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NishkamSWAT is a charity supporting homeless people throughout the UK. We are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering support & campaigning for change. ... SWAT London has raised $10,049.30 so far I'm Our van is vital to the outreach work we do for SWAT London because we want to offer more services to those in need. 108 Supporters ... (formerly designated as CO19, before that SO19) London's 'SWAT' unit. The Met's specialist firearms unit are highly trained armed police organized into CTSFO, TST and ARV units. more info : SCO19 NishkamSWAT is a charitable organisation based in the UK. Our primary function is to unite and transform financially disadvantaged communities by focusing on projects which make a difference to people’s lives and improve their prospects. ... Peter, London. SWAT is God send for us, you are the highlight of my week ... The data you submit will ... SWAT Team London specialises in boarding up and provides a comprehensive range of glazing and door and window repair services. We have many years of experience in the industry and use only quality products and proven methods to secure your property. Founded in 2008. Our first project being a youth club offering regular workshops on substance awareness, informal talks on the Sikh and other faiths and encouraging the children to engage in group discussions and debates on current issues they are facing today such as gang culture, drug addiction, and alcohol abuse. A man has blown up part of his house in France while trying to swat a fly. The man, in his 80s, was eating his dinner on Friday evening when he heard a fly buzzing around him. He picked up an ... Advantageous Trading Position: The United Kingdom has an established place in the global markets, holding good relations with both importers and exporters. Strong Tertiary Industry: The UK has scores of well-educated individuals who provide value in tertiary, service-based industries. [1] High Standard of Education: The existing educational standards are of a good quality, despite further ... Swan is open! We’re absolutely delighted to welcome you back to Swan at the Globe. The Bar is now open every day for drinks and all day dining, and the Restaurant is open Monday- Sunday with a new summer menu and our theatrical 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' themed afternoon tea.. We have extended the Eat Out to Help Out campaign into September.

Krunker Headcannon

2020.08.08 20:18 GarryReallySucks Krunker Headcannon

Alright, imma hate myself for this buuut
Krunker Headcannon
(also mods pls dont disable)

LMG - Sergeant Major Nathan Pride. A 35 year old American who served the military since he was 16. Carries around an M249 SAW machine gun, which he loves dearly. Uncomfortable using other weapons, except his knife. 6'8.7, or in Metrical measurements, 2.05 meters. Commands the K.R.U.N.K.E.R. Shares a bit of a friendship with Richard, and acts like a big brother to Corporal Marco. Straight.
Rocket - Sergeant First Class Richard. American, 31 and started serving at 17. Carries an M72 LAW, A pistol, a glock 18c, a Desert Eagle, and a double barrel short shotgun. Uncomfortable using the AK-47, Benelli Super 90, M249 SAW, Colt Python Revolver, Semi Auto, Famas, etc. Serves as Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s Second in command. 6'6, 1.98 meters. Shares a bit of a friendship with Nathan. Straight.
Shotgun - Corporal Vince. From Boston, Massachusetts. 24, started serving at 18. Carries a Benelli Super 90 M4, a pistol, glock 18c, desert eagle and double barrel short shotgun. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s command. 6'2, 1.88 meters. Gay.
Revolver - Detective Franklin Daniels. 29, started serving at 19. From London, England, UK. Carries around a Colt Python Revolver. 23. 6'5, 1.95 meters. Straight.
AK-47 - Corporal Tikhon Rasputin. 21, started service at 20. From St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia. Has an AK-47 and similar secondaries of Vince and Richard. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P's command. 6'1, 1.85 meters. Bisexual.
Semi Auto - Corporal Marco. 18, started service two weeks before the K.RU.N.K.E.R. formed. From Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s command. Uses an MK14 Semi Auto EBR, and similar secondaries. 6'4, 1.93 meters. Asexual.
Famas - Specialist Carlos Aventurier. 25. From Paris, France. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s command. Uses the FAMAS, and other secondaries excluding alien blaster. 6'2, 1.88 meters. Bisexual.
Submachine Gun - Private First Class Ronald N. Gunn. 22, started serving three weeks before the K.R.U.N.K.E.R formed. From Dublin, Ireland. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s command. Uses a Heckler & Koch UMP. 6'3, 1.9 meters. Gay.
Akimbo Uzis - Agent Alex. 25, started serving at 17. From Edinburgh, Scotland. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s command. Uses dual silenced Uzis. 6'5, 1.95 meters. Asexual.
Crossbow - Private First Class Billy Maki. 29, started serving at 20. From Osaka, Japan. Under Sergeant Major Nathan P.'s command. Wields a crossbow and other secondaries excluding alien blaster. 6'4, 1.93 meters. Asexual.
Desert Eagle - Detective Dennis. 29, started serving at 19. From London, England, UK. Carries a Desert Eagle. Left K.R.U.N.K.E.R. during its early stages. 6'5, 1.95 meters. Asexual.
Tec9 - Technician Terrance. 22, started serving three weeks before the K.R.U.N.K.E.R. formed. From Sacramento, California. Left K.R.U.N.K.E.R. halfway during the first stage. Has a Tec9, wields a wrench. 6'3, 1.9 meters. Straight.
Flamethrower - Arsonist Alan. 25, started serving at 22. From Santa Fe, New Mexico. Quit K.R.U.N.K.E.R. a day before the first stage ended. Wields a flamethrower and a knife. 6'6, 1.98 meters. Straight.
Riot Shield - SWAT member Rigby Sheldon. 20, started serving a week before K.R.U.N.K.E.R. formed. From Minneapolis, Minnesota. Quit K.R.U.N.K.E.R. halfway during the first stage. Wields a Riot shield, any secondaries, and a baton. 6'2, 1.88 meters. Straight.
Knife - Private Randal. Unknown age, backstory, home country or sexuality. Good boxer. Uses either a knife, crowbar, or katana. 6'7, 2 meters.

edit: forgot one more class
Sniper - Sergeant Hunter Von Genau. 23, started serving at 17. From Munich, Germany. Wields an Arctic Warfare Sniper, any secondaries and the occasional Cheytac M2000 Intervention. 5'9, 1.75 meters. Gay.
Blaster - Specialist Trevor Cooper. 26, started serving at 21. From Wapakoneta, Ohio. Formerly an astronaut who was on a mission once before one of the other guys almost found out about the lie about Earth. Wields the future tech Blaster. 6'0, 1.83 meters. Asexual.
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2020.06.22 20:22 Beyond_PrinceOfEvil My Universe Mode Wrestlemania

Location: London, England
Night 1— Raw Women’s: Lita (c) V Bianca Belair (RR Winner)
Team NA (Cena, Edge, Andrade, Owens) V Team UK: (Dunne, Bate, Seven, McIntyre,) 4-ON-4 ELIMINATION
WWE: Daniel Bryan V The Miz w/ Maryse SUBMISSION
The Undertaker V Aleister Black
US: Adam Cole (c) V Roderick Strong
Matt Riddle V Randy Orton NON-SANCTIONED
SS Tag: Ricochet and Ali (c) V Undisputed Era LADDER MATCH
ANDRÈ THE GIANT MEMORIAL BATTLE ROYALE: Braun Strowman V Lars Sullivan V Bobby Lashley V EC3 V Kofi Kingston V John Morrison V Drew Gulak V Wade Barrett WINNER ADVANCES TO IC LADDER MATCH ON NIGHT 2
Night 2—
WHC: Velveteen Dream (c) V “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (RR Winner) FIREFLY DREAM-HOUSE MATCH
SD Women’s: Becky Lynch (c) V Charlotte Flair V Bayley V Sasha Banks
KOTR FINAL: Tetsuya Naito V AJ Styles
Brock Lesnar V Keith Lee LAST MAN STANDING
IC: Tommaso Ciampa (c) V Johnny Gargano V Jeff Hardy V Shinsuke Nakamura V Samoa Joe V Wade Barrett (ATG Battle Royale Winner) LADDER
RAW Tag: Authors Of Pain (c) V Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy
Rhea Ripley V Ronda Rousey
Lucha Unchained (Rey Mysterio, Rey Fènix Jr., Pentagón Jr.) V Samoan SWAT Team (Roman Reigns, The USO’s) 3-ON-3
please rate my card as you see fit, and leave your thoughts!!
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2020.06.04 21:09 CentristCanadian Militarization of the police isn't the problem.

The talk of police reform has never been more popular recently and I do agree that US police needs improvement and reform in some aspects. However, many people point towards the militarization of the police and even lawmakers that want to demilitarize the police even removing police of swat teams and assault rifles, but I think they are pointing in the wrong direction entirely.
The United States has the highest amount of gun deaths of developed countries and also the highest amount of guns per 100 person with 120guns/100 person. This has an unfortunate side effect of having a high amount of mass shooters and terrorist attack.
Let me ask you this to the people who support demilitarization of the police, why would you not be comfortable about sending a quasi-military force with assault rifle and armored vans that are highly train to take down the Las-Vegas shooter who used fully automatic assault rifles to kill 50 people? Or responding to terrorist attacks similar to what happened in January 2015 in France where terrorists used bombs, ak47 and body armor to conduct their attacks or even the various school shootings where normal patrol officers has access to assault rifles in their cars, if needs be, to quickly and effectively deal with school shooters equipped to the teeth with an assault rifle. If the police are stripped to their armored vehicles, swat teams and assault rifles, how can they react to attacks from psychopath from those 3 of many examples that has happened in the US and around the world? Even in the UK, where gun death is FIFTY ONE times lowers than the US has, in London, officers are posted equipped with assault rifles.
Finally I just want to point out the Hollywood shootout of 97, The singular incident that lead to the police being armed the way they are today. Two robbers armed with AK47 with drum magazines and body armor, the police at the time were simply equipped with revolvers and no armored vans. The bullets would simply stop dead in the tracks of the gunman's body armor. The officers had to commandeer assault rifles to a nearby gun-store to actually act upon the threat. If there wasn't a gun store nearby, there would probably have dead officers and it is why today all police cars has an assault rifle in the trunk for officers to use in situations that needs quick action like school shootings or shootouts like in 97. And I think that if demilitarization of the police would lead to situations like the shootout of 97 of police unable to properly react upon a threat that they are unmatched.
In my opinion, militarization of the police isn't the problem but rather how it is used, think that if there is a threat present, the police should be well equipped enough to match it. I agree with the sentiment that swat teams and armored vehicles should be used for situation that warrants it, and not for "the fun of it". I think people and lawmakers should focus on that instead of removing it all together.
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2020.03.08 02:08 ill_B_In_MyBunk The EXCITING conclusion of my first story! Peace Keeper, Part 3

Be sure to start here at part 1!
I've written a lot of stories, but I'm incredibly pleased with how this novella came out. If you enjoyed it, and would like to see any of my other work, please subscribe to this subreddit on the right sidebar. It's for my work, and anyone who enjoys good scifi!
Big spoilers below.
Without further adieu, enjoy the finale of Peace Keeper (it had to be split into two parts because of the length. Follow the link at the end)!
“I don’t need your help!” Mieke cawed, swatting away Doctor Rutger’s hand as she tried to stand on the newly bandaged leg. “He needs those stitches dressed!”
William looked over his shoulder at the damaged Mr. Fisher. He looked like a man without a purpose.
“So, I’ll be the first to ask. Do you remember what happened before you--changed?” William wondered.
“I remember everything,” Mieke lamented. “It’s a bit confusing to see that man as my father and simultaneously care about my creator as though he were as well. My mind is running two separate partitions that can’t seem to fully mesh.”
“You know we decided on this,” Friedrich explained. “You wanted this.”
“I know that,” Mieke sighed, favoring her right leg as she stood. "But it's my brain that is scrambled eggs now and I'm pretty fucked in the head. I can distinctly remember being pushed on the swing by my--”
Mieke halted, her mind swimming.
“. . .Being pushed by Mrs. Fisher. My brain is short-circuiting.”
“The memories I implanted will fade,” Friedrich sighed. “For better or for worse, you will view them as one might remember a pleasant book or movie soon enough. I designed you, agents as a whole, so that they could easily bounce back from the process of reprogramming.”
Mieke looked forlorn as she leaned against the countertop.
“I’m going to forget my mother?”
Friedrich placed a palm over hers and frowned a bit as she quickly withdrew.
The four stood about in the stark white jewelry storage and appraisal area. The stark white tile floors were a sharp contrast to the elegant blacks and smooth display cases in the customer area. Of course, the grandeur had been marred by the addition of a corpse. William glanced at the disintegrated head of Thirteen as he passed the barred doorway.
He put the pieces together as he began to sew up the wound on Mr. Fisher’s shoulder.
“The Crown is working on something like that monstrosity out there, aren’t they?”
Friedrich shrugged as he reloaded the rifle that was lain across a steel work table. He fiddled with the slide as he slipped the magazine into the base.
“I know as much as you do, Doctor Rutger,” Friedrich informed. “I only know that I wanted to give Mieke a normal life apart from all this--”
Mieke held up a hand as her ears heard something that no one else could pick up. She looked at William and held a hand at chest level while gesturing downward. He paused mid-suture and looked up. Mieke looked worriedly at Friedrich as she pointed toward the entrance they had emerged from.
William stared at her face as she brought a finger to her mouth.
Peacekeeper, she mouthed.
Without informing the group or asking permission, she waved them forward and out of the jeweler’s. Her pace was rapid, even with the bandaged leg. Slit from knee to ankle, William was sure her advanced body had some kind of pain management system. He began to wonder if it was adrenaline based, or something more. Speculation was pointless. She was a fleshy machine, masquerading as a human.
As they rounded the corner at the intersection of two mall hallways, the peacekeeper began to press through the already broken glass at the front of the mall. New cascading echoes of glass shattering bounced about the cavernous hall as Mieke pondered just how exposed her group was. She processed the sensory input differently than her natural human counterparts. She just knew that the monstrosity was approximately 150 meters from their position. She didn’t know the particulars of her talent, but it was genetic engineering augmented by mechanics at the cellular level. She could picture the towering robot marching through the glass as though it were hardly there.
Mieke imagined the upcoming situation in her mind.
She waved the group slowly down the hall at the T junction. They crept backward as the thundering legs pounded into the polished blue tile floor, crushing it with each step. The mech made a particular high-low whine as each of the six appendages continued to ferry the death platform along. As the leg raised, the motors pitch would slightly rise, before crashing in modulation downward along with the dozens of tons of weight it accompanied.
“Should we--” William whispered almost silently.
Mieke held a finger to her mouth and quickly shook her head back and forth. She knew that the machine had hearing just as finely attuned as hers. Worse, the peacekeeper had dozens of sensors that could easily pinpoint even the faintest of noises. The peacekeeper had infrared thermal vision. It was a cold day. She knew their thermal footprints would not be visible through shoes, but their exhalations would.
William checked his navigation. They’d made impressive progress. They were only 1400 meters from their destination. That said, they were early. He could activate the emergency beacon, but the transport would likely take another few hours after its deployment. He only hoped that the jamming signal was weaker outside of the city proper. Either way, he navigated the device menu until he reached a red button labeled with an exclamation mark. He pressed it and quickly entered a line of text.
1km from extraction. Peacekeeper in pursuit. Hot LZ. Air support needed.
He pressed send as he continued backpedaling deeper into the shopping plaza. He was startled by Mieke’s quick movement to grab a potted plant. They were rapidly approaching the end of the line, and stood at the edge of a decorative outdoor food court with glass doors. One locked door was all that stood between them and freedom, relatively speaking.
Friedrich jumped as a column of bright white plasma shot from approximately where they had been a few minutes prior. A metallic whining filled the hall and was accompanied by heat so intense that William could feel it against his front side from over fifty meters away. The loud clattering that followed brought with it a smell of burning diesel. Friedrich grunted. The Kubelwagen had surely been destroyed.
“The noise of the fire lets us whisper very quietly,” Mieke breathed. “You all go immediately to the right in the food court as soon as I breach the lock. I will branch left and draw fire. Stay behind cover that is two meters high at minimum. Your breath will give you away, otherwise.”
William whispered an objection, but Mieke was already moving when the peackeeper’s massive leg stomped into view. She breathed in and cocked her arm back behind her head. She propelled the plant upward like a professional shot-putter, following through with her hips. As the peacekeeper’s enormous gatling cannon came into view, the pot soared through the atrium above its visual sensors, obscured by the awning that hung low enough to catch the robot’s topside. It flew over a hundred meters and past the robot at the T junction they’d come from. As though tossed by a blend of quarterback and sniper, the plant flew with impressive accuracy into the hallway before them.
Friedrich unintentionally gasped at the horrifying sight before him. Looking almost demonic and completely invulnerable. Stepping slowly and methodically, it walked purposefully with an implicit consciousness of its awful power. The black polished tungsten dome atop the monster shined in the sunlight that filtered in through the glass roof of the atrium. Looking like Janus, the many faced god, it seemed to look everywhere at once. William analyzed its appearance through the reflection of a storefront as his hands trembled. Then, he heard it. The pot crashed at the opposite arc of the throw.
The topside of the machine rotated on a turret-like torso that William didn’t even know peacekeepers had. It twisted its body like an owl as its two front legs lurched forward in the direction of the crash. As unthinkably loud stamping steps filled the mall, Mieke stabbed her elbow downward into the crack of the metal-framed doors. The panels buckled and snapped at the lock and the entrance flew open. Mieke took a breath in terrified suspense as a single long crack formed in the glass of the left door.
“C’mon, c’mon. Don’t do this,” she mouthed as the peacekeeper slowed to examine the point of impact and scattered soil at the opposite end of the hall.
She waved at William and Friedrich harshly to urge haste as the crack split off and rapidly approached the corner of the door. The panel recoiled as it reached its most open point and began to close.
“Fuck, fuck!” she whispered, openly sprinting. She winced with every long stride, but was only mildly slowed by her injury. She was designed to withstand impressive amounts of punishment.
She shut her eyes tightly as the broken deadbolt met with the opposite door with a light clink. Her eyes watched in horror as the top triangle formed by the split crack fell from its nesting and dropped to the ground. She saw the whole thing happen in slow motion. She watched as the men made their way toward the elevated dining area. They would need time. She stopped mid-stride and prepared to face her demon head on.
“I can do this,” she whispered to herself, staring at the doorway in anticipation of the two-story bastard that was about to crash through the doors. She jogged in place. The gatling would take point-seven-five seconds to spin up. She could make the leap. “Come on. Let’s go.”
The legs of the peacekeeper hammered like an approaching dinosaur as it came close to the entrance of the food court. She saw it move at ludicrous speed. She would have a very hard time outrunning it in open terrain. Mieke was able to sprint at almost sixty-five kilometers per hour on uninjured legs, but it wouldn't have been enough.
The peacekeeper didn’t even slow down as it crashed through the wall above the doors. It led with the armor cap on its head that seemed to function as a ram for physical blockages. Mieke knew in theory how tall seven meters was, but watching it dissolve the drywall and glass as though it wasn’t even there was horrifying. Drywall dust cascaded down the monstrosity as its torso rotated to face Mieke.
Four separate hexagonal missile racks adorned the top of the machine. A trapezoid shaped silver protrusion pushed out from the jet-black tungsten body. Six red eyes dotted each surface of the uneven pyramidal shape. What truly disturbed Mieke was the amount of ocular sensors that covered the rest of the body. There would be no hiding behind its back. The peacekeeper was always looking for its victims.
The two main guns were each twice as long as she was. The gatling, which began to spin in slow motion as she pushed off her right foot, had six massive barrels. Rounds which looked to be twenty millimeter ran up a steel channel from the main chassis of the robot. The plasma caster on the opposite arm looked almost like a gigantic broadsword with a charred triangular tip. She was sure the metal was something super-hardened to withstand the unreal heat being expelled at the tip. The rail gun was unmistakable and mounted just above the caster segmented rectangular blocks looked to be cooling along the four meter barrel, but she knew they were capacitors, designed to hold unthinkable amounts of energy before the shot was summoned from the barrel with all the rage of the underworld.
She was already flying through the air toward the storefront as the first two shots rang out. She watched a tracer round approach her rapidly and find its mark just a half meter above her head. Two more lead shells followed closely as she bounded a second time toward the kitchen of the pita hut.
William and Friedrich were frozen as the peacekeeper unleashed a hail of gunfire into the storefront. White-hot tracers lit the facade ablaze as the remainder of the shells seemed to dissolve the metal and plastic across the once-delicious establishment. Friedrich hardly noticed it charging forward toward Mieke’s previous position as William tugged hard at his sleeve.
She was buying time for a reason. They kept low to the ground and traveled behind the particle-board countertops that stood between them and certain death. Mr. Fisher followed as quickly as he could, trying to keep pace with the younger men. Even William’s hardened sensibility faltered as he watched the peacekeeper ram the restaurant like a hulking menace. It pressed through into the mall maintenance halls. Over the crashing bangs and shredding of fixtures, William found his way to the edge of the outdoor dining area. He was halfway over the railing when he noticed the twenty-meter drop on the opposite side.
“Good lord!” he exclaimed, looking down over Treptow park. “Now I understand.”
“That there’s nowhere to hide out here?” Friedrich asked.
“That we’re on an overlook, which means--” William began. He paused as Mieke shot from one of the service doors just over fifty meters from their position. She ran with vigor toward the edge of the dining area. A moment later, a shattering smash echoed across the open area as the peacekeeper charged through the wall behind her. Covered with debris and dust, William could have sworn he saw rage flow across the robot’s expressionless body. It let out low roar from plates across its body as it emerged and shook the dust from its sensors in a cloud. William clapped his hands over his ears, but the foghorn-like blast was louder than he could have imagined. The terrace whined as the creature moved farther forward. Mieke vaulted the railing and jumped.
“Mieke!” Friedrich called by instinct, knowing what was on the other side.
The peacekeeper slowed halfway out and rotated to face the origin of the noise.
“Bloody hell,” William groaned as he watched the cannon spin up. There was no cover for them to hide behind. William knew he’d failed his mission.
Just before the first shot rang out, a submachine gun fired from the edge of the dining area and tiny bullets pattered like raindrops on the colossal titan’s armor. As the gun began firing, it rotated back to face the larger threat. Mieke ducked back behind the railing on the outside of the terrace and disappeared.
The peacekeeper continued forward on its previous path as shells ripped through the steel and cement of the flooring. Friedrich felt obscene amounts of worry for the woman he’d truly come to love as a daughter as the vulcan cannon melted the floor ahead of it.
Clearly detecting something before the humans could, the peacekeeper began to step back toward the mall, but it seemed that the burst of fire had prematurely weakened the terrace. The two front legs dipped downward through the collapsing metal as the rest of its body tried to retreat.
Luckily, the monster, as fast as it was, couldn’t outrun Isaac Newton’s laws. Its mass was descending with more force than the motors could match. The peacekeeper fell through the terrace and ripped an enormous hole downward in the superstructure.
Friedrich called out in joy as it fell out of view, but shuddered as a shockwave cracked the flooring all around them.
“Fuck,” he grumbled, observing the structure as it tore away from the elevated wall. A second wave brushed past them and knocked the scientist on his ass. “Shit, shit, shit!”
They began to scramble back toward the mall, staggering with every loud scream of metal. Friedrich leapt toward the stairs which led up to the dining area and watched in dismay as they seemed to climb upward away from him. His hands caught the edge of the first stair alongside William, but they could only look back as Mr. Fisher began to slide away from them.
His eyes seemed sad, but content as he fell downward at an increasing rate of speed. He was almost sure Mieke had survived. That was, after all, his only goal: to save his beloved Deutschland. He looked forward to seeing his wife again.
He closed his eyes and felt a thunderous weight impact his left side. He knew it was the end.
“Klettere, Vater!” Mieke screamed out as she held onto the man-made cliff that had sat beside the dining area. She shouted again as he failed to respond. “Climb, now!”
He managed to wrestle his left arm from her iron grip as the three-armed family unit began to scramble up the rock face. Mieke’s bloodied hands seemed to hold the majority of the weight, but were aided by Mr. Fisher’s as they looked for few-and-far-between handholds. He fought against the howling pain in his shoulder as he reached higher with each grasp of stone. As the pair reached the top of the jagged rock face, Mieke wrenched her right arm skyward and shoved the older man up and onto the dirt. She looked down at her mangled left leg and felt woozy even as she pushed herself up and over the edge.
Mieke breathed heavily as she looked up at the crystalline tan-colored sky. The sun was beginning to set. It was a beautiful day. She could feel the cold breeze lapping at her blood-drenched hair. Her leg felt hot as blood oozed freely from her body. She knew her body could take it. Her elephant-sized dosage of adrenaline kept the wounds from inflicting the full extent of their pain, but she felt the damage nonetheless.
She looked at her father and began to weep as he stared back. She knew that it might be the last time she was truly able to picture him as something he really wasn’t. She clung to those memories as he looked upon her face, brushing her hair from her eyes.
“Danke Mieke. Segne dich, du unglaubliches Mädchen,” he blubbered, looking at the woman he wished he could have called his daughter. Barren from the earliest days of their marriage, Mr. Fisher was more than content to host the woman he’d come to know as Mieke when Dr. Schmidt asked. He knew she was much more than she’d been presented as, but that hardly mattered.
Thank you, Mieke. Bless you, my girl.
Mieke was his. For whatever that was worth, he looked down at the shattered woman with all the adoration and care he could muster. With Amelie gone, Dieter had only the woman laying before him for family. Whether or not she would soon remember him as such, Mieke would forever have residence in his heart. He leaned close to the trembling and bleeding woman and whispered in her ear.
“I love you, my Mieke,” he muttered in sharply accented English. “You stay here. Ja?”
“Ja, papa,” Mieke nodded voraciously as tears flowed down her face.
“Yes. I love you too.”
When Mieke came to, she was being dragged on a stretcher by William and Friedrich. She knew her body weighed far more than a typical human’s. They surely were unable to carry her. Mr. Fisher nursed a fresh wound dressing on his shoulder. He'd surely torn more than a few stitches in the climb.
She looked down at her bandaged hands and arms. She noted the recent suture in her leg. She felt a bandage wrapped tightly around her head and a new piece of gauze sticking into her side. One of the shells had come close enough that it dragged shrapnel through from above as she’d climbed her way to safety after drawing the peacekeeper’s fire. She began to more closely resemble a patchwork quilt than a person.
“I can--” she hissed as she sat up. Apparently the shrapnel had done more damage to her abdomen than she’d thought. “I can walk. Stop dragging me like a sack of potatoes.”
“No, Mieke!” Mr. Fisher insisted as he walked alongside the stretcher in the grass. “We would not drag potato.”
He actually managed to elicit a chuckle from her as she lay back onto the medical implement. Friedrich laughed along with them. Even if the man wasn’t her real father, he had certainly perfected the art of the dad joke.
“Your nanites will fix the injuries in time, Mieke,” Friedrich replied. “You must rest, or risk doing damage that the tiny machines cannot fix.”
William turned to Friedrich as they walked side by side.
“Machines in her bloodstream?” William wondered. “That explains why she isn’t already dead.”
“Like I said,” Friedrich shrugged. “She’s one of a kind.”
William watched as Dr. Schmidt looked down on Mieke as she spoke rapid German with her surrogate father. The scientist smiled, but it seemed disingenuous. William leaned in close to him as the father and daughter joked behind them, breaking into laughter.
“It can’t be easy, I’m sure,” William whispered. “She will eventually come around. You must know that. Now she may think of you as the man who tried to take her father, but you said yourself--her mind will adjust.”
Friedrich nodded absentmindedly as he looked forward, focusing on traveling the last hundred meters to their evac point.
“It’s ridiculous. She’s a test subject,” he muttered. “Why would she have any loyalty to me, or I to her?”
Friedrich continued marching, though his mind was elsewhere.
“I threw away everything because I wanted to save her from those corporate dogs,” he said. “I was rich. I made millions developing the agent protocol. I designed them from the ground up. I’ve been with Mieke for ten years. Almost ten years, anyway. She was patient even when we had to tear down muscular knots that formed because of their scaled up density. She didn’t say a word when we extracted tissue samples from her body to reconstruct other clones.”
Friedrich shook his head.
“She was always kind. It was like--she forgot to flip the switch and become a hardened killer. Not that she couldn’t. You saw her exceptional skill. She was able to so effectively disconnect those two portions of her mind. Mieke is good. Mr. Fox didn’t like that.”
“You don’t mean...Alexis Fox?” William replied in shock. The missing piece fell into place. Friedrich was emotional. He revealed a bit more of his hand than he’d intended.
“The agents are built by--” William paused mid-stride. “The peacekeeper hunting us wasn’t Russian, was it?
“There’s no way to know who is or isn’t--” Friedrich replied before being cut off.
“It was Jones. The bloody bastards at JCN sent that thing. That’s why it’s killing everyone. It’s not a machine of war, it’s an assassin!” William roared, setting down his half of the stretcher. “They don’t want her to get into enemy hands. It’s not a bloody case of national defense, it’s intellectual property theft!”
“William let’s discuss more on the transport,” Friedrich urged, pushing his hands downward in a calming motion.
“Hundreds dead because of stolen fucking merchandise!” the doctor swore.
“You think I don’t know that?” Friedrich barked back. “The final test, after order delivery, was an endurance physical. JCN wanted to know exactly how much punishment agents could take. They were going to hurt her in ways I can’t even mention for the sole purpose of data generation! They planned to grind away limbs to see if her nanites could rebuild the missing tissue. I told them it didn’t work like that, but they refused to listen. They said they’d continue hurting her until I found a way to keep her alive. They said--”
Friedrich paused to cough. He tucked his elbow to his mouth as he began to hyperventilate at the thought.
“They said she was their property and I was to do it or be out of a job. They said if I didn’t find a way to save her, they’d simply find another engineer who could build better nanites. She would never escape the unending torture they’d planned for her. So I took her, and we ran!”
Friedrich’s chest heaved as he shouted down the British doctor.
“I suppressed her memories and combat ability so we could move more stealthily. A woman of her particular talents doesn’t exactly go unnoticed. I found a kind husband and wife. I gave them what they could never have. I said I’d help provide any supplies they needed in exchange for asylum. I ran all the way back to fucking Germany, but they found us anyway. It took years, but we couldn’t escape my own creations. How the hell do you think that made me feel as someone who loves her?”
Mieke looked on at Friedrich as the emotionally torn man stared at the tan-uniformed Brit before him.
“I didn’t know what they were planning to do to me,” Mieke whispered, suddenly understanding the haste with which they had to leave the JCN compound.
“I lost my wife for her!” Friedrich howled. “We would never have been in this country if I hadn’t--”
Friedrich brought a hand to his face and wiped away the unintentional tears that had welled in his eyes.
“Fucking inhuman weapons. Faceless assassins, stealing entire city blocks indiscriminately.”
“It was agents who took the nuclear weapons from the UK, wasn’t it?” William asked.
Friedrich stared at the ground. He refused to make eye contact.
“Even I don’t know that,” he moaned. “But war is good business. It’s a terrible, booming business.”
William exhaled as he looked around in the midst of the lush field. The sun was below the horizon and the crickets had begun to chirp. Despite the horror surrounding the situation, the natural elements surrounding Berlin were hardly affected. He marveled at the splendor and realized they'd arrived. The actual pickup point was another forty meters north of their position, but the dropship would surely pick them up when it saw them. The struggle was finally over.
William plopped down into the freely swaying grasses and tipped up a cigarette from his shirt pocket. He brought it to his mouth and touched a jet of white flame to the tip, summoned by a tiny metal square of yellow gold.
"A doctor who smokes?" Mieke asked.
"God awful habit," William admitted breathing in a breath of smoke as the tip glowed. "Unfortunately it's been stress relief lately."
He exhaled a puff of greyish ecstasy and closed his eyes. He kept them shut as he spoke again.
"Just a few short hours and I'll be back to Amelia, back to London. I just keep telling myself that. I'll be honest, my friends. This mission has been more taxing than I had expected."
"For all of us," Friedrich added.
"Some more than others." Mieke's intended tone was one of brevity at her injury, but it came out more depressed. She chuckled with a fake smile, but no one was fooled. Mieke had lost much more than a gratuitous amount of blood.
Mieke's brain had been blended into a dendritic smoothie. She'd lost the woman known to her as mother, and memories associated with both parents were slipping into nostalgic sepia tone. They were scenes she knew were implanted, but she clutched them tightly like totems of a false god she still wished to worship at the altar of.
The group sat down amidst the greenery of the beautiful park and wished only for the end of their odyssey. William checked his broadcaster several times as the minutes turned to more than an hour. It was pinging with a flashing red light just the way it should have.
After a few more minutes, Dr. Schmidt looked toward his emotionally distant creation. She stared blankly up at the sky. He knew the slide back into reality couldn't be easy for her. He approached cautiously as an explorer might have crept up next to an angry asp and cleared his throat.
"Mieke," Friedrich whispered. He crouched beside her and patted her ankle. He tried to bridge the space between them after his deception had been revealed. "You are brave beyond measure. You saved us all several times over. I'm so grateful to be here beside you as someone who cares about you very much."
He loved her. She knew that. Despite this, he found himself unable to express those feelings as they were entangled with his torment of guilt. He was responsible for Amelie's death. If they hadn't gone after the motorcycles, she might have still been alive. Perhaps the agent would never have found them.
Friedrich continued lying to himself. He knew no one could outrun JCN forever. Even on another continent, he doubted Mieke’s safety as long as he was with her.
"In case I don't make it," Friedrich said softly. "The Intel is on a tiny chip implanted under your right ear. I know they want me for the program, but--"
"You will," Mieke answered, forcing herself to sit up. Friedrich noted the speed with which she made herself upright and marveled at the healing ability within her. Once again his mind wandered for a moment. He wished he never had to activate her. He wished she had retained the innocence he implanted within her.
She was good. She was brave. She was everything he wished he could have been.
"The transports are here. I already hear them," Mieke smiled. She pointed out toward the west and seemed to touch invisible angels in an empty black sky. "Two verticopters and a--something? Sounds like a heavy chopper of some kind. Probably that air support William requested."
"Thank God for that," William grunted with a shiver. "It's bloody freezing and the cold ground isn't making it any better."
As the choppers zoomed closer in the night sky, the distant rotor sound began to rise in pitch ever so slightly. They were flying in a hurry. William appreciated their haste. He popped the flare he'd saved for their extraction and flipped up a canister of green smoke. Much to his surprise, the LZ was clear.
Finally illuminating their floodlights at the signal of green smoke, the three bi-rotor craft swept in so low and fast that William was concerned about an unintentional hair clipping.
The first transport landed slightly away from the crew with its door mounted gun pointed back toward the city. The gunship held position above the rescuees, clearly watching the horizon. The warm and welcoming third chopper opened its doors and beckoned them in.
William helped Mr. Fisher first, who was followed quickly by the good doctor and Mieke. As she stepped up, she took one last look out over the horizon. She froze in place.
"Take off!" She screamed over the thudding engines. "Get that chopper--"
She pointed at the landed transport a few dozen meters from them. The gunner looked at her with a puzzled face as the tracer rounds made contact with the engine directly above his head. The gunship nosed forward toward the threat. The hail of gunfire ripped through the grounded helicopter as though it were made of paper. The vulcan cannon roar followed as the supersonic shot ripped their escort to shreds.
"Fucking hell, that bloody thing is still kicking," William shouted out. "We are leaving, now! Quickly!"
He felt the liftoff in his legs as the engines roared, giving the craft all it could take. It rose too slowly. William was sure of it. Missiles streaked through the night sky and seemed to pass around the craft in a spray. Friedrich jumped on the mounted 50 caliber gun, ready to return fire as soon as an opportune angle presented itself.
They heard the Omaha gunship open fire with a flurry of missiles and its own vulcan cannon, but explosions from the invisible assailant seemed to indicate that the reactive armor was doing its job.
In a period of ten horrifying seconds, they watched three awful events transpire.
The Omaha helicopter lit up orange and began to fall as the peacekeeper Vulcan ripped up the length and was followed by a pair of missiles.
Another trio of surface to air missiles passed even closer to the crew’s escaping transport.
Dieter stood up from his jumpseat and grabbed the netting above him as a horrified expression painted his face. There, in the ever-more distant field, was Mieke. She carried the mounted gun of the other helicopter, and was beginning to slip from view.
He only noticed her because of the incendiary rounds being fired from her cannon. Just as the peacekeeper gunfire approached the final escaping chopper, the stream of rounds dipped back down toward her position.
"We have to go back!" Friedrich shrieked as he almost leapt from the aircraft toward her. He grabbed a uniformed UK airman's helmet microphone and craned it toward his mouth. "Take us back!"
The young man didn't want to say the news he was hearing, but he stammered through the pilot's announcement.
"That is a negative, Doctor Schmidt. The lieutenant says we cannot compromise--"
"I don't give a flying fuck what the lieutenant says! Turn this around or I'll throw myself from this aircraft! You do not leave her without leaving--"
William stared at the ground as a trio of rockets splashed down around Mieke. His heart dropped into his stomach as the woman faded from view and the tracer rounds ceased.
"No!" Friedrich howled in brokenness as he fell to the floor. William reached out an arm and handcuffed himself to doctor Schmidt as he slammed the door opposite the gun shut.
"We will not have her death be in vain!" William roared. "She made a choice, Doctor Schmidt. We are saved only because of her decision!"
"But she…" Doctor Schmidt blubbered. "What's the point? She had the intel. She died for nothing!"
The door opposite the pair clicked shut as the airman whose microphone Friedrich had borrowed yanked the gun back into the body of the craft.
"You are the intel, Doctor Schmidt, and you bloody well should remember that when you reach the prime minister. Mieke gave her life to end the war. Now please--see that it gets done."
Friedrich gazed at Dieter. The man looked empty. He wore a blank expression. It was as though the impact of the events hadn’t yet caught up to him. As he looked to the stoic older man, Friedrich pondered his failure. More importantly, he thought of what he could do about it.
Mieke sacrificed herself to help end the war. By God, he resolved to do his part as well.
As the engine noise normalized, William looked back toward a shattered Berlin, still aflame from the peacekeeper attacks. The smoke faded, but he was sure of one thing. His memory of Mieke never would.
After just six months of non-stop work, Doctor Schmidt had taken a non-viable prototype agent he had been provided by The Crown and turned it into something extraordinary.
He'd worked day and night. His staff never saw him leave. They were sure he had a cot somewhere on premises, but no matter how early they seemed to arrive at the blacksite, he was there first.
When minister Shandi visited Doctor Schmidt, he made the extremely rare exception of bringing a certain medic along for the trip. The engineering team had blacked out many of the lab windows in preparation for his arrival, but he'd been granted a DV, Developed Vetting, clearance.
There were some things he was able to see.
"I must say, this is a surprising turn of events Mr. Prime Minister. I never expected to be granted access to the agent program in the--"
"We're not actually calling them agents here." Shandi spoke curtly. The man's copper skin and jet black hair towered above the already large William Rutger. His deep, pleasant, regal voice continued on. "I simply thought with us bringing them online, and you being a medical professional whose services were so intimately intertwined with the acquisition, that if anyone should be witness to them--it’s you."
"Right, Mr. Prime Minister," William replied, not entirely sure what the grey on grey cement halls with reflective translucent silver windows were soon to produce. "But again I must ask--why am I here?"
"William!" A familiar voice called from down the corridor. Doctor Schmidt walked briskly with an outstretched arm.
He looked--different. Perhaps it was the exhaustion caused by ceaseless effort, or the loss of Mieke, but he appeared ten years older than the last time William had seen him. The man in the white lab coat approached William's hand and ducked around it, bringing the taller Englishman in for a tight embrace.
"Gods, I'm glad you're here. When they said a doctor was needed, of course you were first on my list. The clones need to be monitored carefully for any abnormalities."
"A doctor is needed?" William wondered, looking up to minister Shandi with suspicious eyes. "How queer. Minister Shandi, would you believe that I am a doctor?"
The minister shifted slightly and snuck a smile.
"I was going to ask before we got into the laboratory, but I thought seeing Friedrich again might help convince you."
"You hadn't told him?" Friedrich gasped. "Shit. I thought that's something they were sure to mention, otherwise I would not have brought it up."
"It does rather seem like a pertinent detail, Doctor Schmidt," William said with a raised eyebrow as Friedrich released him.
"Not convinced?" Minister Shandi asked. "Follow me, doctors."
His long steps moved quickly down the hall and William followed out of insatiable curiosity. He was already there, after all. What would be the point in leaving before seeing the final product?
"We, as a battered nation, needed something to inspire our people. It is only through unity and cooperation that we will redeem this losing war. The people crave hope. They are desperate to draw on something more than themselves. So, we thought about going back to our British heritage."
Minister Shandi waved his palm over the reader at the end of the hallway and a light in the middle of a pair of doors illuminated green. The polished steel began to open and revealed a majestic sight.
There, before him, was a massive man suspended in a tank four feet higher than even Minister Shandi. The monstrous brute within seemed to tower well over seven feet high. His chiseled form was immaculate. He looked to be the perfect specimen of manhood with dangling brunette hair and a regal jawline.
"I'd like you to meet Lancelot," Minister Shandi smiled. He knew the work was impeccable. "We need a doctor to monitor vitals of the new kingsmen and address bodily degradation that is expected. Perhaps you can provide insight as to how we can avoid it altogether."
"He's quite--large," William spoke hesitantly. "In stature."
"He needs to be in order to fit his armor," Friedrich proudly added. He pressed a button on a small remote and a second light column illuminated a brilliant silver armored suit that looked like a cyber futuristic take on medieval plate armor. Much more polished than it's ancient counterpart, Lancelot's tungsten plate looked to be a beefier version of the inky black armor thirteen had worn.
A sword just a bit taller than William stood beside the shimmering armor set. The massive broadsword had to weigh almost as much as the doctor and was well over six inches across.
"What's that at the hilt?" William asked, pointing to the base where an extra-widened blade guard seemed a bit blockier than it needed to be.
"Plasma distributor," Friedrich answered. "We haven't gotten that part quite right yet, but when we do--it'll be quite intimidating."
William turned to minister Shandi.
"So this beefy chap, Lancelot, is supposed to win us the war?"
"No," the prime minister replied. "They are."
Entirely pleased with himself, Shandi pressed his own remote and another dozen lights blinked on across the apparently massive room. Set in a grand circular orientation, each towering soldier had a suit of matching armor directly across from them. William finally began to understand why they would need a full time physician to monitor health concerns.
"Doctor Rutger," Shandi proudly stepped forward. "May I present the new knights of The Crown."
Shandi smiled as he turned back to William.
"God save the king."
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2020.02.17 10:28 Ntharotep Hell On Earth : A Horror Survival MMO

I've thought of this a lot and for years but I know that this is something I will never get around to making.
This would be a game that can either be perspective of FPS/FPAction or the somewhat behind view like GTA or Skyrim...you begin play in the upper floor of a high rise apartment and you are awakened by a rumble that shakes the whole apartment...
You get up and then there is an explosion outside and looking out the window you see what looks like a riot below with the police and swat fighting a literal wave of people, things have obviously gone terribly wrong as a passenger plane suddenly crashes into the gas station down the block...
You go outside and see your neighbor on her knees hands against the sides of her head groaning in what sounds like pain. As you try to help her, a deep, echoey voice comes from her uttering another language and she looks up and it looks like her eyes are on fire as she charges you...
This is your first fight but you can overcome her bare handed and after she is dealt with you go into her apartment and find a knife buried in her husband's chest. You take the knife and keep moving.
You fight another one or two burning eyed tenants and find a few more supplies before reaching the elevator which, when you push the button, the door opens and then something collapses on top of the elevator car taking it down witht he collapsed part of your apartment. You are forced to use the stairs where your last fight takes place against small naked figures with bat-like wings and gnashing teeth...
After you exit the stairwell, the entire thing collapses and you are then in the multiplayer area where you can talk with others and form alliances, etc...
I am thinking there is a fairly good sized beginner area where PVP doesn't happen which also gives you a chance to join a "camp" etc. In the city surrounding the starting apartment area there are mostly possessed humans as a threat, the police vans are scorched and burned and the officers have mostly been killed or possessed but the dead police have some weapons you can scavenge.
As you widen your parameter from the apartment you run into more dangerous and more twisted atrocities from hell.
I would leave this game open for expansion packs too such as "Hell in the UK" for one where you end up getting a ship and go to find out what happened in Europe.
Then Hell in the Savanna where animals are possessed and warped as well and so on.
Like in many horror survival games, PVP can happen between camps but I want this sort of thing to be fluid, like you can actually step in and help a camp defeat a tougher than nails demon or scourge of demons and then a forced truce is in affect for a time where you can't PVP one anothers' camps.
I don't knwo about anyone else, but the idea of fighting some nasty twisted hell freaks at the eye in London or the Subway of New York appeals to me a lot :)
submitted by Ntharotep to gameideas [link] [comments]

2019.11.24 17:20 StarKnight697 R6S TV Pilot Concept


Smoke billows from third-story windows as flames lick the sky. Sirens wail in the background. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal that this is a news segment on a TV.
"...arks the third embassy attack this month, after the Brazilian Embassy in Moscow and the Canadian Embassy in London. As with the other two, the credit for this attack is claimed by the self-named 'White Masks'. They have not broadcast any demands or manifestos, and governme..."
As the News Anchor (20s, female) trails off, the camera swings around to focus on SIX (50s, black, female) dressed smartly in a pinstriped suit. A door opens opposite her and an assistant (young, gangling, male) pokes his head out.
"Ma'am? They're ready for you."
The woman gracefully stands, and follows the assistant through the door.

[ https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/292030357079854981/?lp=true ]

"The world is more dangerous than ever. In the 3 years since Team Rainbow was deactivated, terrorist attacks have seen an almost exponential increase. Just in this last month, there have been multiple attacks on embassies around the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, we must fight back. We need Team Rainbow."
The camera pans around, revealing the COUNCIL gathered around a table, their faces cloaked in shadow. We do not know their names, but we get the sense they are very powerful.
"So how will you assemble this team? If I recall correctly, when the original was disbanded, John Clark went to ground, and his colleagues retired."
"Yes, where will you be getting your new recruits? Where will they be stationed?"
"With this Council's permission, I'd like to reoccupy Hereford Base, in the UK. As to recruits, we have candidates lined up. Four members each from the FBI SWAT, GIGN, GSG9, Spetznaz, and the SAS. They will be the best of the best, the elite of the elite. Each has a unique style of combat which complement each other well. This team would be uniquely equipped to handle situations that other CTU's can't or won't."
The council members discuss among themselves as SIX stands silently. After a couple moments deliberation, COUNCIL MEMBER #1 raises his voice.
"Silence! Silence! We shall now vote on this proposal. All who agree, please place your right hand above your head."
A moment, then:
"Well. Good luck... Six."

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2019.09.26 00:49 absurdditties Creepy cab ride

Hi, so this was my first post on reddit, I didn’t have the karma back then to post it but bow I think I can share this creepy cab ride with you:
After reading some of these stories I really felt like sharing a scary experience I had a few years back.
One of my best friends had moved to England and I was flying from Stockholm to visit her. It was my first time in the UK and and I was really excited to see my friend again. For some reason I couldn’t call her but she could call me so my phone was basically useless for the most part. After I had stepped out of the airport she finally called and said she’d already booked a cab for me but since my phone didn’t work properly she had to use her girlfriends phone to talk to the cabdriver and her phone to talk to me. It took a while but finally the cabdriver found me and my friend hung up.
The driver stepped out and hugged me for some reason, I thought “maybe it’s some cultural difference” and patted him on the back. I got in the passenger seat and we small talked a bit as we drove off. He asked me where I was from and how long I’d be staying and so on. His english wasn’t great but he seemed nice. I’m a bit bubbly when I get nervous and I asked a bit about what he would recommend doing while in London. He didn’t seem to understand what I meant and started laughing and I awkwardly joined in and then he grabbed my hand and kissed it and said he loved me. It’s just culture shock I thought.
He didn’t let go of my hand and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted pull my hand back but it was dark outside and we were on a highway and my phone didn’t work. I had recently read a story about a cabdriver that drove a girl to a secluded place and strangled her. So I just got really quiet and hoped he’d let go soon. Every once in a while he’d say something before kissing my hand again. I pulled up my phone and said I was just gonna text my friend so that he’d have to let go of my hand. It worked but after a while he pulled it back again. I just sort of figured I’d be rid of him soon anyway so whatever.
I asked him how long the drive would be and he said 20mins or something and then he brought up mu hand to his mouth again. Instead of kissing it this time he bit it and I snatched my hand back with a yelp and he laughed and said he was only joking. Then he patted my knee. I froze when he didn’t move his hand back but instead just let it rest there. After a while his hand started going up my thigh. And I finally swatted at his hand. He pulled his hand back and said “ok” and grabbed my hand again.
The ride felt like it lasted forever and all I could think was that he was driving me somewhere else and I’d get kidnapped or something. The worst part was that I couldn’t even call my friend to let her know where I was.
Finally we slowed down and I could se my friend standing outside a house, waiting for me! Thank the heavens! I hurried out of the car and my friend talked a bit with the creepy driver. He asked when I was going home and she answered that I’d be going home on Monday. He said he wanted to drive all her guests, on that hustle I guess...
When we got inside I told her what happened and she was mortified. She said the same guy had drove her mom and her other friends and they had never had such an experience with him. She kept apologizing and I told her it wasn’t her fault at all.
The rest of my stay was great and we had a really good time.
The evening before I was going home the cabdriver called my friend and asked when he was picking me up, she lied and said I had already left. The cabdriver who picked me up Monday barely said a word to me, it was great.
But yeah, creepy cabdriver, let’s not meet again.
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2019.09.03 16:59 CharlesGrey1832 European police are far too militarised

A lot of focus gets put on the American police and their issues with militarisation, it's not even that uncommon to hear Europeans talk about it and as is usual for Europeans we're particularly good at exaggerating American issues and pretending that our own house is in order to such an extent that we have largely ignored and permitted a very dangerous trend.

In America most police forces have swat units that are often armoured to an extent, use armoured vehicles sometimes and carry long guns. These police don't just patrol the streets, usually they're only deployed when it's prudent. However in EU we've got a recent trend of police forces and government's more and more pushing the line of how armed it's acceptable for them to be on routine patrols to such an extent that armoured police armed with long guns walking the street are now a staple of even small European cities. Here are some examples: from Germany, from Sweden, from Belgium, from France and from the UK. This isn't a rare thing either, it's pretty common to see in even small towns with relatively little violent crime. To prove it type in [armed police in the appropriate language] followed by [town of over 5,000 people] and you'll most likely see police armed and operating like soldiers on the streets. Now this isn't to say that all police are like this, in the UK in particular you'll still see some police without any weapons and most police on the continent only carry a handgun which is frankly understandable and not something I care about that much.

There's another issue as well that might be even worse and that's the normalisation of using the military as a quasi police force. This is done to a limited extent in the UK (wikipedia link to operation) pictures: 1, 2, 3. To a significant extent in Belgium (wikipedia link to operation) pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4. To a massive extent in France (wikipedia link to operation) pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Something similar exists in Italy. And they've debated doing so in Germany.

I'm rather glad I left Europe, with all of this sometimes it felt like living under occupation and I'm rather ashamed that my country gave collectively exactly zero shits about turning the local friendly bobby into someone who looks like they belong in Afghanistan. And I am completely amazed that will all this going on the Europeans who don't give a shit about any of this will continue to go on and on about how militarised the American police are.
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2019.08.14 08:36 youto2 QWF Tuesday Night Vice - 8/13/19 - Part One

We open our show, as we see a panning shot of Soundstage 13 in lovely Los Angeles, California, and as usual, a rowdy crowd on hand!
Crowd: Q! Q! Q! Q!
We then pan around, as we cut to our commentary team, play-by-play man Jack Blackmire, and Cyclone Adams on color.
Blackmire: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Night Vice coming to you live from Los Angeles, California over public access throughout southern california, and worldwide through twitch! I’m Jack Blackmire-
Cyclone: And i’m Cyclone Adams-
Blackmire: And what a show we have tonight to follow up our first ever PPV! We see the debut of a new local youngblood in Kenny Cadence taking on the behemoth of a man known as Black Sun. A tag team match featuring our Heavyweight Champ in action, alongside featuring an animosity that we’ve see brew over with Breathnach and Blair, and another opportunity for GiGi to impress! We will also see the clone wrestler Donna Biastranzjeh take on B.L. Zebub, and of course our main event, featuring three incredible stars in Enrique Valera, Daimio Esforzado, and Ser Hadrien The Oaf duking it out for #1 Contendership to the QWF Heavyweight Championship! But speaking of that, I hear our QWF Champ wants to have some words, so now, we will kick it to the ring, and to Ikbal Rizwan!
Ikbal Rizwan's theme plays as the crowd cheers and he enters triumphantly, with the QWF heavyweight title belt around his waist.
When he gets to the ring it can be seen that he has a brace on both of his knees, and he is not walking as quickly as normal
Blackmire: Our champion is here, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm sure he has a lot to say
Rizwan: So this is what "making it" feels like!
Rizwan: Honestly, this right here is one of the best moments of my life. It's like all my training has been validated now. The QWF inaugural title tournament was the greatest experience in wrestling, for me. Also the hardest. In fact it was so stressful I couldn't even find time to get my head shaved!
He points to his very short hair which gets some laughs.
Rizwan: Seriously though I know I faced the best wrestlers I ever have challenged during that tournament. Thing is I managed to beat them all. But that's just the beginning. I'm champion now and as good as that feels... as proud as I know my mom and dad are back home in Islamabad... as great as it is to have the love of all of you out there, I have responsibilities. To not stay static but to get better, stronger, and more skilled the longer I have this championship belt and even more so, to defend it against everyone out there who fights at a high level!
Rizwan: So this is a call out for a lot of people, I want to face the best wrestlers from around the whole world to show them all how valuable this championship belt is and how I can protect it with the skill of pehlwani and the heart of an American champion! But first I want to face the best of QWF!
Crowd: Q! Q! Q! Q!
Rizwan: Mac Candor, ya akhi my brother you gave me the favorite match of my life, now come get me now that you KNOW I have what it takes to be the best. Aiden Macseal, you almost had me there a few times, better make sure beating you was no fluke! But first of all I have to take on whoever wins this number 1 contender triple match! I'm so excited to see that, Daimio, Hadrien, and Valera are gonna have a crazy match, I know it. Whoever comes out on top, come get me ASAP because my knees might be aching bad for right now but my doctor and the QWF medical staff have cleared me to compete whenever I want. Don't hurt each other too bad guys, I want a really big challenge for my first defense!
Rizwan's theme plays again as he cautiously gets out the ring and cheering erupts once again as he makes his way backstage.
We then see QWF Announcer James Ulysses step into the ring, mic in hand, as he’s ready to announce.
Ulysses: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…
An awesome riff plays getting everyone excited to hear “Paranoid” but actually it’s just “Lucifer Over London,” B.L. Zebub’s entrance song. The debatably devilish Zebub creeps out from behind the curtain with a shockingly awesome looking sparkler topped with a pentagram. He grins evilly and tries multiple times to light it so he can hold it up walking to the ring; however, it seems not to want to catch and he gives a shrug... but then it suddenly catches fire, all burning out at once and blowing soot in his face! He coughs and, annoyed, makes his way to the ring where he gets a towel from a ring attendant to wipe his face off.
Crowd: laughter
Cyclone: Well… credit to B.L. - that would have ruled if he pulled it off.
Ulysses: ...from Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 300 pounds - B! L! ZEBUB!
Ulysses: And his opponent…
CHVRCHES plays out Donna Biastranzjeh as she performs a most unfitting entrance for that particular music - she’s got her hair styled into impressive gelled demon horns and is wearing red contacts and a similar bright red one-piece outfit as B.L. Zebub has. She’s also carrying a sparkler, which lights correctly, meaning she can slink down to the ring with a proper air of menace as it goes off. Everyone is actually impressed by this and so she garners some cheers.
Cyclone: Sheesh, glad we have someone who knows how to work a basic firework.
Blackmire: Now, Cyclone, give Zebub credit. I’m sure you’ve played with enough illegal pyrotechnics to know that every so often you’ll get the dud.
Cyclone: Damn right, unless the sheriff is watching, in which case I have never purchased such things and definitely don’t have any in my shed right now.
Ulysses: ...From Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 175 pounds - DONNA! BIASTRANZJEH!
Referee Laura Prince signals for the bell…
Blackmire: Donna is a great mimic so I think she’ll just try to feel Zebub out first...
The satanist and his imitator circle and lock up seamlessly; despite the difference in their size the contest is pretty even, with neither being able to get a clear advantage in the first few seconds. That is, until Donna unhooks an arm and straight up slaps Zebub on the forehead, surprising the demonic brawler! Not especially hurt but taken aback, Zebub releases his part of the lockup, only to get blindsided by Donna making the sign of the horns and then poking his eyes with her outstretched index and pinkie fingers!
Cyclone: Tried and true offense she must have learned from Moe Howard!
This sends Zebub staggering but prompts a warning from Laura Prince - nevertheless Donna capitalizes by kneeing Zebub in the gut and sending him to the mat!
Blackmire: Simple knee strike but it hits home! There’s a cover!
Blackmire: And not enough to put down B.L. Zebub.
Zebub kicks out, shakes off the pain, and grabs Donna by the hair! Neither Laura Prince nor the fans like this, but he stops the hair pulling when he drags Donna into position to throw a right hook to her chest!
Donna staggers but fires back with a chest punch of her own, and soon the two are firing punch after punch at one another’s torso, testing their endurance!
Donna seems to be winning and winds up a big punch but Zebub interrupts with a throat thrust and then takes her down with a hip toss!
Blackmire: Zebub seemingly turning the tide now, sneak attacking Donna’s larynx and throwing her hard!
Zebub hits a running stomp to the fallen Donna’s chest and then jumps down to pin her…
Blackmire: The ever adaptable Donna Biastranzjeh is resilient!
Cyclone: And now I bet B.L.’s getting a taste of his own medicine!
Indeed, the two clinch up as Donna rises after her kickout and Donna locks Zebub’s head, placing his chin on her shoulder and then suddenly dropping to her knees, rattling Zebub with a shoulder jawbreaker!
Cyclone: Oof, that’s against dentist’s orders!
Blackmire: Inverted stunner! That height difference means Donna got a lot of force dropping down like that!
B.L. Zebub doesn’t go down but is clearly out of it so Donna quickly rakes, then elbows, Zebub in the face, which drops him at last. She hooks one leg…
3 - NO!
Blackmire: Donna hoping to finish off Zebub with the same unscrupulous facial attacks he employs but it’s not enough!
Undeterred, Donna turns Zebub over and tries to pull one of his arms behind his back, hooking her hand in the crook of his elbow. He resists as he rises, but Donna smacks him repeatedly in the back of his neck with her other hand, allowing her to pull the arm back all the way into chickenwing position, and then quickly cranks back the other one as Zebub is disoriented!
Blackmire: And Donna Biastranzjeh has the double chickenwing on B.L. Zebub!
He realizes what she’s going for and thrashes to try to fight it off, and she struggles mightily to lift him up, gritting her teeth; finally she sinks her heels into the mat, lifts him up as high as she can for the briefest moment, and then grabs ahold of his legs, dropping him to the ground face-first!
Blackmire: Well - of course it is! But Donna Biastranzjeh just accomplished it! Cover!
3 - NO!
Blackmire: Another close call for B.L. Zebub and you have to think his weight advantage actually DISADVANTAGED him in that move!
Cyclone: Yeah, what’s that they say about the bigger they are?
B.L. Zebub kicks out and gets up, slowly, but Donna Biastranzjeh does not get up; instead she gets into fetal position, drawing her knees up to her chest and grabbing them while sitting on the mat.
Crowd: laughter
Cyclone: Okay, what’s this now?
Blackmire: I’m really not sure what Donna Biastranzjeh’s got in mind, but whatever it is won’t be enough for a standing ten-count; she’s just sitting down, not laid on her back.
B.L. Zebub circles Donna for a few moments, pondering what to do about this situation, and then settles it: He hits the ropes, wobbly and not quite running right, but jumps down to hit a leaping elbow strike to Donna’s exposed legs and pins her - Donna rolls through it and, with Zebub face down, gets into a crouch behind him and applies a stepover toehold! She drops down on the mat facing the same way as him and starts to clasp her hands in front of his face before snaking her torso so she’s facing his side, traps his arm, and yanks his neck hard into his shoulder, hands still grasping his face, in a sideways crossface!
Blackmire: A beautiful move, pity B.L. Zebub seems chronically unable to do it!
B.L. Zebub, humiliated, taps to the hold he devised!
Ulysses: Here is your winner, by pinfall, at a time of 7 minutes 12 seconds - DONNA! BIASTRANZJEH!
“We Sink” plays to signal Donna’s win as she attempts to creepily walk to the back with the same kind of menace she projected for her entrance. B.L. Zebub, meanwhile, has a very sore neck to deal with as he limps back to the locker room; he tries to shake his head in disappointment but winces badly from the pain and cramping he gives himself.
Blackmire: And Donna Biastranzjeh… may be riding a wave of unexpected popularity at the moment! Can she translate that into true success? Time will tell! Backstage of the Soundstage, we see Kenny Cadence squatting down next to a wall in the hallway, breathing slowly with his head in his hands.
Kenny: whoakay. No big deal, no big deal.
He stands and bounces on the spot, cracking his neck.
Kenny: Big dude, not a big deal. Everything is totally fine.
Kenny stops some teenage kid who's working as ring crew as he passes
Kenny: Hey so, how many people are out there right now?
Teenage Kid: We're about at capacity I think.
Kenny's eyes widen as he leans back against the wall. The ring crew just stands awkwardly for a moment before realizing Kenny is done talking and walks away.
Kenny: That's a lot of people. I've really gotta show people what I'm made of. I need to showcase my best...ahh but what if I mess up? what if I just talked a big game? what if I've set up expectation of some David vs Goliath showdown and then I get steamrolled. Fuck I don't know how I'll do in an actual wrestling match! I could die. I could shoot die. I don't even have a will!
Kenny is cut off when a black blur shoots past him! he's knocked comedically off balance, spinning in place, before the blur comes back to help him steady himself, revealing it to be none other than resident ninja, Saskuto!
Saskuto!: heh! Sorry Kenny-San! I got carried away in my training to be come the next QWF Hokage!
Kenny: Hoe-what now?
Saskuto!: Hokage! I saw Ikbal-San's amazing victory to become the QWF's first Hokage, and It's just inspired me to work harder to get there! Aren't you trying to become Hokage too, Kenny-San?!
Kenny is bewildered, at a complete loss for words
Kenny: I mean I...Hokage is more of a leader role than a champion...I probably shouldn't be running a business...
Saskuto!: Gaaah! How can you be so hard on yourself, Kenny-San! You can definitely become Hokage with enough determination and hard work! BELIEVE IT! Saskuto! throws a thumbs up at Kenny, before sprinting away, arms flailing behind him.
Saskuto!: Anyway see ya later Kenny-San!!
Kenny takes a moment to process what just happened
Kenny: I really don't think I'm ready for this place if everyone is like that.
We open our scene, as we cut to a different area backstage, the locker room. Where we see Enrique Valera sitting on a stool, dressed in street clothes. With a shirt with the California Flag design on it, jeans, red bandana on, and sunglasses. As we notice him on the phone, talking to someone.
Valera: Hey man, you on your way right?.....yeah yeah, LA traffic is a bitch, but you’re coming for me, and my match ain’t till the end of the show, i’m sure you’ll make it….yeah, pick up some Jarritos to celebrate after my win, anything flavor but tamarind is fine with me. I’ll see ya there!
Valera then hangs up, putting his phone back in his pocket, as we fade out.
We cut back into the ring, as in this tag team match Dick Blair and a Brogurt™ (Yogurt for Men™) sponsored GiGi faced down Alexis Breathnach and Ikbal Rizwan. In the early goings Alexis faced GiGi and gave her serious grief, easily throwing her to the ground in the test of strength, pounding her with elbows and hitting a kick to the head, and capitalizing after GiGi missed her Babysitter flying hip attack by forcing her to her knees and hitting a gigantic Pimp Juice-style snap DDT for the near fall. Despite her dominance, Alexis was troubled by GiGi’s persistent ability to sweep her up in schoolboy pins for near-falls, so she tagged in Ikbal Rizwan, scaring off GiGi and prompting Rizwan and Dick Blair to battle. Blair seemed very reluctant to fight the champ, judiciously forcing rope breaks at first, but the two eventually had a technical battle, both trying to put chokes on. Rizwan’s superior strength won the day for him and he almost tapped out Blair with a guillotine choke, but GiGi charged the ring and broke up the submission; Blair fought back with his Old One-Two punching combination and raked Rizwan’s face, displeasing ref Laura Prince but stopped after getting a warning and was able to hit a knee facebreaker on Rizwan for the near-fall. Rizwan recovered, countering a haymaker from Blair with the Textile Thread Suplex Crash for a near-fall, but in the clinch that followed, Blair was able to force Rizwan’s back briefly into the ropes in his own corner, allowing GiGi to theatrically attempt to attack Rizwan from behind. When Alexis ran over to stop her, GiGi claimed harassment to the ref and the wrestler-referee argument allowed Blair to bail from the ring for just a moment, long enough to claim his hand mirror from the timekeeper’s desk! With the mirror stuffed in his trunks, he battled Rizwan more, reversing the Himalaya Suplex Clutch with a knee to the gut and then a sneaky one to the groin. This injury forced Rizwan to tag out in favor of Alexis, but after a brief struggle where Blair kicked out of two of Alexis’s Irish Kiss discus elbows, he used the tiniest moment of referee distraction to strike Alexis with the mirror - the Fate of Narcissus - and pin her to score the dirty victory for the team of GiGi and Blair.
We cut backstage once more, as we’re in the locker room, where we see Enrique Valera once again, dressed in the same garb as last time we saw him, as we see him watching something on his phone, Daimio Esforzado vs Alexis Breathnach, seeming to be studying his opponent tonight he hasn’t yet faced. As we then see someone else come into the room, QWF interviewer Claude Danielson, with a mic in hand, as he then speaks.
Danielson: Valera, can I have a word with you?
Valera lifts up his sunglasses, looking up and glaring at Danielson with an annoyed look on his face.
Valera: If you fuck off within 3 minutes, then sure.
Danielson: Alright, fine, I just had one question, after your loss to Rizwan, you made a call to someone, talking about a plan B, could you elaborate on this at all?
Valera: No. You tryna get me to reveal my secrets to my opponents or somethin’ so I lose? Man, fuck off. When I win this match, then win the heavyweight title, i’ll make sure you get fired this time.
Danielson: Thank you for your time!
Danielson then heads out, as Valera has a look of disgust on his face, before dropping down his sunglasses back over his eyes, then going back to studying tape.
We then cut back into the ring, where we once again see James Ulysses, ready for more announcing.
Ulysses: This following match is set for a one fall!
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Cyclone: Oh we’re doing that are we?
Ulysses: Introducing first, from Riverside, Southern California!
The crowd pop for the local representation.
Ulysses: Weighing in at 170lbs, making his professional wrestling debut…Kenny Cadence!
I Don’t Like Who I was Then by the Wonder Years begins filling the soundstage with guitar riffs as Kenny pushes through the curtain, and hops along to the music. He pauses to take in his first appearance in front of a live crowd. He makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the crowd he walks past, before hopping up onto the apron, and climbing the outside of the turnbuckle where he kisses his wrist tattoo before leaping over the rope to the inside of the ring.
Ulysses: And his opponent…
Kenny’s face drops and becomes serious as he takes a seat on the second turnbuckle in his corner
Ulysses: From Fukuoka, Japan. Weighing in at 294lbs…Black Sun!
The drums of the Bottotai March fill the soundstage as Black Sun walks up the aisle, enters the ring, and begins to do a traditional sumo horse stance, smacking his chest and yelling.
Ulysses exits the ring as QWF official Laura Prince ensures both men stay in their respective corners. Kenny has not moved from his seat on the middle turnbuckle, while Black Sun stands tall, staring down his much smaller opponent.
Blackmire: Black Sun looks almost emotionless as he looks on towards his opponent.
Cyclone: This Kenny kid looks like he’s regretting a lot of life choices
Blackmire: Well, this is his first time in a sanctioned match. Just under a year of wrestling training for the young 19 year old.
Cyclone: you know, when your first match is as seemingly impossible a task as this, you gotta think Kenny may call it quits after this.
The referee calls for the bell and the match begins, but neither man moves.
Blackmire: Black Sun has nothing to prove, he can wait all he needs for Kenny to come to him
Cyclone: And if I were Kenny, being as green as he is, I may just sit in that corner all night!
Black Sun smirks at his opponent, before taking a single step back, and gesturing to the mat, welcoming Kenny’s approach.
Blackmire: Black Sun said in the build up to this match that Kenny has earned his respect as a warrior, after Kenny vowed to not back down in the face of near certain defeat
Cyclone: Yeah man when you see a kid with guts it really does give you a little bit of respect for them, but Kenny doesn’t know what he’s up against. He can talk about his drive and passion but I’d like to see him say the same after thirty bumps and a 300 pound giant landing on him.
Kenny looks intensely across the ring, breathing deeply and trying to figure out a starting point for this match. After a few moments, Kenny pulls himself to his feet, and steps to the middle of the ring, staring down his much larger opponent. The tension in the crowd builds.
Black Sun follows and stomps face to face with Kenny. But the small rookie doesn’t flinch once the two are toe to toe, earning a louder rumble from the crowd.
Blackmire: You can see Kenny’s breathing heavy already, nerves, excitement, fear. It’s all weighing on him even if he doesn’t want to show it.
Black Sun crouches a little to meet Kenny’s level, before craning his neck to the side.
Cyclone: B.S. Knows he can beat the kid in a strike contest, don’t take the bait kid!
And take the bait he does, as Kenny reels back and elbows Sun in the side of the neck! But he doesn’t move an inch.
Blackmire: The thick, muscular neck of Black Sun absorbing that impact!
Black Sun smirks as he winds up himself and elbows Kenny in return! Sending him stumbling back into the corner!
Cyclone: Welcome to the real world, kid!
Kenny nods his head repeatedly before storming up to the behemoth before him, and slaps the taste out of his mouth!
Kenny: HARDER!
Black Sun looks measurably irritated, before returning the slap, sending Kenny staggering into the ropes.
Blackmire: You’ve got to value Kenny’s attempt to show bravery but this may be a fight best unpicked!
Kenny rests against the ropes, wiping a little bit of blood from his lip. Black sun just crains his neck to the side again, inviting another strike. Kenny shakes his head and pushes off the ropes, stumbling back to his opponent, before slapping him again in the face! But before Black Sun can react, Kenny slaps a second time! He continues a barrage of slaps and palm strikes to Sun’s face and neck as the crowd grow in volume, excited at Kenny’s grit!
Cyclone: The kid’s fired up!
Kenny delivers one final slap, before turning and setting off towards the ropes, coming back with a leaping knee strike! It barely staggers Black Sun!
He sets off again, this time coming back with a flying elbow! Sun takes a few steps back to hold his balance!
Kenny goes a third time to the ropes!
Blackmire: May have Black Sun reeling!
He comes back with a cross body!
Crowd: OOOOHH!
Black Sun swats him out of the air with an open hand palm strike to the chest!
Cyclone: Damn! Must feel like his chest caved in!
Kenny rolls on the mat, gasping for air, as Black Sun stalks him like a predator.
Cyclone: Yeah, here’s where it gets ugly
The moment Kenny is to one knee, Black Sun practically runs through him with a low knee strike, sending him right back down. Sun slaps his chest like a drum as he waits for Kenny to rise once more.
Blackmire: If we’re to believe Kenny he can take whatever Sun throws at him
Cyclone: and I’ll be honest, I don’t believe him.
Kenny forces himself up to his knees, still clearly winded from the chop. Sun just grabs him by the back of the neck, and hooks one arm, dragging him up, before tossing him recklessly into the corner!
Kenny slams into the buckle, and barely holds himself on his feet as Sun charges at him and crushes him between his large mass and the barely padded steel of the turnbuckles. Sun takes some steps out of the corner, once again slapping his chest like a drum, when out of nowhere, Kenny charges from the corner and dropkicks him in the side!
Sun stumbles just a little! Kenny hits to quick shoot style low kicks to Sun’s knee, followed by a headbutt to the bigger man’s chest! Kenny hops on the spot, breathing deep before hitting the ropes and nailing a flying elbow! Sun shakes it off and regains his stance as Kenny sets off to the ropes again!
On his return, Sun throws a lariat, but Kenny ducks under, and comes from behind with another dropkick!
The crowd explode as Sun stumbles all the way to the ropes, knocked just off balance enough to travel the distance. Kenny charges the big man!
But Sun just grabs Kenny and hoists him over the top rope! Kenny grabs on and lands knee first on the apron and Sun shakes it off and gains composure!
Blackmire: Cadence is trying to crowbar his way into opening an opportunity!
Kenny leaps up and springboards off the ropes, nailing a flying lariat, but Sun stays on his feet!
Kenny: Gaahh Fuck!
Kenny scrambles and dives at Sun’s legs with a chop block!
But Sun holds his knee out to catch him, nailing him in the temple, before grabbing Kenny by the waist and heaving him to the side!
Kenny tries to roll though onto his feet but he still took an awkward landing on his side! He tries to get up near the corner, which lines him up in Sun’s sights! Black Sun charges the corner to crush Kenny once more!
Cyclone: The kid moves!
Kenny ducks and dives out of the way, Sun running chest first into the turnbuckle! As he staggers back, Kenny leaps with an enziguri! Nailing the big man in the side of the head!
Sun is dazed for but a moment while Kenny hits the ropes and charges back, smashing an elbow into the bigger man’s chest! Sun leans back into the ropes behind him as Kenny takes a few shoot kick shots to his thigh.
Blackmire: Note that Kenny’s charged full force at the behemoth of the East and he’s yet to take him down!
Cyclone: He’s not been on his back, he’s not been on his knees, he’s barely lost balance! The kid’s got a long way to go to ever dream of pinning this guy’s shoulders.
Kenny grabs the rops for balance as he continues to throw the hardest shoot kicks he can, this time into Black Sun’s abdomen. After a moment, recovering from the earlier blows to the head, Sun begins gritting his teeth and staring at Kenny, towering above him, before grabbing the smaller man’s hair, and colliding their heads together!
Blackmire: Emphatic headbutt!
Cyclone: Concussion inducing!
Blackmire: That’s a serious and sensitive topic I don’t think we should make light of in a post Ben Waah world.
Kenny crumples to the mat at Sun’s feet while the big man yells and takes a deep breath.
Sun bends down to drag Kenny back up, hooking one arm, before leg sweeping him and judo tossing him to the mat, Kenny flipping over like a ragdoll!
Cyclone: Each slam into the mat is going to be winding the kid, especially after that chop from earlier. Trust me, you don’t want to be in Cadence’s position right now.
Blackmire: Especially not after this oh god!
Sun grabs the ropes to balance himself, then steps on Kenny’s chest, before stepping over him, very slowly. A loud, exasperated, desperate cry comes from Kenny’s lungs as all the air is forced out by the giant’s weight.
Blackmire: Kenny’s words of passion before this match up may have been inspiring but I think we’ll see right now whether accepting this match up was worth it!
Kenny drags himself to his hands and knees, the grit on his face as he yells with each breath shows as his neck bulges with tension. He’s trying to psyche himself through the pain and shortage of breath! The crowd rumble as Kenny slowly tries to rise,
Black sun stands and surveys the crowd as they cheer on the attempt at resilience by their hometown prospect.
Amused by the hope of the crowd, Black Sun relishes the opportunity to squander it by dropping a knee onto Kenny’s back! The SoCal Kid drops back down as the crowd cut their chant short.
Sun reaches around Kenny’s head, gripping his face before pulling at it and leaning back! He even claws a little at the nose to add more leverage, though just subtly enough to guarantee plausible deniability if questioned on it later.
Crowd: BOOO!
Kenny screams and flails one arm, while the other is holding himself up, trying to lean back with the hold to lessen the resistance and mitigate the effects of the face lock.
Cyclone: Now lemmie tell you, big man like that on your back, that’ll make your breathing hard already, but pulling the head back like that, he’s tightening the windpipes, Cadence better have got a good deep breath before this hold or he won’t be awake for long.
Sun uses one hand to palm the back of Kenny’s head, before releasing the facelock, only to slam Kenny’s head into the mat!
After a few more meetings of face and mat, Sun drags Kenny along the ground by the head into the centre of the ring. At which point Sun hoists Kenny’s near limp body up, seemingly for a regular bodyslam, however, adding a vicious twist, Sun just chucks Kenny, who lands awkwardly on his shoulders and neck!
Cyclone:Christ dude he’s just a kid, we get wanting to make an example but go for a cover or something, you’ve probably already won. No need to paralyze the guy.
Blackmire: It’s about more than that to Sun I think. Kenny promised a gutsy performance, and I think Black Sun is trying to draw it out of him, he wants Kenny to suffer, he wants to see Kenny stand resilient despite the beating. I think Sun wants to apply so much pressure to Kenny Cadence to see if the rough cut coal can truly form a diamond!
Cyclone: Or he’s a sadistic prick.
Kenny looks out of it, and clutching the back of his neck with one hand, and using the other to crawl, he makes his way to the corner. Sluggishly and with great effort, Kenny is desperately trying to stay alive.
Black Sun meanwhile, simply steps back to the opposite corner, resting against the turnbuckle while he waits for Kenny to slowly rise
Kenny nods, a vacant expression on his face as he climbs the turnbuckle to his feet, letting the crowd fuel him to rise!
But it’s cut short since as soon as he’s up, Sun charges and crushes him in the corner with a splash so impactful the ring may have shifted an inch or two!
Cyclone: Fuck me.
Blackmire: this is getting uncomfortable, but the one hope, the one shining light is if somehow Kenny can work back into this, he’ll have proven himself right, and have shown the world his determination!
Sun stands in the corner, pressing up against Kenny to hold him up, before grabbing his wrist and whipping him into the opposite corner! The force of Kenny’s impact is incredible! He bounces off, chest first and flies backwards, crumpling onto the mat!
Cyclone: JESUS!
Blackmire: With the force of a thousand men, Black Sun just launched Kenny into the unforgiving turnbuckle chest first!
Cyclone: I don’t think the kid’s had a chance to take a breath since this damn match started!
Black Sun stalks Kenny, Kicking him while he’s down, pushing him towards the ropes.
Blackmire: Black Sun seems to be playing with his food, so to speak.
Cyclone: The crowd still believe in this kid!
Kenny barely has his eyes open as he drapes an arm over the bottom rope, using all his strength to pull himself up. Black Sun smirks slightly as his nostrils flair, as if a taurus was preparing to gore an unsuspecting, punch drunk matador.
Cyclone: Big guy’s lining up!
Kenny struggles to his feet, leaning over the top rope for support. Black Sun charges and goes to seemingly take the kid’s head off!
Blackmire: LOW BRIDGE!
Kenny drops to the mat, pulling the rope down! Black Sun tumbles over and out onto the apron!
Crowd: WOOOO!!!
Sun grabs the rope and tries to hold balance on the apron! Kenny Scrambles up and grabs one wrist of the big man! He steps under to wring the arm!
Blackmire: 20/20!
Kenny leaps and hits an overhead enziguri! Black Sun Staggers and barely holds onto the rope!
Cyclone: The big guy’s almost out! He somehow holds onto the rope and keeps his balance!
Kenny slaps the mat and the crowd begin stomping, clapping and slapping the barrier in beat. He rises slowly, shaking off the beating and trying to get his head straight! Kenny grasps Sun’s wrist again, stepping under again to wring the arm.
Blackmire: another 20/20 to drop the big man to the outside?!
Seemingly not, as Kenny then grabs the ropes, and begins climbing!
Kenny stands on the top rope, middle of the apron, trying to hold his balance as he clutches Black Sun’s wrist with all his strength
Cyclone: What’s this kid thinking?!
Cyclone: HOLY SHIT!
Kenny screams in pain as he clutches the lower parts of his back!
Both men lay on the hard ground outside of the ring, Kenny rolling around in pain, while Black Sun lays on his back, unmoving!
Blackmire: The kick! The fall! If Kenny can somehow get Black Sun into the ring, he may have this won!
Cyclone: Especially if he hits that top rope leg drop, the kid may actually do it!
Kenny is now face down ass up, kicking his legs wildly as he screams, the impact taking a huge toll on his body!
Cyclone: Kenny may have levelled the playing field, even gained the advantage, but at a huge cost! That’s years off your career and probably a spine injury!
Referee Laura Prince checks both men outside, before beginning her count!
Blackmire: Remember, a count may reach to 20 here in QWF
Kenny grabs the barricade and tries to climb, while some fans slap his shoulder and even try to help pull him upright. Black Sun barely stirs as he lifts an arm and begins moving his head.
Kenny Staggers to Sun, but stumbles and catches himself on the apron, holding himself up. Black Sun rolls to his side, attempting to rise.
Kenny clasps his hands around Sun’s head and arm, trying to drag him up, struggling due to the monster’s weight.
Sun gets to a knee, Kenny still trying to drag him up.
Kenny finally hoists the Sumo wrestler to his feet, but before he can proceed, Sun clasps Kenny around the waist and charges!
The two slam into the ringpost! Sun slumps to the side as he lets go of a now limp Kenny!
Sun gets to a knee to survey the damage he’s caused, as Kenny lays motionless in a heap near the apron.
Rising to his feet, Sun takes multiple deep breaths, shaking the cobwebs from his head as he tries to hold his balance
Kenny barely rolls onto his side, but still looks as out of it as he can be! Sun cracks his neck and steps over to him.
Gripping Kenny by his hair and neck, Sun drags the 19 year old up to his feet
Sun takes a few steps before bieling Kenny across the ringside area!
Kenny lands with a thud and even bouncing!
Sun takes stance in line with Kenny.
Black Sun: UP!
Sun gestures for Kenny to rise, only for Kenny to barely stirr
Black Sun: UP!
Kenny gets to a knee, the fans around him patting his shoulder trying to encourage his resolve!
Sun lets out a roar as he charges Kenny!
Blackmire: This is it!
Kenny pushes from the barricade and hits a low dropkick to Black Sun’s knee! The momentum of Sun’s charge sends him ass over teakettle into the barricade as his leg is taken from under him!
The crowd lose their minds as Blask Sun slumps to the floor in front of them! Kenny rolls onto one knee!
Cyclone: Shit will he make it?!
Kenny dives to the ring!
Prince calls for the bell!
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2019.08.06 00:00 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Column: Speeding Towards a Cooler World

You take the £15m yacht, Greta, and I'll fly. Only one of us is speeding towards a cooler world (Sunday Times, August 4)
By Jeremy Clarkson
During the dry season, the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia is about the size of Gloucestershire. But when the rains come — and boy, do they come in that part of the world — it becomes five times bigger. It becomes gigantic.
I was there last month, however, in what should have been the wet season, and it wasn't gigantic at all. The rivers feeding it were full of nothing but happy cows, and forlorn boats, tipped over on their sides. And as I cycled down what should have been the lake's shoreline, past fishermen's houses on optimistic 40ft stilts, I couldn't even see it.
Of course, in my head, I had a reason for all this. The Chinese have built so many dams upstream of Tonle Sap that there simply isn't enough flow to make those stilted houses necessary any more. But in the back of my mind, I knew there was another reason. It wasn't raining. It should have been coming down in lumps but the skies were blue, and the Chinese hadn't caused that. Well, not with their dams, at any rate. I was forced, therefore, to conclude that the climate is changing.
I'm aware that some people have been saying this for quite a while. But they were all socialists and their goals seemed to be so convenient. No foreign holidays. Less consumption. Less travel. More vegetarianism. More cycling. More hemp. They wanted us all to party like it was Bulgaria in 1959.
And, I'm sorry, but I just didn't trust any of their data. Why should I? Only last week a bunch of them arrived in London to picket the offices of a power company called Drax. Some had brought banners saying they wanted "No borders, no nations", which meant they were at the wrong event, and then they got the wrong address and chained themselves to the doors of a Norwegian renewable energy firm.
Now, forgive me, but if a group of activists can't get the right banners or the right address, why should we trust them when they tell us precisely what the weather will be doing 50 years from today? And why should we care? Temperatures have been going up and down for millions of years, so why should we all get in a tizzy about what's happened in the past century? Because that's what God would call "a jiffy".
You see, I'm doing it again. I can't help myself. Whenever I see these frizzy-haired halfwits blocking roads, or I listen to their exciting plans for flying drones over Heathrow, I'm filled with an urgent need to fire up both my Range Rovers and buy another patio heater.
But I can't really get the faces of those poor fishermen round Tonle Sap out of my head. Yes, it's possible the climate is changing all by itself, but what if it isn't? What if Swampy is right and we are responsible? What are we supposed to do about it? Put away our foolish things and play conkers instead? Make some dens in the woods? Buy a bicycle? Apparently not. Kids are the most green-aware people on the planet but a report out last week said they'd rather sit inside with the central heating turned up and play Fortnite.
Obviously, the same thing has occurred to the young Swede Greta Thingmajig. She's become the maypole around which all the eco-loonies now dance and, as a result, she's been invited to speak at the United Nations. Because that makes sense, doesn't it? The UN being advised by a 16-year-old schoolgirl.
Anyway, this means that Miss Thingamajig will have to go to New York, and obviously she can't use a plane, because she'll be called a hypocrite. So this, then, is her opportunity to show the world that there are practical, sensible alternatives to a quick seven-hour flight on a Boeing 747. And she's done just that, saying that she will make the trip on a 60ft racing yacht.
Naturally, this has made all her disciples very happy, but hang on a minute. What's the message? That the half a million people who fly every day from Europe to America should use a £15m yacht instead? It gets worse, because if you examine the yacht she's using, it's not as green as you might imagine. First of all, it is equipped with a diesel engine. Ha. You didn't know that I knew that, but I do. And second, it's made mostly from carbon fibre, which cannot be recycled effectively and which uses 14 times more energy to produce than steel. Which can be recycled very easily indeed.
What Miss Thingamajig is doing, then, is precisely the opposite of what she is setting out to achieve. She is demonstrating that there is no practical and sensible option even for the enlightened, such as me, who think we might just be screwing up the lives of Cambodia's fishermen.
Luckily, however, I have a solution. As we have seen, science has been unable to provide viable green alternatives for the way we move about and what we do and what we eat. A Big Mac is just a better, more fun thing than a lettuce. And that will not change until we are desperate.
If you are sheltering from a nuclear winter and have a fridge full of food, you will not go outside to search for supplies until it is empty. Likewise, we did not invent an electronic computer until we absolutely definitely had to crack those Nazi codes.
It stands to reason, then, that we will not have solar-powered airliners and kids clamouring for some conkers until the wells and seams in the ground beneath our feet are empty. This means that to spur on the green revolution, we must use the coal and the gas and the oil as quickly as possible.
And that's why, as you read this, I shall be boarding a flight at Heathrow for a summer-long blizzard of conspicuous consumption. I'll therefore be doing my bit for those poor Cambodian fishermen and I hope you will too. See you on the flip side.
And the Sun column: "Swat teams and how one illegal invader shows we’re raving Nazis when it comes to bees"
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2019.06.12 14:01 FashBasher1 Some news you may have missed out on part 121.

-Budget 2019-20 Announced: Higher Salaries, Tax Adjustments & Fewer Subsidies
Sales tax of 17% restored for five export-oriented sectors.
Minimum monthly salary set at PKR 17,500.
GST maintained at 17%.
3% VAT reduction on mobile phone imports.
Tax on immovable property decreased from 2% to 1%.
Non-Filers cannot purchase property.
PKR 200 billion subsidy on electricity for consumers that use less than 300 units of electricity per month.
10% decrease in salaries of Cabinet.
5% duty imposed on LNG.
10% tax will be imposed on milk, cream, and flavored milk items.
Corporate tax rate fixed at 29% for next two years.
2.5% excise duty imposed on 1000cc cars and above.
Food items supplied to bakeries and restaurants will be taxed at 4.5%
Depreciation and brought forward losses excluded for calculation of super tax of banking, insurance, oil and mineral exploration companies.
Sales tax on sugar increased from 8% to 17%.
3% duty waived on 19 basic medical products.
FED on Cigarettes increased to PKR 5,200/1000 sticks for upper slab and to PKR 1,650/1000 sticks for lower slab.
Tax on cold drinks increased from 11.25% to 14%.
17% federal excise duty imposed on branded cooking oil.
The government has allocated Rs 7.341 billion for 29 ongoing and new development schemes of Information Technology and Telecom Division in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2019-20.
The federal government has allocated Rs 36.821 billion for 42 projects of Finance Division under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the upcoming fiscal year 2019-20.
The federal government has allocated an amount of Rs 7.579 billion for various new and ongoing schemes under the Climate Change Division under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2019-20.
The federal government has allocated Rs 135.24 million for three ongoing and new projects each for Narcotics Control Division for the fiscal year 2019-20.
-Govt. to Launch Interest-Free Loan Program for the Unemployed
Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Chairperson and Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Sania Nishtar has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the interest-free loan program for unemployed people this month.
She said that the third prong of the Ehsaas Program, the poverty alleviation initiative, involves providing employment to the poor people and the first scheme under this program will be launched in June by the Prime Minister.
“The scheme is to provide interest-free loans to unemployed people. These are the people who are sitting unemployed. The program also includes small asset transfer to the beneficiaries which includes livestock, agriculture equipment etc,” she said.
-Govt to Introduce Online Healthcare Service in Punjab
The Punjab government has decided to launch a telemedicine service in the province that will enable the citizens to access free healthcare facilities online.
The online healthcare system integrates the concept of health information and communication technology to overcome geographical hurdles and provide standardized healthcare to areas where proper medical facilities are inaccessible. The initiative has been given a go-ahead from the high-ups and will start from July 1. As per the details, senior doctors and surgeons will be available online. The medical specialists will diagnose the patients first after which they will prescribe medication.
-Latest Economic Survey Shows a Higher Literacy Rate and Educational Expenditure
Pakistan’ public expenditure on education as a percentage of the GDP is estimated at 2.4 percent in the fiscal year 2018-19, the lowest in the region, revealed the Economic Survey (2018-2019) released on Monday.
According to UNDP’s Human Development Report 2018, Pakistan is ranked 150th out of 189 countries with a Human Development Indicator (HDI) value of 0.562 (with 1 being the maximum value). According to the educational indicators, only Afghanistan lags behind Pakistan in the context of regional comparison. All other regional countries have shown improvement in HDI in comparison to Pakistan.
Literacy rate stood at 62.3 percent in 2017-18 (as compared to 60.7 percent in 2014-15). It is also observed that male-female disparity is decreasing with time. The literacy rate increased in most provinces with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa going from 54.1% to 55.3%, Punjab 61.9% to 64.7% and Balochistan 54.3% to 55.5%. Sindh was the only province which registered a marginal decline (63.0% to 62.2%).
-Pak Railways Boasts a 10.3% Growth in Revenue in FY2018-19
Pakistan Railways’ gross earning revenue grew by 10.3% and amounted to Rs 34.0661 billion during the fiscal year 2019 (July-February). It stood at Rs 30.891 billion during the same period last year according to the Economic Survey 2018-19.
Pakistan Railway is the single biggest mode of transport in the public sector contributing to economic growth and providing national integration. Pakistan Railways comprises of 470 locomotives including 458 Diesel Engines and 12 Steam Engines in a network that spreads 7,791 kilometers.
During the period, the number of passengers using the railways increased from 35.9 million to 39.9 million year-on-year, posting a growth of 11.0%.
-Remittances via IT Sector Grow by 151% in 5 Years
Remittances received by the country through IT sector, including IT-enabled services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), have witnessed a record growth of 151% in the past five years, reported the Economic Survey for 2018-19.
Pakistan’s IT &ITeS-BPO exports are estimated to have crossed US $ 3.3 billion a year at present, according to industry formula, which is thrice as much as figures from the central bank. In addition, export remittances earned by small and medium enterprises and freelancers are estimated to be $500 million, whereas annual domestic revenue exceeds $1 billion.
While the survey claims are extremely exciting, the present growth of IT exports remains stagnant with little growth in values from the previous years. The current government set up a task force on IT and telecom involving industry stakeholders but they are not happy due to the attitude of the ministry, which they believe is negative.
-Over 2 Million Tourists Went to KP in Eid Holidays
The beautiful scenery and waterfalls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attracted millions of tourists from all over the country during Eid holidays. According to the statistics released from the provincial ministry of tourism, as many as two million tourists from different regions turned to various tourist attractions in KP, especially in Galiyat, Swat, Kumrat and Abbottabad.
-PSX posts modest gains amid mixed sentiments
Investors of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) showed mixed sentiments before the announcement of budget on Tuesday, as the indices that started the day in red zone turned their path midday, closing the session slightly positive.
-Asif Ali Zardari: Former Pakistan President Zardari arrested
Asif Ali Zardari, the former president of Pakistan, has been arrested in Islamabad over a money laundering case. It came after a high court rejected extending pre-arrest bail for him and his sister. They are accused of hiding financial kickbacks in fake accounts.
Mr Zardari has previously spent time in jail on corruption charges, but was president from 2008 until 2013. He was elected to office after the assassination of his wife, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Footage on Pakistani media shows members of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) entering his home after the Islamabad High Court's decision.
-Altaf Hussain arrested by UK's Met Police
MQM founder Altaf Hussain — who went into exile in the early 1990s — was arrested in London on Tuesday, per MET poice reports.
"A man has today, Tuesday, 11 June, been arrested in connection with an investigation into a number of speeches made by an individual associated with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Pakistan," read a statement by London's Metropolitan Police, which did not name Hussain.
-British Airways desires to increase destinations to Pakistan: Official
British Airways Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Brian has expressed the desire to start the airline’s operations in other cities of Pakistan after Islamabad. Addressing a news conference in Islamabad after the resumption of British Airways’ flights to Pakistan on Monday, he said his company wants to provide more facilities to passengers travelling from Pakistan.
“The restarting of the flight operations in Pakistan is a big milestone in the company’s history,” he maintained. Speaking on the occasion, Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood termed the revival of flights by British Airways as “a good omen for Pakistan”.
-KSA to invest 9 billion in two mega projects
Minister for Power and Petroleum Omar Ayub Khan Monday said the $5 billion Khalifa Point oil refinery with potential of producing of 250,000 barrels oil per day would hit the ground in collaboration with Saudi Arabia by the end of current fiscal year.
Speaking at the launching ceremony of Economic Survey (2018-19) here, he said the government was also negotiating with Saudi Arabia to attract investment worth around $4 billion in solar energy in Balochistan province which would ensure provision of economical and reliable energy source to the masses. The minister said the country’s power sector had the investment potential of over $80 billion huge investment in power sector would not only help the country reducing import bill but also reduce unemployment in the country.
-SECP Extends assistance to PMYA youth uplift programme
The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has agreed to extend assistance to Prime Minister Youth Affairs Programme (PMYA) for the economic uplift of the youth as well as for the promotion of entrepreneurship culture in the country. According to an SECP official, the commission would take all possible and requisite measures to generate employment opportunities for the youngsters ready for employment.
He said that under Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Programme, the registration of new startup companies would be made through an online process to ensure transparency. “SECP will ensure ease of doing business for the nascent companies to be registered in communication, tourism and postal sectors under Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Programme,” he maintained.
-Chinese Company to fully acquire K-Electric this year
China’s Shanghai Electric Power (SEP) is expected to acquire K-Electric from the financial crisis-hit Dubai-based Abraaj Group in the second half of 2019, according to a private media outlet. A deal, signed about 32 months ago in October 2016 at $1.77 billion, is likely to be implemented in a few months after the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) recently revised the power tariff upwards for end-consumers by Rs2.15-3.63 per unit.
This (revised tariff) is a major breakthrough in the execution of the business deal, remarked K-Electric Chairman Ikram Sehgal. “Naturally, this should speed up the transaction, which has been pending for around three years now,” he said. “I think if no hiccup comes in the way, the Chinese firm will take over the company (K-Electric) by September-October 2019.”
-Separate ministry for poverty alleviation decreed
The government has formed a separate ministry of poverty alleviation to devise and implement programmes for social protection in the country.
According to the budget 2019-20 document, the Ehsaas Programme will benefit extremely poor people, orphans, homeless, widows, differently-abled persons and unemployed individuals, while a new ration card scheme is also being introduced for provision of proper nutrition to one million deserving people.
As per the scheme, mothers and children would be given special diets for their health. In addition, 80,000 people would be given interest-free loans.
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2019.06.05 21:45 Jimmyjimjim88 [Hello] hey im Jim

Hellooo friends! So yeah, I'm Jim, I live in the UK (just outside London), I'm kind of a big deal.... I'm really not, I have one friend and barely see him lol. Im an aspiring photographer, started a photography company with my wife, it's very slow going. I watch a lot American TV because our shows are crappy, I enjoy SWAT and 911 the most atm. I'm into Zac brown band and other bits of country music as well as a bunch of other random music, from miley to royal blood. I feel like in another life i could've been good a redneck in Texas, I like food and open spaces. Also just wanna say I really admire this group and the others like it, you all get joy from helping others and that goes a long way with me and like to think I do all I can to help people in shitty situations. I'm good at listening and giving advice but cant follow it myself. Not really sure the is much more to me, I guess we'll find out together!
Sorry for rambling!
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2019.05.26 19:13 apehasreturned Resistance: Book an NXT Royal Rumble (Part Two: RUMBLE) - Apeirogone

Quick recap: The Undisputed Era, through shenanigans, have managed to secure the NXT Title for Adam Cole, NA Title for Roderick Strong, and Tag titles for Fish and O Reilly. After defeating Johnny Gargano inside HIAC, it was declared that Cole would have to be challenged by someone other than Johnny, who had his last chance. The UE made sure none of the qualifying matches ended fairly, causing William Regal to announce a Fatal 5 Way for the NXT Title, where Cole retained after his 4 opponents were assaulted beforehand. Regal, furious at the fact the Era had taken over his show, announced NXT Takeover: Rumble, right before Clash of Champions, 2 hours from the original location of NXT Takeover: San Jose 4 months earlier. He says that the main event will be a 30-man Royal Rumble for the NXT Title, saying that if Cole can survive that, he truly deserves to be champion.

NXT Takeover: RUMBLE
The card looks like this:
NXT Tag Titles: Undisputed Era (Fish and O Reilly) (c) vs Street Profits
North American Title: Roderick Strong (c) vs Velveteen Dream vs Pete Dunne
NXT Women's Title Street Fight: Candice LeRae (c) vs Shayna Baszler
NXT Title: 30 Man Royal Rumble

"The following contest is the Royal Rumble match, for the NXT Championship! The two superstars who drew Number One and Number Two will start in the ring at the same time. At 90 second intervals, other superstars will enter the ring until all 30 superstars have entered the ring. Eliminations occur when you are thrown over the top rope, with both feet hitting the floor. The last man standing will be declared the Royal Rumble winner, and the NXT Champion!"
Out at Number One is Velveteen Dream. He gets his second tremendous entrance of the night, being carried to the ring on a purple throne by an entourage of fans. Dream, in Macho Man-inspired attire, spins around the ring like he would to Pomp and Circumstance, before rolling his wrists and beckoning for Number Two. The lights go out. A spotlight centres on the stage, and out comes a man with a violin. He plays a few strings, plucks a last note, and the spotlight goes out. Shinsuke Nakamura's NXT music hits. The crowd erupts, belting out the chorus with everyone in attendance. Out comes the King of Strong Style, a face since Summerslam, with his old theme in his old stomping grounds, and he's going up against the Velveteen Dream to challenge for the NXT Title, something he has held twice. Shinsuke steps into the ring and winks at the hard cam. Dream looks on in a mix of terror and confidence as the King of Strong Style takes off his gold studded jacket. The bell rings as "this is awesome" chants break out.
Nakamura tells Dream to "come onnn!!" Dream tentatively moves toward Nakamura, but Shinsuke locks him in a front facelock, pushing him up against the ropes. Mauro and Nigel are playing up the fact that Shinsuke is the only person in this match, at least that they know of, that has won a Royal Rumble, while Shinsuke drops his body in front of Dream, letting his arms dangle, before stepping back. Dream looks disgusted, and goes for a forearm, which Shinsuke avoids before hitting a flurry of kicks as the buzzer starts to count down.
Entrant Number 3: Eric Bugenhagen
Out comes the most energetic man in the known universe, who immediately gets hit with a Kinshasa upon sliding into the ring. Dream heads up for a Purple Rainmaker, but Nakamura pushes him from the top rope. Dream holds onto the post, saving himself from elimination, as Nakamura goes to work on Bugenhagen. Eric fights back, hitting an elbow and a sit out powerbomb, but gets a boot to the face by Dream, followed by a standing elbow drop. Nakamura gets up and is laid out by a clothesline by Dream. Velveteen celebrates with the California crowd, spinning around in the center of the ring and hitting a kneeling DDT on Bugenhagen.
Entrant Number 4: Kyle O Reilly
"Shock the System." The crowd is excited for KOR to showcase some singles prowess, but the commentary team seem surprised that Kyle would be involved in a match for his teammates' title. O Reilly hits a knee on Dream, followed by some roundhouses that make his chest echo like a cavern. Eventually, Kyle turns around to face Shinsuke Nakamura. They both kick out each others legs, sending the two tumbling down, and then they brawl without getting up, throwing vicious punches and rolling on the mat. Kyle locks in a guillotine, and when Shinsuke is fading, Bugenhagen lifts them both, trying to get two eliminations. They team up on Eric, but Shinsuke cinches in a triangle choke over the ropes before letting go and falling onto the apron.
Entrant Number 5: Punishment Martinez
Martinez is a terrifying presence when put face to face with the four men in the ring, and hits a few power moves on each. He hits a backbreaker on Dream, and hits a facebuster on Bugenhagen. Nakamura squares up, but is nailed with a big boot. Martinez lifts him into a fireman's carry, but Nakamura wriggles out and hits a reverse exploder suplex. Bugenhagen clotheslines Martinez over, and Dream superkicks him for the elimination as the clock ticks down.
Punishment Martinez is eliminated.
Entrant Number 6: Adam Cole
The NXT Champion hits the scene with his title belt, immediately blasting Bugenhagen with it. Cole and O Reilly have never really had a chance to shine as partners, with Strong or Fish usually teaming with KOR and Cole going solo. Giving them some time to work together can really help to explore that synergy, and hopefully bring about more of it in the future. Anyways, Cole and KOR beat down Bugenhagen, and Nakamura breaks it up while Dream lounges in the corner, conserving energy. Cole superkicks Shinsuke, and he and KOR hit a High Low on Bugenhagen before Kyle tosses him out of the ring to the floor.
Eric Bugenhagen is eliminated.
Cole and O Reilly hit Nakamura a few times, and turn their sights onto Dream. Dream rolls his eyes and helps Shinsuke up to his feet, ready to go to war. Both Dream and Shinsuke do the "come onnnn!!" in tandem, and the four men charge into the centre of the ring and start exchanging blows. Meanwhile, Number 7 starts getting warmed up.
Entrant Number 7: Tyler Bate
Bate waves to the crowd, adjusts his moustache, and heads to the ring, before sitting in the corner and watching Nakamura and Dream go up against the Undisputed Era. Eventually the Era gets the upper hand, and Bate starts tossing Cole around. He hits a German Suplex, and then O Reilly attacks. Bate rebounds off the ropes, grabs Cole in a facelock, and then swings KOR around and hits a DDT-neckbreaker combo on the Era. Nakamura then hits a sliding clothesline to Bate, but then gets clobbered with a double axe handle by Velveteen from the middle rope.
Entrant Number 8: Noam Dar
The Scottish Supernova comes down to the ring, kisses his hand, and Nakamura immediately goes for a Kinshasa. Dar ducks and locks in a kneebar on the King of Strong Style, trying to take out the limb. Meanwhile, Dream and Bate try to fend off the Undisputed Era, with Cole trying to eliminate the former NXT North American Champion. Eventually, Nakamura struggles out of the kneebar and tries to toss out the NXT UK superstar.
Entrant Number 9: Tyler Breeze
Breeze guns for Dream, and we get to see Prince Pretty square up with his NXT counterpart once more. He hits a supermodel kick, then nails a Beauty Shot on Kyle O Reilly. He hits a Meteora on the NXT Champion, then a forearm on Nakamura, then a hurricanrana on Bate, and then gets knocked out by Noam Dar, who tries to toss Breeze over. Breeze skins the cat and hits a supermodel kick on a celebrating Dar, completely clearing the ring as the buzzer goes.
Entrant Number 10: Trent Seven
Seven gets Breeze up for an airplane spin, and the fans count to 20 rotations before Bate dropkicks Prince Pretty out of the air. Cole and KOR get the jump on Moustache Mountain, and it's a battle between the two former championship duos. The Undisputed Era get the upper hand, beating down the NXT UK stars before turning their attentions to Nakamura.
Entrant Number 11: Bobby Fish
With the original Undisputed Era all in the match, they take control. The other 6 superstars all eat High-Lows courtesy of KOR and Fish, and then all three assault Seven and Bate. Dar tries to stop the beating, but gets tossed out by the NXT Champion.
Noam Dar is eliminated.
The Undisputed Era work together to try and eliminate Moustache Mountain, but the two men fight out of the predicament as the next entrant comes down.
Entrant Number 12: Dominik Dijakovic
A returning Dominik rushes to the ring as the Era get the upper hand, Cole nailing superkicks on Bate and Seven. Dijakovic stares them down as the crowd roars, and then immediately clotheslines Tyler Breeze as he gets up. Dijakovic then continues to obliterate Dream, hurling him through the second rope and following him out before tackling him through the barricade. Sliding back in, he hits a lung blower on Dream, a neckbreaker on Shinsuke, and then immediately joins the UE as the timer ticks away for Number 13.
Entrant Number 13: Pete Dunne
Pete Dunne runs down, knocks down Dijakovic, and cleans house. Bate and Seven get up, and British Strong Style unite to face down the Undisputed Era. Dijakovic gets up, and Dunne, without hesitating, tosses him over, Dijakovic holds on, but Bate headbutts him, eliminating the returnee in under two minutes. All six men rush one another, exchanging vicious forearms. Eventually, the fresher British Strong Style take down the Era, with Bate and Seven hitting a High-Low on Fish out of spite. Dunne nails an X-Plex on O Reilly, and then all three turn to Cole. Cole pleads with them, begging for an ally to come down the ramp.
Entrant Number 14: Shane Thorne
Cole audibly exclaims "oh, for fuck's sake!" Thorne, however, comes to his aid, taking out Dunne's leg and hitting a double DDT on Bate and Seven. Cole looks impressed and applauds Thorne, but Shane is here to win, hitting a Bomb Valley Death on the champion. He climbs up to the top rope for a Black Swan Splash, but Dunne clobbers him off the top rope for the easy elimination.
Shane Thorne is eliminated.
Entrant Number 15: Matt Riddle
We're halfway through the match now, and out comes the King of Bros. Dunne looks disgusted, but Nakamura sneaks up behind the Bruiserweight and hits a reverse Exploder. He sets up for the Kinshasa, but Riddle holds up a hand, stopping him. Riddle extends a hand to Dunne, who grabs his fingers. Riddle knees his face off his head, and Nakamura spins Riddle around. The two face off, literally polar opposites, and Nakamura hits a leg kick. Riddle hits one of his own, then a forearm, then a knee to the face, and then he spins over and locks in an armbar. Nakamura fights out with some headscissors, and gets a triangle choke. Riddle is fading, but he lifts Nakamura up, seemingly for a powerbomb. However, he rotates Nakamura around his arm and hits a PACKAGE USHIGOROSHI! Nakamura sells like he's been hit with a nuclear bomb, and falls out under the bottom rope to clear the ring out a bit.
Meanwhile, Dunne, Bate and Seven are working up against the Undisputed Era, a running theme in the match. The Undisputed Era manage to take Dunne out of the equation after a vicious Sleeping with the Fishes by Bobby, and the three get the numbers advantage over the other members of British Strong Style. They hit a High-Low on Bate, with Cole tossing him out of the match after a respectable time, and Seven puts up a fight with a Rolling Elbow before being hit with a Last Shot and being eliminated by Bobby Fish. Pete Dunne and Velveteen Dream stand up, with Nakamura and Breeze neutralized, ready to go down fighting.
Tyler Bate is eliminated.
Trent Seven is eliminated.
Entrant Number 16: Buddy Murphy
Out comes the Best Kept Secret of the WWE. Now a Smackdown superstar, he returns to his old, old home, back before he got his first name back, and proceeds to wallop the Undisputed Era. He nails a flurry of strikes on Fish, unleashes a sequence on Cole, and drops O Reilly with a Murphy's Law to even the odds. He soaks in the adulation, when Tyler Breeze tries to sneak back in and eliminate him. Dream hits Tyler with a Dream Valley Driver and lifts him up, but Breeze throws Dream over the top rope. Dream skins the cat, and Breeze tries to bump him off, but Dunne spins him around into a Bitter End. Dream gets back onto steady ground, and receives a nod from Dunne. If either of them are to have a chance against the trio, they'll have to work together. Murphy then interjects by superkicking a waking Adam Cole, and they all show their respect to one another.
Entrant Number 17: KUSHIDA
The Time Splitter hits the scene, and Dunne extends a hand. Kushida shakes it, and Dream and Murphy sit back. Let them settle their beef. Kushida and Dunne have a match reminiscent of months earlier, but Kushida eventually locks in a hoverboard lock. Dunne escapes by grabbing at his fingers, but Kushida hits a bicycle knee followed by a Pele Kick. Dream tries to clothesline him over, and Kushida lands on the apron. Dream charges, and Kushida does a low bridge. Dream somehow holds on, and the two battle on the ring apron. Kushida eventually knocks Dream down, but Velveteen holds onto the bottom rope, recovering on the apron. Dunne, in a blind rage after getting hit by Kushida, charges at the Time Splitter. Kushida hits a high kick, then a springboard tornado DDT. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish beat the hell out of both men and try to eliminate them, but Dunne and Kushida hold on.
Entrant Number 18: Kassius Ohno
Ohno makes his way to the increasingly full ring, blasting O Reilly with a lariat. He and Matt Riddle have a standoff, a callback to their matches at NXT Takeover: Wargames II and NXT Takeover: Phoenix. Riddle hits the knee that knocked him out at Wargames, but Ohno somehow stays upright. Ohno roars at Riddle, looking strong as all fuck, and Riddle spins around and catches Ohno in the Bromission. Riddle batters Ohno in the throat with punches, eventually causing the big man to pass out. Riddle stares at the Undisputed Era, then back at Ohno. After a few seconds, Fish, O Reilly and Cole tentatively make their way over and lift up Ohno to eliminate him, but Kassius isn't going that easy. He throws O Reilly over, but the former tag champ holds on, before exploding through Fish and the NXT Champion. He charges at Riddle, who hits another knee, but Ohno bounces off the ropes and hits a rolling elbow. Both men fall through the middle rope, and after some recovery time, continue fighting at ringside.
Meanwhile, Velveteen is recovering on the apron when Tyler Breeze nearly connects with a supermodel kick. Dream ducks and connects with a back body drop, eliminating Prince Pretty. Breeze seethes on the outside, before pulling Dream off the apron, eliminating the Number One entrant. He then hits a Beauty Shot and storms off, continuing that feud.
Tyler Breeze is eliminated.
Velveteen Dream is eliminated.
Entrant Number 19: Wesley Blake
The Forgotten Son hits a few moves on his fallen foes, but comes face to face with Buddy Murphy, his former tag team partner. They were champions together, but both men have evolved - Murphy one of the most successful cruiserweights in WWE, and Blake in a powerhouse faction dead set on catching the attention of the NXT faithful. The crowd cheers for this showdown between friends turned foes, but Bobby Fish tries to break up the party. Murphy grabs him and hits a vertical suplex, and gestures for Blake to do his bit. Blake chuckles and rushes to the top rope, connecting with a five-star frog splash.
Blake and Murphy share a hug, but Blake knows how he can make a name for himself. He gets a sinister look, and tries to chuck Murphy over, but Buddy catches him in the act. He shakes his head, points at himself and says "I'm the guy who always won." before tossing Wesley Blake out of the ring.
Wesley Blake is eliminated.
Entrant Number 20: Montez Ford Shayna Baszler
Out comes Montez Ford, one half of the Street Profits, accompanied by Bianca Belair. As he makes his way to the ring, we hear a "crack" of a steel chair. Montez turns around to see that Baszler had knocked his girlfriend with the foreign object, and gasps in horror. Shayna then blasts him with it, and both Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir come down with bats. They brutalize Belair and Ford before leaving. Angelo Dawkins comes out with some doctors as Shayna Baszler makes her way to the ring, entering the Royal Rumble at Number 20.
Shayna starts working with the Undisputed Era to pick apart Shinsuke Nakamura, Pete Dunne, KUSHIDA and Buddy Murphy, all of whom are out of it at this point. Dunne fights off Cole, Fish and and O Reilly with some help from Murphy, and Shayna tries for a Kirifuda Clutch. Dunne can't quite shake her off, but KUSHIDA helps out. He hits a running front dropkick to Shayna's arm after Dunne pries it off, and then a hurricanrana. KUSHIDA tries to eliminate Shayna with a dropkick, but Shayna holds on to the ropes, then throws KUSHIDA over the top rope herself. Both end up on the apron, where Shayna tries to lock in a standing Kirifuda while leaning on the apron.
Entrant Number 21: Mansoor
The man introduced at the Greatest Royal Rumble arrives at the first ever NXT Royal Rumble. He springs into the ring, hitting a diving clothesline on the Bruiserweight and a pumphandle slam on Adam Cole. Kyle O Reilly squares up, and the two start trading stiff kicks. Mansoor eventually gets rocked by O Reilly, and Baszler sends Mansoor over, screaming through her mouthguard "what's this bitch doing here?"
Mansoor is eliminated.
Entrant Number 21: Danny Burch
Burch heads to the ring, looking to utilize his British Strong Style offense to secure his first singles gold. HE immediately gets nailed with a Kinshasa, by the King of Strong Style himself.
Shayna then heads after Kushida again, but he hits a top rope grab enziguri, knocking her into Pete Dunne, who hits a Bitter End. Kushida hits a splash, and Nakamura looks for a Kinshasa, but Cole superkicks Shinsuke as O Reilly takes out Dunne and Kushida. They help Baszler up, and then Cole tosses her out anyways, realizing the potential threat she is to his title.
Shayna Baszler is eliminated.
Burch begins to stir, as do Dunne and Nakamura. A hard-hitting dream team, they stand off with Cole, Fish and O Reilly. Dunne knocks Fish down and goes for O Reilly, while Nakamura goes for Cole. Burch stays back, now that KUSHIDA is starting to rise, and goes to work on eliminating him.
Meanwhile, Matt Riddle and Kassius Ohno, who have been fighting on the outside, make their way back into the ring. Ohno hits a rolling elbow and finally eliminates the King of Bros, getting vindication for his former losses.
Matt Riddle is eliminated.
Buddy Murphy, KUSHIDA and Danny Burch team up to try and eliminate the seemingly unstoppable Kassius Ohno as the clock ticks down to zero.
Entrant Number 23: Killian Dain
Well, make that two unstoppable monsters, then. Dain flattens Murphy and Burch, before chucking KUSHIDA over the top rope. KUSHIDA holds on and hits an enziguri, but it only angers Dain, who grabs him by the head and launches him into the barricade, eliminating the Time Splitter after a respectable showing.
KUSHIDA is eliminated.
Dain and Ohno then stand face to face, and start battering one another to the roar of the crowd. On the other side of the ring, Dunne and Nakamura are standing their ground against the ranks of the Undisputed Era. Dain clotheslines Ohno up against the ropes, but Ohno doesn't go over. Dain takes matters into his own hands, lifting up the massive Ohno and hitting an Ulster Plantation. The Undisputed Era, having neutralized Nakamura and bludgeoned Dunne in the corner, go after Dain.
Entrant Number 24: Keith Lee
Lee makes a beeline for Ohno, eliminating him while he was still suffering from the effects of the Ulster Plantation, and avenging his friend in Matt Riddle.
Kassius Ohno is eliminated.
Lee then pushes Cole and O Reilly aside and begins to brawl with Dain. The Irish star and former member of SANitY looks for an Ulster Plantation, but Lee wriggles off Killian's shoulders and pushes him into the ropes, hitting a pop up powerbomb on the behemoth superstar. He then tries to toss him over, but Dain fights back, springboarding off the second rope with an immense back elbow. He nails a headbutt on Lee and hulks up a bit, before Cole and KOR get into view. Slowly but surely, every competitor in the match starts to rise, knowing that the undisputed Era have wronged them all.
Dunne, Nakamura, Murphy, Burch, Dain and Lee surround Fish, O Reilly and the NXT Champion, Adam Cole. It looks as though it's goodbye for the Undisputed Era's hopes at retaining their gold, when all of a sudden...
Entrant Number 25: Roderick Strong
Strong runs down in Undisputed Era gear with a steel chair, fresh off of retaining his North American Title earlier in the night. He blasts his previous opponent in Pete Dunne with the chair, then passes it to Dain, who holds it up, confused, and gets superkicked through it by Adam Cole. Fish locks in a heel hook on Danny Burch, and O Reilly and Buddy Murphy start a scrap as Cole and Strong work together to try and get rid of Keith Lee after plastering Shinsuke Nakamura. Strong and O Reilly hit a Total Elimination on the big man, and Fish relents against Burch to join the Era in a group hug. However, the distraction would cost them. Dunne nails Cole with the chair, and manages to toss out Fish, ELIMINATING a member of the Undisputed Era!
Bobby Fish has been eliminated.
Burch starts brutalizing O Reilly with chops, and Strong pulls him off and connects with an End of Heartache, incapacitating the British star. Strong is suddenly blindsided by Keith Lee, but Adam Cole pushes him over the top rope. O Reilly nails a forearm, and Strong dropkicks Lee off the apron for the elimination.
Keith Lee has been eliminated.
Entrant Number 26: Oney Lorcan
Lorcan rushes down to help his fellow Star Destroyer, and they take the fight straight to the Undisputed Era. Burch starts landing tremendous European uppercuts on Strong, and Lorcan blasts KOR with a blockbuster, followed by a half and half suplex on the NXT Champion. Dain tries to get involved in the fray, but the Star Destroyers work together to push him over the rope, with Dunne adding the final touch to eliminate the former NXT Tag Team Champion.
Killian Dain is eliminated.
Lorcan and Burch then take out Murphy, tossing him to the apron. Buddy Murphy is on the apron recuperating, and Burch heads out to deliver a thunderous Tower of London onto the hardest part of the ring. Dunne pushes him off to notch his fifth elimination, while WWE's Best Kept Secret is tended to by the doctors.
Buddy Murphy is eliminated.
Entrant Number 27: Jordan Devlin
Lucky number 27 comes out. Devlin looks at the daunting Star Destroyers and thinks better of it, sitting at commentary.
Meanwhile, things break down between the Undisputed Era and the alliance between Dunne and the Star Destroyers. Dunne hits an X Plex on Cole, and O Reilly heads up top only to be swatted by Burch. Lorcan looks for a half and half suplex from the top rope, but Strong stops him, looking to powerbomb the Boston Butcher. Burch ends Strong's hopes, heading up as well to add weight, and brawling with O Reilly precariously on the top turnbuckle. Dunne then throws Lorcan and Strong aside, and hits a double superplex, taking all three men out.
Strong and Lorcan then hit a double lariat, knocking each other out cold. Every man is down, except for Shinsuke Nakamura, who slowly makes his way to his feet.
Entrant Number 28: Ricochet
Ricochet comes back from the main roster for one night only, and proceeds to pop the crowd in every way imaginable. He hits a missile dropkick on Nakamura, followed by a springboard 450 splash. He hits a 630 Senton on Lorcan, then a standing shooting star press on Strong. Immediately, Jordan Devlin sprints to the ring, grabs the discarded steel chair that Strong brought down 10 minutes earlier, and bashes Ricochet with it while the One and Only is taking in the NXT crowd. Devlin batters Ricochet half to death, and then rains stomps on everybody in the ring.
Dunne begins to stir, and eats a chair shot square to the spine. Cole gets his ribs crushed, and then Devlin hits a double stomp from the top rope on Danny Burch. He even rains blows on Shinsuke nakamura from a Thesz Press. Jordan Devlin is the only man left standing, and he's armed. Devlin mocks the NXT fans, and asks for a microphone. He says that he's been overlooked for too long and that he's lived in the shadow of his mentor one day too many. Well, now it's his time to shine. He screams "I will never be forgotten! I will no longer live in the shadow of - "
Entrant Number 29: Finn Balor
The crowd EXPLODES. Finn Balor comes out in his leather jacket, but with the old NXT intro to his theme music, with the accelerating drums. Jordan Devlin tries to bash Balor with the steel chair, but Balor kicks it out of his hands, connecting with a 1916. He follows up with a Coup de Grace and tosses out his protege.
Jordan Devlin is eliminated.
Balor and Nakamura then stand off. Nakamura tells Balor to "come onnn!!" but then Adam Cole hits Shinsuke with a Last Shot to the back of the neck. Adam Cole stands face to face with Finn Balor. Adam Cole taunts Balor, pointing up and showing Finn a booming rendition of "ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!" O Reilly and Strong stand next to him, and slowly, the battle lines are drawn. Ricochet and Dunne, partners in the Wargames match last year, stand alongside Finn Balor. The crowd reaches a crescendo, but then Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan get up. Dunne tosses Lorcan, and Cole tosses Burch, and then the six men all throw bombs.
Oney Lorcan is eliminated.
Danny Burch is eliminated.
Ricochet and O Reilly go at it, and Strong and Dunne exchange vicious forearms in a callback to their match earlier in the night, and Adam Cole faces off with Finn Balor. The longest reigning NXT Champion in history goes head to head with the current one, and surprisingly, he loses. Adam Cole hits a superkick to the gut followed by a Last Shot as the Undisputed Era take control once again. All three turn to face the entrance ramp as the clock hits 0 on the final entrant.
Entrant Number 30: Johnny Gargano
Adam Cole falls to his knees in horror as Johnny Wrestling makes his way to the squared circle. For the first time since his Hell in a Cell war with the champion, Gargano is seen on NXT, and he is ready to take back what's his. He immediately clotheslines Kyle O Reilly out of the ring, eliminating him after a STAGGERING 40 minutes.
Kyle O Reilly is eliminated.
He takes out Strong with a Baby Ace Crusher, and then stands to face his enemy in Adam Cole. The two stare for a long while, and then they start exchanging more than words. Before long, Ricochet and Nakamura start getting into it. Then Dunne and Balor. There are seven men left in the ring, and one of them is walking out champion. Strong helps Cole with Gargano, and they hit a Total Elimination on the fan favourite. Nakamura tosses out Ricochet with a low bridge, leaving six men.
Ricochet is eliminated.
Cole, Gargano, Nakamura, Balor, Strong and Dunne remain. Four of the six have held that NXT Title in their illustrious careers, while it has alluded the two others. The six men all start jockeying for position as it sets in that we are in the endgame. People start choosing targets. Strong and Cole stick together, while Gargano and Nakamura immediately trade blows. Dunne and Balor shake hands before throwing fists. Dunne hits a Bitter End, and the Era jump him. The Bruiserweight fights valiantly, connecting with a X Plex on Strong. He grabs Cole's fingers and goes with finger manipulation, but Strong goes after his bad back.
Cole connects with a devastating superkick. Strong hits an End of Heartache. All of a sudden, Gargano makes the save, seeing that Dunne could be a useful ally to get him to the final two. Gargano cinches in a Garga-No Escape on Strong, and Nakamura nails a Kinshasa on Strong. Balor then throws Shinsuke Nakamura out, after the King of Strong Style lasted from the Number One position, nearly an hour. The only former Rumble winner is out of the equation.
Shinsuke Nakamura is eliminated.
Balor and Cole start back where they left off, with Gargano still punishing Strong and Dunne still recovering in the corner. Cole throws Balor over the top rope and looks for a superkick, but Balor ducks, pulling Cole over. After knocking Gargano off of him, Strong rushes to help, but Balor hits a forearm and an enziguri. Dunne hits a pumphandle slam on the Messiah of the Backbreaker onto the body of Gargano. No long lasting alliances here. Cole hits a spike DDT on Balor onto the apron, and rolls back into the ring.
Gargano hits a shining wizard on a prone Cole, and locks in a Boston Crab. Dunne grabs Cole's hair and pulls it over Gargano's knee, arching Cole's back wayyy further than it's naturally supposed to. He then starts laying in stomps to the back of Cole's head while he's still stuck in the crab, with Cole's head bouncing off the mat. It makes for a nasty visual, with Adam screaming in pain as he's tortured by his foes. Strong rocks Dunne with a forearm, and Pete rebounds off the ropes, kicking Gargano in the face off the bounce. He then hits a rolling elbow on Strong, and Balor connects with a clothesline to send the Messiah of the backbreaker over.
Roderick Strong is eliminated.
There are four men left, and Adam Cole is all alone. Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne. Cole tries to roll out of the ring, but Gargano grabs him by the foot, dragging him back in. Dunne pulls him away, and they maul him like a pack of lions. Dunne hits a Bitter End, and Balor connects with a Coup de Grace on the NXT Champion. Gargano locks in a Garga-No Escape, and Cole screams until the end, tapping desperately, but there's no escape for Cole. He atones for his sins, eventually passing out before Gargano tosses him over the top rope. ADAM COLE IS ELIMINATED, and we are GUARANTEED a NEW NXT Champion!
Adam Cole is eliminated.
Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor, Pete Dunne. Very different people, very different representations of NXT. Balor, the man that made NXT what it is, with the longest title reign in the championship's history. Dunne, the poster boy for British Strong Style, the face of NXT UK, the best representation of indie wrestling in WWE perhaps ever. Gargano, the fan favourite, the former NXT Champion who carried the company to the most 5 star matches it's ever seen from one competitor. The three men stand off, circling each other like vultures. Balor smiles at the other two. Gargano smirks. Dunne scowls. Just when the crowd is about to hit fever pitch, Dunne nails Johnny with an elbow. He stomps on his chest in the corner, trying to cave in his sternum. Dunne needs this. Balor pulls him off of Gargano, and Dunne hits a headbutt followed by a dropkick. He snatches Balor's fingers and contorts them, before kicking Finn in the face six times and grinding his face into the mat, bending his arm behind his back. Gargano launches himself at Dunne, knocking the Bruiserweight off of the former NXT Champion.
Gargano picks Dunne up by the hair, and Dunne cradles him over and hits a kneeling Fireman's carry slam into an armbar. Balor gets up and connects with a double foot stomp, clutching his injured right arm to his body. Gargano drags himself to his feet and immediately unleashes a flurry of roundhouse kicks to Balor's elbow, before hitting snapping toe kicks to the hand. He nails an enziguri, knocking Finn onto all fours. Balor clutches his bad arm, and Gargano kicks out his left before grabbing Balor around the waist. In a tremendous show of power, Johnny gets Finn up for a gutwrench powerbomb, sticking the sit out landing to an "ohhh!" by the audience.
Dunne then hits a knee to the back of the neck of Johnny. He hauls Balor up by the neck with a front facelock and connects with a Bitter End, before disposing of the man who held the NXT Title for 293 days. We are down to two.
Finn Balor is eliminated.
Gargano pulls himself up on the ropes, while Dunne tells him to get up, egging him on, readying him for his demise. Johnny hauls himself up, and Dunne sprints at him, nailing a knee that sends Gargano's head into the turnbuckle. Dunne brutalizes Johnny Gargano, wearing into him. He targets every single limb, every extremity, just to make Johnny hurt. He hits a Tiger Suplex, ragdolling Gargano. A vertical suplex sit out powerbomb. A Tequila Sunrise. Superkicks. German suplexes. He wants to make Johnny know that he's truly lost. Dunne has been on a tear, eliminating 7 men already, and he has it as good as won, but he wants it to be dominant. However, Johnny WILL. NOT. QUIT. Dunne goes for a Bitter End, but Johnny battles out with hammer fists to the chest. He hits a basement dropkick followed by a swinging neckbreaker. He latches the joint of his knee around Pete's head and somersaults, rebounding Dunne's head and causing some violent whiplash. He hits a tornado spike DDT from the second rope. Both men, exhausted, collapse.
Dunne and Gargano battle to their feet, trading blows. "Whoever can get up first can get that much needed momentum!" screams Ranallo. Dunne somehow gets up first, an unstoppable beast. He grabs Gargano and spits at him, before hitting a Bitter End. He pulls him to the ropes and looks to clothesline him over, but GARGANO LOW BRIDGES! DUNNE FLIES OVER - BUT HE HOLDS ON! Dunne skins the cat, but Gargano falls into the ring and hits a superkick onto an upside-down Dunne. Dunne falls onto the apron, clinging to the bottom rope. Gargano stomps on his hand, but Dunne thumbs him in the eye. Anything to win.
Dunne stumbles under the bottom rope, falling into the corner. Gargano hits the double knees, and then a Meteora, but Dunne gets to his feet. Gargano hits Diced Bread, a cutter, but Dunne won't collapse. Gargano kicks out his knee and goes for the Garga-No Escape, but Dunne gets a glint of evil in his eye. He pulls Gargano's arm off, bites his fingers, and sets him up for a pumphandle, what looks like a Bitter End. But no. He swings Gargano around, and... OH MY GOD, A BETTER END PILEDRIVER!
Gargano is dead out, and Dunne, laughing, dumps him over the top rope for the win, and the NXT Title.
Johnny Gargano is eliminated, and PETE DUNNE WINS!
The doctors tend to Gargano as Dunne celebrates with his new gold, the crowd looking on in horror as Johnny doesn't move. The show fades to black with pete Dunne holding the NXT Title in his teeth over the body of Johnny Gargano.

(For ease, I made a chart covering the entire Rumble match, with calculated times and everything).
Draw Number Name Brand Affiliation # Eliminated (By) Eliminations Time spent in match
1 Velveteen Dream NXT 9 (Tyler Breeze) 2 23:19
2 Shinsuke Nakamura SDL 25 (Finn Balor) 1 53:52
3 Eric Bugenhagen NXT 2 (Kyle O Reilly) 0 5:21
4 Kyle O Reilly NXT 23 (Johnny Gargano) 1 40:01
5 Punishment Martinez NXT 1 (Velveteen Dream) 0 1:23
6 Adam Cole (c) NXT 27 (Johnny Gargano) 4 45:38
7 Tyler Bate NXT UK 6 (Adam Cole) 1 13:30
8 Noam Dar NXT UK 3 (Adam Cole) 0 6:12
9 Tyler Breeze NXT 8 (Velveteen Dream) 1 13:26
10 Trent Seven NXT UK 7 (Bobby Fish) 0 8:19
11 Bobby Fish NXT 16 (Pete Dunne) 1 21:49
12 Dominik Dijakovic NXT 4 (Pete Dunne) 0 2:01
13 Pete Dunne NXT UK WINNER 8 48:38
14 Shane Thorne NXT 5 (Pete Dunne) 0 0:59
15 Matt Riddle NXT 13 (Kassius Ohno) 0 11:32
16 Buddy Murphy SDL 19 (Pete Dunne) 1 14:56
17 KUSHIDA NXT 14 (Killian Dain) 0 9:12
18 Kassius Ohno NXT 15 (Keith Lee) 1 9:27
19 Wesley Blake NXT 10 (Buddy Murphy) 0 1:28
20 Shayna Baszler NXT (W) 12 (Adam Cole) 1 3:14
21 Mansoor NXT 11 (Shayna Baszler) 0 0:40
22 Danny Burch NXT 22 (Adam Cole) 0 11:12
23 Killian Dain NXT UK 18 (Pete Dunne) 1 4:20
24 Keith Lee NXT 17 (Roderick Strong) 1 3:00
25 Roderick Strong NXT 26 (Finn Balor) 1 17:00
26 Oney Lorcan NXT 21 (Pete Dunne) 0 4:39
27 Jordan Devlin NXT UK 20 (Finn Balor) 0 3:12
28 Ricochet RAW 24 (Shinsuke Nakamura) 0 7:03
29 Finn Balor SDL 28 (Pete Dunne) 2 15:05
30 Johnny Gargano NXT 29 (Pete Dunne) 2 23:08
Shortest Time: Mansoor (0:40)
Longest Time: Shinsuke Nakamura (53:52)
Most Eliminations: Pete Dunne (8)
Brand Representation: NXT (19) NXT UK (6) SDL (3) NXT W (1) RAW (1)
Total Time: 1:08:08
Winner: Pete Dunne

Well, that's how I would book an NXT Royal Rumble! From here on out, it'd become an annual thing, with the winner challenging for the title the night before Mania. However, this Rumble completed the arc between Cole and Gargano, finished the Undisputed Era storyline, and created dozens of incredibly memorable moments, all while giving lengthy, remarkable title reigns to Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and particularly Pete Dunne. We also get to see that Baszler can hang with dudes, we push Pete Dunne to the main event of NXT while giving exposure to some NXT UK guys, and we see things like the Dream/Breeze feud moving forward with Velveteen having reason to face Dunne down the line, Ohno looking like a complete beast, Shinsuke relegitimizing himself, Gargano becoming increasingly sympathetic and gaining crowd support, and a showdown between the new guard and old guard of NXT throughout the last half hour or so, finally proving that despite the move ups, we are in the golden age of NXT.
I really hope you all enjoyed, but remember, most importantly, to always stay ELITE! FBE F-F-F-FOR LIFE!
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2019.05.25 02:13 FashBasher1 Some news you may have missed out on part 118.

-Official: British Airways to Start Flights to Pakistan Next Week
British Airways is beginning flights between London and Islamabad next week, said a statement issued by the company. The final touches are coming together for the airline’s return ahead of the first flight on Sunday June 2.
The three-per-week service is operated on a three-class Boeing 787 Dreamliner with World Traveller (long-haul economy), World Traveller Plus (long-haul premium economy) and Club World (long-haul business class) available.
-Pakistan Gets its First Upgraded JF-17 from China
Pakistan has received the first improved JF-17 Fighter-Jet from China. This news comes at the heels of Indian media claiming that Pakistan has reassigned its US-made F-16 fighter-jets in hopes to prevent substantial damages in case of strikes from New Delhi.
Pakistan is receiving upgraded JF-17 fighter-jets from China under a joint project that aims to develop and produce the multi-role fighter-jet. Chinese air defense expert, Fu Qianshao was quoted saying that this upgrade represented the JF-17 project’s trial and error stage and would help set standards for future upgrades through this experience.
-PTI government unveils national development outlay of Rs 1.837 trillion for FY 2019-20
The government on Thursday proposed a national development outlay of Rs1.837 trillion with a provincial contribution of Rs912 billion. The decision was made at a meeting of the Annual Plan Coordination Committee (APCC) held under the chairmanship of Planning, Development and Reform Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar.
Finance ministers, federal secretaries and other high-level officials from the federal and provincial governments were also present on the occasion. During the meeting, the Ministry of Planning apprised the stakeholders about the underlying priorities of the development framework and presented the federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2019-20 with an allocation of Rs675 billion.
-Swat city centre: From bloody square to business hub
Till a decade ago, scores of people were executed almost daily at this city square by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants — earning it a sobriquet of Khooni Chowk (bloody square). A decade later, with the state executing control over Mingora city, headquarter of Swat district, the bloody square is bubbling with life and rechristened as Green Square.
Though dreaded stories associated with the square are still haunting inhabitants, it has turned into a business hub for the entire Malakand Division – a cluster of seven administrative districts. Now with the state exercising control and peace returning to the Swat valley, the square has turned into a business centre. Hundreds of people could be seen jostling and walking around bargaining to sell and purchase goods.
-Punjab to launch growth strategy
The Punjab government is going to launch a growth strategy on Friday with special emphasis on regional equalisation in resource and wealth distribution.
With particular focus on southern districts under the Punjab Growth Strategy, the provincial government will reduce variance in development expenditures across the districts by at least 5% per annum. It will simultaneously slash multidimensional poverty in deprived districts to 10% and will try to improve parity in education, health and water indicators by at least 50% over the next five years.
According to the strategy, imbalanced development is a critical challenge. A key determinant of development is public investment, which improves basic infrastructure and ensures provision of necessary services, such as education, health care and water and sanitation.
-Pakistan, France sign credit facility deal
Pakistan and France signed a credit facility agreement on Thursday worth €94.01 million (Rs11.7 billion) for the Extension of Water Resources Faisalabad phase-II project.
The agreement was signed by Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Secretary Noor Ahmed, French Ambassador to Pakistan Marc Barety, and French Agency for Development (AFD) Country Director Jacky AMPROU.
Under the agreement AFD would provide a soft loan for the project for a period of 20 years, including a grace period of six years at an interest rate of six-month Euro interbank offered rate (Euribor) with a spread of 52 basis points.
-Govt sets growth target at 4% for FY20
The government has set the economic growth target for its second year in power at a modest 4% and projected average inflation of 8.5%, reflecting an unimpressive economic outlook due to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan programme.
The per capita income in dollar terms is also expected to remain lower in next fiscal year 2019-20 at around $1,500 due to further currency depreciation compared to the outgoing fiscal year.
The low economic growth target coupled with higher inflation will make it difficult for the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan to implement its plan of creating 10 million jobs and building five million housing units.
-Supreme courts to start E-courts from Monday
Supreme Court of Pakistan is starting E-Court system from Monday. It is for the first time in the judicial history of Pakistan that courts will be connected through application of latest video-link connectivity. It will benefit the lawyers as well as litigants and make the judicial system more responsive to the needs of the people approaching courts for redressal of their grievances. Initially this facility is being started at the Principal Seat, Islamabad and the Supreme Court Branch Registry, Karachi.
A three-member Bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa will start hearing of cases through this facility from Monday. E-Court facility will provide an effective and efficient platform which will discourage adjournments, encourage legal fraternity to plead their cases without any delay and at the same time provide convenience to the Advocates to pursue their cases in other Courts in the city where the Branch Registry is situated.
-Bull run continues at PSX, index ends 977 points higher
Bulls of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) were once again successful in conquering the market, as the indices continued on the upward trajectory right from the start of the session on Thursday. Foreign investors ended as net sellers on Wednesday with a net outflow of $3.48 million.
Fitch Solutions, a US-based global research house, expects stability to return to Pakistan’s economy after the government made two tough decisions in the preceding week. The two steps included a hike in the interest rate by 150 basis points to a 91-month high of 12.25pc, and around 7.5pc depreciation in the value of rupee against the US dollar. Meanwhile, Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh in a tweet on Wednesday announced that Saudi Arabia would extend $3.2 billion per year deferred payment facility with Pakistan for petroleum products starting from July.
Further: -Market watch: With fresh surge, KSE-100 posts highest two-day gain in a decade
The Pakistan stock market continued to advance at a rapid pace on Thursday as the KSE-100 index surged for the fourth successive session, rising past the 35,500-point mark.
Investors resumed buying with renewed vigour as uncertainty of the past few days evaporated. The index shot up as soon as trading began following announcement that the delayed $3.2-billion Saudi oil and gas deferred payment facility would be operational from July this year.
The development triggered positive response from market participants, who were also encouraged by the rupee’s stability against the dollar.
Further: -Following another positive session, KSE-100 gains 2,537 points in week
The Pakistan Stock Exchange witnessed a volatile session on the last trading day of the week, as the indices swung in both directions until finally picking up the upward path to end in green. Foreign investors closed the preceding session on Thursday as the net buyers with a net inflow of $2.36 million. Contrary to the declining trend witnessed by the stock market in the past few weeks, the benchmark KSE-100 index closed the ongoing week higher by 7.65pc or 2,537.19 points.
On the economic front, foreign exchange reserves held by the central bank declined by 8.9pc on a weekly basis and were recorded at $8.06 billion. A few weeks ago, the reserves had jumped on account of $2.5 billion in inflows from China. Moreover, as per news reports, the federal and provincial governments have proposed Rs1.60 trillion for development spending, which is lower by 13pc. Furthermore, the government has set the economic growth target for its second year at 4pc and projected inflation rate at 8.50pc owing to the International Monetary Fund bailout programme.
-Fitch forecasts stability in Pakistan following tough economic decisions
Fitch Solutions, a US-based global research house, expects stability to return in Pakistan’s economy after the government made two tough decisions in the past week. The research arm of Fitch Ratings said in a report that the 150 basis point interest rate hike would support stabilisation in inflation over the coming months.
“In particular, the interest rate hike has brought the real interest rate firmly into the positive territory of around 3.5pc, which should help to stabilise the rupee and hence the prices of imported goods,” it said. “Given our expectation for inflation to stabilise, we at Fitch Solutions forecast the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to maintain its benchmark interest rate at 12.25pc throughout 2019.” The SBP earlier this week announced a 150 basis points increase in its benchmark interest rate to 12.25pc following a 5.7pc devaluation of the rupee to around Rs148 per dollar on May 17, from around Rs140 previously.
-Pakistan military says it test-fired ballistic missile Shaheen-II
Pakistan's military has said it successfully conducted a test of its surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, a day after the country's foreign minister reiterated an offer to India to resume peace talks.
The Shaheen-II missile, test-fired on Thursday, can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads to a range of up to 1,500km, the military said. "The training launch was aimed at ensuring operational readiness of Army Strategic Forces Command," said a military statement released on Thursday.
-PM praises Omar Ayyub for success in Energy management, reducing circular debt
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday congratulated federal minister of power, Omar Ayub, for "Rs 81 billion increase in collection in 8 months". In a flurry of posts on his Twitter account, Khan said: "Rs 58 billion [was generated] from theft control." In addition, he, citing his campaign slogan of "Naya Pakistan," claimed that 80 percent of Pakistan was free from load-shedding and in light of the holy month of Ramzan, said: "Zero load shedding at sehr and iftar." Writing about the forthcoming year, he said he expected "another Rs 120 bn to be recovered next year".
-‘Bailout package to help reduce Pakistan’s public debt’
A senior official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that the bailout package given to Islamabad is aimed at improving Pakistan’s public financing and reducing public debt, a private media outlet reported on Friday. “There have been major developments recently, in fact since I was last standing here we have had an agreement at staff level,” said IMF’s Director Communications Gerry Rice while addressing a press briefing.
The IMF official briefed the journalists on the May 12 programme that includes a $6 billion package with a three-year extended fund facility by the IMF to support Pakistan’s economic reforms efforts. “Just prior to the bailout package, Managing Director Christine Lagarde met with PM Imran Khan,” he said. “Ernesto Ramirez-Rigo is the mission chief and he issued a comprehensive statement I would refer you to that and I won’t get into the details.”
-Govt. Releases Rs. 422 Million for School Renovation Under Reforms Program
The government has approved Rs. 422 million to complete the ongoing renovation and reconstruction work in 200 schools in Islamabad. Last year in November, the contractors had halted the work amid unavailability of funds, causing problems for the students. According to the sources, the renovation work is complete in 90 schools but the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) officials have not yet taken over because the project is being investigated by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) due to alleged substandard work.
-Chinese vice president to arrive in Pakistan on Sunday
Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan will arrive in Pakistan on a three-day official visit on Sunday.
While he will hold separate meetings with President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan, both the countries will also sign MoUs and agreements, and inaugurate projects to enhance bilateral cooperation in a broad range of areas, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said in a statement on Friday. The official statement said that the vice president’s visit reaffirmed the all-weather strategic and cooperative partnership between Pakistan and China.
-K-P plans surplus budget for next fiscal year
The provincial government has decided to fashion a budget for the next fiscal year which is similar to the last budget with a surplus of Rs20-Rs25 billion and one which is ‘less dependent’ on the federal government for financial support.
This was disclosed by the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra recently. Jhagra, who was elected to the provincial assembly for the first time last July on a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) but brings with him the experience of working for international financial organisations, stated that for the ongoing fiscal year 2018-19, they had presented a provincial budget of Rs648 billion. Of this, he said that they expected to spend around Rs618 billion. At the same time, he said that they expect to raise revenues of around Rs648 billion, leaving them with a surplus of around Rs30 billion.
-PIA to restart flights to Tokyo
-5 million houses to provide huge impetus to economy
The country’s economy is set for a turnaround with the recent launch of the federal government’s five million homes project as foreign investors from across the world are estimated to invest up to $25 billion in the scheme over the next five years.
“Investors from countries around the world including Singapore, China, Malaysia, the UK and other parts of Europe are ready to invest around $20 billion to $25 billion in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme over the next five years,” Muhammad Hasan Bakshi, a member of the prime minister’s taskforce on housing, told The Express Tribune on Thursday. The foreign investment in the housing scheme is in addition to the $8 billion to $10 billion per year investment by overseas Pakistani and another $2 billion to $4 billion by local builders.
-‘Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani’ campaign urges people to elevate the value of Pakistani Rupee by promoting the local industry
Following the recent increase in the value of US Dollar, the social media influencers, users and aspirants have started a massive campaign for ‘Made in Pakistan’ products, aiming to promote the local industry and elevate the value of Pakistani Rupee. The social media bloggers and influencers have been discouraging people from buying imported products from 1st June till 31st October. Local traders have also supported this campaign.
According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan’s total exports stood at $2.1 billion in April 2019, while total imports were recorded at $4.8 billion. The country’s trade balance recorded a deficit of $2.7 billion in the period under review. Majid Shah, a local trader, appreciated the ‘Made in Pakistan’ campaign and said, “I deal in leather garments, handbags and shoes. We export a few items and that too with a foreign label. I think that Pakistani leather industry is capable of producing world-class products.”
submitted by FashBasher1 to pakistan [link] [comments]

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Династия / Dynasty 2017
Убийства / The Murders 2019
Правосудие / Дилемма / The Fix 2019
Виски Кавалер / Whiskey Cavalier 2019
Полиция Чикаго / Chicago P.D. 2014
Ослепительно / Nuni busige 2019
Антигерои / No Heroics 2008
Северная сторона / Northern Exposure 1990
Жирным шрифтом / The Bold Type 2017
Звёздная принцесса и силы зла / Star vs. the Forces of Evil 2015
Брокмайр / Brockmire 2017
Роковой патруль / Патруль судьбы / Doom Patrol 2019
Бруклин девять - девять / Бруклин 9 - 9 / Brooklyn Nine - Nine 2013
Пожарная служба Такомы / Tacoma FD 2019
Воскресший Эртугрул / Dirilis: Ertugrul 2014
Курс биологии / A.P. Bio 2018
Во тьме / In the Dark 2019
Маша и Медведь 2009
В пустыне смерти / Into the Badlands 2015
Лего Ниндзяго: Мастера Кружитцу / LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu 2011
Орвилл / The Orville 2017
Теория большого взрыва / The Big Bang Theory 2007
Код Красный / Red Joan 2018
Нуреев. Белый ворон / The White Crow 2018
Пункт / Aitem / Item 2019
Мстители: Финал / Avengers: Endgame 2019
Сверхъестественное / Supernatural 2005
Плащ и Кинжал / Cloak & Dagger 2018
Готэм / Gotham 2014
Достичь искренности / Jinsimi dahda 2019
Частные сыщики / Private Eyes 2016
Фалько / Falco 2018
Идеальное свидание / The Perfect Date 2019
Чокнутая / Re loca 2018
Фосс - Вердон / Fosse - Verdon 2019
Топ - звезда Ю Бэк / Topseuta Yubaeki 2018
Орлы юриспруденции / Rigal hai 2019
Чикаго в огне / Пожарные Чикаго / Chicago Fire 2012
Ворон / Kuzgun / Raven 2019
Кобра Кай / Cobra Kai 2018
Милые обманщицы: Перфекционистки / Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists 2019
Чем мы заняты в тени / What We Do in the Shadows 2019
А теперь - апокалипсис / Now Apocalypse 2019
Хорошая борьба / The Good Fight 2017
Ривердэйл / Riverdale 2017
Хэппи / Happy ! 2017
Звезда / Star 2016
Спецназ / SEAL Team 2017
Сумеречная зона / The Twilight Zone 2019
Босх / Bosch 2014
Сита и Рама / Siya Ke Ram 2015
Чи / The Chi 2018
Розуэлл, Нью - Мексико / Roswell, New Mexico 2019
Благослови этот бардак / Bless This Mess 2019
Последний настоящий гангстер / The Last O.G. 2018
Ты расскажи, Карадениз / Sen Anlat Karadeniz 2018
Охотники за наживой / Bounty Hunters 2017
Кодекс / The Code 2019
Деревня / The Village 2019
Хорошие девчонки / Good Girls 2018
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2019.02.21 19:26 All_of_311_on_Vinyl [Record Parenting] The Specials - The Specials

[Record Parenting] The Specials - The Specials
Where have all the rude boys gone?
The Specials - The Specials (1980)

Background: Who the fuck listens to ska anymore? Sure, the first few Streetlight Manifesto albums were pretty inspired, lending a new sort of gravitas to the genre, but otherwise we’re still reckoning with the genuine dopiness of the bulk of third wave.
The exemplary case here is Reel Big Fish: dorky suits, slicked back hair, songs about being a loser, and an aggressive sort of awkwardness that seemed to pervade the 90s (e.g., Ace Ventura, Chris Kattan, family photos at Sears, etc.) Even The Mighty Mighty Bosstones — whose Let’s Face It still makes for a great, 30-something party record — manage to come off as some kind of meathead, Bostonian version of Weezer in their videos. And I’ve met them— not dopey dudes.
Maybe nobody looks cool wearing shitty suits that are either checkered, short-sleeved, or waaaay too big with fedoras (fucking fedoras!) and pork pie hats. Maybe there’s something inherently dorky about trombones. Or maybe the idea of ripping off of 1980s London youth culture, which itself was appropriating Jamaican street culture, led to something a little too diluted, like the clone of a clone who lost some brain matter along the way.
Regardless, we probably wouldn’t have ska today without The Specials. Their debut album, produced almost entirely by Elvis Costello, was/is the 2 Tone standard, a short, pop-y collection even your casual ska fan can appreciate (which is probably why the album had the success that it did, especially when contrasted with the recent punk scene at the time). And, without the pierced, neon green aggression associated with third wave, the album radiates the timeless naiveté found in 1970/80’s suburban garage rock and disco rap (e.g., Kool and the Gang)— the idea that fun was good and, perhaps, even important.
Too bad Jerry Dammers, the founder (of both The Specials and 2 Tone Records) and principal songwriter, grew up. He left in the band in the mid-80s to become an activist against South African apartheid. According to Wikipedia, he now leads an experimental jazz ensemble called The Spatial AKA Orchestra that covers old Sun Ra tunes.
The rest of the band soldiers on. Just a few weeks ago, they released a new album, Encore, which somehow debuted at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart. I have no real interest to give it a listen, but I guess someone is still listening to ska… The band is even going on a North American tour this spring.
The album itself sounds awesome. Another pre-discogs purchase, so I have no clue when I got it, but it was definitely one I picked up used (who can afford a sealed OP?). The cover is still in good condition; only the inner sleeve is starting to yellow a bit.
The Session: It’s 7ish on a weekday morning and, after a light breakfast, the little guy is up. Returning to work has made our sessions a little less frequent, so I wanted a good one, and the sunshine, combined with our shared early morning energy, called for something peppy.
I drop the needle on the first track, the iconic cover of Dandy Livingstone’s 1967, “A Message to You Rudy” (later covered by Sublime on the end of “D.J.’s”), and start bouncing the dude across the room. He still can’t smile unless he’s farting or does so by accident, but he’s not upset, which strikes me as a win. When we get to “Do the Dog” (not the monkey), he even seems interested, eyebrows raised like gives a shit. We keep going through the next few tracks, all the way to their relaxed cover of Prince Buster’s (also 1967) “Too Hot” at the end Side A.
I put him on his pillow, switch to Side B, then scoop him up before he gets too fussy. The side starts with “Monkey Man,” my pick for favorite Specials song, despite being another cover (this time, of Toots and the Maytals, also on tour this year). Holy shit, how fun is dancing to this track? When I thought about becoming a dad, I assumed that the first few years were all gonna be chores; then, maybe when he starts talking, we can start having fun. How fucking wrong was I? Don’t tell the teens, but having a kid is fucking awesome, even when all they do is shit, cry, and occasionally make ridiculous faces at you. I can’t explain it, but what seems lame about other people’s kids becomes existentially significant about your own. Even now, just staring at him as he swats at me, my joy is overflowing.
Side B rolls on with “(Dawning of A) New Era,” then the great “Blank Expression.” “Stupid Marriage” is kind of stupid and kind of spoils the flow, but the side is redeemed by “Too Much Too Young,” “Gangsters,” and the Rolling-Stone sampling “Little Bitch.” Somehow, the dude is still chilled out; not asleep, but taking it all in. Finally, the record finishes with the meta-track, “You’re Wondering Now,” which explicitly asks the listener what they’re going to do when the record ends. At the moment, I don’t know.
Would love to hear other good ska recommendations, especially any contemporary stuff, or if anyone was around London forty years ago and got to breathe in all that 2 Tone. As you may have read, Record Parenting is being sued by Danzig for defamation of character. As a 4,500-year-old demon, he’s got pretty deep pockets. We’ve started a GoKickMe account, but any downvotes you can spare are much appreciated.
You’re wondering now what to do, now that you know: this is the end,
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2019.02.19 08:06 DarkStarSabre EPs encourage kids to try and steal from my bag. Kids end up with bruised hands.

Alrighty. Here goes. New here so hello.
The following is a story from a few years back - being an American national in the UK I have to travel down south to London and actually attend at the US Embassy to get my passport renewed or to make any amendments. At this time I was doing so as it was part of the required proofs for my current employment and a few months in was the earliest I could a) spare the finances to book travel and accomodation for a few days and b) actually book an appointment with the embassy.
As it was also my first trip to London for close to a decade I decided to make a day of it. So I travelled down the Wednesday morning on bus, got to London for late afternoon, checked in to the hostel and went to get food. Now, let's be real. The hostel was...NOTHING like the photographs - which all showed seperate beds...instead it was this really awkward affair with triple bunk beds, no place to put your bags and in my case no side-table to put my glasses. As a result I got very little sleep, having to keep my belongings in the bed with me and sleep as though on eggshells to not crush my glasses. This will come into play later on.
The next day I attend the US Embassy at some god awful time in the morning, get my passport and pay the ridiculous some of some £130 for the pleasure of it and decide to spend the rest of the day at London Zoo. While there I decide as a surprise for my co-workers I would pick up a souvenir for each of them...the office is myself and 3 women, so I decide to buy each of them a plush penguin from the zoo - penguins are sort of my thing.
The end of the day I head to the train station, realising I have about 4 hours left before the train is due to depart and hell, I'm exhausted so I may as well crash on a bench and get some shuteye til them. In comes the Entitled family.
EM - Entitled Mother, EF - Entitled Father, EB - Entitled Brats - family appears to be of African or Caribbean descent. I don't really care.
So I'm sat there on the bench, eyes half closed, being watched by one of the station officers (cheers mate) and just trying to get some rest as I had work the next day from 7 am and wasn't going to get much bed rest at home. Entitled Family decide to pile into the seats next to me. Now these benches...are 4 seats either side. Mother, Father, Luggage, 5 kids. I;m on an end seat but the space between us now is one seat. So naturally I'm a bit uncomfortable.
Still, keep on sleeping, right? So I try to sleep, ignoring the screaming of EBs 1-5, the fact they're clambering over everything and EM's repeated telling off of the children in foreign tongue. But then I feel something next to me...my bag in particular start to move. Now my bag was crammed full and probably not 100% closed so there was probably a plush penguin head or foot sticking out. I open my eyes and look down. EB is trying to pull a penguin out of my bag.
Me - Um...what are you doing? EB ignores me, keeps trying for the penguin. Me - Okay....stop that.
I reach over, swat the hand that pulls away, gently, and turn my bag away from the child to go back to sleep. A few moments later....EB is now reaching across my lap trying for the penguin.
Me - Seriously kid. Stop. EB ignores me still.
EB gets hand slapped, audibly away from my bag. Eyes well up, stomps off to EM. Hear much chuntering in foreign tongue. Think nothing of it. Back to sleep...for all of three seconds....when EB Number 2 is making a grab for the penguin. Seriously, WTF.
ME - Um...excuse me. Mind telling your kids to stop trying to take things from -my- bag? EM gives me a dirty look, chunters something in foreign tongue at me like I'm supposed to understand what that means, EB keeps tugging at it. ME - No, seriously, you want to get them to stop or their hand is getting a slap.
No response. Slap away then.
EB Number 2 wails and storms off. Stomp stomp stomp. Can I please get my sleep? Stomp stomp stomp.
ED - Why you hit my child? You f******* racist, why you hit my child? Me - I asked the child to stop trying to steal from me. I asked them a number of times. I asked you to get your children to stop trying to steal from me. EF - Don't matter. They child. Why not give them what they want? Me - Because it's not theirs? EF - Racist. You racist. Give my child the penguin. Or I call the police.
At this point a station officer comes over, intervenes, guides the family away. I explain it to a co-worker of his - penguins were in the bag for my work colleagues and I just want to sleep. By this time train is ready for boarding...so should be scot free, right? Should be good for a few hours sleep, right?
Hahashaha. Nope. Guess who was on the train? The whole damn family. So I get no sleep, having to literally watch my bag like a hawk. On the train, between the seats the odd hand peeks through and grabs for my bag. Now this time they don't get the audible slap. They get a grown man shifting the bag and then leaning back in his seat, giving whatever prying limbs there may be the full force of his weight. EBs are sniffling by end of the delayed train journey - fun fact, train journey was delayed by 3 hours as some idiots played on the tracks - and EM and EF are glaring daggers at me.
We get to the switchover stop...from train to bus. Get on the bus...sit down...maybe now I can get some sleep. Right? NOPE.GIF There they are again!
So the bus ride turns into another journey of no sleep...at least for three quarters of it while I am now forcibly trapping prying hands of the EBs that are trying still to steal from my bag. When EF gets off they proceed to shout something at me in their native language to which I politely just nod and smile and say, 'You too. Goodnight.' I notice that EBs are nursing their hands. And EM is nursing a hand too. Do I feel any shame? God damn no.
By the time I get home it's 6 am. I have had a grand total of 3 hours sleep in the past 48. I have to rush to go to work. I go to work, so physically exhausted from travelling about London and not getting any sleep at all that I am promptly sent home by health and safety because...well...I was practically dead. But the overall manager would later let me go as a result of this but that's another story...
Everyone got their penguins though.
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2019.01.30 02:40 factorone (OFFER) First Man, The Hate U Give, Lizzie, Once Upon A Deadpool, Marvel/Disney, 4K's, TV shows (REQUEST) Willow, Nutcracker 4K, The Hate U Give 4K

I try my best to respond to all offers. If not, either life got in the way or I'm thinking about an offer, apologies if I am not able to respond.
Always on the lookout to add to my collection with older titles but I may have most common ones already.
Please list what you want, don’t just link to your list.
New/premium additions in bold
4K films
Sony Movie Buff one code redeems one of below:
Horror films
TV Shows
4k films/new releases
Fighting With My Family
They Shall Not Grow Old
Lego Movie 2 4K
Cold Pursuit 4K
Constantine City of Demons 4K
Da Vinci Code 4K
Law Abiding Citizen 4K
Warrior 4K
Hellboy 2 4K (low want)
Die Hard 4K (low want)
Star Trek iTunes (low want)
Once Upon A Deadpool
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
White Boy Rick
The Sisters Brothers
The Florida Project
Infinitely Polar Bear
Seven Psychopaths
Obvious Child
Rick and Morty Season 1
Most Disney/Marvel
Disneynature Bears
Toy Story of Terror
VUDU credits (valuing at 60%)
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2018.11.16 23:11 no_to_mlm_throwaway My experience at an MLM recruiting event

[Just for clarity, I'm based in London, UK]
A few years ago I did freelance website development and design stuff, and so was part of a (legitimate!) networking organisation. At the groups (there were loads all over the country, I went to at least six around where I lived) I met various other people running their own business or doing freelance work. Some were MLM-y, but most huns didn't come back for a second meeting as they didn't get any fish on the line. I ran my local group for a year or so and took a very dim view of such people trying to push their oils or candles or make-up.
Anyway, one of the genuine people I met through the group was a woman we'll call Alyssa. She was a thoroughly nice person, and made personalised handmade crafts and wedding favours. She was also very impressionable, and tended to assume the best of everything and everyone (see where this is going yet...?).
At a meeting, Alyssa declared that she had found this "amazing opportunity" to make lots of money and "make people healthier with nature", and would anyone else like to come along. I said yes, purely so that I could help dissuade her from signing up to what I was almost certain was a scam.
Alyssa was bringing another friend who had introduced her to the "opportunity" (we'll call her Jane), and a potential real recruit. So we all squeezed into her tiny car and headed off to a hotel near Heathrow Airport. The conference room was arranged with rows of chairs pointed at a small stage - we all sat together and Jane started off about how the products we would be selling would change people's lives. I asked what they were, and she avoided my question, just saying that they were for heart health, and have cured people. "Of what?" I asked. "Oh, cancer, heart disease, everything." Oh. Sure. Yeah, the mythical panacea is being sold out of a dingy hotel conference room.
So, the presentation began, and a couple of American guys started talking about the product, and how it's magic and cures everything under the sun. It was at this point I discovered that the company was called Synergy, and the product was ProArgi-9. At this point I tune out the MLM-bros and start researching the crap out of the thing on my phone. I discover a few studies that show that arginine (the amino acid in the product) may help manage hypertension and angina, but that's about it. Curing cancer is right out.
I try to tell Alyssa about my findings, but she just shushes me. The next part of the presentation is coming up, she tells me!
The next phase is a bunch of people who had been sitting in a slightly set-apart seating area coming up to the microphone to tell them how ProArgi-9 and/or the other supplement bollocks that Synergy sells has helped them. At least two people directly said that the products cured their cancer. One said it helped with their IBS. A couple others said how much healthier they felt.
After this, there was a break for "networking", at which point I tried - as diplomatically as possible - to tell Alyssa how much bullshit we were swimming in. She just batted away my objections with "well would all those people tell lies?". My reply of "they've been massively misled and/or don't understand the science" was never going to work on someone so trusting. Jane, who I now knew was Alyssa's prospective upline, also needled me about being "so negative" and (one line I'll never forget) "why did you come here if all you're going to do is talk about science?".
After the break came the hard sell. We could buy a starter kit for some exorbitant price - something like £200 (about $260 unless the joy of Brexit has crashed GBP even further), and would make that back easily by selling crap supplements to friends and family. But the real money came from recruiting people, at which point we'd be rolling in cash.
It was here that they really nailed their colours to the mast as pyramid scheming idiots. They said that if each new recruit goes on to recruit four other people (as per the "Synergy Scheme for Success" - yes, they really called it that), and those four go on to recruit another four, and so on, you can sit back and do virtually nothing as your downline rakes in the dough for you. By the time you had "just twelve levels", you'd be at "superstar mega galactic Platinum Preferred Partner" or whatever insane title they gave it.
Problem is - I'm a computer scientist by training. I hear twelve levels of four and think 412, or more importantly 224.You get to know your powers of two in CS/IT because binary. And by this point I was unbelievably pissed off at the amount of bullshit flowing into my ears, so I put my hand up, expecting to be swatted down, but they say "ooh, someone's keen, what's your question?".
I ask whether their plan (that they've drawn on their flipchart - and it looks exactly like a damn pyramid) actually works, and whether people reach the top. They say "of course! We have lots of people at that level!" At which point I say something akin to "I couldn't help working it out, and you say that to reach that level you need twelve levels of four people...".
They look shaken, and start blustering, saying "oh, well, or equivalent, everyone's downline is different". They've figured me out, but I continue, "if it is twelve levels of four, that works out at 16,777,216 people. Or more than double the population of London. So I'm not sure how exactly this works. Do you plan to have everyone here sign up a huge chunk of everyone in Britain?"
Without missing a beat, they say "it works if you put the work in" or something along those lines. Pivoting to the whole Puritan work ethic thing.
I manage to shout that it mathematically cannot work over their bullshitting before they continue, in an attempt to dissuade people from being suckered. They explicitly call me out for doing the math, and say that all you need is belief in yourself, and that people like me will always try to drag "strivers" and "entrepreneurs" down.
Once it wraps up, there's a queue of people signing on the dotted line to join up. Including Alyssa. Mission Failed. I try to convince her, but she'd already drunk the Kool-Aid. Jane chewed me out for how much of an ingrate I was ("Alyssa brought you here to share an opportunity, and you embarrass yourself like that in front of everyone"), and how I was only trying to drag people down because I couldn't succeed.
However, a few people came up to me afterwards asking me about my numbers. I explained that it was basically a pyramid scheme, how virtually nobody made money in these things, how they'd be stuck with loads of product they couldn't shift, and that the products didn't have any solid science behind them. At least three just walked out after hearing that, so I feel that my intervention made a difference, and I'm happy that I could dissuade at least one person from signing up. The MLM-bros didn't seem to care as they had more than enough rubes literally lining up to be fleeced.
Alyssa was a distributor for about a year. She pushed the product at the networking meetings, and tried so hard to recruit. I think she got one person under her, but it didn't last. The saddest thing is that at the end, she didn't realise that it was a scam, - no, she thought that she'd just failed. She thought that maybe it wasn't the right business for her. She eventually picked up a different MLM (Arbonne), and moved away from the area after that so I don't know how it ended up. Given how MLMs usually go, not well I imagine.
There isn't really a moral to this story other than "MLMs are an iniquitous blight on society" and perhaps "you can't reason someone out of a position they weren't reasoned into". I even wrote to my MP (equivalent to writing to your Congressperson) to persuade them to ask the Government of the day to beef up anti-MLM legislation. Unfortunately my MP at the time was the idiot missing from a village somewhere, so I never even got a reply. (Incidentally, said idiot is now chief of staff to Theresa May...)
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2018.11.05 21:42 SirLemoncakes [WP] A meteorite falls into your yard and you go investigate. What you see is a strange orb and when you reach in to grab it turns into a warm light that goes into your veins. You now have the power to control gravity. You later find out you aren't the only one with powers now.

That's what it was. At first we thought these powers a blessing. We were wrong. So very, very wrong.
It was just under six months ago that the orbs fell. They fell all over the world. If you found an orb, one of those glowing agents of death, the glow would transfer over to you, and suddenly, you'd have super powers. I suppose we should at least be glad that only one person could gain power from one orb. Even with that limitation, hell broke loose.
We like to think the best of humanity and of ourselves. We think "If I had powers, I could make the world a better place." Some tried. Hell, I still try. Curse me for a fool. Some got simple powers like teleportation, or flight. Others, were basically straight out of a comic book. They were nearly indestructible, could break atomic bonds, or even split an atom with a thought. It was an apocalypse.
I gained the ability to control gravity. Think about that for a second. If I so chose, I could wipe out all life on Earth with a thought. I could destroy the entire universe if I really bent my mind to the task. All I would have to do is reverse gravity. Everything would fling apart. Planets would cease to exist, stars would explode outwards with nothing to hold them together. Life would end. Everywhere.
Luckily, I'm one of the good ones. At least, I try to be. While I was getting a grasp on my powers, I killed a lot of people. I would get angry at a guy who rear ended me, and in my anger I compressed him to the size of a gumball. Think about the stress. The guilt. I think the only thing that kept me from suicide was the knowledge that others were raping and killing for sport. For self enrichment.
Over weeks, I gained control of my powers. I had a suit made ( I know, a bit cheesy), I took on the name "Graviton". Manipulating gravity, I flew around fighting crime. I'd see a mugging, and I'd flatten the robber to the ground. Pinning him until law enforcement could collect him. I stopped bank robberies, purse thieves, hit and runs....so petty. So useless.
Eventually, I caught wind of a super-villain operating in my town. He had the ability to create horrors with his mind, and use them to terrorize and enforce his will on others. Working with local law enforcement I tracked him down. He was operating in the warehouse district, using his minions to collect women, money, jewelry, and creature comforts. He titled himself "Kreative King". I'm told he thought using a K was hilarious.
The SWAT team insisted on assisting me, I tried to beg them off but they didn't listen. They still thought they had a chance back in those days. We approached the warehouse, I eased the effects of gravity on the teams accompanying me to speed them up. As soon as we got withing 100 feet of the target location everything went to hell. Swarms of spiders, centipedes, and ants exploded out from the surrounding area. The officers around me were quickly being devoured. I tried to save them, but in my panic I used too much power....I killed them all. I couldn't stop now though. I knew the KK was ware of this trespass on his territory, and I knew I had to act quickly or he might go to ground.
I rocketed into the air, and flew directly to his center of power. The main warehouse. I flew in through a skylight, hoping against hope that I wasn't seen. Unfortunately for me, for everyone, I was. I found myself surrounded by monsters. All training firearms on me. Slowly, I put my hands up and said "Let's not do anything hasty. I don't want this to go badly any more than you do." A man clad in garish colors wearing a cape and crown slowly walked up from behind a nearby wall. "Graviton" he sneered "A hero come to stop the evil villain! BAH!" he glared directly in my eyes "I have been paying close attention to you. You've nearly killed as many people as I have. Let me just say, that takes effort. You're no better than I am." I felt intense guilt wash over me, "I'm nothing like you. I try. I try to stop people like you from pillaging and raping the world. When I misstep, I own up to it and push forward! You would never know what it is to strive for a worthy-" a shot rang out from one of the assorted monstrosities surrounding me. It caught me in the kneecap. I collapsed, breathless. I could feel my vision blurring at the edges.
"That's enough of that little Graviton...I didn't lure you here to be lectured. I need something from you, and you aren't leaving until I get it...."
He might have said more, but I lost consciousness.....
I woke to a sound not dissimilar to nails on a chalkboard. I blinked away my grogginess and took in the scene before me. What looked to be dozens of people, each chained under a dark orb which gave off a miasma of oppression. I looked up, and sure enough an orb hung above my head as well.
I reached into myself to feel for my power, and gasped. It wasn't there. Nothing. I couldn't feel anything. Where before there was an ocean of power there was instead a dried lakebed.
I vomited. I had no idea how much the power and I had become one. After I finally stopped retching my mind was racing. Was my power gone for good? Were the malicious orbs which hung above my head suppressing my abilities? I'm not sure which option I preffered.
Looking around, I could see evidence of similar reactions all around me. People sobbing, some passed out, others sitting cold and silent. Were they all gifted? I decided to be proactive. I called to the nearest person who seemed even remotely calm, "Hey, you! Lady with the red hair. Do you have any idea what's going on?" She looked at me and slowly shook her head. "I'm only sure of two things; that we're all gifted, and none of us seem to be able to use our abilities. From the others I've talked to it seems like everyone was either taken by Thunderstruck or The Kreative King."
I frowned, Thunderstruck was a villain from the UK. He shouldn't be anywhere near here. "Are you sure? I was taken by the KK, but I didn't think he would work with anyone, let alone someone as unpredictable as Thunderstruck."
Thunderstruck was a lightning type gifted. From what I'd heard, he was able to produce lightning storms and travel inside of them as the lightning. At last estimation, he was responsible for over 40,000 deaths in London alone. He was also said to have killed a few dozen gifted along the way.
She nodded and replied "Yeah, I thought that was strange too. Every day or so they bring in a new gifted, always unconscious. They have at least one other gifted with them, she is the one who makes these damned orbs. I've never heard of a gifted with the ability to suppress other gifted. I don't think that bodes well for us."
I caught her meaning, if we hadn't heard of her, that meant she was either very strong, or very clever. "What's your name? I think we should get to know each other. Might pay to have an ally when the time for escape comes. I'm Graviton by the way."
She beamed at me "The famous Graviton. You're known as a class 1 hero I hope you know. I'm Flame Sprite, from down south. I was hoping to avoid meeting you if I'm honest."
My blood ran cold. This was the woman responsible for the subjugation of lousiana. True, the conquest had been relatively bloodless, aside from the dozens of gifted she had put down, not many had died, but she ruled like a Dictator. She wielded absolute power.
She had the unique power to summon a massive flame sprite which fought for her. Apparently, she could control the monstrous thing from more than a mile off, and see from its eyes. "I have to admit, I wasn't exactly hoping to run into you, or rather your monster either. For now though let's try and work together"
She began to respond but was interrupted by the door to the warehouse grinding open. A figure in faintly glowing emerald green stood in the doorway. "Now I'm sure you're all very curious as to why I've gathered you here today. Allow me to explain...."
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2018.10.31 06:54 Craftomatic75 1000 Fantasy Booking Tournament: European Championship

WWE Europe: The Beginning
April 2019
Manchester Arena
Manchester, England
WWE European Title Match (Elimination Match)
Drew McIntyre VS Finn Balor VS Cesaro VS Sheamus VS Rusev VS Wade Barrett
(The Build-Up)
*The creation of WWE Europe annouced during Wrestlemania weekend led some WWE Superstars to leave RAW and Smackdown and make WWE Europe their permanent home. Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Sheamus, Cesaro and Rusev was the biggest names and they were instantly booked in an elmination match to crown the WWE European Champion. Wade Barrett was a startling return as he was named as the surprise final entrant.* 

(The Match)
*The first elimination of the match was a shocker as The Bar teamed up and eliminated the favorite, Finn Balor. Balor looked very upset with the early elimination. The second elimination turned out to be Rusev after a Claymore Kick by Drew. The third elimnation was Sheamus as he was shocked to be rolled up by his partner, Cesaro but in the end Sheamus seemingly shrugged off the betrayal and walked to the back. Cesaro's actions proved to be wrong as he was the next elimination as Barrett caught him with the Bull Hammer for the pin. Finally Drew McIntyre became the European Champion by dodging a Bull Hammer attempt and nailing the Claymore Kick instead. William Regal and Triple H presented Drew the new title and Drew made a speech to a roaring crowd.* 

WWE Europe: King of the Ring
May 2019
SSE Hydro
Glasglow, Scotland
WWE European Title Match-
Drew McIntyre VS Wade Barrett

(The Build Up)
*Drew McIntyre instantly became a fan favorite as the people flocked to his hard hitting/bad ass style. Drew followed up his win by declaring himself a fighting champion and that he will give anybody a shot at the title that deserved it. Drew was instantly challenged by Barrett, who claimed that he took Drew to the limit after being out of the ring for years. Barrett promised that in a rematch that he will defeat the champion.* 

(The Match)
*The match was a hard hitting contest as it was showcased by Barrett losing a front tooth from a hard right hand from the Scottish Psycho. Barrett put up a valiant effort but in the end McIntyre was able to connect with a Claymore Kick and get the win. After the match, McIntyre was confronted by The King of Ring winner, Cesaro, who challenged him to a match.* 

WWE Europe: Revolution
June 2019
Accorhotels Arena
Paris, France
WWE European Title Match
Drew McIntyre VS Cesaro

(The Build Up)
*Cesaro made him the number one contender by defeating Peter Dunne in the finals of The King of the Ring. Cesaro claimed it was his time to finally seize the spotlight after he turns on Sheamus. Cesaro then announces Layla as his new manager as she returns to the WWE. Cesaro new attitude shows as he attacks Drew numerous times leading up to the show.* 

(The Match)
*Cesaro shows a side to him that we have never seen as he tries to take every shortcut that he can to win the title. The ending comes when Layla tries to get invovled in the matchup and it backfires on Cesaro as he gets hairspray to the eyes and then turns blindly into a Claymore Kick for the loss.* 

WWE Europe: Gladiators
July 2019
Rome, Italy
Main Event-Non Title
Drew McIntyre VS Triple H

(The Build-Up)
*Triple H shows up in WWE Europe and says he is impressed by Drew McIntyre and that Vince was right saying years ago that he was The Chosen One. He then went on to degrade WWE Europe calling it the minor leagues and calls out Drew from the back. HHH offers Drew a chance to come back to RAW. Drew declines it and angers HHH. HHH says that Drew will regret his decsion. Drew then over the next few weeks faces challengers handpicked by HHH but he is able to defeat Aliester Black, The Great Babutunde and Killian Dain. HHH finally reappears and says that he will do it himself as books himself in a non-title match in Rome. lear* 

(The Match)
*Drew and HHH is more less a fight and the crowd loves the match up. Drew finally gets his landmark victory as he sends HHH back to the United States with a loss when he surprises by HHH by kicking out after The Pedigree and then ends up catching him with a Claymore Kick. The face locker room comes out and celebrates Drew as they make it out as a night for the company as a whole that showed them they belong.* 

WWE Summer Slam
August 2019
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
WWE European Title Match
Drew McIntyre VS The Mountain w/Conor McGregor (special referee)

(The Build-Up)
*Just when Drew thought it was over with the WWE, Stephanie appeared via satelitte on WWE Europe. She congratulated Drew on his win against her husband but announced that she has personally signed Drew's next opponent as he will come back to the United States and defend his title at SummerSlam. Drew looks confused but the crowd goes wild when Hafbor Juilus Bjornsson or more commonly known to many as "The Mountain" appears on the ramp. We learn that the strongman has been signed to the WWE for a few months and has been training in NXT. We see clips of his dominance and WWE Europe GM, William Regal, is irate. The next week, Regal says that he talked personally to Vince McMahon and pleaded his case that Drew and WWE Europe as a whole was being treated unfairly by HHH and Stephanine. He also claimed that there was no way that Drew would get a fair fight in the U.S. He says Vince gave him the power to appoint a special referee for the match and the roof came off the place when Conor McGregor was named to the role. It was a sight to be seen at the contract signing as Conor was dwarfed stading between Drew and The Mountain.* 

(The Match)
*The Mountain looked better then most thought he would as he already rivaled Braun Strowman with his in-ring skills. He dominated most of the match as anything Drew threw at him didn't seem to phase the giant at all. Conor mostly stayed out of the action only yelling at Bjornsson a couple of times for breaking holds. Finally after a blatant choke, tempers flared as Conor tried to get Mountain off of Drew but instead he sent Conor flying across the ring with a little shove. Conor has had enough as the two start to argue. This gave Drew enough time to recover and Bjornsson turned around into a Claymore Kick but only went to a knee. This allowed Conor to hit a combination of punches to the jaw of The Mountain before a second Claymore Kick from McIntyre. Conor counted the pinfall as he and Drew celebrated to a roaring crowd.* 

WWE Europe: Clash of Champions
September 2019
Max-Schemling Halle
Berlin, Germany
WWE European Championship (Champion VS Champion)
Drew McIntyre VS WALTER

*Finally the war with the WWE and HHH/Stephanie was over and there was a much louder buzz and a lot more eyes on WWE Europe. This was the perfect time to push a new star and that man was the WWE Europe Television Champion, WALTER. WALTER broke into the compnay and has suffered only one loss and that was to the hands of Sheamus. WALTER and his manager, Drake Maverick, confronted Drew and said he has been dodging WALTER for months but Drew just chuckled at the claim. Finally during a title match with Alexander Wolfe, WALTER sneak attacked the champion and got his attention as Drew agreed to a match at Clash of Champions.* 

*WALTER proved he belonged in the big time and he had the support of the crowd after spending much of his career in Germany. WALTER left the champs chest red and bloody but he didn't leave with the title. Drew was able to escape a power bomb attempt and nailed the Claymore Kick for the victory.* 

WWE Europe: Red Alert
October 2019
Megasport Arena
Moscow, Russia
WWE European Championship
Drew McIntyre VS Rusev

(Build Up)
*The next event was announced as major news as WWE Europe was going to Moscow. William Regal instantly got pressured by Lana to book Rusev in the main event in her home country. Regal gave the Bulgarian Brute a chance and Rusev defeated Neville for the shot at Drew. McIntyre and Rusev said they would put their friendship aside and will both will put up a great fight at Red Alert.* 

(The Match)
*The crowd was red hot in Moscow as Lana and Rusev reenacted their Wrestlemania entrance by coming into the arena on a Russian Tank. Drew and Rusev had a hard fought, clean match that Rusev almost won with The Accolade but Drew was able to get to the ropes. Drew shocked everyboy when he was able to get Rusev to tap out to the Boston Crab after Rusev looked to injure his back earlier in the match. The took shook hands after the match and Lana even got involved as the crowd cheered all three superstars.* 

WWE: Survivor Series
November 2019
United Center
Chicago, Illinois
WWE European Championship-Fatal Four Way
Drew McIntyre VS Neville VS Finn Balor VS Becky Lynch

(The Build-Up)
*William Regal announced that the WWE Europe will be competing in the U.S. at Survivor The crSeries and that he wanted to steal the show with the European title match. He annouced a series of matches to qualify for a Fatal Four Way to face Drew McIntyre. The first qualifier was Neville as he defeated WWE European Cruiserweight Champion, Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc and Tyler Bate in a ladder match. The second qualifier was Finn Balor as he bested Wade Barrett, Rusev, Sheamus, Cesaro, WALTER, Peter Dunne and Nick Aldis in a beat the clock challenge. Finally the shocking fourth qualifier was WWE Europe Women's Champion, Becky Lynch, when she snuck in an entered a Battle Royal and won it eliminating Aliester Black with a running knee. Regal at first rejected the idea of Becky being involved in the match but after the crowd's reaction he put her back in.* 

(The Match)
*This was one of the most talked about matches leading up to the night and after the night. The moves of Neville and Balor throughout the match was unbelievable, Drew was the warrior champion and Becky Lynch was surviving. The crowd was on their feet when after a Red Arrow by Neville on Balor and with Drew down on the outside, Becky took advantage of Neville hurting himself on the move and locked in the armbar. Neville looked in pain as Becky pulled on the joint with all she had. Finally to the boos of the crowd, Balor got up and broke it up before the tapout. The end of the match saw Drew go for a Claymore Kick on Balor but he moved and he nailed Becky instead. Drew looked concern for Becky and was going to check on her when Balor rolled him up and held onto the tights for the pin to become new champion. The crowd was shocked at Balor's actions but he didn't seem to care as he celebrated with his title.* 

WWE Europe: Fight Night
December 2019
Dublin, Ireland
WWE European Championship-Title VS Career
Finn Balor VS Sheamus

(The Build-Up)
*The Balor heel turn was complete as Regal booked him a rematch with Drew and Eddie Hall showed up. Hall interfered in the match and was revealed as Balor's bodyguard. Soon the Balor club was back in business as Aleister Black and Killian Dain joined up. Balor's action got worse when he then attacked William Regal backstage and then he pie faced Becky Lynch the next week when she confronted him for his actions. These decisions caught the ire of Sheamus as he came to the rescue of Becky. This led to Interim General Manager, Fit Finlay, to book Sheamus and Balor. Balor claimed that Sheamus hasn't earned a title shot because he had been on a losing streak. He then challenged Sheamus to put his career on the line versus that title. Sheamus agreed and Balor vowed to end Sheamus career in front of his family in Dublin.* 

(The Match)
*Sheamus was on fire from the start as he dominated the match in front of his fans and family but the crowd as a whole was split between the two Irishmen. The crowd went wild when the referee banished Eddie Hall from ringside after he tripped Sheamus. The ending came when Balor hit a low blow behind the referee and pinned Sheamus after a series of vicious V-Triggers. After realizing he lost, Sheamus got teary eyed and hugged his family at ringside. The Irish fans gave him a standing ovation as Cesaro, Finlay, Becky and others came out and honored Sheamus.* 

WWE: Royal Rumble
January 2020
Wells Fargo Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WWE European Championship-Ladder Match
Finn Balor VS Drew McIntyre
(The Build Up)
William Regal announced that the Royal Rumble was coming up and that WWE Europe was going to be a big part of it. Finn Balor confronted Regal and said that there was no more people for him to face in this company. Balor then challenged Regal to a match and Regal looked ready to do it when the former champion, Drew McIntyre, showed up. McIntyre said he deserved another shot at Balor due to Eddie Hall's interference in his rematch. Regal agreed to the match. The next week, Drew was in a match against WALTER when Balor, Hall, Black and Dain showed up and surrounded the ring. Drew looked in trouble but then The Mountain returned and took out Black and Dain. Hall was ready to fight Moutain but Balor calmed him down and they left through the crowd. Bjornssen offered to be in Drew's corner at the Rumble and said he respect Drew after their battle at Summer Slam. The two shook hands as Drew accepted his offer but The Mountain said that if Drew wins and he wins the Rumble that he was coming after him. Drew seemed to have no problem with it. Finally Regal stated that the match needed something else to put it over the top and decleared it would be a ladder match, Balor didn't look pleased at the turn of events.

(The Match)
The match was total chaos and the Philly fans ate it up. The two men battled it out and each has mutliple chances at the title only to be thwarted at the top by the others. McIntyre using a series of vicious headbutts stood out and got a round of "Holy Shit" from the crowd. Soon total chaos broke out in the ring as while Eddie Hall was kept in the check by The Moutain's presence the others members of Balor Club, Aliester Black and Killian Dain made their way down to ringside but before they could get there they was ambushed by Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal as Drew looked happy with seeing his former 3 Man Band stablemates. This led to Eddie Hall to make his way into the ring to try and help Balor but The Mountain beat him into it first and sent Hall flying over the top rope with an incredile clothesline. Soon Balor saw himself facing The Mountain and Drew and didn't know what to do. The Mountain backed Balor into the corner as he ordered Drew to start climbing. Balor looked helpless as he didn't want to confront Bjornssen and he was watching his title slip away. Suddenly The Mountain reaches up and grabs Drew by the throat and chokeslams 9 feet off the ladder. Balor is in shock as The Moutanin starts shouting at Drew, laying on the mat. You can almost see a light bulb appear over Balor's head as he quickly surveys the situation and scampers up the ladder with quickness and unhooks the title for the win. He celebrates on top of the ladder as The Mountain leaves the ring and Drew is left sprawled out on the mat.

WWE Europe: No Way Out
February 2020
02 Arena
London, England
WWE European Championship-Hell in a Cell
Finn Balor VS William Regal

Regal is furious over the events at Royal Rumble as Balor basked in his own glory. Balor said he has survived every obstacle that Regal has thrown at him. Regal finally asks Balor if he was serious months ago when he challenged the GM to a match. Regal seems confused as Regal decides that he has one more match in him and he books himself to face Balor in London at No Way Out in Hell in a Cell. Balor though doesn't seem bothered at all about the announcement as says he will put Regal out of his misery.

The bout is a blood fest as both men get busted open in the encounter. Although he is a step slower then he used to be, Regal is still a top notch technician as he slows down the match in his favor. You can see the pain in Balor in every strike Regal hits and every move where Regal stretches out his joints. Fans are on the edge of their seats when Balor climbs on top of the cage and Regal follows. Regals seems out of his element that high but after an exchange Regal tosses Balor off the cage and through the announce table. The crowd is in a frenzy as Hall checks on Balor and Regal climbs down the cage. It takes Regal forever to get down and Balor is crawling out of the rubble aided by Hall. Regal nails Hall with a series of chair shots and then is able to get Balor back into the ring. Regal looks to put Balor away but of nowhere Balor lands an uppercut that knocks Regal out cold. Balor covers him slowly and gets the pin as we see the brass knuckles on Balor's hand. We see replays of Hall sliding them to Finn as he helped him recover. Hall picks up Balor over his shoulder and carries him to the back. Finn might have kept the title but there isn't no winners after a match like this. Paramedics come out and check on Regal as he has lost a lot of blood throughout the match but an angry Regal pushes him away. The bloody Regal stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd gives him a standing ovation for his effort here tonight.

WWE Europe: Uncensored
March 2020
Ziggo Dome
Amsterdam, Netherlands
WWE European Championship-No DQ
Finn Balor VS Eddie Hall

(Build Up)
The ego of Balor is out of control after No Way Out and he says that nobody can beat him and he makes the mistake by commenting that he does it all by himself. Hall seems to take exception to this comment but stays quiet. His look though isn't missed by Regal. The next week, Regal calls Balor and Hall out to the ring along with the rest of Balor Club. Regal says Balor got the best of him during Hell in a Cell and he beat Regal at his own game. Regal says that Balor has defeated everybody that he has put in front of him and it's harder then ever to find somebody that will be a challenge. He then turns to Eddie Hall and offers the next title shot to him. Balor is stunned and Hall is confused. Balor starts yelling at Hall as he hesitates with his answer. Balor grabs Hall by his arm to get his attentioin but Hall swats him away. The two argue before Hall shoves him across the ring easily. Black and Dain attack Hall but Hall dispatches both with a clothelsine to Black and a belly to belly suplex to Dain. Hall accepts Regal's offer. In the next weeks, Hall picks up wins against both Black and Dain while Balor dodges the big man.

(The Match)
Eddie Hall shows off his impressive strength at one time he gorilla presses Balor and throws him completely out of the ring by at least 6 feet. Balor seems to look for a weakness on him but his stirkes seem to have no effect. Hall nails a couple splashes into the corner and a big suplex. He goes for a vertical suplex but Balor wiggles free and chopblocks Eddie's knee. Eddie screams in pain as Balor starts working over the joint. Each move where Hall screams you see confidence come over Balor. He makes a mistake though by a series of slaps to the face that infuriates Hall. Hall is now on fire with a series of lariats and a big boot. Hall sets up Balor on the top rope and is looking for a Samoan Drop but once again Balor wiggles free and powerbombs Hall off the turnbuckles. He then follows up with his finisher, knocks the wind out of Hall and picks up the win.

WWE: Wrestlemania
April 2020
Wembley Stadium
London, England
WWE European Championshiop-Dublin Street Fight
Finn Balor VS Conor McGregor

(Build Up)
Regal is once again distraught as his nemesis, Balor, has overcame another opponent. Regal tells Fit Finlay backstage that he doesn't know who he has left to give Balor a challenge that is big enough with Wrestlemania coming. Then his cellphone rings and Regal is shocked by the caller, he is now happy and when he hangs up he tells Finlay that everything will be okay. The next week Balor says that Wrestlemania is finally coming to the UK and he wants a match to make history. He then says he doesn't know who will give him that. He says that he has defeated almost everybody on the roster and who he hasn't faced isn't even worth his time. Finally Regal comes out and tells Balor not to worry that he has his opponent for him. Balor laughs as Finlay comes out to, he mocks Finlay for awhile but Finlay finally tells Balor that he just wants to be out to be part of history. Regal then announces Balor opponenet as Conor McGregor. Conor is there and the crowd goes wild. Conor is on the top of his game trash talking wise as he cuts a promo that makes people laugh and just makes Balor look bad. Finally Black and Dain come from the back as Balor warns him that this isn't the UFC. The two get in the ring and look to attack Conor but he catches the both with a series of punches and wows the crowd by picking up Dain and driving him to the mat, mounts him and rains down vicious blows. Balor doesn't help him and runs for cover. The next week, Dain and Black is furious that Balor left them to Conor and said they are done with Balor Club. For the first time Balor in WWE Europe, Balor is alone with Wrestlemania coming

(The Match)
Conor's ability in the ring is shocking as we learn that Regal and Finlay has took him under their wing and taught him a thing or two and he shows it right off with a series of catch all wrestling moves. Balor changes the match with a rake to the eyes and mocks Conor by saying this isn't MMA. Balor then takes him to the outside and uses the apron, steps, steel post and railing to his advantage injuring Conor. Regal comes out to the ringside and tries to fire Conor up as Finn puts him a coverleaf. Conor battles to the ropes and Balor is forced to let go of the hold. Balor then dodges a wild swing from McGregor and delivers the Sling Blade then after a dropkick in the corner. Balor goes to the top to finish him. Balor plays the crowd and jumps off but Conor bounces up and nails him with a solid shot to the jaw in mid-air. Balor is dazed as Conor quickly bounces and locks in the Regal Stretch. Regal is beside himself as Conor cranks on the pressure. Balor goes for the ropes and crawls almost into the face of a screaming Regal. Balor reaches for them but is just an inch close as he taps instead. The crowd goes wild and some are in shock as Conor is declared the new champion. Regal gets in the ring and raises Conor's hand and gives hi the title. The photo of McGregor holding the belt over his head is seen across the globe with Balor sunken in the corner behind him wiht his face in his hands.
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2018.08.29 06:40 SpeedySPCFan [USA-WA] Games for OG Xbox, MD/Genesis, Saturn, GameCube, and PC big box [W] PayPal

Selling off a huge bunch of games I no longer play to make money for music gear and other things. Check photos for condition (games blacked out in pics are sold from my old threads). All are working unless stated otherwise and will be tested before payment is received (PayPal payment ONLY, no friends/family, buyer pays shipping). Shipping to US only.
Just post a comment below on what you're interested in. I'm open to offers and negotiations. Thanks!
Resistance Burning Skies (GameStop case & game) - $8
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Battlestations - $2
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Age of Empires 2 - $8
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Armed police in London Bridge after attacks - YouTube Armoured UK SWAT Raid! (GTA 5 UK Police Mods LSPDFR #242 ... BEST OF 2018 - UK POLICE - YouTube Dramatic moment UK armed cops swoop in on Audi in North London [Roblox london] Uk Police MPS SCO19 general patrol! [SUPER RARE!] Met police 5X ARMOURED SWAT Jankel Trucks ... Meet my friends, SWAT London

A SWOT Analysis of The UK

  1. Armed police in London Bridge after attacks - YouTube
  2. Armoured UK SWAT Raid! (GTA 5 UK Police Mods LSPDFR #242 ...
  3. BEST OF 2018 - UK POLICE - YouTube
  4. Dramatic moment UK armed cops swoop in on Audi in North London
  5. [Roblox london] Uk Police MPS SCO19 general patrol!
  6. [SUPER RARE!] Met police 5X ARMOURED SWAT Jankel Trucks ...
  7. Meet my friends, SWAT London

My first BEST OF compilation for the 'BEST OF 2018', I haven't done one of these for a long while but here you go. Here you will see the best videos of UK Po... SWAT Sikh Camp 2017 - London, UK - Highlights - Duration: 1:50. ironjacket1 Recommended for you. 1:50. NishkamSWAT Overview Animation Serving Humanity - Duration: 2:42. Nishkam SWAT 77 views. An awesome and VERY RARE sighting of 5X Metropolitan Police Armoured Jankel 'SWAT' style trucks from the Met's SCO19 Counter-Terrorism Unit responding in CON... Police raid bank (GTA 5 UK Police Mod) and respond to armed suspect calls as SCO19 (UK Armed Police) devision in a Jankel Armoured Carrier (SCO19 are closest... Roblox NUSA-Swat-VS-ExSCO19 commander Who will win? ... iamrome gaming 553 views. 4:26 [Roblox London] uk police MPS SCO19 prime minister last day - Duration: 26:26. iamrome gaming 20,960 views ... DRAMATIC video shows the moment armed cops smashed a car window with a rifle and dragged a teenager from the seat after a high-speed chase. Two boys aged 15 ... (4 Jun 2017) Heavily armed police were seen in London after a series of attacks described as terrorism killed seven people and injured more than 40 others on...