 156 5.82%
61-80% 40 1.49%
81-100% 12 0.45%
A little more than half of our participants listen to "pop" music more than 50% of the time.
We use phones as our primary source of listening tool, followed by computer, radio, music player, and others. We buy our music primarily as digital downloads, but plenty of us (919, 46%) buy CDs, and the cool kids (760, 38.1%) buy vinyl.
Spotify came out on top as the primary streaming service with 2,160 participants using it, followed by YouTube at 1,605 participants. (This and the above were multiple answer options). Apple Music came in with 549 participants, barely beating out Soundcloud who had 469!


We're suckers for Pitchfork!
73.8% of participants have friends they can comfortably discuss music with.
We are also a part of other communities on and Discord! Though, 875 people said they are not part of other communities.


Top 5 TV Shows: The Good Place, Bojack Horseman, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, and The Office
Top 5 Movies: Parasite, Mean Girls, La La Land, Titanic, and Interstellar
Top 5 Video Games: Animal Crossing, Minecraft, The Sims, Pokemon, and Skyrim
Top 5 Musical Acts: Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, and Lorde
Top 5 Books: Harry Potter, 1984, The Great Gatsby, A Little Life, and Lord of the Rings
Lots of you still don't read or have a favorite book!

Artists We Rated

Heavily Favored (Primarily 4s and 5s)

  • Lizzo
  • Dua Lipa
  • The Weeknd
  • Grimes
  • FKA Twigs
  • Caroline Polachek
  • Beyonce
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Tame Impala

Heavily Disliked (Primarily 1s and 2s)

  • Hot Chelle Rae
  • The Chainsmokers

Mixed Bag (Leaning neither way)

  • Lil Nas X
  • Halsey
  • Marina
  • Harry Styles
  • Slayyyter
  • Kesha
  • Poppy
  • Troye Sivan
  • Tinashe

All pets were 5/5 thank you

submitted by Piccprincess to popheads [link] [comments]

2020.06.17 20:28 Alexbutterfield Please rank these Jeopardy Q's [Renamed]

What order would you put these in, from easiest to hardest? (I've added a few categories)
"Renamed" Give the name that these celebrities either changed from or to:
  1. Mark Sinclair Vincent changed his name to something a little faster sounding.
  2. If her father hadn't changed the family name we might know Jennifer Anastassakis.
  3. River Bottom has a ring to it, but his parents wanted a fresh start.
  4. This Olivia changed her name from Cockburn to that of an Irish poet.
  5. The father of Monty Python's John Cleese changed their family name to avoid embarrassment.

"Rock n Role" (Name the film staring Dwayne The Rock Johnson)
  1. The Rock provides the voice for the demigod Maui in this 2016 film.
  2. Dwayne Johnson lives fast but runs slow in this big screen adaptation.
  3. The Rock goes back to his roots to mentor Florence Pugh in this 2019 film.
  4. The Rock and Samuel L Jackson only last 5 minutes before making way for Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.
  5. Dwayne Johnson has wings in this 2010 farce.

"Song (titles)" (Give the part of the title that is officially in parentheses)
  1. Even though you're not cool, you can fake it anyway and The Offspring might think you're Pretty Fly
  2. The problem with Satisfaction if you're a Rolling Stone
  3. Maybe It's The End Of The World As We Know It, but REM are looking on the bright side.
  4. Do you know when Elton John will finish the title for Rocket Man?
  5. If you like Beyonce's anthem for Single Ladies that much, then you should probably do this.

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