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Toronto City Guide

2019.09.17 23:22 Kratz177 Toronto City Guide

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Hey guys,
As some of you know I’ve never been to Toronto. However, I do have friends who have been there. Overall, from what I gather Toronto is hard for Game. Since the girls tend to be the more liberal/hippie/feminist type who is difficult to hook up with, the city is very multicultural so you’ll have much more competition tons of guys who work there at IT and there’s a lot of guy who know about game/pua(it is where Mystery and other classic PUA’s are from, so you get an idea). At the same time, don’t be discouraged, a lot of guys live there and they have managed to make something out of it, therefore, so can YOU.
Here’s a compilation post of multiple hardcore PUA’s who have lived or visited Toronto. I’m only sharing the best posts that I found, I’ve hand- picked every post to deliver for you the best and most clear quality posts.
Edit 1: I'm editing out any content that is offensive, since we are an optimistic forum.
Hardcore PUA 1:
Night game in Toronto is not easy.I could list hot bars and clubs, but it doesn't mean you are going to get lucky. The place could be wall to wall chicks and you still could strike out.The city is also very strange, I have been to spots that were simply off the hook. A week later I return to the same spot and I was like WTF happened.Every weekend is very hit and miss, so you have to move around a lot and hope you hit one of those magical nights.
Word of advice - get out early and pre drink before the PMS crowd gets on the scene.
Are you ready to battle the club scene?Moma in one of our podcasts, talked about how he went 0 for 30 in a bar one night.How many rejections are you willing to take before you call it a night?How late are you willing to grind it out at night?Some of my best pulls have been in the early morning, either on the street or a chinese restaurant on Spadina. Sadly, a lot of these chicks love poutine and pizza. So you might have better luck in those spots.
We can all agree that getting numbers isn't a good night.So when you meet Ms down-for-the-night, where are you going to take her?
Having a pad downtown close to the nightlife is the number one thing that will help you pull girls. Location, location, location is what they teach guys selling real estate. Look at the prices for rent on King St W and you will see why.
I was downtown in Yorkville yesterday, having lunch with a fellow RVFer. The talent wasn't great, in fact I saw more white jiggling cellulite thighs than I care to see. For an area that is suppose to be rich, elite, posh etc, it was very sad. My local suburban mall would have killed it with eye candy.
Which leads me to this, are you guys in good shape?There are many gyms in this city, so you have no excuse to not be in shape.Go to a LA fitness and you will see girls in there killing it, like their life depended on being in shape.If I were new to a city, I would join a gym right away. The nicer the gym the more girls it will attract.Girls love Crossfit gyms, girls love gyms that have yoga.I know some girls who have more than one membership at a gym.With LA fitness you can visit other gyms, I don't work out at LA fitness. lol
Drake Hotel - I never liked this spot, my friends go there quite a bit. For me it is too crammed and the talent isn't that great. It has always been a place that had a lot of dudes.
Madison - As soon as I read a Toronto report that lists this pub/bar, I know straight away the guy is trolling. This spot use to be a RSD/PUA hangout a few years back and had horrible ratios then.
Rebel NightClub/Cabana - both of these places are in the same location.I have heard Rebel is the hot club now, I have not been and quite frankly don't really care to go. They do have some good acts performing there, so I will "try" to make the effort to check one of them out. Future the rapper was there a few months ago, the place was crawling with chicks.
Cabana - is a Miami wannabe day club.Do not go there unless you can pull up in your boat, afford the crazy bottle service prices and have girls you can bring with you or if you have a great physique and can draw girls with it.If you are curious, I would suggest going when they have a world renowned EDM DJ performing, I believe Carl Cox was there this weekend.Girls love EDM in Toronto, so if you can handle the noise and the beats per minute then this could work for you.I have seen girls at these spots solo.
It has been discussed before but worth mentioning again.How is your fashion?You better have a decent wardrobe or one killer outfit that you can wear on a night out.Guys here still dress for crap and yes Montreal guys know how to dress. This isn't an excuse, make sure you have an outfit that is on point.I see Chinese dudes in Starbucks now, wearing Prada/Common Projects/Louboutin sneakers and $2K in clothing.I am not saying you have to be a label whore, but if you can afford it then go for it.
Hardcore PUA 2
Toronto is an extremely attractive city, and even as I travel to some of the likes of Eastern Europe, it's never a complete let down to get back home. There's a catch. Most Toronto guys have no game, and the women here know it. Luckily, if you aren't from Toronto that doesn't apply. I normally let them know I am from the USA very early on in the conversations.
Since you have a 1/2 chance of meeting a non-Canadian, it helps to have traveled a bit so you can talk to the many foreigners that live here about their countries. You'll meet lots of French and Germans, as well as Australians, Brits, Ukrainians, and Russians. A lot of them are here on Visas, and you don't get nearly the amount of weekend tourists as the other big North American cities. I find it crazy how many people going to Niagara Falls but not Toronto.
I don't think game is too complicated in Toronto. The main thing is to talk to the women before you are incredibly drunk. The typical Canadian guy will wait til 1am to make an approach, and by that time he's normally pretty sloppy and it quickly becomes a shootout for the girls who aren't paired off by then.
**Where to live/stay:**I would suggest the following corridor: West of Bathurst, South of Bloor, East of Jarvis. The best place for quality of women is going to be either Liberty Villiage or City Place. Rent will set you back about $1,600 for a one bedroom, or $2,300 for a 2 bedroom, as the buildings in these neighbourhoods are all relatively new with good amenities. There are older buildings in the above corridor which you can rent for around $1,100 for a one bedroom. The cheapest you'll be able to find would be $400-$500 for a crappy shared apartment. Girls are used to going home in ubecabs here, so as long as you are in that relative area, you probably won't have any logistics issues.
If you are here for a weekend, best bet is to use AirBnb. There are 2 hostels downtown worth staying at if you are on a budget- The Planet Traveler -kensington market with an awesome rooftop, and the HI on Jarvis- Good location with a bar under it.
Bars I like, by neighbourhood:
Kensington Market- Eclectic Hipstery Neighbourhood
Cold Tea- This is a speakeasy in Kensington Market that makes a perfect date spot. Expensive, but expertly made cocktails in an intimate setting. In the summer they throw Sunday-Fundays that can't be beat. They have a DJ, rotating restaurants supplying food each week, and a normally at capacity outdoor patio. It can be a hipster crowd, but there is always talent to be had there and I've seen some weird stuff go down.
The Boat- Fun, open dance venue. Great place to grab some drinks on the weekend, can be hit or miss but when it's good it's a fun night out.
Sneaky Dee's- Legendary place in Toronto known for cheap drinks and massive food plates. Downstairs can be tough to pick up since it is all seating, but upstairs is wide open. Busy on the weekends, but they also do karaoke nights, trivia nights, and host live bands.
Queen/King St West
Crocodile Rock- Cougar bar by weekend, but probably your best bet on a Wednesday night in Toronto. Cheap drinks, and lots of drunk students. The downstairs is probably the better of the 2 floors to pick up, but both can be alright. Gotta make your move early, it's a shit show by 12:30am.
Queen Street Warehouse- If you are a looking for party on an off night, this is going to be your last chance venue. It's a very hipster bar, but you can get the non hipster girls in her occasionally, sometimes those in the industry. Always fun music, girls dancing on bars, and generous bartenders. $5 food for everything on the menu.
Rockin' Horse Saloon - One of 2 country bars in Toronto. The talent here is always good, busy Thur-Sat. The mechanical bull and line dancing make for a fun vibe.
The Porch (summer only)- Amazing rooftop patio with a view of the CN tower. Expensive drinks and food, but great place to meet beautiful women and enjoy your summer nights.
Gracie O'Malley's - Irish pub with cheap drinks and a great student crowd. Really easy place to pick up and good looking 19-21 y/o sorority type girls. Live band alternating into a dj on the breaks. Student night on Thursday is a gold mine. I've gone here in a blazer after events before and it definitely helps with that crowd.
The Cameron House- Amazing date spot, live music every night of the week and never cover for the main room. Tough place to pull, but it can happen if you get lucky. If you aren't looking to pull but just want to have a fun night listening to live music, give this place a go.
Wide Open- Probably the cheapest place for drinks in Toronto. Small, skinny dive bar. Best bet here is to pop in for a drink to pregame at the beginning of the night. Sometimes there will be a couple girls to chat up. If not, the bartenders are normally good looking so enjoy that and move on.
Bar 244- This cheap club has $3 drinks on Saturday nights. Bar is typically really busy, 2 floors and lots of girls. Definitely worth a look.
The Drake- 3 level venue with 2 dance floors and a rooftop. Quality girls, good music. If you have some dance floor game this place can be really good. I do better meeting the girls outside of here, then walking back in with them.
Dog and Bear- I've done really well here in the past. If you don't get here early enough, you'll be stuck in line for a while. The women are typically good looking and the set up of the venue makes approaches easy. A lot of times we will got to The Ossington bar early, get a stamp, then head here until the Ossington gets busy.
Bier Markt-A beer menu that goes for ages, and live bands on the weekend. Great place to pick up, once again, normally a good crowd of girls but a lack of men hitting on them.
The Addisons- Not on King West, but close, this venue is set up to resemble a house party. The outdoor patio will have all sorts of games to play, and inside looks like a big house party, to the extent that they bring in free pizza for everyone throughout the night. Beautiful women, approachable, and easy to pull.
Oasis Rooftop (summer only)- This place brings out the best Toronto has to offer. Expensive drinks, but a fantastic place to have some Coronitas on a hot summer day. Good place to meet girls before heading somewhere else with them later in the night.
Bar Hop- Another great date spot. Awesome beer menu, intimate bar.
Underground Garage-[/i] If you want to go hard on a Monday, this is your best place. There will be some talent for sure, but you'll have to work for it. Weekends can be good too. Half bar, half dance floor, sketchy decorations.
UG3- A newish venue in Toronto, great for picking up. Here you get the King West girls that aren't slutting it up at the Clubs. It's a live music venue that's entirely open and easy to meet people. Good looking girls, fun music, and PBR tallboys on special. What more could you ask for?
Thompson Rooftop- You'll need to dress well for here, and sometimes the face control can be a bit strict. Top tier talent, and a pretty approachable venue with nice views of the city.
If you struck out on King Street West, don't give up yet. Thursdays outside Gracies you can easily pick up last minute on the street. Friday and Saturday Walk between Bathurst and John anywhere from 2-3am and you'll have an alright chance. Also, if you head to Smoke's Poutinery or Burrito Boyz, there will be a bunch of drunk people ordering food and waiting for their orders. Can't count the amount of times I have pulled from the above tactics.
Yorkville- Fanciest neighbourhoodThis neighborhood is where you will find the celebrities hanging out in Toronto. There are ok bars- Hemingways, Proof, but I don't normally go out of my way to go out here.
Day by Day Recommendations:Sunday- Cold Tea (summer)Monday- Baby Hueys, Underground GarageTuesday- Queen Street WarehouseWednesday- Crocodile Rock, FictionThursday- Any, but for students- Gracey O'Mallies and Madison PubFriday- AnySaturday- Any
Hardcore PUA 3:
Let's get something straight......night gaming in Toronto is unlike any other city in Canada. Maybe I shouldn't speak as a know all about elsewhere as I've only visited Montreal twice for 2 nights each stay in terms of seeing other cities here.
Being the best looking guy can count for Jack shit here at some venues. At some places you can be dressed in Gucci or whatever the hot fashion trend is......and at the same venue a guy can walk in the club in jogging pants and running shoes and pull the baddest broad while you are fortunate to get even a IG or whatsapp. Guys are spending a TON more than what you spend at venues in other cities here.
In Montreal or other cities in Canada you don't have professional athletes and their entourages from 3 major sports franchises ( the Argos don't count,lol) often coming out and getting first dibs on the hottest broads.
I think the Raptors coming here was THE worst thing ever to happen to night gaming in Toronto. These guys and their entourages dress like shit......but promoters know they're going to spend a TON on bottles. And they roll like 10 deep. Then you have visiting nba teams' players during the season and coming here in the offseason to party.
This city used to fly under the radar. Just last night I ran into a New Yorker that said he loves Toronto....asked him what he is here for.....he was a friend of some rapper or athlete I think it was.
Hardcore PUA 4:
Toronto: I know that many hate this city, I found Toronto be a good city (not the best) to game girls. in Toronto there is options for every single human. This city is the warmest between the 3 , way more events , nightlife is amaziiiing >>>> MTL >> Ottawa. you can party every night from Wednesdayto sunday EVEN in winter .Toronto is super super expensive and stressful though. Even though i found womens to be easy if you hit the right spots, but stressful life made me focus in other staff more than the womens
pros : ( my favorite city between the 3)- Nightlife !! many many options, girls can be as bitchy in some places and down to earth in others ( in Montreal almost in every place Girls are bitchy)-So diverse, this city offers many options and a variety of girls from all the world, so for sure one girl the country "X" will like you.- Your race won't matter, Toronto girls don't care where do you come from , as long as they like you.
Conclusion :
This guide was from back in the day, writen by a bunch of hardcore PUA's. I will create my own guide in the future. Note, offensive content will not be accepted.
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