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Fergus I, first king of Scots

2020.09.20 22:47 StevenStevens43 Fergus I, first king of Scots

Fergus I, first king of Scots
Fergus I:
According to Scottish gaelic historian George Buchanan, Fergus I was the first king of Scots in around 330 BC.
Scholars and historians appear to misinterpret this with Buchanan saying fergus was the first king of Scotland.
But king of Scots, is not the same thing as King of Scotland.
Fergus I)
King Fergus I (said to have flourished c. 330 B.C.),[1]#cite_note-1) is generally identified as the son of Ferchard, Prince of Scots in Ireland and is the first of the line of Legendary kings of Scotland.
Link for photo
George Buchanan
Now, according to Irish legend, this boy would have been Fiacha, the son of Oengus Tuirmech Temrach, who exiled his son from Ireland.
By todays standards, Oengus Tuirmech Temrach would be considered a child molesterer, as legends attribute him to raping his own daughter whilst drunk, and this is how Fiach was born.
Also, the date would be sometime between 262-232 BC, according to Keating's.
It is the dates given by Keatings that i find most accurate with contemporary history, as shown elsewhere in previous articles.
Oengus Tuirmech Temrach
Óengus is said to have fathered Fíacha on his own daughter when drunk, and to have put him in a boat, wrapped in a purple robe with a golden fringe and accompanied by treasure, and set him out to sea – hence the epithet fer mara, "man of the sea". He was found and brought up by fishermen, and became the ancestor of several High Kings of Ireland and the later Dál Riata monarchs of Scotland. The Lebor Gabála Érenn interprets his epithet as meaning "the reckoner of Tara", saying that "by him was 'reckoning' first made in Ireland".[2] Geoffrey Keating gives his epithet as Tuirbeach, "ashamed", because of the incestuous conception of Fíacha.[3]
He reigned for thirty or sixty years, and died at Tara, succeeded by his nephew Conall Collamrach. The Lebor Gabála synchronises his reign with that of Ptolemy VI Philometor in Egypt (180–145 BC). The chronology of Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates his reign to 262–232 BC,
Dal riata:
However, as you may have noticed above, Irish legend does not attribute Fiacha to having become king of Scotland, but merely the king of the kingdom that would later become Dal Riata, and then eventually Scotland.
He was found and brought up by fishermen, and became the ancestor of several High Kings of Ireland and the later Dál Riata monarchs of Scotland.
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Dal Riata
Kingdom of Alba:
However, the fact that the Dal Riata became the kingdom of Scotland, is just to make it easier for the modern Latin speaker to understand.
In actual fact, Dal riata merged with the kingdom of Alba, before a unified Alba and Dal riata would become Scotland.
Dal Riata
Dál Riata or Dál Riada (also Dalriada) (/dælˈriːədə/) was a Gaelic kingdom that encompassed the western seaboard of Scotland and the north-eastern corner of Ireland, on each side of the North Channel). At its height in the 6th and 7th centuries, it covered what is now Argyll ("Coast of the Gaels") in Scotland and part of County Antrim in Northern Ireland.[1] After a period of expansion, Dál Riata eventually became associated with the Gaelic Kingdom of Alba.
Link for photo
The purple robe, gold fringe, and deep blue sea
Alba, is a kingdom which derives from the etymological root word "Albany", which was the name of the Island of britain, prior to the Roman invasion, when Albion/Britain, got pushed to North of Hadrians wall by the Romans.
After this period, Alba pertained only to the land North of Hadrians wall.
The oldest attestation of the toponym comes from the Greek language (Ἀλβίων)[6] and Latinised as Albiōn (genitive Albionis), derives from the Proto-Celtic nasal stem \Albi̯iū* (oblique \Albiion-) and survived in Old Irish as *Albu (genitive Albann). The name originally referred to Britain as a whole, but was later restricted to Caledonia (giving the modern Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, Alba).
Picts and Albannachs:
Now, apparently the Dal Riata were merging with Scots already in Albany.
Therefore it is a myth that Scots were solely Irish.
The Scots likely arrived an Angus back when Oengus Olmucaid was said to have invaded Scotland back in the year 1000 BC approximately.
Around the same time as all the other Scandinvians likely landed on the shores of Britain and Ireland.
Also, apparently, they were here to help fight the Picts and the Britons.
But as there were no such thing as Britains at this point in history, they were more likely here to help fight Albannachs, from North of the Humber.
As well as Picts.
Fergus I)
The "first king of Scotland", according to the fictitious chronologies of Boece and Buchanan, is said to have come to Scotland from Ireland about 330 B.C. to assist the Scots already settled in Scotland against the joint attack of the Picts and Britons).
Now, we already know who the Albannachs likely are, they are the peoples that have been living in Albany North of the Humber since around 1112 BC, and are likely the exact same peoples that have been living in Loegria, south of the Humber, since 1112 BC.
But who are the Picts?
Well, the Picts are probably a peoples that got pushed farther and farther North by Albannachs, until they ended up living in a kingdom north of the Forth and Clyde.
So pretty much the Scottish highlands.
Therefore, we likely actually had six countries in Albion.
Cornwall, Loegria, Cambria, Nort Humber Land, Albany, and a kingdom that nobody recognised, Pictland.
The Picts were a group of Celtic-speaking peoples who lived in what is today eastern and northern Scotland during the Late British Iron Age and Early Medieval periods. Where they lived and what their culture was like can be inferred from early medieval texts and Pictish stones. Their Latin name, Picti, appears in written records from Late Antiquity to the 10th century. They lived to the north of the rivers Forth and Clyde.
Link for photo
Old Brythonic:
Now, there was a few differences though, between Picts and Albannachs.
Language for one.
t[2] augmented by fugitive Brythonic) resistance fighters fleeing from Britannia. This is, however, contested by the fact, that according to the book "Life of Saint Columba", the Irish emissary needed an interpreter in order to speak to the Pictish king or convert certain individual in their kingdom. The Caledonian tribe
Common Brythonic:
The fact that one "Brythonic speaker" required an interpretor to speak to another brythonic speaker, probably has to do with the fact that the Picts are likely indigenous to the Island of Albion, and pre-dated any invasions from Gaul or Scandinavia in 1112 BC, and they likely spoke a Brythonic language which was older, than any Brythonic language the Irish were using at this point in time in history.
In fact, they were probably speaking a language which pre-dated the word "Brythonic", and dated back to the days when Britain was called Albion, and is unlikely Albannachs would have named thir language Brythonic.
Common brythonic
Common Brittonic (Old English: Brytisċ; Welsh: Brythoneg; Cornish: Brythonek; Breton: Predeneg) was a Celtic language spoken in Britain and Brittany. It is also variously known as Old Brittonic, British, and Common or Old Brythonic.
It is a form of Insular Celtic, descended from Proto-Celtic (P-Celtic), a theorized parent tongue that, by the first half of the first millennium BC, was diverging) into separate dialects or languages.[2][3][4][5] Pictish is linked and likely as a sister language or a fifth branch.[6]
Tattooed people:
Also, the picts did not refer to themselves as Picts.
This was the Roman word to describe them, and the word meant "Tattooed people".
Link for photo
The Picts themselves would have likely just referred to themselves based upon whatever area or region they are from.
Pictland had previously been described by Roman writers and geographers as the home of the Caledonii.[15] These Romans also used other names to refer to tribes living in that area, including Verturiones, Taexali and Venicones.[16] But they may have heard these other names only second- or third-hand, from speakers of Brittonic or Gaulish languages, who may have used different names for the same group or groups.[17]
Link for photo
Now, Bede, the English historian, writes that Picts originated from foreign lands such as Scythia.
However this is contested by Scholars and Historians.
The Pictish Chronicle, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the early historiographers such as Bede, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Holinshed, etc. all present the Picts as conquerors of Alba from Scythia. However, no credence is now given to that view.[14]
Link for photo
Now, the fact that modern day English professors and scholars have difficulty believing that Picts could have frequented other countries aswell, likely goes back to the first ever Roman emperor, Octavius.
You see, Octavius changed his name to Augustus to "hide" his plebe genes.
Upon his adoption, Octavius assumed his great-uncle's name Gaius Julius Caesar. Roman citizens adopted into a new family usually retained their old nomen in cognomen form (e.g., Octavianus for one who had been an Octavius, Aemilianus for one who had been an Aemilius, etc.). However, though some of his contemporaries did,[34] there is no evidence that Octavius ever himself officially used the name Octavianus, as it would have made his modest origins too obvious.[35]
Link for photo
Alban Hills:
You see, the history that modern day English professors and scholars are using, is quite simply the same rhetoric that was being spread by the Romans to cover up Augustus Genes, which they felt was an embarrasment to them.
The Octavii originally came from the Volscian town of Velitrae, in the Alban Hills. The historian Suetonius writes,
Alba longa:
Now the peoples in the Alban hills, were the peoples from Alba longa, and they were the barbaric plebes that the Romans had conquered, so their first emperor having Genes that came from Alba longa, was pretty embarrassing.
Alba longa
Alba Longa (occasionally written Albalonga in Italian sources) was an ancient Latin) city in Central Italy, 12 miles (19 km) southeast of Rome, in the Alban Hills. Founder and head of the Latin League, it was destroyed by the Roman Kingdom around the middle of the 7th century BC, and its inhabitants were forced to settle in Rome.
Link for photo
Lake Albano
Tam o Shanter:
Now, the main thing that made him stand out as a plebe from Alba longa, was the fact that he had red hair.
Branches and cognomena
During the Republic, none of the Octavii of this family bore any cognomen other than Rufus, and even this is rarely mentioned. The surname, which means "red," may have been obtained by one of the Octavii because he had red hair.[7][
Link for photo
The Tam o Shanter
Red haired people:
Now, whilst many people might like to think that red hair is just something that can pop up anywhere, in actual fact, this is not quite the case.
You see, if someone has red hair, it is because they very likely have some pictish genes, as the Picts were red heads.
In AD 83 or 84, led by Calgacus, the Caledonians' defeat at the hands of Gnaeus Julius Agricola at Mons Graupius is recorded by Tacitus. Tacitus avoids using terms such as king to describe Calgacus and it is uncertain as to whether the Caledonians had single leaders or whether they were more disparate and that Calgacus was an elected war leader only. Tacitus records the physical characteristics of the Caledonians as red hair and long limbs.
Link for photo
Red haired people chasing Greeks in Greece, 340 BC
So whilst it may be correct that Picts were here before any invasions from Scythia, Bede would also be correct that there were Picts elsewhere, that almost definitely took refuge on Albion shores, amongst their fellow picts.
Also, how reliable is British history from Greeks or Italians?
Here is a map of Britain according to Ptolemy.
Link for photo
Ptolemy map of Britain
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2020.09.20 12:59 Joy-Through-Syphilis The twisted tale of Terrible Tommy O’Connor

Thomas O’Connor was born in Limerick in 1880 but history would know him as Terrible Tommy – the last man sentenced to hang in Chicago.
Terrible Tommy was the son of Joseph O’Connor and Elizabeth Roach of Ballykenny near the village of Strand. Before his third birthday, young Tommy emigrated with his parents and siblings to America where the family settled in the rough Chicago neighbourhood of Bloody Maxwell.
Tommy’s brother John became an electrician and his sister Mary also led a crime-free life. His other brother David became a successful broker but he caused controversy when a messy divorce resulted in his arrest for ‘immoral conduct’ and local newspapers in the Windy City dubbed him ‘Darlin’ Dave’ as his wife claimed he had carried out a string of affairs with other women during their marriage.
Tommy chose a life of crime and ran with street gangs during his teenage years but he did not come to police attention until he was 21 following the murders of two men – a retired police officer and a criminal associate. The police accused the Limerick man of murdering them and shady court dealings resulted in his release but, Tommy’s freedom would not last long.
There have been many tales regarding how Tommy O’Connor became ‘Terrible’.
His disloyal attitude which saw him betray and possibly kill associates may have earned him the moniker while another theory recalls how his fierce temper saw him chop the thumb off a butcher who overcharged his mother!
However, he gained his nickname, Tommy O’Connor’s criminal actions could indeed be described as terrible.
His route to criminal infamy began on a cold March morning in 1921 when five police men arrived at the home of his sister on south Washtenaw Avenue to arrest him on the murder charges he had previously slipped away from.
Chicago police detective Patrick O’Neill, a fellow Irishman, knocked on the door with a warrant for Tommy’s arrest but, what followed would result in the death of the Irish American cop.
Popular belief dictates that Terrible Tommy burst out the front door brandishing two guns and then sprayed the policemen with bullets. The less fantastic and more likely scene saw a brief gunfight break out between Tommy inside the house and the policemen who were on the porch.
When a bullet brought down Detective O’Neill, Tommy made his getaway out the back door, over a fence and into the street where he hijacked a car.
Detective O’Neill died from his wounds and the inquest that followed resulted in the suspension of the policemen who had accompanied O’Neill. The judge was not satisfied with their conflicting stories and poured scorn on their carelessness. The inquest found that the officers had fired indiscriminately and the judge declared it “the worst case of dog eat dog I have ever seen!’
Detective O’Neill left behind a widow and three young children and terrible Tommy made his get away to St Paul Minnesota.
In July 1921, Terrible Tommy was making a drunken nuisance of himself on a train in St. Paul. The police arrested him and when word filtered back to Chicago that their wanted man was sitting in the county jail in St Paul Minnesota, the Chicago Police Department dispatched a group of heavily armed detectives to bring him back.
At the time of his arrest in Minnesota, Terrible Tommy had just four items in his possession: rosary beads, a scapular, a St Patrick prayer card and a pistol!
He was brought back to Chicago where in September 1921 he was sentenced to hang. The date for the hanging was penciled in for December 15th but, four days before his execution, the condemned Limerick man escaped.
As prison guard David Strauss was walking past Tommy’s cell, he called the guard who then, rather unwittingly, approached the bars. Tommy’s cell mate James La Porte grabbed the guard in a head lock while Tommy grabbed the cell keys dangling from his belt. Tommy opened the door of his cell and took the guard’s gun while his cell mate bound and gagged him.
The two prisoners ran for the prison yard and along with four other prisoners they scaled a 20ft wall to freedom. Terrible Tommy hijacked a car but in the wintery weather it slid on ice and crashed into a store front.
Tommy managed to bundle himself out of the wreck and ran off down a side street. The Limerick-born Chicago hoodlum who was only days away from the gallows disappeared into thin air.
Even though the police launched a massive manhunt across America, they never found Terrible Tommy.
Sightings of him were reported in various towns and cities across the states. He was sighted in places such as Texas and Los Angeles and even across the border in Canada. It was even claimed that he made his way back to the land of his birth where he offered his services to the IRA.
Other rumours arose that he robbed banks on route to Canada before taking his loot on a ship bound for Limerick where he bought a public house under a fake name and lived out his days on Shannonside.
In 1937 it was suggested that Terrible Tommy had died form tuberculosis, a disease which had previously affected him in his childhood. Another rumour claims that his gravestone can be seen in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cook County Illinois where the date of death indicates January 31, 1951.
The gallows that had been built for Terrible Tommy’s hanging remained in place until 1977 when it was dismantled and sold to Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ Museum. A sign had been painted on the structure “Tried of Waiting Tommy!”
Every year on the anniversary of Terrible Tommy’s escape from the gallows, the Chicago Tribune columnist Tom Powers would write a piece about the Limerick man which always began with the following: “Dear Terrible Tommy O’Connor, if you are still alive please contact me so I can quit writing these columns!”
Well, the search continues….
What do you think happened to Tommy?
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2020.09.20 00:55 JackassBarque Aine McCracken- Daughter of Fame

Basic Info

Name: Áine Caoimhe McCracken
Nickname/Alias: None
Date of Birth: 14 December 2003
Hometown: Cavan, County Cavan, Ireland
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Godly Parent: Fama, Goddess of Fame, Renown, Notability, and Rumors
Mortal Parent: Ciaran McCracken, TD
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Theme: Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff- Paddy Reilly


Eye color: Brown
Hairstyle: When out of armor, she usually wears her hair down, but during Legion business she keeps it tied in a bun under her helmet.
Height: 5’8”
Weight: Ask again never.
Physique: Fairly tall, athletic.
Face Claim: Erin Moriarty

Combat and Godly Information

Claimed: Yes
SPQR Tattoo: Four Lines
  • Commanding Presence: As the daughter of the goddess of fame, people tend to listen when Aine speaks. This requires conscious effort on her part and can only effect up to five people at a time, and she must keep speaking in order for the effect to continue. Once she stops speaking, her hold over her audience is lost.
  • Wings: Aine can generate magical, golden wings from her back for up to one hour every day, and can fly up to 20 mph (the speed of a reasonably experienced bicyclist) with a maximum height of 200 feet.
  • Charmspeak: Aine has charmspeak, which is most effective when she uses it to spread rumors. When she does so, people are generally inclined to believe her, though the more outlandish the rumor, the less effective her powers are. Her charmspeak does still function in other situations, but it is weaker and people are more likely to resist its effects.
Weapon of Choice: Standard Legion equipment, as well as an Imperial gold falcata that shrinks into a ring she wears on her left thumb, which she received as a claiming gift

Additional Information

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: ISTJ
Positive Traits
  • Confident
  • Diligent
  • Reliable
Negative Traits
  • Haughty
  • Slow to Trust
  • Demanding


Aine Caoimhe McCracken was born to an Irish politician named Ciaran McCracken, who met the goddess of fame after a hotly contested and widely publicized Dail by-election in 2003. She was raised in the town of Cavan, with frequent trips into Dublin to see her father, who did his best to balance his responsibilities as a legislator with his responsibility to his daughter. Aine grew into a driven, but emotionally distant girl, demanding as much of herself as she did everyone else around her. When she was thirteen, she was claimed by her mother and sent to the Wolf House, and from there she joined the Legion, where she has been for the past three years.


Aine sat on the porch of the Second Cohort barracks, sharpening her falcata and humming softly to herself as she worked. Her eyes were focused on her sword, but she was listening to what was going on around her, so if anyone approached her, she’d likely hear them.
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2020.09.19 20:35 ApprehensiveSpinach1 [Official//LIVESTREAM] CFB2020 "South Florida vs Notre Dame " LiVe StreaMs-rEddIT

[Official//LIVESTREAM] CFB2020 "South Florida vs Notre Dame " LiVe StreaMs-rEddIT Notre Dame Fighting Irish - South Florida Bulls Live Score, video stream and ... all Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs South Florida Bulls previous results sorted by ... Once signed up for FuboTV, you can watch South Florida vs Notre Dame live on the FuboTV app, which is available on your Roku, Roku TV, ...Notre Dame vs USF Broadcast Date: Saturday, September 19 Game Time: 2:30... 2 DAYS AGO • COLLEGEFOOTBALLNEWS.COM · USF smothers The Citadel in ...
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2020.09.19 09:31 Ofladrit “Flash Girl” by Confused Ed (May 2000)

ANNOUNCER: “It‘s 3:30 Eastern Standard Time… and we all know what comes on then… THAT’S RIGHT… everyone’s favorite super heroine… FLASH GIRL.
Yes, friends, Flash Girl. At day, she poses as mild mannered Alice Krumbabble, a quiet Librarian. But when night falls, she dons her latex costume and uses her super ability to move 20 times faster than even the fastest mortal to battle crime and the forces of evil! Let’s watch to see what exciting adventures occur in this episode.”
SCENE: Flash Girl is poised on top of a rooftop looking down with binoculars.
Flash Girl is a knockout 25-year-old, at 5’4”, blue eyes, soft red hair down to her shoulders, 125 lbs., with size 36C cups that you can see clearly in her skintight red and black suit. Her legs are her most impressive feature, as they are long, firm, and covered by knee-high pointed-toe boots.
Flash Girl sighs… there has been NO action tonight at all. She had worked all day as Mrs. Krumbabble, and today was even quiet for a library.
Seems that kids don’t like to read anymore, such a shame. She mused how she passed the time by reading about 20 books today with her super speed, making sure no one noticed.
Suddenly… a crash comes from a nearby alley; Flash Girl jerks her head in that direction and takes off to leap to the other rooftop.
To a normal human watching her, we would have just seen her standing in one place for one second, then we would have, just for an instant, seen a red blur fly at mind boggling speeds, then we’d see Flash Girl standing more than 100 yards away! Flash Girl looks down that alley that noise came from, poised for action… she hears another crash and a baby’s cry!!!
Flash Girl doesn’t waste a second as she almost literally flies down a 20-story fire escape in literally only a few seconds. She comes to a screeching halt… and her heart jumps up in her throat as she sees a dog chewing on a dead baby!!!
She started to sprint forward to tackle the greyhound in one blink of an eye, but in another blink she stopped dead in her tracks… she looked at the dog... and saw it wasn’t a dead baby… it was a Betty Boopsie doll!
“I had one of these growing up,” Flash Girl thought, “But the company that made them went out of business years ago.” She laughed for a moment… the dog ignoring all of this still chewing away on its prize.
Flash Girl let out a sigh of relief and leaned against a nearby wall. I’ve GOT to calm down, she thought. How much easier my life would be if I didn’t have these powers... She grinned back to that day that she got the ability to move at break-neck speeds...
FLASHBACK: Flash Girl, 3 years ago, in one of New York University’s many science labs.
She had gone in to help her boyfriend Rick with the last bit of their science project: a serum that – when poured onto a plant – would make it grow much faster than normal.
So far, their research hadn’t been conclusive, but after some tests last week, they added another ingredient to the serum which, they believed, would make it work.
Flash Girl, Ms. Alice Krumbabble then, entered into that lab on that fateful day, and saw her boyfriend of 2 years frenching Lizzy Neroking!!!
Alice stared at them for a moment… and then flipped out… “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???” Alice screamed with tears in her eyes. Rick almost crapped his pants when he saw his girlfriend standing there.
Rick, thinking he was a smooth operator, walked up to Alice, winking and opening his arms for a hug.
“Hey baby, this isn’t what it looks like… I was…”
Whatever Rick was going to say was lost, as Alice reared back and kicked forward, driving her platform sandals HARD into Rick’s balls.
Rick felt the kick, but for a moment there was only shock… then the pain set in… and BOY did it set in. Rick crumpled to the floor crying and clutching his jewels.
Alice wasn’t satisfied and pulled his hands off his nuts, an easy task since she had just kicked all the energy out of his body. She grabbed hold of her ex-boyfriends balls and started to squeeze, and tug, and yank, all to the incredible pain and horror of Rick, who could only scream high-pitched in agony. This went on for what seemed to Rick for hours, but to Alice, it was only 20 seconds.
As she was about to deliver a final squeeze, one that would destroy his manhood forever… she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck, and now she was on her back, bleeding… and wet.
She looked up, her vision blurry, and she saw Liz, terrified… and Alice realized… Alice has just broken the vial with their growth serum over her head…. She was now being covered with chemicals… Alice passed out… When she woke up, Rick and Liz weren’t there, and she never did see them again.
But the serum had changed her… she could now move faster than the human eye! Her first idea was to go around and kick every guy in the nuts on the campus… she could DO it now, she had the speed; they’d never see it coming… But… she didn’t like that idea… most of the boys here don’t deserve that… but… she now had SUPER POWERS!!!
She could become a superhero! Fight for truth and justice! And on that day… Alice became Flash Girl!
Flash Girl was brought back from her thinking when she looked down and saw that the greyhound was still chewing on the doll… but he had ripped it open… and something had caught her eye.
She walked over to the dog, which ran off in fear, leaving the doll behind. Flash Girl picked up the dirty old doll and looked at it… it was filled with MONEY!!! It was stuffed with 20 hundred-dollar bills… but on closer inspection… all these bills had the same number on them! These were COUNTERFEIT!!! Flash Girl thought it would be best if she sprinted over to the Daily Dolly Company, where this Betty Boopsie doll was made.
The company was miles away, but it only took Flash Girl a couple of minutes to travel that distant. She slowed down to a silent walk when the company was within sight.
The Business was on a desolate street, nothing but abandoned buildings here, so no one noticed that there’s an awful lot of activity going on in a business that’s meant to be closed.
She used her super speed to move unnoticed to one of the windows. She looked in and saw 4 armed thugs all stuffing Baby Boopsie dolls with the phony money. She knew now was the time to strike.
In a blur she sprinted back, then drove forward going through the glass window, rolling to break her fall, then stopped on her feet about 2 yards from the 4 bad guys.
“Hello guys, you’re a bit old to be playing with dolls, aren’t you?”
One of the thugs stammered and said, “It’s… it’s… it’s F-F-Flash Girl!!!” He clumsily tried to draw his gun.
“Awww, you’ve heard of me…” Flash Girl sprinted forward and unleashed a fierce kick right to the gonads of the thug.
She kicked him with such speed she was able to drop her foot and kick again, and again and again. She saw him move in slow motion, bringing his hands down to cover his jewels, but Flash Girl was so fast she was able to get in 11 kicks before he could cover himself.
All the other three guys saw was a blur that was Flash Girl’s boot for about four seconds, then they saw the thug crumple to the ground crying his eyes out…
“Oooo,” Flash Girl said, leaning down and looking into the fallen man’s teary eyes. “That looks like it HURTS! You MIGHT want to ice them down later.”
The other 3 thugs pulled out guns and started to fire. Flash Girl sprinted off to her left, the bullets not even coming close. Before the 3 guys could track her, Flash Girl sprinted back, and in a blur, she removed the guns from the 3 thugs hands.
“Listen… if you're still playing with dolls then you're DEFINITELY not old enough to be playing with guns,” Flash Girl said, showing that she had their weapons. She tossed them aside and smirked at them, “Now why don’t you just give up and surrender peacefully. You don’t want to end up like him, do ya?” She points to the floored thug oblivious to everything but the pain in his balls.
“Argh,” The smallest of the 3 thugs screamed in disgust and a thick Spanish accent, “You ain’t no threat to me, mamasita. Heee-ya!”
The littlest of the thug ran forward and performed a perfect roundhouse kick… but Flash girl easily ducked under it. The little man then drove his fist to where he thought her face was, a kick to where he thought her side was, and then a double-foot drop kick. Of course, Flash Girl in a blur dodged each of those attacks, and the final drop kick ended with the little thug on his back.
“Do you give up yet?” Flash Girl asked coyly. The little man flipped out, jumped up, ran forward, and in a blur screamed bloody murder.
The other 2 thugs couldn’t understand why till they realized that in super speed, Flash Girl had grabbed the little thug by his jewels and she was rapidly squeezing, releasing, squeezing, releasing.
The little thug doubled over coughing, moaning, and crying as Flash Girl leaned down keeping a tight squeeze on the thug’s “prizes” and said, “Are we done fighting?” She gave his balls a SHARP squeeze upward, and the little man, screaming in agony, managed to spit out, “Sí, Sí, SÍ SÍ SÍ!!!”
“Good!” Flash Girl smiled and tugged down on the little thug’s balls, bringing him to his knees, and she let go…
Just like the first thug, he too laid there bawling over his bruised jewels.
The other 2 thugs looked at her. She put her hands on her hip, “NOW will you give up? Or do you want to risk never having another ejaculation?”
The biggest of the thugs had enough; he picked up a fallen piece of lumber and wheeled it like a bat. He ran forward swinging at Flash Girls head. She dodged so quickly she was now behind him. The big thug, bewildered, turned around and saw Flash Girl, who then winked at him.
“Strike one…”
“GRRRRR!” The large man growled and swung again, to the same effect – Flash Girl was behind him again.
“Strike two, aren’t you seeing a pattern?”
The massive thug swung the lumber again, Flash Girl again sprinted behind him, but this time reached between his legs, grabbed the wood by the far end, and brought it behind her so the wood shot up and slammed the man in his nuts.
The man screamed in pain but didn’t fall.
He limped around to face Flash Girl who said, “A shot like that to your little jewelsies and you're not down… tough man, huh?” The thug swung a fist at Flash Girl, who ducked under it, pulled down the man’s pants and started to use his nutsack as a punching bag. She delivered a good solid 12 super-fast punches before the man even realized what was going on.
Flash Girl stopped, looked at the sheer agony in the man’s face, held him by his cheek for a second and whispered, “I’d say your balls just struck out.” The man collapsed clutching his swollen bruised jewels, trying not to vomit.
Flash Girl said, “You know, you three will make great additions to Sing Sing’s opera club. They’ve been looking for sopranos, you know.”
She cast a glance at the fourth thug who held his knife in his hands, but looked scared.
“Do you want to join them in the ‘balls in their throat’ club?” Flash Girl asked.
The man looked at his fallen comrades, and quickly threw his knife to the ground, putting his hands over his head.
“You know, you should never lift your hands to a girl... it leaves your jewels exposed,” Flash Girl mused to the thug as she gave him a light back hand, not enough to hurt him a lot, but enough to make him double over and remove any thoughts of fighting.
Using her super speed, she took a piece of rope that sat on a scaffolding, and she tied up the four thugs in less than a minute. She had some compassion though; she tied them so they could still hold their jewels.
“See,” she said smirking, “I’m not ALL bad.”
Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a large muscular man in a black leather trenchcoat. You’d immediately notice something about him: he had a metallic claw instead of a right hand, which was how he got his underworld nickname “STEEL CLAW!” Flash Girl almost growled when she saw him.
“FLASH GIRL!” Steel Claw growled back, “How did you find out about this place?”
“A little doggie told me,” she smirked. She raced into the man, punching at his chest, but because his claw was robotic, it possessed faster than normal speed too. It grabbed Flash Girl around the throat and lifted her off her feet.
Steel Claw laughed maniacally, “You underestimated me Flash Girl… and for that you will suffer.” Flash Girl tried not to panic as she held onto Steel Claw’s arm so she wouldn’t choke to death. She accurately aimed a perfect kick right to the man’s genitals… SMACK!!!
And… nothing… except a sharp pain in her left foot. It felt like she had just kicked a brick wall!
Steel Claw laughed, “You think I’ve learned NOTHING from our encounters? I have on a platinum cup. Even your super speed kicks wouldn’t penetrate it!” The man choked her a bit harder, laughing maniacally.
Flash Girl took this opportunity to bring her two legs together quickly and hard under the man’s armpits smashing his ribs… the shock of this caused Steel Claw to release his metallic grip on our heroine. Flash Girl rolled back, and smiled a wicked grin... this could work….
She sped forward running circles around the man. All Steel Claw could see was a red blur striking at him with what felt like was pokes. With a mighty shot Steel Claw slammed his metallic hand into Flash Girl’s ribs driving her back.
Pain engulfed her side, but she smiled because her plan worked.
“NOW I WILL DESTROY YOU, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!” Steel Claw exclaimed.
Flash Girl smiled and said, “I don’t think so… aren’t you missing something?”
Steel Claw looked confused then was horrified when Flash Girl tossed something to him. He caught it, still horrified, because he immediately recognized it was his platinum cup!!! She must have used her super speed to pull it out of his pants!!!
In less than a blink of an eye, Flash Girl ran 10 yards and slung her foot up like a soccer player running for a penalty kick. Steel Claw knew where her foot was going, but was much too slow to stop it.
Flash Girl saw all this in slow motion, her boot-clad foot driving up and driving deep between her enemy’s legs, she could have sworn the tip of her boot disappeared as she drove it into the balls of Steel Claw.
She could feel his two jewels squish under her boot, his balls nearly crushing between her foot and his pelvis. She moved her foot back and watched the large man clutch his balls and fall to his knees whimpering like a baby. He fell to his side, gasping for air, tears rolling down his eyes, as he grasped his balls with both hands.
“I’d be careful with that steel claw of yours, buddy, wouldn’t want to cut them off, would ya?” Flash Girl said smiling.
She looked around for a phone and called Commissioner Gordy, telling him that she had Steel Claw and his thugs all tied up. Commissioner Gordy told her that they’d been looking for the group that was spending that phony dough, and how they were getting it around. Who would have suspected it was being shipped in dolls?
Flash Girl looked at Steel Claw, realizing that if she just tied him up, he could cut the rope with that claw of his; she needed a better way to keep him indisposed, and she thought she knew the way.
“Believe me Steel Claw, this is going to hurt you WAY more than it hurts me!” she giggled as she picked up some rope…
When the cops arrived, they were shocked to see all the thugs tied up, and Steel Claw hanging upside-down, by his BALLS!!!
Dangling from a rope, in more agony than you could imagine, Steel Claw was blubbering to the cops how he was in charge of this operation and how he should be put in jail with a large bucket of ice. Attached to his jacket was a Red Card that had the letters, “FG” on it, Flash Girl’s calling card.
In an Irish accent, one cop said, “Ah, thanks begorrah, she saved our fair city again, we are truly in her debt.”
ANNOUNCER: “Yes Officer Jim, we are ALL in her debt, a debt we can never fully pay off. So if any of you villains out their plan to make trouble in Flash Girl’s town, you’d better pick up some ice packs while you are out, for Flash Girl will hunt you down and when she does, it will not be a day to rejoice that you’re a man, for you will be a man with a bruised ego, and worse yet, bruised eggs!
So tune in next time, same kicking time, same kicking station.”
Credits Roll in front of a picture of Flash Girl with her knee driving into a man’s nuts.

”Flash Girl” CREATED BY: Confused Ed
STORY DEDICATED TO: The good guys and gals of Yoda’s ballbusting forum.
EDITED BY: Ofladrit
MUSICAL SCORE: What music?
Copyright date: 5/26/2000
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2020.09.19 06:01 5_believers 34 [M4F] Cambridge -- Poly Irish Scientist for Boston-Area Ladies

Hello! I'm looking some dates -- socially distanced at first but eventually not.
I'm 34, 5'9", Irish, and I'm a researcher in physics. I'm generally pretty friendly and outgoing, I play a couple of different instruments, and I love listening to music and going to shows. (Well, I used to love going to shows, before you-know-what.) I run and work out regularly, I like to read, and I work on various kinds of side projects geared towards communicating science to the general public. I'm in a long term open/poly relationship with a lovely lady in who splits her time between here and New York City (or used to, before you-know-what). Basically, I have a life partner already, but I'm open to any other kind of relationship that we might develop.
With regard to sex, I'm fairly-to-very dominant, depending on the partner. I enjoy bondage, spanking, rough sex, threesomes, and (with a few exceptions) whatever turns you on! It's not a problem if you're new to any of the above -- in fact, based on past experience, I find that dynamic pretty sexy. (People have mentioned I have a “young professor” vibe FWIW.)
Here are some SFW photos of me. I'm looking for someone D&D free, generally a nice person, etc. If you think we might get along, pm me with some details about yourself!
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2020.09.18 00:45 Noroark 23 [F4A] Looking for a nerd who will make me laugh

Single/Taken/Complicated: Single; has never dated before.
Seeking Relationship/Friends/Squish/Other: Relationship (though I'm not opposed to making friends as well!)
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Gender: Cis female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 23
Height/Build: 5'6.5", 117 lbs.
Physical Description: Pale skin (mostly Italian/Irish). Very long dark brown hair. Green eyes. Glasses. Flat as a board. Kind of ugly, lol.
Personality Description: INTJ. I used to suffer from social anxiety, though I have made a lot of improvement and am continuing to do so. I can still be a little reserved, but once you get to know me, I can be a pretty fun person. When I'm first getting to know someone, I'm most comfortable talking through text. I really enjoy talking about my interests. I'm not exactly quick-witted, but I can come up with clever material if I'm given time to think about it. I'm very introspective; my mental health isn't the greatest, and I like being able to vent to someone (although I hate feeling like a burden). I am also a good listener and eager to help others with their troubles.
Interests: Gaming--I compete in Super Smash Bros. tournaments and I just got into streaming. I'm a big Nintendo fan, and I really like Pokémon and Animal Crossing. I'm not really into movies, TV, or books (aside from popular science). There are a few anime series that I like (mostly Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), but I'm not super into it. My favorite music genre is alt-rock. I love animals! I have an Australian shepherd, two cats, a chinchilla, seven tarantulas, and some fish. I collect a variety of things, including amiibo and plush Pokémon. I used to write and draw a lot, but now I only do those things every once in a while. I'm a biology nerd, and I'm studying to be a high school living environment teacher.
Location: Western New York. I'm not really interested in a super distant LDR, though I'm willing to date people in neighboring states if we can meet up every now and again.
Notes: I have no preference when it comes to appearance. I'm most attracted to a good sense of humor, and having similar interests is important to me. I don't like physical touch, but I would be willing to cuddling if it would make my partner happy. I'm sex-repulsed and not willing to compromise. My ideal date would be going out for coffee, taking a walk through the woods to look for cool bugs, and then coming home to play some Smash.
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2020.09.17 20:42 StevenStevens43 The birth of the Antiochus

The birth of the Antiochus
The Dardani:
Throughout the ages in this region, the word "Dan" has prevailed in seemingly many forms and abbreviations.
From the tribes of Dan in Israel, to the Denyans in Egypt, to the Tuatha de Dannan in Ireland, to the Danes in Denmark.
By the 4th Century BC, the Dardani were the strongest group in europe fighting against the Messenaean Greek expansion.
(Regards to the photo beneath.. When one see's a place name that contains two LL's, such as "Illyria", then one might suspect it has some pertinence with the Welsh language).
The Dardani were a Paleo-Balkan tribe which lived in a region which was named Dardania) after their settlement there.[1][2]
Link for photo
Celtic invasion:
You see, in this area, there was an "ongoing" power struggle going on between peoples with allegiances to the more Northern territories such as Scandinavia, and North western territories such as Albion/Britain, and those with allegiances more to traditional europeans and Anatolians, such as Greeks.
By the 4th century BC, the power struggle in this region was on scales, going back and forth like a yoyo, and in the 4th Century BC the Celts came down hard, and established a very powerful base, named Dardania.
The Kingdom of Dardania was attested since the 4th century BC in ancient sources reporting the wars the Dardanians waged against Macedon. After the Celtic invasion of the Balkans weakened the state of the Macedonians and Paeonians, the political and military role of the Dardanians began to grow in the region
Now, Dardani is pretty much synonymous with Albania.
The names Dardania appears to be connected to Albanian dardhë.[13] In 1854, Johann Georg von Hahn was the first to propose that the names Dardanoi and Dardania) were related to the Albanian word dardhë ("pear, pear-tree"),
Link for photo
The Alba Albanian flag
In fact, the contemporary understanding that Greko-Romans, unlike indigenous Greeks, or Indigenous Italians, are in fact the descendants of multi-culturistic Greek diversity, would mean they are also partially the descendants of peoples from the Balkans, that probably originate from more Baltic lands than Balkan, had to be explained away by the early Roman emperors that were now trying to justify wars against the Dardani.
And they admitted (in not so many words), that they are partially descended from Dardani peoples, but that the Dardani are unevolved partial ancestors, and they do not have the same levels of sophistication as the Greeks, that Greco-Romans are also descended from, thus, they are barbarians.
ancient sources
The rulers of some of the great powers of antiquity, such as Epirus), Macedonia) and Rome, claimed a Trojan ancestry linking themselves to Dardanus), who according to the tradition was the founder of the Trojan ruling house. But if Dardanus and the tribes over which he ruled were descended from the Balkan people, who were considered "barbarians" by the Romans, it would have been an embarrassment. Thus, by Roman times the connection was explained by a movement that occurred in the opposite direction proposing that Dardanus caused the settling of the Dardani west of the Thracians, accepting the version that the Dardani were a people related to the Trojans, but that they had degenerated to a state of "barbarism" in their new settlement).[19]
Link for photo
Beheaded barbarian
Alexander the Great:
The Dardani would expand their power, conquering the whole of Macedonia, and would almost be united with the Persian Achaemenid empire, when Alexander the Great would come along and reclaim Macedonia.
4th century BC
In 334 BC, under the leadership of Cleitus, the son of Bardylis, the Dardani, in alliance with other Illyrian tribes attacked Macedonia held by Alexander the Great. The Dardani managed to capture some cities but were eventually defeated by Alexander's forces.[21]
Link for photo.jpg)
Alexander the Great
Hellenstic empire:
Of course, under Alexanders reign, Macedonia would be at the centre of the worlds biggest empire, and the Achaemenid empire would become collapsed.
Alexander the Great
Alexander endeavoured to reach the "ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea" and invaded India in 326 BC, winning an important victory over the Pauravas at the Battle of the Hydaspes. He eventually turned back at the demand of his homesick troops, dying in Babylon in 323 BC, the city that he planned to establish as his capital, without executing a series of planned campaigns that would have begun with an invasion of Arabia. In the years following his death, a series of civil wars tore his empire apart, resulting in the establishment of several states ruled by the Diadochi, Alexander's surviving generals and heirs.
Of course, his place in history would be cemented when he removed the Persians from the Egyptian throne, and became crowned Pharoah, in 332 BC, thus founding the foundations for the Ptolemic empire.
Alexander advanced on Egypt in later 332 BC, where he was regarded as a liberator.[80] He was pronounced son of the deity Amun at the Oracle of Siwa Oasis in the Libyan desert.[81] Henceforth, Alexander often referred to Zeus-Ammon as his true father, and after his death, currency depicted him adorned with the Horns of Ammon as a symbol of his divinity.[82] During his stay in Egypt, he founded Alexandria-by-Egypt, which would become the prosperous capital of the Ptolemaic Kingdom after his death.[83]
Roman alliances:
From the get go, the Ptolomists were keen to form alliances with their sophisticated cousins, the Romans.
Foreign affairs)
He had much less success in his attempts to negotiate a peace between the Macedonia and the Roman Republic in the First Macedonian War (215-205 BC).[24] Ptolemy made large financial contributions to a number of Greek cities in order to gain their favour. He was responsible for the city walls at Gortyn in Crete[25] Ptolemy was honoured for his benefactions with monuments and cults in his honour at various cities, including Rhodes and Oropus[26][27]
In the west, Ptolemy maintained friendly neutrality with the Roman Republic and Carthage, which were fighting against one another in the Second Punic War (218-201 BC). He received a friendly embassy from the Romans in 210 BC, requesting a gift of grain to help feed the starving populus. It is unknown how Ptolemy responded to this request.[28]
Link for photo
Ptolomy IV
Assassination of Alexander IV:
However, the war was far from over, and Alexander the Greats 14 year old son would be assassinated before he could rule Egypt, passing the Pharoahship to the Roman-Greco Ptolomy's.
Death of Alexander IV
However, Green thinks that Heracles was killed after Alexander IV's assassination.[8]
Link for photo
Alexandros IV
Dardanian alliance:
The Dardanian elitists, in true aristocratic fashion, tried to get their foot on the throne another way, by offering to protect the Hellenstic empire against Celtic invasion, by forming allegiances.
Which of course, would result in concessions.
However Ptolomy quite wisely refused, and decided to fight the Celtic armies himself.
1st - 3rd century BC
Celts were present in Dardania in 279 BC.[25] The Dardanian king offered to help the Macedonians with 20,000 soldiers against the Celts, but this was refused by Macedonian king Ptolemy Keraunos.[26]
Now, another king that was involved in this invasion beginning around 279 BC, was one of the Brennos brothers.
If you would like to know which one of the brothers it was, and what country he was king of, then simply go to the lobby after reading this article, and read the article "Belinus and Brennius and the sack of rome".
But, Belinas, king of Albany and Cambria, was reported to have committed suicide during this war.
It is likely he did so by jumping off the tower of Apollo.
To find out why it is likely that he jumped off the tower of apollo, simply see other articles in lobby.
Another Brennus) was one of the leaders of the army of Gauls who attempted to invade and settle in the Greek mainland in 278 BC. After a looting spree and after managing to pass Thermopylae by encircling the Greek army and forcing it to retreat he made his way to the rich treasury at Delphi but he was defeated by the re-assembled Greek army. Brennus was heavily injured at the battle of Delphi and committed suicide there.
Link for photo#/media/File:Naxos_Sphinx_with_humans_for_size.jpg)
Tower of Apollo
Now, it is very likely that one of the main armies of the Brennos, during their sack of Rome, and conquest of Macedonia, prior to attempting to conquer Athens, were the Belgae.
In fact, Brennius and Belinus where likely one of the Belgae themselves, as "Belgae" was just part of a wider branch of Gaelic speaking Gauls that spread from Britain, Ireland and throughout mainland europe.
The differences between Belgae, and other Gauls, would be simple dialectics, with one another still able to speak to eachother, even if in a totally different accent, or, with slightly different spellings and pronounications.
Beli and Belinus
The consensus among linguists is that the ethnic name Belgae comes from the Proto-Celtic root \belg-* or \bolg-* meaning "to swell (particularly with angebattle fury/etc.)", cognate with the Dutch adjective gebelgd "very angry" (weak perfect participle of the verb belgen "to become angry") and verbolgen "being angry" (strong perfect participle of obsolete verbelgen "to make angry"), as well as the Old English verb belgan, "to be angry" (from Proto-Germanic \balgiz), derived ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European root *\bhelgh-* ("to swell, bulge, billow"). Thus, a Proto-Celtic ethnic name \Bolgoi* could be interpreted as "the people who swell (particularly with angebattle fury)".[3]
Link for photo
Julius Caesar:
Now, a lot of confusion and damage was caused by the politics of Julius Caesar, who decided to draw lines between Gallic countries, and insist they are seperate peoples.
His historical understanding is not actually shared by today's contemporary scholar and historian, and was not even shared amongst his own Greco allies, that thought there was an extremely small difference between Gauls, and Germanics, and tribes from other gaelic speaking parts of Gaul.
Strabos obviously did not share Caesars political reasoning.
Origins of Belgae
.[8] Ancient sources such as Caesar are not always clear about the things used to define ethnicity today. While Caesar or his sources described the Belgae as distinctly different from the Gauls, Strabo stated that the differences between the Celts (Gauls) and Belgae, in countenance, language, politics, and way of life was a small one, unlike the difference between the Aquitanians and Celts.[9] The fact that the Belgae were living in Gaul means that in one sense they were Gauls. This may be Caesar's meaning when he says "The Belgae have the same method of attacking a fortress as the rest of the Gauls".[10]
Belgae in Britain:
Now, most of the most southern regions of Albion/Briton, were inhabited by Belgae.
The Belgae are even said to be the same peoples as the Irish Fir-Bolg.
Which is hardly surprising, as they spoke the same language as Irish people.
The name belgium, comes from the Belgae.
Some peoples in Britain were also called Belgae and O'Rahilly equated them with the Fir Bolg in Ireland. The Belgae gave their name to the Roman province of Gallia Belgica and, much later, to the modern country of Belgium; today "Belgae" is also Latin for "Belgians".
Link for photo
British Belgae
The birth of the Antiochus:
Now, Ptolomy was doing very well in Egypt, until the rise of Antiochus III's selecud empire invaded and conquered Alexander the greats old lands, including macedonia, and re-established the Iranian/Aryan persian titles.
It is likely that the attacks from Belinus & the Belgae had a "huge" role to play in this success.
Antiochus III
Antiochus III the Great /ænˈtaɪəkəs/ (Greek: Ἀντίoχoς Μέγας; c. 241 – 3 July 187 BC, ruled April/June 222 – 3 July 187 BC)[1] was a Macedonian Hellenistic king and the 6th ruler of the Seleucid Empire.[2][3][4] He ruled over the region of Syria and large parts of the rest of western Asia towards the end of the 3rd century BC. Rising to the throne at the age of eighteen in 222 BC, his early campaigns against the Ptolemaic Kingdom were unsuccessful, but in the following years Antiochus gained several military victories and substantially expanded the empire's territory. His traditional designation, the Great, reflects an epithet he assumed. He also assumed the title Basileus Megas (Greek for "Great King"), the traditional title of the Persian kings. A militarily active ruler, Antiochus restored much of the territory of the Seleucid Empire,
Link for photo,late_1st_century_BC%E2%80%93early_1st_century_AD,_Louvre_Museum(7462828632).jpg)
Antiochus III
Anti-Roman freedom fighter:
Now, Antichus III "is not" Greek in the slightest.
He is a blond haired blue eyed boy.
He has conquered Greece from the Greco-Romans.
So, in that sense, yes, he is Greek.
But he announces himself to the world as a freedom fighter fighting against the growing Roman empire.
His invasion of Greece is of course, a huge blow to the Greco-Roman Hellenstic world.
Antiochus III
Declaring himself the "champion of Greek freedom against Roman domination", Antiochus III waged a four-year war against the Roman Republic beginning in mainland Greece in the autumn of 192 BC[5][6]
Link for photo
Seleucid expansion
Roman alliance:
Now, just as Antiochus was about to walk in to Egypt and hand Ptolomy his p45, the Romans decided to ally themselves with Ptolomy after-all, and they came to the rescue.
War against Rome and death
In 192 BC Antiochus invaded Greece with a 10,000-man army, and was elected the commander in chief of the Aetolian League.[19] In 191 BC, however, the Romans under Manius Acilius Glabrio) routed him at Thermopylae), forcing him to withdraw to Asia Minor. The Romans followed up their success by invading Anatolia, and the decisive victory of Scipio Asiaticus at Magnesia ad Sipylum (190 BC), following the defeat of Hannibal at sea off Side, delivered Asia Minor into their hands.[13]
Link for photo
Alban hills
Alban hills:
Now, the early Octavians, from house of Octavius, which was the house Julius Caesar was from, sided with Ptolomy, despite the fact that they themselves are partially descended from Gauls from the Alban hills dating back to Alba longa.
Instead of admit this, they choose to insist that Alba longa is a myth and legend, and instead their real ancestors are the Gods.
Octavia Gens origin
The Octavii originally came from the Volscian town of Velitrae, in the Alban Hills. The historian Suetonius writes,
Towards the end of the Republic, it became fashionable for noble families to trace their origin to the gods and heroes of olden time,
Link for photo#/media/File:Gaius_Octavius,_father_of_Augustus.jpg)
Gaius Octavius
Now, Ptolomy V is actually related to Antiochus III, through Antiochuses patriarch grandfather, Antiochus, who was the brother of the Ptolomy patriarch, ptolomy.
Antiochus (Greek: Ἀντίοχος; fl. 4th century BC) was a Macedonian) man who lived during the time of Philip II of Macedon (ruled 359-336 BC). He originally came from Orestis), Macedonia.
Antiochus served as an officer under Philip II, and gained distinction as a military general. Antiochus was from an upper noble family. His father was probably called Seleucus, his brother was called Ptolemy)
Link for photo_(cropped).jpg)
Julius Caesar
Beli mawr:
Therefore, when Beli mawr claims to be related to the mother of Jesus, it is actually not impossible that a person with an Anti-Roman agenda, could in fact be a Belgian.
As the Antiochuses are a North western branch of a family which inter-bred with Messenaeans and fathered some of the most well known emperors of our time, including Egyptian emperors, and Roman emperors, who they later grew to despise.
Beli mawr
Beli Mawr ("Beli the Great") was an ancestor figure in Middle Welsh literature and genealogies. He is the father of Cassivellaunus, Arianrhod, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Llefelys, and Afallach. In certain medieval genealogies he is listed as the son or husband of Anna, cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus.
Cleopatra 1:
And Cleopatra I was likely a Belgae also.
And she was the daughter of Antiochus III that married Ptolomy V after her fathers death.
Cleopatra I
Cleopatra I Syra (Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Σύρα; c. 204 – 176 BC) was a princess of the Seleucid Empire, Queen of Ptolemaic Egypt by marriage to Ptolemy V of Egypt, and regent of Egypt during the minority of their son, Ptolemy VI, from her husband’s death in 180 BC until her own death in 176 BC.
And she was the daughter of Antiochus III that married Ptolomy V after her fathers death.
Cleopatra I was the daughter of Antiochus III the Great, King of the Seleucid Empire, and Queen Laodice III.

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2020.09.17 15:17 callmemaddy69 Is he only using me for sex?

Hi, I am 27 and have been seeing a guy from Hinge (an online dating app) for almost 2 months now. He’s 26 and Irish but we are both in Sydney temporarily (5-10 years) for work. I am starting to really like him recently as he’s been very consistent with being a gentleman. He’s also very honest, a man of honor and pretty good looking. But I’m not sure how serious he is with me. I told him to DTR a month into seeing each other and he said we are dating, then weeks after, we became exclusive. The problem is everytime we see each other, which is 2-3x a week, we always ended up being sexual. It was only one time when no sex-relating thing happened, just kisses (more like smacks). But everytime I ask him, I felt like he’s genuine when he says he likes me and he’s serious about me. He’d already met my friends and he’s been wanting me to meet his friends too but just haven’t happened yet because of my work schedule. But I have met his housemate. He is also very willing to meet my sister and let her know he’s the guy I am seeing. So please let me get help figuring this one out. I’m keen to answer any questions if the story I put up is confusing. Thank you so much.
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2020.09.17 15:16 callmemaddy69 Is he serious or not

Hi, I am 27 and have been seeing a guy from Hinge (an online dating app) for almost 2 months now. He’s 26 and Irish but we are both in Sydney temporarily (5-10 years) for work. I am starting to really like him recently as he’s been very consistent with being a gentleman. He’s also very honest, a man of honor and pretty good looking. But I’m not sure how serious he is with me. I told him to DTR a month into seeing each other and he said we are dating, then weeks after, we became exclusive. The problem is everytime we see each other, which is 2-3x a week, we always ended up being sexual. It was only one time when no sex-relating thing happened, just kisses (more like smacks). But everytime I ask him, I felt like he’s genuine when he says he likes me and he’s serious about me. He’d already met my friends and he’s been wanting me to meet his friends too but just haven’t happened yet because of my work schedule. But I have met his housemate. He is also very willing to meet my sister and let her know he’s the guy I am seeing. So please let me get help figuring this one out. I’m keen to answer any questions if the story I put up is confusing. Thank you so much.
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2020.09.17 15:09 callmemaddy69 Is he serious or not

Hi, I am 27 and have been seeing a guy from Hinge (an online dating app) for almost 2 months now. He’s 26 and Irish but we are both in Sydney temporarily (5-10 years) for work. I am starting to really like him recently as he’s been very consistent with being a gentleman. He’s also very honest, a man of honor and pretty good looking. But I’m not sure how serious he is with me. I told him to DTR a month into seeing each other and he said we are dating, then weeks after, we became exclusive. The problem is everytime we see each other, which is 2-3x a week, we always ended up being sexual. It was only one time when no sex-relating thing happened, just kisses (more like smacks). But everytime I ask him, I felt like he’s genuine when he says he likes me and he’s serious about me. He’d already met my friends and he’s been wanting me to meet his friends too but just haven’t happened yet because of my work schedule. But I have met his housemate. He is also very willing to meet my sister and let her know he’s the guy I am seeing. So please let me get help figuring this one out. I’m keen to answer any questions if the story I put up is confusing. Thank you so much.
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2020.09.17 13:15 aeveen89 Things I never again want to experience

I really need to stop drinking. I’ve always been ‘fond of a drink’ as us Irish say – but in the past year it’s really gotten out of control. I’ve written the below list of things caused by my drinking that I never again want to experience, so I can read it when I get temptations. I’m sure many of you can relate to some of these!
Things I never again want to experience:
....I'm sure there's so much more!
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2020.09.17 13:02 closeprotections Close Protection London Close Protection Services London

Close protection – is a concept that has been known for ages – it has been with us since early days of humankind and now its condition is more than satisfactory. Since time immemorial, people have tried to protect their wealth, assets, as well as their own health, life, and welfare. By means of the transfer of gathered goods, wealthy individuals have been paying other parties to protect them, their families, and possessions from others. As a general rule, young, notably strong, and grim-looking individuals have been considered perfectly suitable for such a job. The idea behind such a choice has been to scare away a potential adversary by taking advantage of the very looks of the guard. The aforementioned state of affairs has been observed for the consecutive ages. Wealthy landowners and kings created their own trusted guards (in ancient times and during the medieval age, those were troops designated to protect the authorities; later on, they were transformed into elite soldiers). Aside from serving representative and managerial purposes, such individuals were required to take care of their master and his beloved ones. In the 11th century England, during the Battle of Hastings, King Harold assembled a group of troops to protect his life and widely understood health condition. One may consider them to be the ancestors of modern bodyguards. As both civilization and society progressed, there were an increasing number of various organizations and people. Therefore, the risk of attack was significantly higher. Numerous authorities attempted to discourage potential aggressors from committing a crime by introducing severe forms of punishment. It must be noted, however, that there was still the question if it was enough to protect high authorities and the wealthy from the effects of outside attacks. The protection-oriented market has been developing to be – at some point – dominated by professional soldiers. The said progression has made it possible for police officers to investigate and deal with common, less dangerous crimes only. Together with technical revolution and the increasing social awareness, the number of citizens not satisfied with the current order skyrockets. It is likely to cause radical groups aiming at the change of the existing ruling paradigm to occur. This in turn may lead to anarchy and the increase in people willing to put their antisocial theories and plans into effect. The latter may start from sabotaging the work of others and demolishing valuable devices, but it may also end up in killings. If such a thing happens, one may openly talk about terrorism. The unusual social situation boosts the demand for personal protection. Both the army and police focus on securing the wellbeing of those of high position in the country. The rest of the threatened society must protect itself. The demand identified above has given rise to a new profession – a security guard. In the past, it was performed in a more or less organized fashion and that is why the effectiveness of arising task achievement varied. The attempt on Tsar’s Alexander the Second life on 1st March 1881 is a perfect exemplification of the formulated thesis. The ruler in question was attacked by the members of Narodnaya Volya at 2:15 P.M. A bomb was thrown under the carriage, but its explosion did not harm either the tsar or the horses. Alexander the Second, together with his companion including secret police representatives, started to assess damages. It was a mistake. At 2:20 P.M, yet another bomb was detonated. Its accuracy was notably higher as it managed to severely injure the tsar. He died relatively quickly, even with professional care he was under. At this point, it must be indicated that the demand for close protection increases. However, the perception of it is in a significant number of cases rather faulty, leading to pitiful outcomes. As it was hundreds of years earlier, modern people tend to hire grim musclemen to protect them, disregarding the fact that their intellectual level and possessed knowledge are negligible. Formerly, a test had to be passed in order for a person to be considered a bodyguard. Unfortunately, it does not hold true anymore. On numerous occasions, we can observe security guards stylized to look like stats of action movies, with the lack of intelligence written all over their faces. To give them justice, such people may also perform exceptionally well – up to the time they encounter a real attack. Unprofessional guards may be employed to protect rock stars or boxers. Real bodyguards of today are, however, highly skilled and motivated. They are trained to prevent rather than to counteract, as it may be too late in the latter case. Such people are capable of estimating potential risk and juxtaposing it with the resources at their disposal that may minimize it. Modern security guards are physically active, as well as skilled in giving first aid and driving a car defensively. They can fight without using any weapon – especially by taking advantage of psychology and persuasion. Such people are proficient in at least two languages and are characterized by an above-average intelligence level. The described model of a security guard is perfectly suited to current conditions and the needs of individuals hiring them.

VIP close protection over the world – organizations specializing in personal protection. One of the most famous and at the same time – the oldest organized bodies dealing with close protection was created in the 19th century. It was the American United States Secret Service. The USSS was created in 1865 as the US Treasury Law Enforcement Agency. Secret Service is the oldest national agency focusing entirely on investigations. Initially, their only task was to protect the economic structure of the country by means of preventing governmental cheques and bonds from being counterfeited. The mission was followed up to 1901, when president William McKinley was attacked in Buffalo (NY state). The assault resulted in appointing the Secret Service by the US Congress to protect the newly elected president, Theodore Roosevelt. In 1906, the Congress finally adopted the act on the responsibility of the Secret Service for the safety of the White House. Since 1950, the protection has been extended from presidents and first ladies only to vice-presidents as well. Before the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, the Secret Service had been a relatively small organization, employing as many as 284 agents. The discussed events translated directly into its rapid development. Currently, it is stated that over 5000 employees work for the Secret Service. Separate branches of the organization are located all over the United States, in Puerto Rico, and in other places all over the world (Paris, Lyon, London, Bonn, Rome, Milano, Hong Kong, Montreal, Lefkosa, Bogota, and Manila). The representatives of the organization are both secret agents (serving protection and investigation-related roles), as well as uniformed units responsible for the safety of the White House and diplomatic outposts. They maintain law and order by means of the network of both foot and motorized patrols, as well as of fixed posts. Such people also support other branches of the Secret Service. A wide scope of professional is also employed therein – those are electronics, engineers, communication experts, protection-related professionals, and IT workers. The Secret Service protects the president with his family, vice-president, elected vice-president, candidates for the said posts (from the 120th day before the elections onwards), former president, his children up to 16, as well as heads of other states staying in the USA in order to realize international missions. The unit of the Secret Service liable for taking care about the safety of the president in the White House fulfills its duties in identical uniforms. Due to the said fact, the Secret Service is sometimes referred to as the Uniformed Division. Its tasks also include the protection of president’s mansions, diplomatic outposts in Washington, and places alike located within the borders of the USA.

Another known formation is the Swiss Guard (Latin: Cohors Helvetica) which was for the very first time gathered on 22nd January 1506 by the then pope – Julius II. Its major aim was to protect the spiritual successor of Saint Peter and his palace. The pope wanted to grant himself protection from the enemies and avoid a political murder. In 1512, the Guard secured Vatican against French soldiers. The Defendants of the Church, as the representatives of the discussed formation were also called, had to face the biggest trail while taking care of pope Clemens VII during the invasion of Roman emperor, Charles V. The boldness, discipline, and resourcefulness of the representatives of the Guard made it possible to save the life of the pope, even though about 600 bold men died in the process. To commemorate the event, a solemn vow of the newly appointed guards takes place every year on 6th May. Each of the Swiss guards-to-be holds a banner in his left hand and raises his right hand with the thumb and two other fingers in an upright position (it is the symbol of the Holy Trinity). Then, the new soldiers promise to protect the pope and – to die in his defense if necessary. The representatives of the Swiss Guard are chosen from men between the age of 19 and 25 living in one of Swiss cantons (basing on contracts with Zurich and Lucerne). Each of them has to be at least 174 cm (5 feet and a half inch) tall and be an unmarried practicing Catholic (according to a special letter issued by the local bishop). Candidates for the service are properly trained, including teaching them how to use firearms, side arms, as well as how to defend themselves and establish proper contacts with other people. One of the items of the list is the proper usage of halberd. Currently, the number of soldiers in the Guard is estimated to circulate around 120, including officers, junior, and senior soldiers. They serve in the formation from two to twenty-five years. It must be also indicated at this point that officers and senior sergeants may be granted by the pope the right to enter into a holy matrimony. Aside from their characteristic outfit, soldiers are additionally equipped with halberds and Renaissance swords – those are the symbols of formation’s tradition. Nowadays, they are also fitted with firearms, tear gas, and excellent communication-oriented devices. With its almost five hundred years of heritage, the Swiss Guard is one of the oldest active defense-oriented groups in the world. One may assume that it will last until Switzerland and the Catholic Church exist.

Yet another example of a close protection-focused formation is the Cedrug Order, the major task of which is to take care about the ruler of Tibet – Dalai Lama. It comprises of national spiritual authorities who organized themselves in a form of an order. Thanks to strict upbringing, their physical strength is much higher than the one of secular officials. Therefore, the former are the most trusted soldiers caring about the safety of the leader of the nation. Cedurg School is located in the left wing of Potala – the palace of Dalai Lama, which is in turn situated in the Holy City of Lhasa (eastern Tibet, Kyitsu river valley). Every Tibet citizen is allowed to enroll to the school, but only chosen ones are granted the privilege to join the Order. For several hundred years, there have been a limited number of monks allowed, namely – 175. Only selected candidates have been worthy enough to defend the powerful Dalai Lama. Those are especially bold, tall, and muscular men. The representatives of the Order earned their name in 1959, when they protected the king of Tibet against Chinese adversaries.

One of the biggest organizations in the world established to consociate and train bodyguards is the International Bodyguard Association (IBA). The IBA was established in 1957 in Paris by major Lucien Victor Ott. Major Ott had been closely connected to the French Foreign Legion in Algeria since his early childhood. He had been born and raised in the said country. In 1947, he joined the French Special Forces and took part in France-Indochina war. Furthermore, he was the participant of the battle of Dien-Bien Phu that ended with the defeat of the French forces. He was being injured and captured by Vietminh. After a bold escape, he decided to join forces with the French Military Intelligence (Deuxieme Bureau). Major Lucien Ott got famous due to, inter alia, perfect securing of president Charles de Gaulle against the OAS terrorist organization. Thanks to him, 30 prepared attacks were foiled, 11 of which were aimed directly at the head of the state. After the death of the creator of a modern bodyguard profile, major Ott, one of his students – James G. Shortt took care of the management of the IBA. As a young man, he had joined a cadet school. Later on, he had become landing operation troops officer and a member of the elite SAS (Special Air Service) unit. Moreover, during his service, he also taught soldiers in Afghanistan the art of Mujahedeen war. Currently, he teaches security guards, police officers, and soldiers all over the world in the IBA branches. The main aim of the organization is to properly prepare bodyguards-to-be to properly perform their duties. It is not an entity employing such individuals, but those who have presented exceptional skills may become members of royal, diplomatic, or personal guards recommended by the IBA. Coaches being the representatives of the organization trained bodyguards in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as helped during the Baltic Crisis between 1989 and 1991. The qualifications of the International Bodyguard Association are exceptional, international, and backed by the documentation concerning the organization of training sessions for the military, governmental authorities, police, and private bodyguards all over the world. Such undertakings have been continuously performed since 1957. The IBA also operates and trains willing individuals in Poland. Its branch was established in the said country in 1992. The basic training offered to candidates includes 60 hours of comprehensive preparation divided into six consecutive days. After its completion, the candidates are required to undergo the so-called refresher once a year. It is one of the conditions of the membership in the IBA.

Another training organization worth mentioning is the ESI - Executive Security International. It must be highlighted that it is one of the biggest and most appreciated American companies oriented towards training personal protection guards. Its second name is as follows: Bodyguard Training Academy for Executive, Dignitary and Celebrity Protection. The ESI was formed at the beginning of the 80s by Bob Duggan – martial arts expert and master in Hwarang Do. Its creation had been preceded by the establishment of the very first bodyguard training program by the Martial Arts Academy in Aspen, Colorado. The ESI, being one of the USA’s private schools, offers its students over 2000 hours of education with regard to protection, investigation, data gathering, company and individual security, etc. The training unit of the organization is situated high up in the mountains and is run by skilled professionals. Fun fact – film writer, Tracy Keenan Wynn, cooperates with the ESI. His preeminent task has been to create scenarios of situational exercises. While writing them, the said individual takes advantage of real life situations and attacks, such as assaults on Aldo Moro, John Paul the Second, kidnapping of Hans Martin Schleyer by the RAF (Red Army Faction), and scenarios alike. The ESI collaborates with corporations operating in the close protection branch of industry, as well as with the police and military. The organized training sessions are top secret. No journalists are allowed to enter the Aspen unit. Due to the fact that the ESI is a private school, it may provide professional training to civil, police-related, and military institutions all over the world.

The citizens of Israel have never had the chance to feel safe in their country. The issue of safety has been always treated seriously there. Aside from a constant Israel-Arab world conflict threat, the Israelis have been the subjects of terrorist attracts, both within the borders of their country and outside it. Jews and Americans are most frequent victims of operations organized by highly skilled terrorist groups. Taking into account the impact the Russian mafia has on Israel, the amount of care put on widely understood safety is fully justified. The Israeli Special Forces protect their citizens by means of intelligence and security-oriented undertakings. They host training sessions in various organizations preparing bodyguards, providing the adepts with the experience gained during the service. Most famous units of the said kind in Israel are undoubtedly the ISA - International Security Academy and the ISS - International Security School.

ISA is an international organization established and managed by former leaders, police instructors, and special service members. The very first unit of the ISA was formed in Latvia as a training and advising agency for both governmental and private security guards belonging to the Baltic States and the countries of the former USSR. The fact that the ISA is not exclusively Israeli in character is proved by the figure of the organization chairman, major Urlich Wegener – the creator and very first leader of German Border Control Service called GSG 9. The team of instructors and coaches also has international roots. The credo of the organization is that the preparation of the individuals for the proper protection of others is the key. Such people have to be offered highest quality training, extensive knowledge, and practical background. The ISS training programs are based predominantly on the experiences gained in Israel and in other countries, as well as while training people for the purpose of protecting VIPs over the world. Individuals, governmental authorities, and large-size corporations have been taking advantage of the services provided by the ISA/ISS.

At the moment, civil bodyguards are also involved in close protection. The safety of the individuals hiring them, as well as their possessions depends highly on the qualifications of the former. Quite frequently, those are former policemen, soldiers, or special force members. However, a number of inexperienced adepts would like to start their adventure with personal protection as well. Are they bound to fail in their attempts? It is not always so. The most crucial component affecting the effectiveness of the training is one’s psychological preparation. It is a commonly known fact that it is exceptional in former police officers and troops. However, it is a common belief that one can be trained how to perform the job of a bodyguard, just as it is possible to teach a person how to shoot or be properly engaged in melee combat. It all depends on one’s motivation and willingness to achieve success in the industry. Regulations to date limit the training process of a security guard to the moment of being awarded with a license. In order to perform his tasks properly, such a person has to constantly improve his skills and qualifications.

Phenomena connected with the need of utilization of close protection techniques – Terrorism/Terrorist. It goes without saying that terrorism is one of the biggest threats of today’s world. While analyzing the severity of attacks and their scale, one should not doubt that VIPs should be at all possible occasions protected against the aforementioned forms of assault. In order to assess the threat a given problem pose, its specificity must be identified at first. The notion of „terrorism” was for the first time in history used during the Conference of the International Criminal Law Association in Brussels, in 1930. To date, there have been approximately 200 various definitions of the phenomenon in question. While trying to grasp its characteristic features, one will face a number of limitations and difficulties. One of statements of historian Walter Laqueur has to be touched upon here. While asked why he has been avoiding formulating an unequivocal definition of terrorism, he replied: „For 50 or so years, people are constantly trying to understand the idea behind terrorism. It is a phenomenon having different forms, depending on its place of origin and epoch. How can one find common ground between Russian revolutionists from the end of the 19th century and Al-Qaida anarchists?

Terrorism is mainly based on the utilization of force or threat in order to achieve political or ideological goals. It is hard to say something beyond that. Terrorism is like pornography – it escapes logical classification, but if one sees it – then it becomes apparent.” It is hard to argue with the statement, as it perfectly shows the complexity of the phenomenon in question. For the purpose of this publication, a strict definition of terrorism is not needed. All that is required is the utterance formulated by Walter Laqueur stating that terrorism can be most fully perceived through its manifestations. Terrorist acts are undoubtedly illegal, as they are based on kidnapping people and forcedly taking control over means of communication, economic sabotage, attacks, robberies, demanding ransom to finance organization’s own activity, posing threat to life, health, and freedom of authorities, and kidnapping people from outside the area in order to gain publicity (especially journalists, priests, voluntary workers). One may also indicate the usage of explosives and firearms in public areas and poisoning certain spots by means of radioactive materials and chemicals. Longin Tadeusz Szmidt additionally pointed out that terrorism has always been strictly connected with crafty and hard to identify methods of killing the leaders of nations. While describing the phenomenon of terrorism as a threat for the protected person, one should also point out and indicate its sources. The following are enumerated: - social and economic sources that are directly connected to economic crises, social tensions, social and national discrimination, as well as with the perception of dissonance between the factual reality and the one presented by the media; - historical and political sources. They have their beginning in severe social reactions, demanding full democratization and respecting human rights; - sociological sources that may be related to the atmosphere typical for a given country or the so-called spirit of violence; - psychological sources stating that a significant part of terrorists is highly mentally unstable which is additionally combined with the overly high self-esteem. When it comes to the area of attack, the following are proposed by the experts: - land terrorism (the major threat area for VIPs and the key one for security guards), - air terrorism (personal protection is then entrusted to the authorities managing planes, airports, etc.), and – maritime terrorism (tasks and responsibilities are then similar to air attacks). While taking into account the type of terroristic activities, one may distinguish: bombing-based, nuclear, biological, chemical, technical, cybernetic (attacks on IT networks), and narcotic-oriented (narcotic cartels undertakings) terrorism. The highest threat for VIPs is undoubtedly the first type, namely – bombing-based one. Close protection-oriented undertakings should therefore incorporate the knowledge on paradigms effective during a bomb attack. They will be discussed in further sections of this publication. It is exceptionally difficult to argue with the thesis that we must be protected against terrorism. The same applies to VIPs. The importance of the latter is also worth discussing, as the threat is much higher when a top authority is attacked than when the assault poses threat to a pop star or a wealthy businessman. However, it does not limit the necessity to analyze and counteract terroristic attack threat. It may directly impact the safety of the person a given security guard is responsible for.

Crime is also one of the issues that may endanger protected VIPs. Up to the beginning of the 80s, Poland had been considered to be one of the safest countries in Europe. Law enforcement bodies had been numerous and properly financed there, and crime forecasting, prevention, and penalizing schemes had met all the European standards. However, at the end of the discussed period, the myth of threat-free Poland started to crumble. The effects of crime fighting scene were becoming gradually more negligible. The said state of affairs was predominantly caused by the decreasing trust in law enforcing organizations, as well as by the rapid increase in crimes committed by the citizens. Another important aspect that must be taken into account were economic and political changes taking place in 1989,the liberalization of economic activity, and the emergence of free market. Some individuals possessed unimaginable riches, whereas others were exceptionally poor. In order to survive till the next day, the latter searched for the answer in crimes, leading to the occurrence of the phenomenon commonly known as organized crime. According to official data from 2001, within the borders of Poland, there were over 400 organized crime groups consociating approximately 45 thousand people. They were generating profits by means of goods smuggling, selling stolen cars, producing and marketing narcotics, counterfeiting national currency, commuting bank frauds, selling firearms, and – what is of exceptional importance from the point of view of VIPs – demanding ransom. Criminals induce fear in the society, especially due to using terror and blackmailing. They do not hesitate to kidnap others or kill them. Such individuals resort to brutal treatment, such as beating, torturing, drowning, etc. All those factors combined directly translate into wealthy representatives of the society feeling threatened. What is more, criminals frequently tend to attack the family of a VIP as well, in order to convince him to perform a given action. Therefore, children, wife, and beloved ones of such an individual must be highly protected.

Popularity/Fame –The threat of attack may be in some cases linked to the popularity of a given human being. When a VIP is in isolation, then he may only receive unwanted phone calls or be nagged by photographers. The problem arises when he has to leave his place of permanent residence or workplace, as well as when he is in a publically accessible place. Danger may still be low, but the inquisitiveness of journalist may quickly become overwhelming. Fans or supporters of a given sportsman or artist may cause havoc in order to touch their idol or get hold of any item belonging to him or her. Of course, there is also the risk of serious injuries or even death (let us take John Lennon as an example) – it cannot be neglected. That is why famous and popular individuals should by all means care about their safety. The matter also concerns politicians who are widely recognizable and controversial. In politics, there are no limitations. Opponents may even resort to killing a representative of the other side to impose his or her right on others. Elected politicians tend to have close protection, but care should be additionally exercised to care about those running in elections. Such VIPs may be ridiculed by the crowd or the opposition (by throwing eggs or pouring water over the candidate), leading to the end of their political career. The role of security guards should in the aforementioned cases not be limited to physical protection only. They must also keep information about VIP’s family, realized projects, and operation profile confidential. The image of a famous person highly depends on the bodyguards being in his immediate surroundings. The manner of their operation, professionalism, and knowledge are top priorities there.

Attack on person – By definition, attack on person is the attempt to kill someone, steal his or her possessions, as well as to kidnap him or her. The criminal action in question has a long history, as assaults have been made throughout the consecutive ages. Their goal has been to achieve a political, economic, or cultural aim. Attacks on person may lead to tremendous changes in the society, which is perfectly depicted by the killing of John Kennedy and Icchak Rabin. In the majority of cases, however, such an attack does not have significantly far-reaching consequences. In order to be effective, bodyguards must answer themselves the following questions – why do criminals attack? How do they attack? How may the assault look like? Therefore, it is highly advised to specify the motif, methods utilized, and consecutive stages of one and every attack on person. Taking into account motifs, one must bear in mind that all the assaults have their agenda. No attack is made voluntarily, without forethought. In the following sections, most common causes of the aforementioned activity are going to be enumerated:

Revolutionary or political ones – organized groups (frequently consisting of fanatics) attack others in order to force the society to change the existing system or overthrow the current government (in the attempt to choose a new one). Their victims are often the authorities ruling the country. The attackers, who follow their revolutionary or political agenda, try to win the sympathy of other representatives of the society. Long before the planned attack itself, they distribute leaflets blaming current rulers for the widespread injustice. According to their belief, the elimination of the elites in power would bring positive outcomes for the whole country. Such an action was performed in Armenia in 1999, where members of the government were shot dead during one of their meetings. The terrorists informed that their death would improve the national situation.

Economic – terrorists claim that their potential victim is responsible for the poor economic condition of the country, company, or a group of people. In the majority of cases, economic attacks take place in countries where there are extreme disproportions between the wealthy and the poor. It must be taken into consideration, however that it is not always the case, as the assessment of the attackers tend to be highly subjective. Quite frequently, the cause of the assault is the personal conviction that the unsatisfying economic condition of the terrorist is the result of actions performed by the victim. It pushes the attacker into thinking that killing him would aid the situation.

Personal – In this case, the wrongdoers are motivated to make an attack due to jealousy, vengeance or other personal causes. Those people in many cases have notable personality disorders, manifesting themselves especially in the inability to control their behavior. The aforementioned state also leads to the failure to distinguish reality from fiction. A perfect exemplification of the motif in question is shooting Zuzanna Leśniak and an artist – Andrzej Zaucha by Yves Goulais in 1991. The trigger there was jealousy.

Ideological – The terrorist is convinced that the victim chosen by him has been threatening the values and principles followed by the attacker. The said rules are often of significant importance for both the group he belongs to and for himself personally. Ideological attacks on a person may be religious or social in character. The first case is oriented towards killing a religious person in the attempt to make it impossible for him to achieve his goals. The second scenario relates to the willingness to eliminate the leader of a given social group. Quite frequently, the additional agenda is to make the organization the terrorist is a part of more memorable and popular in the media. Free publicity is an additional benefit then.

Psychological – The most commonplace group of attacks. Modern psychology claims that every person using firearms, stabbing others with a knife, or taking advantage of explosives has been struggling with mental problems. The motif is of negligible importance, as the attacker may justify his actions with revolutionary, economic, or personal goals, but the fact is that the driving force is the inability to perceive the world correctly. The assassination of Bill Clinton in 1994 illustrates the above bluntly. Francisco Martin Duran stated that he had attacked Clinton to destroy the mist connecting him to an alien entity. Apparently, Duran wanted to eliminate the mist in order to save the world. Attacks considered as crimes may be triggered by a myriad of factors. Among them,there are: - clashes between the representatives of a crime organization, willingness to demonstrate one’s power or threat the victim (attempt to force the latter to pay ransom or forget about debts), - desire to kill suspects that may endanger one’s business, - attempt to exert pressure on certain individuals or to threaten them for their professional achievements (relates to, inter alia, attorneys and tax collectors).

Attack methods to be considered by security guards. Close range attack. It may be performed by means of utilization of: - firearms, - melee weapon (knife, bayonet, dagger), - chemical substance (for example: toxic substance, such as hydrochloric acid). There are no exceptional skills needed to successfully attack a person, as almost everybody can use a knife or a dagger to a satisfactory extent. The same goes with firearms, the utilization of which is as difficult as driving a car. The aforementioned types of weapons can be transported to the place of the assault with ease. The characteristic feature of this attack type is the fact that the wrongdoer is situated maximally several centimeters away from the victim. The difficulty here is directly connected with the inability to improvise the act. It must be preceded by a prolonged observation of the subject, learning his or her customs, daily routine, places he or she visits, and the protection type he or she uses. Only after drawing proper conclusions from the examination, can the terrorist attack the victim. Marek Papała, a police commissioner, was killed due to a close range attack in 1998, Warsaw.

Long-range attack – in this case firearms are often used, especially rifles and carbines. It is not an uncommon situation to learn about an attacker who has used a sniper rifle fitted with professional laser and optical aiming devices. The distance between the wrongdoer and the subject of the attack is commonly higher than 5 meters. The former must also be much more skilled than a close range attacker, as he has to be capable of utilizing a professional gun in an effective manner. The death of John Kennedy in Dallas on 22nd November 1963 was the result of the attack form in question. Lee Harvey Oswald, who was a former marine soldier, shot his subject from a storage located several meters away from president’s cavalcade. To perform the act, he used Mannlicher-Carcano, cal. 6.5 mm rifle. The proficiency of the attacker was proven by the fact that he fired three shots and only one of them missed the target.

Attack with explosives – it requires notable skills, for the wrongdoers has to build a bomb before performing the attack. He must also know how and where to plant the explosive, how to situate the fuse inside and where to detonate it. Such a person also has to be familiar with the effects of explosion. Assault on Margaret Thatcher on 12th October 1984 showed how patient and clever can an attacker taking advantage of explosives be. Patrick Magee, a member of Irish Republican Army, moved into the hotel where the British prime minister was expected to stay 24 days before the said fact. Every single day, he worked meticulously destroying the wall and placing a 50-kilogram explosive inside the hole. The bomb was then fitted with a timer. It exploded when Miss Thatcher was considered to wash herself in the bathroom – the attacker was perfectly acquainted with her customs. She would have died if she had not received a document to be read. The explosive was detonated five floors above the bathroom located in the apartment of the „Iron Lady”. Six other people died as a result, but the suspect managed to avoid the clever assassination.

If you are looking to hire close protection in London do not wait and contact us immiedletly for professional bodyguard services in London.
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2020.09.17 10:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Sony announces pricing, launch date for PlayStation 5 Irish Times

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2020.09.16 20:54 LeVampirate My favorite coffee shop was a victim of the pandemic, and I am so profoundly sad.

Please, listen to my story about all I went through in my 6 years frequenting this place.
I found this place in the funniest way possible - I was 18 and had just downloaded Tinder when I matched with someone. We agreed to meet up, and she asked if I preferred somewhere local or "the capitalistic siren's drinks." I chose the former, and she had asked if I had even been to this shop. I'd not, and we agreed to meet.
She stood me up. But you know what? The place was nice. Moderate size, very bohemian vibe, big windows to see the streets outside and, well, I'll be damned if I didn't enjoy the drink I DID end up getting anyway - Jeff's Irish, a sort of Hazelnut coffee. It became my go-to. So I kept coming back, on and off. It was a short walk from my campus, in the middle of downtown Denver, and even if I wasn't there it was a short drive too.
The place wasn't perfect. Honestly, I didn't trust the food, but the one burger I had there was a modest meal. The guys bathroom was also... not dirty, but a lot was broken. Hell, one stall had a really small crack in the wall that you could see out of (but not into, really. Just the light peeked through mainly.) And it being open so late invited some odd crowds sometimes (It was 24 hours for a while, but then changed to be open until 4 a.m.)
Nonetheless, I fell in love. It was quiet, calm and priced fairly. I studied there, I met friends there and it was the perfect rendezvous for first meet-ups too. I had so many first dates there - some bad, some good, and some stellar ones that lasted deep into the night. Never frequent enough to get any kind of reputation, mind you. I just loved it there, and it was always a conversation starter.
Barista's were nice and always had a decent story when there wasn't much going on. Hooked me up with a few bonuses too. Plus, it had actual drinks too, so when I turned 21, I'd pop in for a cheap or even free PBR in the evenings sometimes, or one of the classy coffee drinks when I was feeling real fancy.
But it's gone now. Shut down at the beginning of May. A victim of circumstance. I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming, but, I mean, 6 years. That's a while to frequent somewhere. That place was there for my whole college career and then some. It had pumpkin carving contests, a stage that I never saw get used, and some odd people from every walk of life just looking for a moment's relief.
I've looked at other shops since that time. They all offer different things, and if we're being honest, local coffee shops aren't hard to find. But that one felt like mine. My work space. My meeting space. My refuge.
Godspeed, Leela's European Cafe. You never pretended to be anything other than what you were - a relaxed, late night cafe with a modest menu and a decent bar. There'll be other shops, but in my life, you'll always live on in my heart for everything I endured there.
All this, from a date I didn't even go on when I was 18. Maybe this is silly, but if you made it to here, thank you for giving Leela's your time. And tip your local baristas. I'm sure they appreciate it even more right now.
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2020.09.16 19:51 StevenStevens43 From the temple of Apollo to The "green isle of Islay".

From the temple of Apollo to The
In this article, i am going to attempt to correct, what i think is a scholarly error.
It begins with the son of Belinas, who was the focus of attention in my last article, "Brennos & Sack of Rome".
Gurguit Barbtruc:
Garguit Barbtruc is the legendary son of Belinas.
Garguit Barbtruc
Gurguit Barbtruc (Welsh: Gwrgant Farfdrwch) was a legendary king of the Britons) as accounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the son of Belinus and was said to have found a home for the Irish people.
His father sadly passed away whilst fighting in Greece.
He committed suicide after receiving horrific injuries.
He might actually have been thrown off a tower in flames.
Later years
When Belinus finally died, he was cremated and placed on top of a great tower he had created. He was succeeded by his son Gurguit Barbtruc.
Link for photo#/media/File:Naxos_Sphinx_with_humans_for_size.jpg)
Temple of Apollo
Many poems attribute the enchanting music made by priests at the temple of Apollo.
Apparently the festivities would whip up a frantic delirium with loud screams and cries and the priests would turn the cries in to music.
Sounds like the temple of Apollo was used for capital punishment.
I wonder if this is how Belinas suffered his horrific injuries?
Temple of Apollo)
The Temple of Apollo, god of music, harmony and light, occupied the most important and prominent position in the Delphic Panhellenic Sanctuary. The edifice with the partially restored colonnade visible today dates to the 4th century BCE; it is the third temple built at the same place. The famous oracle, the Pythia, operated inside the temple, the location chosen, according to tradition, due to a sacred chasm beneath the site emitting vapors, which were inhaled by the Pythias, who then entered a state of delirium and uttering inarticulate cries, which were then turned into equivocal oracles by the priests.[1]#cite_note-:0-1)
Link for photo
Bladud jumping from Temple of Apollo
It is likely that King Bladud of Loegria was the first ever person to receive this honour.
Divination, wing and death
The tale claims that he also encouraged the practice of necromancy, or divination through the spirits of the dead. Through this practice, he is said to have constructed wings for himself and to have tried to fly to (or from) the temple of Apollo in Trinovantum (London)
Link for photo
Isle of Ireland:
Now, enough of Garguit Barbtruc's fathers possible death.
An absolutely sensational claim is made, regards to Garguit Barbtruc.
According to translations of Irish legends, Garguit Barbtruc gave the Basclenses, under the leadership of Partholoim, the Isle of Ireland.
Gaurguit Barbtruc
On the return voyage, Gurguit came across a fleet of thirty ships of men and women, called Basclenses, under the leadership of Partholoim. They had been exiled from Spain and sought a new land to live in. Gurguit did not allow them to settle in Britain but he gave them the isle of Ireland to settle,
357-345 BC Further conflict in region:

Now, i will begin by stating, that it is not in the slightest bit unbelievable that Garguit Barbtruc, on his way back from Denmark, may have encountered a fleet of Gauls fleeing Iberia during this period.

Between 357 and 345 BC there was a huge war going on in those regions, and after initial success in sacking Rome, the Romans were beginning to win again, in this region, and the Gauls were being pushed out.
By 347 BC, they had been pushed out.
357-345 BC
There was single combat between a Gaul and a Roman, which the latter won. That was followed by a battle, which the Romans won. The Gauls scattered among the Volsci, and some of them went to Etruria and others to Apulia. The consuls then joined the other legions to deal with the Greek fleet. There was no battle, and the Greeks were kept offshore. Eventually, the Greeks ran out of the water and left.[51]
In 348 and 347, there was peace.
Celtiberian wars:
The depopulation of Celtiberians from the Iberian peninsula went on right through from the first Greco invasion in 600 BC, until the Celtiberian wars.
Early history of Iberian peninsula
The Greeks are responsible for the name Iberia, apparently after the river Iber (Ebro). In the 6th century BC, the Carthaginians arrived in Iberia, struggling first with the Greeks, and shortly after, with the newly arriving Romans for control of the Western Mediterranean. Their most important colony was Carthago Nova (Latin name of modern-day Cartagena).[7]
The peoples whom the Romans met at the time of their invasion in what is now known as Spain were the Iberians, inhabiting an area stretching from the northeast part of the Iberian Peninsula through the southeast. The Celts mostly inhabited the inner and north-west part of the peninsula. In the inner part of the peninsula, where both groups were in contact, a mixed culture arose, the Celtiberians. The Celtiberian Wars
Link for photo
Celtiberian suicide
Isle of Islay:
Now, it is unlikely that legends are referring to Ireland.
More likely the Isle of Isley, which is an Island on the North Irish coast, which evolved in to a gaelic speaking Irish Dal Riata stronghold
Islay (/ˈaɪlə/ (📷listen) EYE-lə; Scottish Gaelic: Ìle) is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Known as "The Queen of the Hebrides",[7] it lies in Argyll just south west of Jura and around 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of the Northern Irish coast. The island's capital is Bowmore where the distinctive round Kilarrow Parish Church and a distillery are located.[8] Port Ellen is the main port.[9]
Islay is the fifth-largest Scottish island and the eighth-largest island of the British Isles, with a total area of almost 620 square kilometres (240 sq mi).[Note 1] There is ample evidence of the prehistoric settlement of Islay and the first written reference may have come in the 1st century AD. The island had become part of the Gaelic Kingdom of Dál Riata during the Early Middle Ages
Link for photo
Isle of Islay
And Portnahaven,
on Isle of Islay, likely derives it's name, from where the legendary Partholoim landed.
On the return voyage, Gurguit came across a fleet of thirty ships of men and women, called Basclenses, under the leadership of Partholoim
Link for photo
Now, when Garguit Barbtruc died, he was succeeded to the Albion throne by Guithelin.
Gurguit Barbtruc
Gurguit died peacefully and was buried in the Caerleon, a city he built up from the time his father founded it. Guithelin succeeded him to the kingship.
Port Ellen:
Port Ellen is the main port for Isle of Islay, a word almost definitely derived from Elin.
Port Ellen is the main port.[9]
Now, what about the claim that Garguit was buried in Caerleon?
What proof is there that Belinas left Garguit the Fortress of Caerleon? After-all, Caerloeon is in Wales/Cambria! Not Albany.
Caerleon (/kərˈliːən/; Welsh: Caerllion) is a suburban town and community) on the River Usk[4][5] in the northern outskirts of the city of Newport, Wales. Caerleon is of archaeological importance, being the site of a notable Roman legionary fortress, Isca Augusta, and an Iron Age hillfort.
Link for photo
Well, you see, when Cornwall conquered Loegria (England),, Albany (Scotland) allied themselves with Cambria/Wales, and also this new kingdom (Northumberland), whilst fighting this invasion.
But Dyfnwal killed both the king of Cambria and Albany.
It would appear, after the deaths of the two kings, Staterius of Albany's son, Belinus, inherited both the Cambrain kingdom, and kingdom of Albany.
Also the kingdom of Northerberland would be dissolved with the death of Brunnias, and would fall back in to the hands of Albany.
Dyfnwal was the King of Cornwall during the war created in the power vacuum left by Porrex I. He was braver and more courageous than all the other kings in the war. He defeated Pinner, the king of Loegria. In response, Rudaucus, king of Cambria, and Staterius, king of Albany, allied together and destroyed much of Dyfnwal's land. The two sides met in battle and were stalemated. Dyfnwal then took 600 of his men and himself and dressed themselves in the armour of the dead enemies. They led a charge deep into enemy lines where they killed the two kings.
Now, it appears that no King was put on the empty Loegria throne.
Instead it appears, that instead of a King, government was placed in the City of trinovantium (London).
Likely with the kings of Cornwall and Albany acting as house of Lords.
Guithelin was a legendary king of the Britons) as accounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He became king after the death of Gurguit Barbtruc.
He ruled liberally and temperately for his life. His Queen consort was an artisan and noblewoman named Marcia. When he died, his wife took over the government as regent for their son, Sisillius II.
Link for photo
The Green Isle of Isley:
and Eilean uaine Ìle – the "green isle of Islay"[18]
I have made a few minor edits to this article, to include some additional information i found with farther research, and also to make a few minor corrections.
I have not been able to provide a source for every little change i made, but i will however be covering all this in the next article.

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2020.09.16 18:52 GobboBigBoss How I never got laid.

Ok, this is a couple small stories rolled into one big one, about how I never got laid, ever. Turned out longer than I thought. The last two chapters are the real kicker. Quick side note; I am now a 24 year old dude, prior service member, did 5 years in the Navy, 4 of those on a submarine as a Fire Control Technician. Names have been withheld for privacy reasons, but I bet if you know me and are reading this, well... you know who I am.
Chapter 1: ForeverFriendZone
I was in high school. I was terrified of girls. At least 3 were interested in me, or so I’ve been told after the fact, but I was too stupid to figure that out. The only girl I was interested in was a cute bi-sexual girl (Im pretty sure she was actually just gay and wouldn’t tell me), who led me on and refused to just tell me no, because we were friends. She was at most of the social stuff me and my buddies did, we had a decent sized group. I was so stupid, I kept pining after this girl for about 3 years and ignored every other girl who might have wanted to date me like a moron. We got kind of a thing going, I left for the navy, she never wrote me letters like she said she would when I was in boot camp, but her parents did because they liked me. And thats that for high school.
Chapter 2: Barracks Room Boogaloo
I’m 20, stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. My roommate from A-school (Navy training) and good friend was stationed where I was and was getting married. Him and his fiancé had a best friend who flew out for the wedding to be a bridesmaid. She came a week early. We all hung out that week and explored the island. Me and her hit it off and we started texting. A LOT. With some coaching from a good pal I even got some nudes. Turns out she wanted me. Bad. For the first time in my life I played it cool. I did a damn good job, treated her well but not weird, was decisive, all that. After the wedding day my buddy and his now-wife go to seal the deal. She was staying with them so she used that excuse to call me and ask to stay with me. Boom, party time. She comes over. Then I do the dumbest shit ever, I lie. She asks me if I’ve ever brought girls back to my room before, I said yeah (Never once did I actually have a girl over before this). I WAS STUCK IN COOL DOUCHEBAG MODE, and I was too embarrassed to just say I was a virgin so I acted like a badass, and she totally bought it. All of it. We get naked. She turns the lights off, and... SURPRISE! I have no fucking clue what I am doing, and to top it off, I’m so damn nervous I can’t get my lil sailor to stand at attention! After a ton of foreplay and me not being able to see a damn thing, I finally get this weird half-chub goin, but like Thanos, my destiny was inevitable. This ended poorly. (I may or may not have ‘kissed the gates’, but this also could have been the wrong gate. We don’t talk anymore, so I guess I wont know...)
Chapter 3: 21
Fast forward to a bit after my first deployment. I am now qualified senior in rate (A big deal because I was only an E3, I don’t care if you don’t care, I needed to boost my confidence to finish this...) and I had recently turned 21. My 21’st birthday was incredible, I don’t remember half of it, but the only chance I kind of remember having to get laid that night was with a beautiful prostitute who my buddy saved me from. She apparently shoved her hand into my pants when I offered her a cigarette outside an Irish pub (this was my fifth bar of the night, I was destroyed). This chick was stunning though, I had a picture with her. Thanks good buddy, being raped by a hooker is not a good first time, I chose my drinking buddy well. (You know who you are.)
Chapter 4, Part 1: The Contractor
Later, still in the Navy. My division had some contractors come out to install stuff, and there was this GORGEOUS girl who came out with some dude (Cool guy btw). I was the guy assigned to work with them on the system, and me and her immediately hit it off. In 2 hours of talking and working we decided to get drinks and go dancing the same night, as well as some of my buddies and her supervisor. While we were out fucking around, my buddy was trying to flirt with her. I considered it fair game and Ive always had low self esteem, so I figured what the hell, if he lands it at least someone gets laid. But this girl wasn’t having it. She came up to me after the first bar and said “Hey, wanna go to a strip club?” I was star struck. ‘Im going to marry this girl’, I thought. We all went, and I tried to play it cool and hang in the back. My buddy tried again, got denied, and then she came up to us while we were talking later and moved his ass out of the way to sit with me. Then she bought me a dance from this stripper who caught my eye (Her ass was huge, I couldn’t help it. I am an ass man, through and through, also one of the reasons I was so attracted to this contractor girl). This girl was coming at me on a silver platter, she even watched me get the private dance while I pretended not to see her. Then it all went... so wrong...
Final Chapter: So... So Close
While leaving the strip club, crazy hot contractor girl (Who is Latina btw, my ultimate weakness) tells me she can pole dance better than the strippers we just saw. (I think she got me that dance because she wanted do better and to blow my mind later or something, or maybe she just thought it was hot. Someone help me with theories on this.) My buddy heres this and jumps in (Not the guy trying to steal the girl, he gave up). He says there is a pole at a gay bar and wants to go (He’s gay). So we all go to this gay bar, which isn’t packed but has a decent amount of people. I have never had my ass slapped so many times in 1 hour in my life, aside from that time I spilled coffee on my psycho mom’s notebook when I was 7 (She was crazy, and I got my ass wooped). But bad news! The pole was removed temporarily. Bartender said some dude broke it. Contractor girl was heartbroken! And here is where it all went wrong. Dudes started buying me drinks... a lot. I kept turning them down, they kept doing it anyways... Long story short, I got drunk, made a fool of myself trying to dance at the next place we went to (some dingy club called Playbar). Contractor girl even had this long conversation with me about how nice her hotel room was and how I should “check it out sometime”. I never picked up on that because I was hammered. Supposedly, she was cranky towards me after the club, and we all just... parted ways.
Epilogue: I suck with women. Always have, and will probably continue to screw it up, even if I find myself in incredible situations like these ones. I don’t think Im attractive, at least I know Im not hot, but I do have a peculiar gift when I drink. I can pretty much make friends with anyone. It is like all my poor self esteem crap melts away. Maybe that is how I’ll get laid someday, but here is the rub. After all this, I decided Im going to try and wait till marriage. I have been going through changes, and realized that while it must be awesome, Im pretty sure sex is an important method of establishing a deep connection with someone, and is not to be abused or misused just for pleasure. I consider myself lucky that I am such an idiot with the ladies. I just hope it doesn’t last forever. Hope you laughed a few times and enjoyed a bit of my history. I would love to hear some of yours, so comment away. Take it easy.
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2020.09.16 16:17 wisebear4 Once again rethinking my type

I’ve been trying to type myself for almost a year. Any help would be appreciated.
• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
I am 19 years old and male. I have no idea what a “general description” entails.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
I have not been diagnosed with anything, but I also haven’t been tested for anything.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
I grew up in the bible belt, in a fairly religious home. I didn’t really question the truth of it until around 4th or 5th grade. I studied arguments for christianity and for several years what would happen is I would find a convincing argument, then a few months later I would come across something with implications that are inconsistent with my beliefs, then I would re-examine. Sometimes I even ignored information that contradicted my beliefs; my thinking was “these arguments demonstrate the validity of my beliefs, so my beliefs can’t be wrong, so the new information has to be flawed in some way”. Eventually, when I was in high school, I recognized that I had confirmation bias and decided to really go in depth. After a month or two I was agnostic (leaning atheist).
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
I am currently a student. My dream job would probably be some kind of scientist/researcheprofessor, but I hear it’s impossible to get those jobs these days so I’ll probably go into CS.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
Only a weekend? Try a month, then I might start feeling lonely. I do, however, occasionally feel lonely in day to day life. I am probably the most introverted person I know.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
I tend to prefer indoor activities but I don’t mind some outdoor activities. I played basketball and baseball for years. I like playing video games, watching TV, reading, and I also like very theoretical conversations even though I find them VERY hard to come by.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
I’d say I’m fairly curious. I don’t remember this, but apparently when I was a kid I stuck my finger in a flame to see what would happen. I have way more ideas than I could ever possibly execute. I am somewhat curious about almost every discipline, but mostly philosophy and scientific areas. I honestly don’t know how to describe my ideas; I don’t know how many ideas are conceptual as opposed to environmental. I do tend to imagine many different scenarios, whether that be environmental or conceptual. If I had to pick, probably more conceptual than environmental.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
If I were a leader, I would make sure everyone’s voice was heard. Whether or not I’d be good at it depends on the metric being used. I’d probably be able to lead the group into achieving whatever the goal is. I wouldn’t like it because I would rather just do everything by myself. I abhor group work.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
I’m kinda coordinated. Probably once every year I will spill my drink everywhere. I don’t enjoy working with my hands (unless that’s doing math or something similar). My natural state is to not exercise except for an occasional walk, but I will play sports with friends every once in a while.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
I’m not a very artistic person, but when I was a kid I liked drawing maps of fictional worlds. Over the past few years I have really enjoyed music. I listen to music for hours a day. It’s my go to thing when I’m emotional. I enjoy instrumental, rock, and some foreign folk music (like irish for example).
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
I will lie awake at night thinking through some of my cringe memories. The present is usually boring. I like thinking about the future, but I tend to be very pessimistic and sometimes nihilistic. I tend to just expect the worst.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
If someone specifically asks for my help, unless I’m preoccupied with something, I will almost always help. I don’t fully understand why (I think all humans are selfish) but if there’s no harm on me and it benefit someone else, why not?
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
It is important but not the most important thing. If everyone was lazy and not productive society would probably collapse.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I’m not usually a controlling person unless I’m really mad. One time when I was a kid, I convinced one kid to beat up another kid that I was mad at. I’m not proud of that at all but I can be controlling when I’m angry.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
I like reading because I can learn about the world. I like video games because it’s fun to be immersed in a fictional world. I like TV because it’s funny and it has Doctor Who. Nuff said.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
Although I would strongly prefer not to memorize, I will do it if necessary. I much prefer more logically oriented classes. My learning style is typically to understand the core concepts to the point where I can figure out everything else based on those principles.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
I am able to come up with a rough plan and follow through with it (mostly). I tend to just keep the due date in mind and estimate how much effort it will take.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
I just want a happy life with lots of free time to explore my interests.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
I’m afraid of snakes and dying. Reflecting about various social situations and how awkward I was makes me very uncomfortable. I dislike when people are closed minded (even though I can be that way sometimes) because they ignore possibilities that might be true. However, I was this way for a few years (but I didn’t really show that part of me to other people).
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
Getting the highest score on a test without studying, finally understanding how an idea works, deep conceptual conversations.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
Loneliness, inability to connect with others because my interests are so different, getting rejected every time I have asked a girl out.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream 24/7. My mom says I lived in my own world as a kid and some friends say that in class I sometimes look like I’m not there. I am only very vaguely aware of my surroundings when I daydream.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
First I will think about why I’m in there in the first place. Then I will start thinking about theories or different scenarios.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
I can take quite a while to make an important decision. For example, I’m a freshman in college and I’m still not sure what I want to major in. I could very well change my mind once I’ve made a decision.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
I’m not really aware of the duration of my feelings, but boy are they strong. I am more emotional than I appear to be on the surface. I’d say while I try to stay in touch with feelings, I never really make decisions based on emotions.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
I usually just keep quiet. Sometimes (rare) I will say that I agree even though I don’t. I don’t know why I do this tbh.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
When I was a kid, I always followed the rules. I legitimately didn’t understand why people deliberately broke the rules. My parents think that’s because they raised me that way. I am very different now. I think all authority should be questioned. I don’t care if a homeless person makes a better argument than the professor, I will side with the homeless person. I tend to not break rules because I don’t want to risk being caught.
Thanks for any help. And be prepare because I may play the devil’s advocate.
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2020.09.16 14:02 rbrtchrsty Pre-settled status proof of residence dates

I am an EU citizen (Irish). My non-EU wife applied for pre-settled status on the same day that we got married, which was in the UK. We have been living together in the UK for more than 6 months so we have plenty of evidence to prove her residency. My only concern is that the residency evidence we submitted for her all dates from before we were married. Is this an issue? I can see an argument that her eligibility only exists once we are married. If this is the case is the marriage certificate sufficient evidence that she was resident in the country at the time of the marriage or will they ask us for more evidence or worse refuse the application?
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2020.09.16 11:28 ThousandHolds How accurate were the ostensible wrestling credentials of George Washington?

I'm currently undertaking a project in which I research the history of Collar and Elbow, a now-extinct Irish folk wrestling style that, in its 19th-century heyday, also saw significant popularity abroad in the likes of the US, UK, and Australia.
A sizeable aspect of the project involves challenging and undoing much of the unfortunately common hearsay and rumours about the style that have popped up over the past few decades. And when it comes to the origins and proliferation of such hearsay, without a doubt the main offender has been "The Magnificent Scufflers", a 1959 book by Charles Morrow Wilson that manages to contradict both itself and actual first-hand accounts of Collar and Elbow bouts all in one go.
One such claim it makes early on is that George Washington was a capable Collar and Elbow practitioner from his schooldays right up until his time as the Commander of the Continental Army. Here's the specific passage:
“Perhaps the early finishing school for scufflers was the Reverend James Maury’s Academy at Fredricksburg, an institution which turned young gentry into scholars and, as in the case of young George Washington, into very able wrestlers indeed. At eighteen, the big and still shy Washington apparently held and voluntarily relinquished as too childish a bauble, a collar and elbow championship that was certainly county-wide and possibly colony-wide. But he never lost his touch: twenty eight years later historians noted that the Commander of the Continental Army summoned enough of his old form to deal flying mares to seven saucy volunteers from Massachusetts.”
This has been a remarkably persistent rumour that I've seen repeated almost word-for-word in dozens of blogs and forum posts. It's even presented as fact on this page from the US Wrestling Hall of Fame. However, 1.) I haven't been able to find any record of Washington ever attending that academy (Thomas Jefferson did, incidentally), and 2.) the first newspaper references to Collar and Elbow date from the early 19th century, so I am somewhat suspicious of the claim that there was a county-wide tournament in the style over 50 years prior to that.
In general, I'm inclined to believe that this is an Old Wives' Tale that's grown legs over the years and has just refused to die. US presidential history is definitely not my strong suit, however, so I'd like to turn it over to someone more qualified. Are there any concrete references - either in Washington's own letters or reputable biographical works about him - to his wrestling prowess? And if so, do they specifically mention Collar and Elbow in any way?
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2020.09.16 05:20 StevenStevens43 Evidence of pre-roman invasion of Loegria

Evidence of pre-roman invasion of Loegria
As has already been established in previous articles, Loegria pertains to the Southern land of britain, below the river Humber, and the natural border between Southern Britain, and Northern britain, divided by rivers and streams which connect the Irish sea, to the North sea.
This was the natural border of Britain, before invasions.
And if you go to google maps, you will find out yourself that it is "true" that there is indeed a slight divide between the two municipalities, in the form of rivers, and even narrow streams.
Albanactus, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, was the founding king of Albania or Albany. He is in effect Geoffrey's eponym for Scotland.[1] His territory was that north of the River Humber.[2]
Now we know there has been many invasions of Britain.
1st, the Roman invasion, which resulted in Hadrians wall and Antonine wall.
2nd, Anglos-saxon invasion.
3rd, Viking invasion.
4th, Norman invasion.
However, i don't think the Roman invasion was actually the first invasion.
I think there is evidence, even in legends, of a noticable and serious invasion of Southern lands in Britain.
I will now proceed to attempt to highlight why, i think this is at least, a possibility.
Now, quite simply, to see for yourself, just how inconsistant the biography of Bladud is, with the life and times of all the other legendary kings of Britain, and the fascinating fair comparison to known contemporary history, simply read some of the other articles on my page, and then read this one.
Now, i am going to add my own description in my own words.
"Bladud is a legendary king of the Britons that does not know what century it is".
Bladud or Blaiddyd[a] is a legendary king of the Britons), although there is no historical evidence for his existence. He is first mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae (c. 1136), which describes him as the son of King Rud Hud Hudibras, and the tenth ruler in line from the first king, Brutus, saying Bladud was contemporaneous with the biblical prophet Elijah (9th century BC).
Link for photo
School of liberal arts in Athens:
Now, this might not look too unbelievable at first.
My previous articles do point to "huge" Aryan influence in the Greek world.
However, it is just that, it is totally out of the blue in comparison to all the other legendary kings of Britain and Ireland.
He is "the first" to ever be sent over to Athens for schooling.
But ok, maybe that is believable.
After-all, the world is evolving.
Bladud was sent by his father to be educated in the liberal arts in Athens. After his father's death,
Link for photo.jpg)
Stamford university:
Apparently, after his fathers death he returned from schooling in Athens, and founded Stamford university in Lincolnshire.
Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Stamford university was founded in Lincolnshire.
This must be the most outlandish claim ever made, in either contemporary history, mythology, or legends.
And, it might be a little bit more believable, if it were consistant with all the other legends, and their accuracy.
Even the most outlandish legend, at first glance, can have somekind of Euhemeric value, if you are able to find the missing pieces.
And i do see euhemeric value in this story, actually, i see it as a sign Loegria was invaded.
After his father's death, he returned with four philosophers, and founded a university at Stamford in Lincolnshire
Link for photo
Stamford university
Now, "i will" defend the blooded Bladud here.
A university meaning of a community of teachers and scholars is only the modern definition.
The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars".[1]
Link for photo
A group:
However the ancient terminology of university, could be defined as not much more than the formation of anykind of group, containing a few individuals.
Not necessarily even exclusively an educational group.
The original Latin word universitas refers in general to "a number of persons associated into one body, a society, company, community, guild, corporation, etc".[3]
St Augustine:
Now, apparently this university flourished until it was suppressed by Saint Augustine of Canterbury.
he returned with four philosophers, and founded a university at Stamford in Lincolnshire, which flourished until it was suppressed by Saint Augustine of Canterbury on account of heresies which were taught there.
Link for photo
Saint Augustines expansion
Died 604 AD:
What kind of gibberish is this? Saint Augustine of Canterbury is from 600's AD!
Is this pseudo history of Britain from foreign invaders speaking pigeon Gaelic? Even if this "is" pseudo-history, it is "very very poor", Pseudo-history?
Augustine of Canterbury
Augustine of Canterbury (born first third of the 6th century – died probably 26 May 604) was a Benedictine monk who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the year 597. He is considered the "Apostle to the English" and a founder of the English Church.[3]
Link for photo
Augustines grave
Now, i am looking for elements of truth to take from this riddle.
I am beginning to suspect that persons pushing the Papyrus on British shores, may have pre-dated Julius Caesar.
Papyrus was first manufactured in Egypt as far back as the fourth millennium BCE.[3][4][5] The earliest archaeological evidence of papyrus was excavated in 2012 and 2013 at Wadi al-Jarf, an ancient Egyptian harbor located on the Red Sea coast. These documents, the Diary of Merer, date from c. 2560–2550 BCE (end of the reign of Khufu).[4] The papyrus rolls describe the last years of building the Great Pyramid of Giza.[6] In the first centuries BCE and CE, papyrus scrolls) gained a rival as a writing surface in the form of parchment, which was prepared from animal skins.[7] Sheets of parchment were folded to form quires from which book-form codices were fashioned. Early Christian writers soon adopted the codex form, and in the Græco-Roman world, it became common to cut sheets from papyrus rolls to form codices.
Link for photo
Papyrus scholar
863 BC or 500 BC:
Now, it just gets worse.
This is simply an incoherent ramble.
863 BC, or, 500 BC?
Supposedly he ruled for twenty years from 863 BC or perhaps 500 BC
Hot springs out of magic:
No, sorry, until now the legends have been extremely intelligent, and reliable, and the sudden belief in "magic", combined with the psuedo intellectual claims mixed with the inability to even get the date correct within a 363 year gap, is inconsistant, and out of place, with the nature of the other legends.
in which time he built Kaerbadum or Caervaddon (Bath), creating the hot springs) there by the use of magic.
Link for photo
Bath coat of Arms
Now, there is "an interesting" claim here.
A little more consistant with legends up until now.
Apparently Bladud founded Caervaddon (Bath).
in which time he built Kaerbadum or Caervaddon (Bath), creating the hot springs) there by the use of magic.
Link for photo
Map of Bath
Very believable:
Now, the fact he founded a settlement here is "extremely" believable.
There has been activity in the location since the Mesolithic period, all the way through the Bronze age, in to the Iron age, and the Beaker culture even pre-dates the period of Bladud.
Iron age and Roman
The hills in the locality such as Bathampton Down saw human activity from the Mesolithic period.[3][4] Several Bronze Age round barrows were opened by John Skinner) in the 18th century.[5] Solsbury Hill overlooking the current city was an Iron Age hill fort and the adjacent Bathampton Camp may also have been one.[6][7] A long barrow site believed to be from the Beaker people was flattened to make way for RAF Charmy Down.[8][9]
Archaeological evidence shows that the site of the Roman baths') main spring may have been treated as a shrine by the Britons,[10][11] and was dedicated to the goddess Sulis, whom the Romans identified with Minerva;
Link for photo
He what????:
He dedicated the city to the Goddess Athena or Minerva!
What language is he speaking? Minerva is a Greco-Roman God.
No other king in Ireland nor Britain, during this period, is pretending to be a scholarly papyrus, whilst enchanting incoherent rambles, in goodness knows what language.
And what is with all this sudden poetic nonsense? "whose flames turned to balls of stone as they grew low, with new ones springing up in their stead:".
He dedicated the city to the goddess Athena or Minerva, and in honour of her, lit undying fires, whose flames turned to balls of stone as they grew low, with new ones springing up in their stead: an embellishment of an account from the fourth-century writer Solinus of the use of local coal on the altars of her temple.[5]
He flew off the temple of Apollo in London: What????:
Necromancy? divination? temple of Apollo in London?
Since when?
Pushed off a caer castle maybe!!
Divination, wings and death
The tale claims that he also encouraged the practice of necromancy, or divination through the spirits of the dead. Through this practice, he is said to have constructed wings for himself and to have tried to fly to (or from) the temple of Apollo in Trinovantum (London) or Troja Nova (New Troy), but to have been killed when he hit a wall, or to have fallen and been dashed to pieces or broken his neck. He was supposedly buried at New Troy and succeeded by his son, Leir.
Link for photo
The temple of.... \"Apollo\"
Latin league overthrow:
Now, i cannot go in to too much detail unfortunately, as i have already covered this in previous articles, and i am now running out of space.
But basically, the Latin league have just been overthrown by Messenian Romans.
Roman leadership of the league
During the reign of Tarquinius Superbus, the Latins were persuaded to acknowledge the leadership of Rome. The treaty with Rome was renewed, and it was agreed that the troops of the Latins would attend on an appointed day to form a united military force with the troops of Rome. That was done, and Tarquin formed combined units of Roman and Latin troops.[4]
Messian Romans have also invaded France, from the Medes.
Greek colonies
In 600 BC, Ionian Greeks from Phocaea founded the colony of Massalia (present-day Marseille) on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, making it the oldest city of France.[4][5] At the same time, some Celtic tribes penetrated the eastern parts (Germania superior) of the current territory of France, but this occupation spread in the rest of France only between the 5th and 3rd century BC.[6]
During the exact same period, Celts are being pushed out of Iberia/Spain by Greco-Romans.
History of Iberian peninsula
The Greeks are responsible for the name Iberia, apparently after the river Iber (Ebro). In the 6th century BC, the Carthaginians arrived in Iberia, struggling first with the Greeks, and shortly after, with the newly arriving Romans for control of the Western Mediterranean. Their most important colony was Carthago Nova (Latin name of modern-day Cartagena).[7]
Now, i am not saying that the Romans actually conquered Britain as early as 600 BC.
But the war has definitely began, and the effects of this are quite evident even in Loegrian legends were their kings are suddenly speaking Greco-Roman, worshipping Roman gods, getting schooled in enemy territory, flying off temples, worshipping foreign gods, getting made a fool of, and they "suddenly" do not even know their own coherent pseudo history, and the image of Indigenous Loegrians flying off Temples appears quite comical to them,, whilst all the other Celtic legends still attribute their kings to be fighting over territory, building castles, and settlements beginning with Caer, et cetera.
Now, here is where it gets "worse".
Do you remember other articles when i cover the period when the Saxons were kicked out of Southern scandinavia in to German territory, and Greenshield had to go over and help fight them?
Well, during the sack of Rome in in 387 BC, when Brennius, the King of Albany, allied with Gauls and Scandinavians, pushed the Romans out of Gaul, found themselves up against a "surprise foe".
The saxons have only went and allied themselves with the Romans!
And they attacked Brenniuses army!
Conqueror of Rome
Following their unification, Belinus and Brennius merged their armies into one great one and invaded Gaul. After a year of warfare, the joint army managed to subject all the Frankish kingdoms in Gaul to their authority. Now with an even greater army, Belinus lead his great army to Italy and threatened to invade Rome. Outside Rome, the two consuls, Gabias and Porsenna, sued for peace and offered wealth, tribute, and hostages as a sign of their submission. Belinus and Brennius accepted and took their great army to Germany. Soon after this movement north, Rome broke the treaty and marched north, and Brennius went to fight the Romans while Belinus remained at war with the Germans (who were being helped by various other Italian troops).
Temple of concord:
And it would have been the temple of concord, according to more reliable legendary accounts.
But even the Temple of Concord is Roman.
He reigned in peace and prosperity for forty years then died and was buried in the Temple of Concord, a tribute to his laws, which resided in Trinovantum. His death sparked another civil war between his two sons, Belinus and Brennius.
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